Clarion County Jane Doe

Jane Doe 6580

On July 22, 1990, a couple of children were looking for berries in a remote area of Monroe Township in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. The kids spotted something in a stream and at first thought it was a dead deer. Being curious they decided to investigate and discovered that it was a dead woman. She was lying face down in the water.

Authorities determined that this woman had been murdered and her body dumped there a month or so previously. She had been clobbered on the right side of her skull with something blunt. Her right leg was broken.

Jane Doe 6580This Jane Doe is considered to be young. On the site her age is listed as 15 to 22. On the NamUS UP #6580 case report her age is estimated to be 20 to 40.

The victim was around 5′ tall and had shoulder length, dark brown hair. She was white, and her teeth were awesome — no cavities, no fillings. One tooth on the upper right was chipped but that could have happened after death.

The woman was found with clothing. She had a black shirt with an attached floral vest that was made by “Stop Light of California”. She had size 9-10 black “Gitano Express” jeans, and size 7 “Fruit of the Loom” panties. The sizes would indicate she was slim. The absence of a bra might indicate she was fairly flat-chested. Or maybe her killer kept a souvenir.

Besides no bra, there were no socks or shoes. I doubt this unfortunate woman walked to the remote location where her body was found.

Jane Doe 6580The location of the body was very close to railroad tracks. In fact, the children who found her were crossing under a railroad trestle when they first spotted her. Apparently authorities did not believe she had been tossed from a train.

Authorities concluded that the murderer was likely a local person because of his knowledge about this remote location to dump a body. The closest road had very little traffic.

Authorities also concluded the victim was not local. Lord knows where she came from.

On Memorial Day Weekend that year there was an outdoor rock concert called Music Alley about 15 miles from where the body was discovered. About 5100 people, many from Pittsburgh and Ohio, attended the concert which featured the bands “The Stand”, Down to the Wire”, Lawyers, Guns & Money” and “B.E. Taylor and Cleveland”.

Possibly the concert was the reason this Jane Doe was in the area.

Jane Doe 6580 skullIn the summer of 2002, some anonymous person sent a letter to law enforcement about this murdered woman. When authorities broadcast a plea for the writer to contact them again they received no response.

The authorities have done their due diligence in trying to identify Jane Doe 6580 (also known as Penny Doe because of pennies found in her jeans pockets). They have made facial reconstructions that sadly have not resulted in her being identified.

Twenty-four years is a long time for a family to not know what became of their daughter/sister/niece. And 24 years is too long a time for the killer to remain unidentifed, but first things first.

The faces that have previously been made look like completely different people. The second from the top doesn’t even fit the skull so I wonder if there was a mix-up in case numbers. Naturally, me being me, I just had to do my own version of Jane Doe 6580.

Jane Doe 6580I chose to make her look slightly older than a teenager — she could be as old as 40 according to the NamUs case report. I compromised and tried to make her look like she was in her 20’s.

Here’s hoping she’ll be identified at long last. She deserves to be claimed and mourned after all these years.

If anyone has any idea of who this person is, please contact the Clarion County Coroner’s Office, 814-275-1773. The case manager listed is David Ray, 814-938-0510. Quote case number C02-0344654.

If anyone has any clue as to who brutally murdered this poor woman, please contact authorities.

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5 Responses to Clarion County Jane Doe

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    I wonder if she had been taken there alive and tried to escape and thats how she broke her leg. Maybe she lost her shoes as she was running. Poor woman I hope she is recognized and returned home.

    • 2cute says:

      That makes sense awesome blossom. I can’t imagine anyone carrying a body all that way to dump her. It would be awkward and cumbersome. Probably he took her to that remote road to rape her, she made a break for it and ran, and then she fell and broke her leg. He caught up with her and smashed her head in out of rage. It’s not like he could carry her back to the car and drive her to hospital – not if he didn’t want to get caught. But leaving her there to die was maybe too risky in case somebody heard her so he killed her there and then.

      • bulldoggy says:

        That’s a horrible scenario 2cute and awesome blossom. How terrifying that must have been for the poor girl if it happened that way. I wonder why the 3d version of the face makes her look really old. She was 40 tops, and likely much younger since her teeth were perfect.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Cleo you really have a talent for this. These poor victims do deserve to be identified. The families deseve answers as well.

  3. itsmecyndi says:

    Isn’t it possible she was train riding and stumbled, was flung off…bashing her head on the train and leg snapped after hitting the ground and rolling to where she lay?

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