Clarence Jenkins & Carman Major Jenkins

Clarence and Carman Jenkins
Crimes: Kidnapping, Murder, Dismemberment, Blackmail

Carman Major Jenkins and her husband Clarence Jenkins are a pair of purebred hellbeasts. The Greenville County, South Carolina couple committed such incomprehensible evil that it’s hard to wrap my mind around the enormity and horror of it.

Carman Major Jenkins’ descent into the depths of depravity was a surprise to her family and her community. She’d been an honor student, a basketball player and a drum major for her high school band. She was a solid member of the Buncombe Street United Methodist Church. Her mother thought she was “sweet”.

And then she met and married Clarence Jenkins, an abusive, chronically underemployed loser with a criminal record. Despite the domestic violence, the couple had 2 children together.

The Jenkins household grew when another woman, Grace Davis, moved in with them. The three adults became romantically entwined in a three-way relationship. They even made a marriage pact and exchanged vows.

Carman Major Jenkins’ family members did not approve. Indeed, I am sure they were shocked by this unorthodox arrangement.

It seems that other people did not approve either — people in authority. In early 2008 Grace Davis’ children were taken into protective custody. I am guessing the domestic violence in the home was a major factor in that action.

Grace Davis did the right thing — she left the Jenkins household in a bid to get her children back. Clarence and Carman had an issue with that. Clarence Jenkins particularly didn’t approve of any woman leaving him.

The evil pair of f*cktards decided to blackmail Grace Davis either into returning to their relationship or paying them big money. They put their 5 collective brain cells together and concocted the most horrific, bizarre and bloody plan.

On April 5, 2008, Clarence POS hellbeast Jenkins went to Labor Finders, a staffing agency in Greenville County. He did not go there to find a job. He went there to find a random victim. Mekole Michelle Harris, 34, was the unfortunate person he targeted.

Mekole HarrisMekole Harris had already had a difficult life. The single mother of 4 struggled with drugs and was working to get her life straightened out. She had never done anything to deserve her horrible fate.

Clarence Jenkins posed as a police officer, badge and all, and approached Mekole Harris outside the Labor Finders. He convinced the woman to come with him or she’d go to jail. He brought his victim right to his home.

Clarence and Carman’s 2 children were staying with relatives at the time, so they didn’t have to witness the coming horror. Thank god for small mercies.

Once inside the house, Clarence and Carman handcuffed and then bound Mekole Harris to a chair in their living room. They then made her call Grace Davis’ family and attempt to extort $10,000 from them.

Got that? These turdbrains abducted a stranger and made her call people she didn’t know with a demand for $10,000.

And then the situation got more bizarre. After Mekole Harris had spent a day tied up and handcuffed in the Jenkins’ living room, Clarence and Carman decided to murder her.

On the morning of April 6, 2008, under Clarence’s direction, Carman tried to strangle Mekole Harris with a cable cord. The bound and handcuffed woman put up a struggle as best she could, and Carman was not strong enough to complete the task.

Clarence Jenkins took over. He put a plastic bag over Mekole Harris’ head, put the cable cord around her neck and throttled the life out of her.

Still the evil bastards weren’t finished with their victim. They dragged the body into the bathroom shower, and using a machete, a knife and pruning shears they cut off the poor woman’s hands, feet and toes.

Keeping the chopped off bits, Clarence and Carman Jenkins put the rest of the body in their van and drove it to Paris Mountain in Greenville County. They stopped at a wooded area off Altamont Road. There they set the remains of Mekole Harris on fire.

There was nothing, absolutely nothing that Mekole Harris had done in her life to deserve such an awful death.

After burning the body, the Jenkins returned home as if it was no big freaking deal.

So why the hell did the beastly Jenkins keep the hands and feet, you ask? Why, to impress upon Grace Davis that they were f*cking serious.

A black plastic trash bag containing some body parts was left outside an apartment on Cleveland Street. Another trash bag containing more body parts was left outside a house on Rose Avenue.

Grace Davis’ aunt lived at the Cleveland Street address. Her mother had just moved out of the Rose Avenue residence.

Both bags of body parts had accompanying letters that threatened Grace Davis with dismemberment if she didn’t pay that damned $10,000.

“Grace, this is your last warning. This is what happens when somebody doesn’t follow our instructions,” one of the notes said. The notes included an email address Grace Davis was supposed to write to about the money.

WTF? They included an email address? Not too smart of them! Not that any of the plan showed any intelligence whatsoever.

The horrific discovery of the bags on April 7, 2008 did not motivate the recipients to fork out the ransom money. It did, however, motivate them to call the police! Of course!

The police investigated the email address and discovered the account had been checked 3 times in the days after the murder. Investigators used IP addresses to track where the email account was checked. The Jenkins had logged in twice from a Greenville County library computer and once from their home.

Bonus — the library caught the hellbeasts on camera checking the email address.

Clarence and Carman Jenkins are so stoooopid! And evil!

Investigators headed for the Jenkins house and asked Carman to come to the Law Enforcement Center for a chat. She fobbed them off with excuses about “child-care issues” she had to deal with first.

I guess Carman Jenkins thought she had the investigators fooled. When they left she got really busy making several trips to a dumpster, tossing away trash bags and cleaning supplies.

What she didn’t figure out was the investigators hadn’t left. They instead had staked out her house and watched her as she tried to dump incriminating evidence.

When Carman Jenkins the stupid bitch showed up at the Law Enforcement Center, she lied about her activities after she’d spoken to the investigators at her house.

The police took the murderous bitch into custody. They then got an arrest warrant for Clarence Jenkins and returned to the house. Inside they found blood splattered on the walls and in the bathroom. They also found handcuffs, knives, swords, copies of more threatening letters, and a clump of the victim’s hair. Mekole Harris’ DNA was also found inside the van.

Clarence Jenkins was arrested and he and his wife were charged with the murder of Mekole Harris.

In March 2012 Carman Major Jenkins pled guilty to murder. Her defense attorney and a shrink put the blame on her husband who they said was violent and controlling. Clarence had forced her to participate in the murder, they said.

“This woman could not think for herself,” said psychiatrist Dr. David Price as he compared her situation to Patty Hearst’s (remember her?).

Know what? All sympathy I might have had for Carman Jenkins’ plight evaporated the second she picked up the cable cord to strangle Mekole Harris. She chose to put the demands of her useless husband ahead of the life of an innocent woman. She agreed to kill, and that makes her not a victim but a murderer.

Carman Major Jenkins, 23, was sentenced to 50 years. She agreed to testify against her hellbeast husband in exchange for a reduced sentence.

The hellbitch did provide investigators with directions to the site of the fire where their victim’s body was burned. Investigators found 55 to 60 pieces of human bones at the site.

In April 2012 Clarence Jenkins, 27, was convicted of murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole instead of death.

Mekole Harris’ sister, Lisa Perry, had told the judge the family wanted him to be sentenced to life in prison. She said her sister was a loving person who treated everyone like friends.

So long may Clarence Jenkins stew in his juices and fester and rot in his prison cell.

In June 2013 Judge Ned Miller agreed to reduce Carman Major Jenkins’ sentence by 10 years. She’ll now serve 40 years instead of 50.

Personally, I hope the hellbitch never sees the light of day again. Anyone who can strangle and dismember somebody for no good reason at all is too vile to be released.

RIP Mekole Michelle Harris. I hope all the children involved — the victim’s and the murderers’ — grow up happy and successful.

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25 Responses to Clarence Jenkins & Carman Major Jenkins

  1. 2cute says:

    Carman Jenkins has no excuse. She was raised to know better. She had a good education, a good family, a good upbringing, many opportunities. There is no way in hell that she wasn’t thinking for herself. She chose to strangle and dismember that poor woman instead of running out the door screaming for help. She chose not to untie the woman and let her escape in the night. She chose not to phone 911 behind her husband’s back. It doesn’t sound like Clarence Jenkins had a gun on her threatening her. Her children weren’t around for him to threaten either. I don’t see her scars or burns or a broken nose or boxed ears or hair ripped out from past physical abuse so just how badly was she abused? The bitch had choices other than murder. She should die in prison.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    These two make me absolutely sick. How can anyone stomach killing a woman, chopping up her body and burning her body? I can’t even imagine touching a body. When my kitty cat died no way was I going to touch her even though I loved her so much. These two creatures are not natural. They are straight from hell. They should go back where they belong, in the pits of fire.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Awesomeblossom, your bang on there, these two bastards are not normal. That poor woman, what had she ever done wrong to these two evil cunts? Jesus, she didn’t even know them, and they did this to her. 2Cute, is correct in that the evil bitch wife could’ve saved that poor woman. She had ample opportunity to save that woman, she chose to do fuckall, and participate in that brutal murder. She should never have been given a plea deal, she was as bad as that piece of shit husband of hers. Lets just hope she serves the 40yrs. We know scumbag husband ain’t getting out, but i just hope she doesn’t get parole before her forty years are up.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    One other thing, how stoopid were these two moron’s. They kidnap mokele, to ring the intended family to blackmail them, but use their own i.p address, talk about duhh. Im glad that they were thick, because thats what landed their sick fuck arse’s in jail. Maybe the wife could’ve used the fact that she was as thick as pig shit as a defence, she could of said that because she wasn’t compus mentus, she didn’t know what was happening. What a pair of stoopid twats lol.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I feel so bad for the victim and her family. I can’t imagine having only hands and feet and some fragments of bone left to bury. She was still young, and she was trying to get her life on track, and it sounds like she was loved by her family. To be kidnapped and murdered for the stupidest, shittiest reasons that have nothing to do with her is so vastly unfair.

    I hope Clarence and Carman never get to see their kids ever again. Mekole Harris’s kids will never get to see her again so that would be fair. The kids would be better off to be rid of those murdering assholes anyway. I hope they get over the stigma of having killers as parents and go on to live good lives.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, i feel so bad for mokele’s family. This poor woman had done nothing to these bastards, and i think they should’ve been given the death penalty for what they did to that poor woman. Mind you, they don’t execute people if they’re retarded, and they must of been to use their own i.p address, stoopid twats.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bengalpuss they are stooped not just because of the email stupidity but because they handed over the hands which made it possible to ID the victim. Most dismemberment is to remove the head and hands so the victim is unknown. These two gave the fingerprints as a gift to police. They could have used ears or toes if they wanted to scare Grace Davis and police would not even be able to prove the victim was dead. Stooopid bastards. Thank goodness they are so dumb and are stuck in prison.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Your right again bulldoggy, mark that calendar. Seriously, if the story wasn’t so tragic, i’d be rolling about the floor laughing at how stoopid they are, unfortunately four children have lost their mom, all because of two evil cunts. The sad part for me was mokele, had, had a shit life, but she was finally getting herself back on track, must of even been working, she was leaving the employment agency when that horrible bastard took her. Fucking typical though, that she had finally started to get it together then bumps into that ugly fucker. I don’t buy the wife’s bollocks bout being frightened, she had numerous opportunity to help mokele. 2Cute, was bang on when she said “the moment she tried to strangle mokele, was the moment she became as bad as her husband” she should’ve been given the same sentence as her murdering fuckwit husband. Yes they certainly wasn’t gifted in the brain dept, like you said “basically giving the cops the identity of the victim, by leaving the hands” Fucking morons.

          • Iosono says:

            Exactly. I mean even if she was sacared (which i dont believe) once they said they would murder her and she got that cable, she couldve freed her and said something like “Im going to free you, knock me down and just run” or something. He wasnt in the room when Carman chose to strangle that woman. She couldve helped her right then. She shouldve helped her and didnt.

  5. moodymagic says:

    An email address thank goodness this pair of fucktards were dumb as well. Burn in hell assholes

  6. pj says:

    So this evil bastard had a woman handcuffed and tied up, and he kept her prisoner for a whole night. I am thinking he raped her too. Why wouldn’t he? It’s not like she would have a choice. Or maybe he offered to let her go if she had sex with him. And I bet his bitch wife figured he raped her and that was why she was so accommodating when he told her to kill her, cuz stupid bitches like that would blame the woman and not their man. Just a theory, but seeing as how he had already kidnapped, tried blackmail and was planning to murder and dismember the woman, why the hell would he stop himself from raping her too. He should have gotten the death penalty. Both of them should.

  7. stantheman says:

    Another fat sulky desperate bitch doing anything she can to keep the resident penis happy. Pathetic evil sociopathic bitch should have gotten life in prison like her pathetic evil sociopathic husband.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Stantheman, exactly what i think also, that fat arse bitch carmen jenkins, should’ve got the same sentence as her worthless piece of shit husband. I don’t understand when attorneys do plea deals when they’ve got enough evidence to lock both of these two pigs away for life. And i don’t buy that bullshit that carmen is coming out with about worthless cunt husband beating her, like 2cute, said “i don’t see any bruise’s on her face, or any other marks indicating a battered wife” quite frankly, they both should’ve been given the death penalty, worthless sick bastards.

  8. Lillith says:

    As horrific as this is, I do have one thing to say: Of all the criminals in the world, I LOVE stupid criminals- they get themselves caught so easily.
    With that said, WTF were they thinking? That people would be too scared or intimidated to contact the police? And exactly what was the purpose of terrifying, torturing & murdering an innocent woman? There’s no real logic to this. If I were going to do such things to somebody it would be someone involved, like an aunt or cousin. Not that I would, I’m just saying.
    At any rate, I hope they both meet a fate similar to thier poor victims, only may they be dismembered BEFORE they suffocate. Ya know, for affect….
    RIP Mekole Harris, may your children find the strength to live well & be strong even though you can’t be with them.

  9. go to hell says:

    I hate all of what u say about Carman ! What damage is her kids going through too? They were sick ! I’ve been ABUSED and I couldn’t PROVE IT EITHER! I believe she’s a human being and everyone got hurt by this crime .Don’t judge if you don’t have the facts HATERS!

    • KXG says:

      oh shut the fuck up. she WAS judged by the fact because she MURDERED someone in cold blood. and chances are her children are in much better care than stuck in a house with unemployed, moronic single digit I.Q. polyamorous perverts who not only murdered an innocent human being who did nothing wrong and certainly did nothing to them in cold blood they also CUT HER UP like a goddamn side of beef at a butcher’s shop and then burned her fucking body. if you can’t see from the FACTS presented that the worthless cunt and the troglodyte she was shacked up with are subhuman monstrosities who deserve to rot in the depths of eternal darkness you’re no better than they are.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Are you for real? Those two bastards murdered a woman who was totally unknown to them and innocent. That’s the facts I need to know, now shut the Fuck up and wriggle back under that rock you have crawled outta.

    • melussa says:

      you are sick!!! she murdered and chopped someone like a piece of meat!!! WTF WRONG WITH YOU IDIOT DEFINITELY NOT FIT TO BE A MOTHER

    • las says:

      so should they release that pos carman…..carman killed a woman ……carman is a pos…..she should rot in prison and then go to hell

  10. Kitty1234 says:

    Lord have mercy for all these lost souls who were not capable enough to lead and live by good deeds but to be followers to do evil!!! Lord PLEASE bless the kids and families and forgive those who truly wants the forgiveness!!!

  11. RedGal says:

    Revisiting this horror is something I do from time to time just to remember my friend Mekole…
    She didn’t deserve her life to end that way…Nobody does.
    Thankful that I didn’t fall into the hands of these two murderers….It could have just as easily been me.
    Rest In Peace Dear One… You will always be remembered….
    Carmen and Clarence Jenkins, jail is too good for the two of you…But I hope God handles you and Mekole haunts you every day that you live.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      I bet she was a good friend to have, sorry you lost your friend in such a despicable way. I feel so bad for her children though, hope they’re in loving happy environment.

  12. Cocoa says:

    I just watched this on Deadly Women they made me sick! They are complete idiots. Murder a innocent women because a lover left them. They both deserve to rot in hell ! I don’t feel no sympathy for that bitch she knew what she was doing!

  13. Red Fox 71 says:

    I was in jail with Carmen. And trust me, she wasn’t any where near the innocent pushover they portrayed her to be. That was all just to make her out to be a victim too. I spent 9 months in there with her and you can’t hide who you really are for that length of time in those close of quarters.

  14. matt the cat says:

    I’m so glad clarence is off the streets.Here’s to hopiung he has forced anal and oral sex on a daily basis with possible gang rapes thrown in for fun.

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