Chun Qi Jiang

Chun Qi Jiang
Crimes: Murder, Dismemberment

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written about Canadian hellbeasts but I’ve been waiting patiently for verdicts. And now we have one in the horrific case of the hellbeastly murderer, Chun Qi Jiang of Toronto, Ontario.

The victim, 41-year-old Guang Hua Liu, had had a complicated life. Living in China, she’d had a child with her first husband. She divorced him and remarried, and was granted permission to have a second child. When she got pregnant yet again — unplanned and totally against the one-family-one-child rule of the local family planning committee — she went into hiding for a year.

Guang Hua Liu gave birth and tried to keep her baby a secret. The family planning committee eventually found out and levied a costly fine that she was unable to pay. She was looking at a lifetime of poverty. As well, according to her, she was also being threatened with sterilization.

Guang Hua Liu went on the run. She headed first to Taiwan, then Thailand, and finally, in 2002, to Canada. She borrowed money from family members to pay for her new life, money she was never able to fully repay.

Her second husband followed her to Canada with her 3 children. At some point, Guang Hua Liu and her husband split up. I cannot find out when that was, but the 2 younger children lived with him and her eldest lived with her.

According to her parents, Guang Hua Liu started off her life in Canada working long hours in clothing and DVD factories. Desperate to earn more money she later found employment in a Scarborough massage parlour. In May, 2012 she ambitiously opened her own spa, Forget Me Not.

The new business never got off the ground and after a few months in operation Guang Hua Liu was already planning to sell it. Her life in Canada wasn’t going as smoothly as she’d hoped it would. And Chun Qi Jiang was soon deprive her of any life at all.

Guang Hua LiuGuang Hua Liu had been dating Chun Qi Jiang, on and off for 4 years. He too had arrived in Canada in 2002. He worked as a construction worker, and sponsored his mother to immigrate to Canada and live with him.

Guang Hua Liu also had another beau, Kenneth Grotsky, who had previously been her client at the massage parlour. This relationship began in earnest in April 2012, and it had the potential to become very serious. It sounds like Kenneth Grotsky was prepared to treat her like a queen and even pay off her debts.

Guang Hua Liu’s on-off relationship with Chun Qi Jiang wasn’t serious, at least not to her. He hadn’t liked the fact she was a mother, so that poisoned their romance completely.

Obviously Guang Hua Liu hadn’t ever committed herself to dating Chun Qi Jiang exclusively, and he wasn’t pleased about that. I don’t know if she told him outright, but he suspected, and he was jealous.

A few days before her death, Chun Qi Jiang found out for a fact Guang Hua Liu had another guy. She’d cancelled a date with him and naturally, being a stalking sort of hellbeast, he drove by her place to spy on her. He saw Kenneth Grotsky’s car parked in front so he could have had no doubt she was seeing someone else.

Chun Qi Jiang went so far as to take a photo of the license plate on Kenneth Grotsky’s car. Why would he do that? I’m guessing he was going to use it as ammunition in a future confrontation.

On August 10, 2012, Guang Hua Liu had called a good friend to say she’d definitely chosen to be exclusively with Kenneth Grotsky. She seemed so happy, according to her friend.

I doubt Guang Hua Liu would have been so happy if she’d known that Chun Qi Jiang was furious about being dumped. In fact he was beyond furious — he was murderous.

Guang Hua Liu blithely invited her former boyfriend over to her home to pick up a TV and stand she was giving him. She even went with him to his house, presumably to help him move the TV and stand from his vehicle into his home.

Guang Hua Liu did not leave the house alive. Instead, she left it in pieces.

Yup, you heard right. Chun Qi Jiang, the jealous maniacal hellbeast, not only killed the woman but he dismembered her body in his basement. He brought up the body bits to his kitchen sink to be washed before he stuffed them in plastic bags. The torso fit inside a suitcase.

Chun Qi Jiang loaded the parcels into his car and drove to Credit River in Mississauga, Highland Creek in Toronto, Rouge River in Scarborough and Lake Ontario where he dumped his ex-girlfriend’s remains and her belongings.

Guang Hua Liu was missed right away. She’d had an appointment with a potential buyer for her spa. When her panicked friends called Chun Qi Jiang, he lied to them about when and where he last saw her.

On August 11, 2012, Guang Hua Liu was reported missing. On August 15, 2012, her foot was found in Credit River. Her head was found the very next day in the same river. On August 17 and 19, 2012, more body parts were discovered along the Rouge River.

On September 5, 2012, the suitcase containing her torso was found floating in Lake Ontario.

Peel Regional Police began watching Chun Qi Jiang on August 17, 2012. He was their “person of interest”, despite his suggestion to them that the killer might be Kenneth Grotsky.

cleaning the carOn August 19, police watched as Chun Qi Jiang and his elderly mother, Fen Gen Zhang, took his car to a Petro Canada and did an “extremely extensive” cleaning. They vacuumed and scrubbed everywhere, even under the seats. The old woman pretty much crawled into the trunk to clean it with liquid cleaners and rags.

All this activity certain looked suspicious to the Peel Regional Police. They arrested Chun Qi Jiang and charged him with murder two weeks after Guang Hua Liu was last seen alive.

Chun Qi Jiang house

Tom Podolec / CTV News

The police searched the killer’s car and basement, and despite all his and his mother’s cleanup efforts they found blood belonging to the victim.

Mere days after her hellbeastly killer son was taken into custody, 66-year-old Fen Gen Zhang died of a coronary artery blockage. Maybe the physical effort to help her boy destroy evidence, or maybe the stress of knowing her son was a killer contributed to her death.

No matter why the old woman died, her son made the most of the sad circumstance. Guess who he blamed for murdering Guang Hua Liu! His mom!

Seriously! Chun Qi Jiang said his old, sick mom was the real killer! He said that he and the victim were eating dinner when his mom, out of the blue, accused Guang Hua Liu of stealing her jewelry. And then suddenly his girlfriend had a knife! And then he tried valiantly to get between the women when he was cut on the head with the knife!

Holy crappola! So poor Chun Qi Jiang went to the bathroom to tend to his wound, leaving the women alone — with a knife! After he got cleaned up he began looking for his mom. He didn’t hear a sound. He found his mom in the basement stabbing Guang Hua Liu over and over until she was dead!

And of course, being a good son, he had to protect his mother. She told him they had to cut the body up and get rid of the pieces. He went upstairs to cut up the victim’s credit cards and when he returned to the basement his mother had already begun dismembering the body! He then did his duty as a good son and wrapped up the pieces and scattered them in various bodies of water around Toronto.

The only thing Chun Qi Jiang was guilty of, according to the defense, was covering up his mother’s crime.

OMFG! What complete and utter horseshit! Thankfully the jury knew it to be horseshit too.

As if a 66-year-old woman with a 90 percent blocked coronary artery could overpower a younger woman with a knife and inflict 50 “chop-like” wounds with a hatchet — all without getting a scratch on herself. Riiiight.

On June 26, 2014, Chun Qi Jiang, 41, was convicted of 2nd-degree murder. The verdict comes with an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for between 10 and 25 years.

I shall endeavour to update readers as to the final sentence. Reminders are welcome.

I, for one, do not want to see this cowardly killer eligible for parole after a paltry 10 years. We really don’t need the likes of him in our midst ever again. Long may he rot in prison.

RIP Guang Hua Liu, and condolences to her family, friends and Kenneth Grotsky.

Chun Qi Jiang was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 18 years.

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  1. 2cute says:

    Wow it takes a real special kind of hell beast to not only murder a woman but to also cut her up and make his mommy help him get rid of evidence.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This is one sick fuck. Jiang you are not suffering at all being in a Canadian prison with 3 meals a day and a roof over your head and a mattress to sleep on (better living situation than any homeless person anywhere in the world. Burn in hell you pig.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    “second degree murder” how the fuck did he get charged with that? surely it should’ve been first degree murder? And what a toe rag blaming his mother, this piece of pig puke needs to be locked up for the rest of his worthless life, England and canada have shite sentences, that’s one thing i can’t knock the yanks for, they have got the right idea, shame we haven’t.

  4. LexiR says:

    I wish I could write as eloquently as you do. There is one Canadian hellbeast I would love to see on one of these sites.

  5. PJ says:

    I know in the grand scheme of things murdering someone is far worse than dismembering but the thought of butchering a person is stomach churning to me. Especially removing the head. Too bad this bastard’s mom lived long enough to see her son turn into a monster.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    In China they would’ve executed his ass. Lucky him to be in Canada and get a shot at parole in the future.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Those chinese don’t mess about do they bulldoggy, they just drive the turdpile to a piece of land and fire a bullet into the back of the head, i’m all for executing scumbags.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Lexir i know what you mean, i’ve been with too many arseholes, and if cleo had to write about them, then her computer would explode lol.

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