Christopher Sheldon & Charlotte Sheldon

Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon
Crime: Child Abuse, Neglect

When Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon were told by the judge on February 8, 2013, that they were heading to prison, they cried. Yeah, they were all torn up by the prospect of spending time behind bars. To that I say good! I’m glad they’re upset because the fact the pair of them battered their baby boy upsets me.

Little baby Ethan Sheldon was beaten at least 3 times in the first 4 months of his life. His parents Christopher and Charlotte Sheldon of Lipson, Plymouth, were responsible. Sure they have pointed the finger at each other, blaming the other for the horrible injuries inflicted upon that helpless infant, but both were responsible.

Baby Ethan had 6 broken bones. These included 3 broken ribs likely caused by being squeezed, a fractured collarbone, a fractured ankle and a broken big toe.

The tiny little boy was also covered in bruises — at least 20, with some that were caused by a long, thin implement such as a length of flex or a plastic ruler.

There is no “accident” that could have caused these injuries. In fact, it was not even one single incident that caused the broken bones and bruising. It was 3 separate assaults on that helpless, tiny infant.

Neither parent took baby Ethan to the hospital for treatment. That poor little boy was left to agonize with his broken bones while they did nothing.

I shouldn’t say nothing — his daddy Christopher, then 30, was busy fighting depression which was triggered by a mysterious insect bite (that’s his story). This exhausting battle against depression took 5 years and kept Christopher unemployed with his days spent in bed and his nights spent playing computer games.

Obviously Christopher Sheldon, the useless POS wastrel, was incapable of tending to his baby boy’s injuries. That doesn’t mean, of course, he was incapable of INFLICTING his baby boy’s injuries. He just didn’t give a flying f*ck about his tiny son.

On October 5, 2010 health visitor Susan Clarke paid a routine visit to the Sheldon home on Sefton Avenue to check up on 4-month-old Ethan. The little guy had already been hospitalized once for several days because he was extremely underweight.

When the infant was disrobed, the linear red welts on his legs raised red flags for Ms. Clarke. She immediately asked about these suspicious marks.

Charlotte Sheldon, then a 23-year-old student, told Ms. Clarke that her unemployed husband Christopher had spotted them the night before when he was babysitting. She herself had been at her college course so she knew nothing about it.

Susan Clarke later asked Christopher Sheldon about the welts and he echoed what his bitch wife said. Both Charlotte and Christopher claimed they had no clue, no explanation for how their baby was injured.

Riiight. Babies with broken bones don’t cry in pain and distress so there was no way for Charlotte or Christopher the POS scumpiles to possibly know anything was wrong with Ethan. Evil bastards!

Susan Clarke rightly insisted that Ethan be taken to Derriford Hospital that very day for examination. Christopher Sheldon had gone back to bed (must be tough being so unemployed) and bizarrely Charlotte texted him to tell him they had to take the baby in to the hospital.

Why the hell didn’t she just yell at him or go to the bedroom? Weird. Regardless, Christopher Sheldon texted back, “You said not to worry. Stop messing me about.”

Wow, what loving, concerned parents those two aren’t.

At the hospital little Ethan was X-rayed and the true extent of his injuries were discovered.

The broken ribs and collarbone were consistent with forceful squeezing. The ankle injury was like caused by a sharp twist and jerk of the little baby’s leg. Poor little Ethan, how that must have hurt.

Authorities of course began investigating and life with the Sheldons sort of imploded.

Charlotte Sheldon began claiming that her bastard husband had been violent towards her and had even punched her in the belly when she was pregnant. She also claimed he cheated on her.

Christopher Sheldon began claiming that his wife committed domestic violence against him. He also claimed she cheated on him.

Both began claiming that they’d done nothing wrong and it was their spouse who was the evil monster who hurt Ethan.

Wrong! They both hurt Ethan horribly. Regardless if one or both of them broke his bones and beat him with a ruler, neither of them took that innocent, helpless little baby for medical treatment. Neither of them rescued that infant from the hell he was being put through. Christopher the POS loser Sheldon and Charlotte the nasty bitch Sheldon are both evil monsters!

The couple not surprisingly split up, and Ethan was taken away from them.

Christopher the major deadbeat loser Sheldon moved to Mount Batten Avenue, Plymouth and later to Bridgetown, Totnes. He eventually landed a job as a call centre worker.

Charlotte the monster mother Sheldon stayed at the Sefton Avenue house in Lipson and worked as a clothes shop assistant.

In October, 2011, both parents were on trial in Plymouth Crown Court for child cruelty. Naturally both of them denied responsibility for their baby’s injuries.

Jo Martin the prosecutor pointed out that ONLY the parents had enough access to Ethan to have caused his injuries, so either they committed them together or one was covering for the other.

On day 3 of the trial, October 7, 2011, things went wonky with British justice. Apparently the courtroom had been booked for only 3 days for the Sheldons’ trial but they were nowhere near finished. Judge Paul Darlow informed the jury there would have to be a retrial.

What a let-down!

The jury was discharged and the couple of baby beaters were released on bail. A new trial was scheduled and began in January, 2013.

After 2 weeks of testimony, the jury found both Christopher Sheldon and Charlotte Sheldon guilty of 2 charges of child cruelty: ill-treating or assaulting Ethan, and neglecting or exposing Ethan by failing to seek medical attention for his injuries.

Judge Paul Darlow released the pair of evil bastards on unconditional bail until they return to face him on March 8 for sentencing.

Both of the baby beating hellbeasts cried in their families’ arms outside the courtroom after Judge Darlow made it very clear that they were facing prison time.

“Given the nature and extent of Ethan’s injuries, the outcome is inevitable,” said Judge Darlow.

I, for one, hope the outcome is a very long stint in prison. Little Ethan suffered horribly at the hands of those callous, sadistic monsters and I hope the judge will keep that in mind at the sentencing.

I also hope that these two f*cktards will never breed again. They have proven themselves to be worse than useless as parents, and they’re only lucky that Ethan was rescued before he’d been battered to death.

As to poor little Ethan, I hope and pray he has a happy, safe, successful life ahead of him, full of loving and caring.

And may the baby beating bastards rot in hell.

This Is Plymouth article
Daily Mail article

20 Responses to Christopher Sheldon & Charlotte Sheldon

  1. 2cute says:

    OK, I hate the Sheldons and I hope they get sent away for the rest of their lives. There is no excuse for hurting a baby like that except they are sadistic creatures from hell. They belong back in hell and their boy belongs with a loving family. Bless his heart.

  2. steve-O says:

    These two baby battering bastards should be beaten daily. Let them find out first hand what broken bones feel like. Let them find out what being hit feels like. And that baby was underfed at some point so they should be made to go without meals until they’re emaciated. It’ll take some time for the bitch to get to that point but still they deserve to be as hungry as their baby was.

    • bengalpuss says:

      I love it steve-O, “It will take some time for that bitch to get to that point” yes she is a fat bastard isn.t she. i wouldn’t bank on those two baby beating bastards, getting a big sentence, remember its the uk, full of dumb arse judges, that give bigger sentences to shoplifter’s rather than baby beaters and nonces. I bet that fat bitch was crying her eyes out on discovering she’s going in the shovel, cos we all know what happens to baby beaters. Ha ha ha, couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. Cowardly cunts, lets see how they match up with there new house mates lol.

  3. moodymagic says:

    These 2 bastards are disgusting. I hope the spend along stint in prison and I hope the baby rapers become popular in there. I spit on them .

  4. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, theres one thing i can.t get my head around, if i were that health visitor susan clarke, and i saw those welts on that little boy, do you think that i or even you 2cute, could walk out on little ethan, trusting those two cunts to take him to hospital. I know that if that were me and probably the regular’s on this site, wouldn’t have left that baby until the police and an ambulance arrived. They couldn’t be trusted, just look at the text messages that were sent. How dare anyone disturb their afternoon of doing fuckall, except baby beating, to take the baby to hospital. Ethan will have been a cash cow for these two bastards, i.e benefits. Well they won.t have to worry now because they’ll be getting bed, breakfast and evening meal courtesy of hmp(Her majesties prisons)

  5. bulldoggy says:

    What a pair of cowardly c*nts! Neither will take responsibility for the abuse or the neglect and both try to lay all the blame on the other. At least they didn’t claim the baby hurt himself. That poor little guy was tortured for most of his first 4 months, so his abusers deserve to wind up not just in prison but under the prison.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    They definately are cowardly cunts bulldoggy, they can break a little babies bones, but when it comes to going to jail, with real nasty people who will probably give them a good beating, they start crying in their relatives arms, ah bless. They beat little ethan, now they will get a taste of their own medicine. It couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. I hope their arse’s get whooped on a daily basis, child beating bastards.

  7. Dan says:

    Firstly note that I don’t hide my name so if anyone has a problem with my comments I say you know exactly who I am.

    I know both of these people very well strangely enough before they became a couple or had even met each other. I used to date the psycho chicks older sister and can tell you that she can best be described as extremely short tempered and prone to rages and possibly classed as not quite all there. Since I lived under that families roof for a few months I can honestly say that the parents are partly to blame. Her mother Anne a large timid women, allowed her daughters especially Charlotte, to talk to her like a POS. She did nothing. Daddy Keith was just as bad. Try saying a bad thing about his beloved daughters and you would hear a backlash then. I tried to help fix the older one but to no avail although she is not in the same league as Charlotte, crazy but on a more moderate scale. Example, scream for a vacation despite having just been to the Dominican Republic a month earlier and you get a case of…your wish is my command. I benefited with a free vacation it’s true but I was not the one wanting one.

    Her father threatened to take me to the moors and leave me for dead when we split up…sums things up huh? Violence runs in the family! He told me I would never ammount to anything and his daughters were far above me. Ironically one of his daughters is going to jail and I now live in the states, about to be married with a beautiful family and a fantastic paying job. Guess he was right!

    Then there is Chris. I did not know him quite as well but he always seemed a great guy with a heart of gold. He was liked by all and had no enemeies I was aware of. His depression I know nothing of as have not seen him since diagnosed but living with a Baldry, her maiden name, could send anyone to that state. Their father has an expectation he puts on you and you must spoil his beloved daughters with expensive shoes and bags, jewellery etc. All must be name brands such as Jimmy Choo etc. He pushes job changes on you and makes himself a part of your daily life. It becomes overbearing and what seemed like a good man looking after his family turned into knowing him as a man full of hate. He also taxed dodged stealing money through his car garage business in town.

    I am sure chris knew of the injuries and he does not desrve to escape punishment but I say this…He was a man minipulated by a baldry, depressed and felt like no escape (not as strong as others such as me to get out), no doubt aware of issues but surely accepted his wifes explanation without thought. He should have got help and this was his biggest crime IMO. Of course I could be wrong but I lived his hell with a less extreme version so god only knows how this man felt.

    A troubled man with a crazy, vicious girl… do not class them both in the same catagory, that would be a big mistake.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Dan, thanks for that little insight into that family, no doubt you will know more, because you’ve experienced being part of that disfunctional family. I understand that maybe chris wasn.t a bad person, but still he should’ve protected that baby. Its easy for me to say that, but like you said, it seems that the mother is a right cow. Because of those daughters have basically gotten away with a lot of stuff, and being spoiled by their father, its now come back to bite them on their arse’s. And with them having psychiatric issues as well, the father has basically taught them thats its ok to behave in such a way. I wonder now, whos arms she was crying in outside the courts? Bet it was good old daddy. I just hope that they are both locked up for a long time, and lets hope then, that chris has realised what a bunch of nutter’s they are, and when he’s released runs in the opposite direction of this family.

  9. Dan says:

    Yes he should, and should have been charged with neglect but I doubt very much he was an abuser. To wrapped up in his own little world to know what was going on but that is no excue, even if that was the case.

    If the man she was crying into was a short man, balding grey hair, then yes, it was Daddy. I honestly only heard about the case a few days ago de to my Mother bringing it to my attention and asking me if it was who she thought it was. You lose touch being abroad.

    I am glad you share my view in that her Dad was partially responsible here. I said no good would come of him soliling them but even I could not have seen this coming.

    What goes around comes around though and I hope the next article I read about this girl is one of being taught a lesson, one that going o prison alone will not teach.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    I seriously doubt that charlotte sheldon, will have learned any remorse by what she’s done. She’s probably blaming little baby ethan, for her predicament about going to jail, not herself. She seems too narcissistic to accept responsibility of her actions, and ethan’s father too hen pecked to say anything. Anyway dan luckily for you, you got away from that family of nutcases, maybe when ethan’s dad is due to leave prison, (thats if he goes to jail) Will do what you did and run as fast as he can, in the opposite direction.

  11. Dan says:

    From what I hear he already has but at this point it matters not. The damage has been done and that poor babay will most likely grow into an angry young man when he learns the truth about his life. What has been done is the unforgivable. I hope he does go to prison but for different reasons than most. I think there, he will get the help he needs to clean his head up and this could possibly be a silver lining for turning his life around, he will certainly need to be stronger than he has till this point though.

    As for her, I think you are correct, in my time of knowing her she showed remorse for little and will be no doubt painting herself as the victom here whilst the real one is cast aside. There is a special place for her in Hell and I am sure that prison will warm her up nicely to that concept. I hardly think she will be welcomed with open arms and I don’t think she is capable of defending herself against anything above toddler age, that is of course unless it is a broken down shell of a man she comes up against.

  12. bengalpuss says:

    Well dan, at least ethan survived the abuse, and has now been placed with a loving family, thank the lord. Lets hope that ethan’s father has learned his lesson and stays away from that family, and in future if he happens to see any of them, he does the smart thing and runs in the opposite direction. As for that fat bitch of a mother, and i use the term mother loosely, because no real mother would harm a hair on her own offspring’s head, lets hope she is given a big jail sentence, and released into general population. Its the least that fat ugly bitch deserves. Talk about who ate all the pies lol. She’s so fat she has a different post code on each leg lol, i’ll stop it now, wouldn’t want daddy’s girl reading my comments And getting upset, you never know he might pay a hitman to take me out for upsetting his daughter. All i know is that they both need to be punished, that little baby bless him, the pain he went through due to these two bastards. Can.t wait to find out how long they get in jail.

  13. hairy says:

    These two need neutering with rusty gardening shears, then eviscerating. Nasty sadistic bastards!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Hairy, i thought i was bad with my torture chamber fantasy, but you scare me, you’ve got this thing about Neutering, god help anybody that pisses you off lol.

  14. hairy says:

    Tomorrow’s sentencing day for this fugly pair. Keep fingers crossed for long prison sentences!

  15. don says:

    She just bin sacked from my work .

    • Bengalpuss says:

      So i guess she didn’t stay in jail for very long then? Doesn’t suprise me being the uk. Can’t even keep a job too, this woman tends to destroy everything she gets, her baby son, her marriage and now her job, wow what a destructive bitch.

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