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Christopher PauchayCrimes: Criminal Negligence Causing Death
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I hate drunk people. And I hate drunks. Recovering alcoholics I salute and wish the best, but alcoholics that continue to drink I hate.

I don’t brag about this, because indeed it is nothing to brag about, but there was once a murder in my family. And the murderer was also in my family. Cousin Wilfred was a rip roaring, full blown drunk. He lived with (mooched off) his widowed father, a sweet, elderly little man who was loved by all.

Wilfred came home drunk from the pub demanding money for more booze, but his dad refused. Wilfred picked up a cake dish and used it to violently crush his darling dad’s skull. He grabbed the money and went back to the pub, all covered in blood and brain stuff. Not the smartest killer in the world.

Wilfred didn’t stop drinking booze. Even killing his father didn’t make him stop. He drank in prison, he drank in the mental institution, and he drank in the halfway house. What did he drink? Anything alcoholic he could make or find. Finally, after too many decades of a wasted life, Wilfred drank a mixture of rubbing alcohol and milk, sat in the tub and slit his wrists. The end. I hope he’s roasting in hell right now.

But Wilfred is not the point of this article. I am just telling you why I hate drunks. Drunks hurt people, and sometimes kill people, including the ones they love.

The drunk that this article is really about is Christopher Pauchay, a member of Yellow Quill First Nation community in Saskatchewan. He is not an exemplary citizen. His criminal record shows 51 entries between the ages of 14 and 24, and includes 16 convictions for failing to comply with court orders, 10 thefts, 8 charges of breaking and entering, 5 counts of possession of stolen property, 4 counts of mischief, 3 counts of failing to attend court, and single convictions for careless use of a firearm, arson, attempted theft, being unlawfully at large, and an assault.

And to top it off, Christopher Pauchay is an alcoholic. He knows he is one because he entered into a treatment program but only managed to stay sober a few months.

Why on earth women fall for losers like this, I don’t know. I personally would prefer clean living, law abiding, sober and employed men to choose from. I guess I’m picky. But Tracey Jimmy was enamored enough with Christopher Pauchay to have three babies by him. Their relationship was rocky, punctuated by fights, and lubricated with booze.

In January 2008, Tracey Jimmy and Christopher Pauchay were living in a house on the Yellow Quill reserve, about 260 kilometers (161.5 miles) northeast of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. At the time the couple only had two children, 3-year-old Kaydance and her 15-month-old sister Santana.

Christopher Pauchay

On Friday, January 25, 2008, Christopher Pauchay and Tracey Jimmy had a fight. Again. And Tracey Jimmy was so mad she stormed out of the house, leaving Pauchay to look after their daughters for the weekend. So Pauchay, being a good family man, got a ride into town on Sunday to get some groceries. And being a drunk, he also bought a pile of beer and hard liquor.

When he returned home to the babies, instead of spending quality time with them he phoned around for a drinking buddy to help him demolish all the booze he just bought. He phoned his brother-in-law Michael Keshayne many times throughout the evening, trying to convince him to join him. Keshayne refused each and every time.

Just after midnight, Christopher Pauchay showed up at Keshayne’s door, all liquored up. He’d walked the 150 meters (164 yards) of open field between the houses wearing a long sleeved shirt and no coat. January in Saskatchewan can get awfully cold and that particular night the temperature dropped to -50°C (-58°F). You have to be pretty drunk not to notice that kind of cold. Not only was Pauchay totally wasted, but he was also sporting a bunch of knives stuck in his waistband. Before Keshayne could say anything to him, he turned around and ran back to his house. Weird.

Keshayne was understandably concerned by this weirdness, so he drove over to Christopher Pauchay’s house and found the drunk putting knives under the couch cushions. The baby girls were still awake, and since there were no other adults in the house, Keshayne offered to take them home with him. Pauchay refused, saying he could look after them just fine. Keshayne admonished him not to drink any more, and after a while he left.

At five in the morning, Keshayne’s neighbor heard someone thumping on her door. She looked outside and there was our hero Christopher Pauchay, kneeling at her door, slobbering, disoriented, incoherent, foaming at the mouth and reeking of alcohol. No coat, but a couple of knives in his waistband. She brought him inside and called 9-1-1. The ambulance came and so did the police because Pauchay was becoming aggressive. He was sedated and hauled off to hospital. He had to be treated for hypothermia and frostbite, which was not surprising considering the frigid temperature outside.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon Christopher Pauchay had recovered enough to be able to talk, and what he said alarmed everybody. Where were the children? Where were Kaydance and Santana? They were not at home, the RCMP discovered. They were not with neighbours or relatives or their mother.

The search was on. At 4:30 that afternoon they spotted a tuft of dark hair in the snowy field. It was Santana Pauchay, clad only in a diaper and short-sleeved t-shirt. At 15 months of age Santana had frozen to death thanks to her drunken f*cktard daddy.

Christopher Pauchay

It took searchers until 11:00 the next morning to find 3-year-old Kaydance Pauchay. This darling little girl was wearing only a diaper and a long-sleeved adult’s shirt when she perished from the cold.

Christopher Pauchay

Christopher Pauchay, when questioned by police, thought he remembered that one of his babies was hurt and needed help. (Kaydance did have a cut to the leg, possibly caused by one of her daddy’s knives.) Panicking he had grabbed them both up and tried heading to his brother-in-law’s. Of course there was plenty of winter clothing for the children, but it never occurred to him to dress them. Too drunk. He could have used the phone, but again, too drunk.

So there in the snowy -50°C winter night Christopher Pauchay staggered along, fell down a few times, and along the way dropped those precious, helpless babies in the drifting snow.

And the community of Yellow Quill mourned the loss of those children. There was anger among some who said to the press that the tragedy points to social problems, such as substance abuse and lack of housing, that have long been ignored on the reserve.

Christopher Pauchay

Sorry but lack of housing has nothing to do with the fact that Pauchay LEFT HIS HOUSE with HIS BABIES in -50° weather with LITTLE CLOTHING to protect them. Substance abuse in general is not the issue, Christopher Pauchay’s substance abuse in particular is. To spout off about social issues at that time just diminished the tragedy of Santana’s and Kaydance’s deaths to opportunistic sound bites.

Tracey Jimmy stood by her man, and produced yet another child with Christopher Pauchay. This child was later removed by Social Services.

Christopher Pauchay says it was all an accident. His lawyer says it was a “momentary lapse of judgment.” The prosecutor says it was tantamount to child abuse. And Judge Barry Morgan who presided over Pauchay’s trial says it was criminal negligence causing death.

A sentencing circle was convened to help decide what should be done with Christopher Pauchay. For those who are not familiar with this concept, native Canadians can be brought before community leaders, elders and family members who review the crime and make recommendations to the court regarding the criminal’s fate. This is very a controversial and highly debated aspect of Canadian justice.

Yellow Quill Chief Robert Whitehead suggested sentencing circles are a lot tougher than traditional courts because the wrongdoers have to face the people who were wronged and try to make things right. Yeah? How do you face two dead children and make things right with them?

So in their infinite wisdom, the sentencing circle recommended that Judge Morgan impose a conditional sentence to be served at home on the reserve. Ooooh, nasty! What a hardship that would be! The circle also recommended Christopher Pauchay serve Yellow Quill elders in a ceremonial capacity for the rest of his life. Yeah, another toughie. What kind of ceremonial capacity would that be? To fetch things? Carry things? Tend fires? Yeah, that would totally make up for dropping his babies in snowdrifts to die.

Further, they wanted the judge to lift the existing no-contact clause between Christopher Pauchay and the girls’ mother, Tracey Jimmy, as well as allow them to reunite with their remaining child. This is beyond the judge’s scope of powers.

So it seems Christopher Pauchay’s community didn’t want him going to jail. Pauchay himself didn’t want to go to jail.

“What’s prison going to do for me? It keeps me away from my family, from my daughter, and from the things I like doing.”

Boo effing hoo!

So taking the sentencing circle’s recommendations under consideration, Judge Morgan made his ruling.

“In this case, the lapse of judgment demonstrated by Mr. Pauchay was the culmination of a string of events, all of which are directly relevant to his culpability and responsibility. It is true that the deaths were not intended, and in that sense were accidental. However, it cannot be said that the causes that led to those deaths were accidental.

“…Mr. Pauchay was the sole caregiver of these children on the weekend that this tragedy occurred. Despite being charged with that responsibility, he made a conscious decision to leave the house and obtain alcohol. He then drank himself into a state in which he was unable to discharge the most basic care giving responsibility of ensuring the physical safety of his totally dependent daughters.

“The children were completely helpless and vulnerable… Mr. Pauchay’s conduct that night clearly demonstrated a wanton and reckless disregard for the lives and safety of his children.

“It was my impression from observing him at the sentencing circle that Mr. Pauchay lacks insight into the reasons for his offending behavior. I also note that Mr. Pauchay appears unable or unwilling to accept personal responsibility for some of the problems he faces.”

After all that, Judge Morgan sentenced Pauchay to three years in a penitentiary. Three itty bitty years.

But Pauchay isn’t through with court just yet. He is still facing four outstanding charges accumulated AFTER the deaths of his daughters.

First there is an alleged assault against his children’s mother. Charming. Methinks that no-contact order was in place for a reason.

Next up is a failure to attend court in July 2008. I guess he just forgot.

And finally there are two breaches of a bail condition requiring him to abstain from alcohol. That’s right, just like Cousin Wilfred, he kept on drinking. Two babies dead because he was drunk and he kept on drinking. What a POS.

He misses his daughters, Pauchay said. He also said he still struggles with alcohol and that he has suffered enough.

“I don’t believe in punishment. Forgiveness is better than anything else. Punishment doesn’t do nothing.”

Really? Why don’t we just give it a try anyway?


Christopher Pauchay was let out of prison on statutory release with several conditions imposed by the Parole Board of Canada. He must abstain from alcohol and drugs and also report all relationships with women to his parole supervisor.

Pauchay was released Jan. 25, 2011 when he served two-thirds of his sentence. By law, offenders who are not likely to commit serious offenses must be released after serving two-thirds of their sentence.

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  1. scrappy says:

    This one’s a heartbreaker. What mother leaves two infants alone for a week-end because she has a fight with Daddy? Was that the first time he had been so stinkin’ drunk that he woke up unaware of where he was or where the children were?…Uhm, somehow I think not.

    Though the saddest part seems to be the lack of true remorse or cognisance of the unnecessary suffering of his children (or gawd, is it the horrible suffering those babies experienced in the few minutes they had before death…) it is the lack of outrage that shocks me the most. THose tribal elders should be livid for the innocent children.

    The only person in this story who behaved with any concern at all is the brother-in-law. What a terrible burden to carry around, knowing you were the last sane person to see the little ones alive.

  2. Jake Goldman Putulonase says:

    Sure, some drunks and drug addicts hurt others, but that is because they are irresponsible or downright bad people, not because of their addiction.

  3. Adrianna Nikal says:

    That is total Bs he had every intention of get drunk knowing that he could not care for his children,even refused when his borther in law offered to take the kids.Why were the police not called then.Makes no sence that these poor Lil Angels had to suffer for his actions,Just a pity that he can be let free after letting his own flesh and blood freeze to death ,with no remorse for his children,He should have been left to freeze insted of being treated for frostbite imagine what the lil babies went through being left alone in -50 weather may kara Come back to You you poor pityful excuse for a Human being.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    “Sentencing circle” I’ve never read as much bollocks in my life. This cunt made a conscience decision to get shit faced drunk, while he had two small babies in his care. Then he takes them outside, and in his drunken stupor, he lets them freeze to death, and basically gets his wrist slapped. And the mother doesn’t get off scott free either, what the fuck was she thinking leaving father of the year with the most precious things she’ll ever have. She knew he was an arseole, Just look at all the crimes on his criminal record. Christ im suprised they had enough paper to put them on, there are that many. I pray that their newest arrival, doesn’t get placed back with them, that new baby deserves a chance in a normal family, and should stay with the foster family. This turd has murdered two young children and hasn.t been punished its ridiculous. And i say murder because thats what i believe he’s done.

  5. against stupid people says:

    boo effing hoooo this jacktard is an idiot go ahead and remove his penis and shove it in his throat. Anything he says is null and void at this point. poor little girls

  6. BeenThere says:


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