Christopher Graney & Samantha Fenton

Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton
Crimes: Assault, Elder Abuse

Christopher Graney, 19, of Beckenham and Samantha Fenton, 19 of Bromley, UK, are being called thugs by the British press. I personally would call them hellbeasts-in-training. They are a pair of vicious, vile, sadistic little bastards and I am very glad they don’t live on my continent.

Christopher Graney looks like a gormless dork with that Mormon haircut of his. Samantha Fenton with her unfortunate meth-addict complexion looks like a major dorkalopapuss. What they truly are at this point in their lives are worthless, useless shitsacks full of evil.

Awww, do you think I hurt their feelings? Cuz it’s what I want to do. I want to name them and shame them so that they just might give some real thought to their wasted, useless, worthless lives. They are only 19 but they are off to a stellar start if their aim is to become nothing better than hellbeasts.

And what did this lovely pair of sick, sadistic f*cktards do? On October 15, 2012 they brutally attacked a 78-year-old man in Bromley. Why? For shits and giggles apparently.

The victim had been waiting to catch a bus on Widmore Road, Bromley. It was just after midnight, and he spotted a car traveling with its headlights off. Guess who was in the car.

Being a thoughtful fellow, the victim waved at the car, trying to get the driver’s attention. His intention was, of course, to alert the driver to the fact his headlights were off.

The victim wasn’t to know that the driver and his passenger were revolting shitstains on the underpants of British society. He soon learned, the poor man.

Victim of beatingSo the victim waved at the car and the car stopped. Christopher Graney of Mayfair Close, Beckenham, and Samantha Fenton of Homefield Road, Bromley, got out and proceeded to attack the elderly man — in front of witnesses. They shoved him to the ground, then kicked and punched him, leaving him battered and bloody.

Look at the picture of the victim. That’s what they did to him for trying to do them a good turn.

The cowardly pair of assholes then fled the scene and headed to Samantha Fenton’s home on Homefield Road. That’s where the police found them.

The dumbass duo claimed they’d been home for hours and hours but the car engine was still warm. And of course there were those witnesses who placed them at the scene.

The useless pair of vicious thugs were charged and they went to trial at Croydon Crown Court in March 2013. They both maintained their innocence *snort* but were convicted of causing actual bodily harm.

DC Rosmarie Lee of the Bromley police said, “This was a shocking, unprovoked and cowardly attack on an elderly gentleman. The victim was left with appalling injuries and is still very upset.”

I truly hope the victim has recovered fully from the violent attack.

On April 9, 2013 the precious pair of f*ckups will be sentenced. I’ll keep readers posted.

Interestingly, on April 9, 2013 Christopher Graney will also be sentenced for yet another assault he committed in Beckenham last August. See, he’s really off to a great start to becoming a nasty, violent hellbeast.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that British justice will give these two yobs significant punishment. Fingers crossed, eyes crossed, every body part I can cross will be crossed.

Possibly, if the sentences are harsh enough, this pair of cowardly dipshit dingleberries will think twice before they hurt anyone else. But I seriously doubt it. It takes work and consideration to become good, productive citizens and these two look like they are allergic to work and completely void of any consideration.

So people of Beckenham and Bromley, check out the photos closely and steer clear of Christopher POS Graney and Samantha dumbass Fenton, hellbeasts-in-training, especially if you are elderly and vulnerable. They get their kicks out of kicking people who can’t fight back, and are showing the potential to do much worse.

Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton

The pair were jailed for two and a half years each.

Mirror article
Daily Mail article

20 Responses to Christopher Graney & Samantha Fenton

  1. bengalpuss says:

    That poor mans injuries are horrendous, im actually ashamed of being british. This man is from a generation that helped one another, and he thought he was helping these two worthless cunts by alerting them that their cars headlights were out. He should have left them and hoped that they’d crash and extinguish their worthless fucking lives. Believe me when i say when these two fucks end up in jail, they will get beaten up, nothing worse that a nonce, rapist, or beating old people in british jails, your hated for it. Cleo, i wish these 2 cunts were off my continent, hey off the planet, evil pair of worthless bastards they are. Lets pray that the judge at sentencing has got a pair of balls and does the right thing, we can’t be having worthless pieces of shit like this in society.

  2. bengalpuss says:

    Oh, and they both look a right pair of gormless twat’s in the mugshot’s, he looks like someone has put a bowl on his head and cut around it, and she looks like, the lights are on, but no-ones at home dumb broad, lets hope that their fellow prisoners can match the injuries on them, that they inflicted on that poor gentleman. I hope he doesn’t think that we are all like that. I hope he gets well again, but i guess his faith in human nature, has diminished, and i can.t blame him really. If anything, i hope the british criminal injuries compensation board give this gentleman, a decent amount of compensation, it should be for people like this man, who must have gone through hell. And i would like to apologise to him, for shit bags like those two pieces of human offal. This story has touched a nerve with me, i am pissed.

    • bulldoggy says:

      They piss me off too. They’re really only baby hellbeasts, haven’t killed or raped anyone, but that Christopher asshole is on his way. It’s really only luck they didn’t batter the poor old guy to death. Looks like they gave it a good try though. Hope british justice slings them both in prison for a good long while but I won’t hold my breath.

      • bengalpuss says:

        I won.t hold my breath neither bulldoggy. The judge will probably come out with some bollocks like “I don.t think prison will help you, so im going to send you on a course, a bit like a holiday camp and see if that can tame you, if you murder someone then i realize that it won.t have, so i’ll have to think of something else that’s easy for you” That poor mans face is horrendous, and thats just his face, no doubt they will have kicked his body, i wouldn’t be suprised if this poor old gent, didn.t sustain broken ribs and a badly bruised torso. Yes no doubt he will have had more injuries. We should have a bet on hellbeasts, all the regular’s have to guess what sentence they think the judge is gonna dish out, and whoever guesses right, or the nearest, gets 10 minutes alone in a room with these two toerags, and if its a pathetic sentence gets 10mins in a room with the judge, do you think many people will enter bulldoggy?

  3. Mindy says:

    I want to do something to help that poor old man. This makes me so sad. They’re disgusting, and I hope he’s got a lot of support as he recovers.

  4. moodymagic says:

    I wont hold my breath that these 2 losers will get real harsh prison time. The poor gentleman.

  5. 2cute says:

    I see that poor old man’s face and I just wanna take a baseball bat to those nasty pieces of shit that beat him. Or a golf club. Maybe a tire iron. I bet there’s a lot of people who know them who feel the same way too.

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    This reminds me of that old urban legend of a gang initiation where the gang members would drive around with their headlights off. The first car that flashes headlights at them would be gunned down. Makes me wonder if these two nasty bastards accidentally or purposely left their headlights off. Maybe it was all a game to them, to beat the first person who flagged them down.

    • 2cute says:

      Awesomeblossom, that would make sense as much as anything. They had no reason to beat up that old guy at all, so maybe it was just a game.

  7. Ravensbourne says:

    I can’t belive I went to school and was friends with these 2 horrible people hope they rot

  8. Mike says:

    Guess what – they 30 months in a “young offenders institution”, which means 5 star hotel. And they’ll only serve half

    Graney got another 6 months for another assault he committed on August 27 2011, when he attacked a man with a metal drain cover

  9. bengalpuss says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me mike, 30 months. So that meant they’ll serve 15 months, and if they get tagging, that’ll be even less. What a fucking joke, shop lifters get bigger sentences, no wonder the uk is going down the pan, kids and young people don.t give a fuck because they know that The sentences they’ll end up with are pathetic, thats if they are even sent to jail. This country needs to wake the fuck up and sort out the sentencing laws and fast.

  10. Martin says:

    Unfortunately the victim died this week, he never fully recovered from his injuries

    Yet the scum who did it will be back on the streets in a few months

  11. crazytrucker says:

    Martin how right you were saw scumbags in Bromley town centre less than a year after they were sent down, it makes a mockery of the poor mans human rights, as you said he died within a year of the attack so shouldn’t they face a man slaughter charge now!!! Won’t happen tho human rights bill wont allow it …..

    • bengalpuss says:

      They should be charged with manslaughter, fuck their human rights, they lost theirs when they beat an old man, beasts they are.

  12. KXG says:

    is it me or does dude have a really TINY face compared to his big ole round noggin? and girly lips, almost looks like he’s got lip-stick on. bet they’ll love his mouth in prison. as for the girl, does she rub her face with bacon and the grease from the fat-fryer to get that stunning complexion? almost looks like she’s got freaking herpes or something. quite the pair of human answers to biological questions no one cared to ask eh…

  13. Emmmmily says:

    Why.?!? Just WHY??

  14. momof3canada says:

    Funny the woman beater toby waked away … guess beating a man is worst over in britan

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