Christopher Gaines, Robert Porter & Nicole Kelsay

Hellbeast Christopher GainesCrimes: Murder, Rape, Torture
Written by Tiffany, previously published in

Do you remember your first friend in grade school? What about the games you all played together or their families? Are you still friends with them, and if so, do yours hold a special place in your heart, as mine do?

Let me tell you about Scotty Joe Weaver and his childhood friends. He met Chris Gaines and Nicole Kelsay in kindergarten and they remained friends throughout most of their lives, eventually becoming roommates once they were old enough to leave the nest.

At nine years old Scotty developed a cyst on the side of his neck. Later, the doctors determined it was Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer. Chris and Nicole was there throughout his illness and treatment. Good friends, eh? Well I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Victim Scotty Joe WeaverMartha Weaver was very concerned, just like any normal mother would be. Scotty was her youngest of her four boys. Finally the cancer was in remission, and Mrs. Weaver could breathe a sigh of relief. Although by this time she was a widow raising 4 young sons on her own, she thought maybe, just maybe, Scotty could live a somewhat normal life.

You see, Scotty was gay and endured a lot of teasing and bullying from his peers at Baldwin County High, in Bay Minette, Alabama. At 18, Scotty, Nicole and Chris got a trailer in a small lot in Bay Minette not too far his mother. Although Scotty was the only one working out of the three, he would sometime pull double shifts at the local Waffle House to pay ALL the bills and to help his mother.

Hellbeast Nicole KelsayBy now Chris Gaines and Nicole Kelsay were a couple, although Nicole,18, had a 2-year-old daughter – she often stayed with Scotty Joe Weaver’s mother. They had also met a new friend named Robert Porter, whom was VERY homophobic and often teased and humiliated Scotty. While these three partied and did IV drugs together Martha Weaver was caring for this child and Scotty Weaver was out working to keep a roof over their heads.

On July 18th, 2004, Scotty went to his mother’s home to pay her some money he had borrowed from her and told her that he was tired of Chris and Nicole because they’d pretty much taken over his home. Then he told her he loved her but had to go so he could get ready for work.

Hellbeast Robert PorterHe returned to his trailer, and while dressing for work he was attacked and bound by none other than his “friends/roomates” and Robert Porter. Then, while Scotty Joe Weaver begged for his life, Robert Porter, Christopher Gaines And Nicole Kelsay taunted, strangled, beat, cut with razors, sodomized, urinated on, mutilated his genitals, and eventually murdered Scotty in the same home he provided for Chris and Nicole. They disposed of his body a few miles up the road, but not before they tied him to a tree, doused him in gasoline and lit him on fire.

After not hearing from her son for several days, Martha finally filed a missing person’s report on July 22nd, 2004. Later that night an RV driver discovered the charred remains and contacted police. The body was so badly burned that they had to ID him through dental records.

Shortly there after, they developed three suspects. Robert Porter, Christopher Gaines And Nicole Kelsay. They quickly confessed, all pointing the blame at the others and not taking responsibility for themselves. Why, though, would these people he had tried so hard to help do such an awful, horrendous thing?

**Drum roll please**

1) He was gay.

2) Money – Robert Porter, Christopher Gaines And Nicole Kelsay robbed Scotty Joe Weaver for between $65-$80 FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!!

So this is a hate crime right?!? NEGATIVE! In fact, a person who kills an individual in Alabama due to their sexual orientation isn’t eligible for the death penalty or even life without parole unless the killing is committed during the course of another felony including robbery.

David Whetstone the District Attorney for Baldwin County said, “This wasn’t a spur of the moment thing in fact, Scotty didn’t die right away, they had plenty of enough time to stop.” It took that and the fact they robbed Scotty to make Robert Porter, Christopher Gaines And Nicole Kelsay eligible for the death penalty.

In May 2007, after considering all the evidence, Chris Gaines pleaded guilty to murder so he didn’t have to go to trial and take a chance of receiving a date with the needle. He was sentenced to life without parole and is currently lodged at Holman Prison, Atmore, Alabama.

In September of 2004 Robert Porter pleaded guilty of 1st degree murder and 1st degree robbery and received 2 consecutive life terms.

Following in suit, Nicole Kelsay took a deal too. Only Nicole didn’t plead guilty to murder or robbery but pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and received a measly 20 years. Why, I don’t understand. Even though she didn’t actually kill him, she was there at the trailer, she didn’t call for help, nor did she go to police when everyone was looking for Scotty .

Sometimes I believe the judicial system is sexist, ya know.

Lam and Martha WeaverFinally it’s over for some, but for Mrs. Weaver and her other son, Lum Jr., it has really just begun, because Scotty is gone and they have to live the rest of their lives without him. The only question Mrs. Weaver asked is “Why?”, but neither Robert Porter, Christopher Gaines nor Nicole Kelsay seemed to either want to or were able to answer the grieving mother.

All they could do is hold their head down a mumble, “I’m sorry.” I’m wondering if they were sorry for what they did or sorry they got caught? Lum, who is also openly gay, said:

“…even though I’m in fear for my own life, I have to be the voice for my baby brother.”

There is now a movie out about this story. It’s a documentary called “Small Town Gay Bar”, and though I haven’t seen it I have heard it’s a very good film, and I do intend to watch it some day.

I used to live in the town where this tragedy occurred, and I know Lum Weaver. He is an extraordinary young man, especially when dealing with this tragedy. He still holds himself at fault, because he feels as if Scotty followed in his footsteps when he decided to “come out of the closet” about his sexual orientation and live as an openly gay man.

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27 Responses to Christopher Gaines, Robert Porter & Nicole Kelsay

  1. LilSis says:

    How people can do that to somebody! Ugh! They need to burn too!

  2. ashl33 says:

    These pukes need to die! All of them!

  3. Minx says:

    I am a gay girl myself. Lam, don’t blame yourself, your brother wouldn’t want that I’m sure. Unfortunately there will always be narrow minded people out there who judge others unfairly.

    These 3 need to rot in hell!

  4. Kimber says:

    That’s it. Screw roomates and the homeless. The only people living with me are my husband and blood family members. And all of us know how that works out sometimes! You may still wind up with a hellbeast at home.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    So killing someone because they are gay is not a hate crime, well i think they need to change that law. And Lam your not to blame for scottys death. how were you to know that those 3 evil bastards were going to do that to your brother. maybe if they change that from not being a hate crime to being a hate crime then maybe just maybe ignorant fuck’s like those 3 fucktards will think twice before doing something so heinous. although i don.t hold my breath.

  6. scrappy says:

    Terribly sad story, like all of them, really.

    When I look at Porter’s face and think of how my gay male friends like to crack that the most homophobic men are really gay themselves I start to hear a chiming tone…

    It’s just awful to think that someone who has been your friend most of your life could betray you in such a heartless and unthinkable way… most people only have to deal with their friends stealing a girlfriend or stuff.

    My impression is that prison in Alabama is pretty awful, even as prison life goes. I think they still have chain gangs and road crews down there. I hope these beasts “enjoy” every day of their incarceration.

    RIP Scotty Joe Weaver, may your family be able to remember how truly wonderful you were more often than they think of how horribly you were betrayed.

  7. anonment says:

    I knew Scotty and Nicole. They were suppose to been best friends. They all deserve life without parole. Nicole is only after herself anyways. Her baby daughter she had a 16 I think by an older man who she almost got him in jail because she lied about her age.

    • Lindsey Garza says:

      I know her too..i spent time with her in county and state prison…yes she had a part in something horrific and terrible but that not the nicole kelsay i know or grew to love and be friends with…my prayers are with scottys family..may you get some peace

    • Anondote says:

      True, she is after herself and doesnt care. I grew up with both of them. She was mean to Scotty abd hated tgat he was gay. Scotty had a great heart. All 3 should rot. She is a manipulator and she uses people. IDC what anyone says that she changed, she don’t and she will always ve a murderer. To top it off, she dated a girl after she got it. But yet, she teased the hell out of him and got him killed.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Meth addict screams out of her picture, it truly does.

  8. anonment says:

    Oh bTW his name isnt Lam it’s Lum, please correct that

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Amazing really that they all ended up not getting the death penalty. And they all started pointing the finger at each other. Nicole kelsey took a plea deal. did scotty get the chance to have a plea deal, did he fuck. This trio of dog vomit should be on death row, im all for the death penalty that if you commit heinous crimes like torturing and burning people you should die for what you’ve done, you forfeit the right to live with decent upstanding human beings. Torture, murder and barbaric crimes should be punished accordingly. Most people wouldn’t even think about doing something so horrible let alone commit the damn crime. My heart truly go’s out to scotty’s family they will never be the same family again because of 3 dog turd’s. He may have been gay so what but was always the better person. While they sat on their arse’s all day taking drugs this lad was working his ass off to keep a roof over their heads and what thanks does he get, he gets tortured, robbed then murdered and burnt, great friends.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    What the fuck!!! Cleo, has another spammer sneaked past you again?

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Im suprised the Quran Quote “And smite thee by their necks” Hasn.t been quoted!

  12. Connie Anderson says:

    I grew up with Scotty and Nicole and the three of us were in first grade together. He did not deserve this and the three sorry individuals who did this do not deserve to take their next breath but justice was not served but it will be when they stand before God.

  13. Danielle says:

    I rode the bus with Robert when I was younger. I remember him telling me that he killed people and being frightened of him. He got off at my bus stop one day behind me and my mother ran him off.

    I also remember Scotty. What an awesome friend. His mom babysat my sisters and I when we were young. He didn’t deserve this and neither did his family.

    It’s been 10 years. We all miss you and love you Scotty!

  14. against stupid people says:

    holy crap this story screams DONT LIVE IN ALABAMA where they have never heard of JUSTICE or LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME. in every single case that’s exactly what should be done LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME. and put it on TV

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Murder Warrants Capital Punishment

  16. lonestoner says:

    i was their neighbor in the mobilehome park,Robert Porter was on the sex pediphiles list for molesting a child under 10 years old.Had he been incarcerated,instead of roaming Bay Minette,this crime wouldn’t have happened.

  17. Leah Gordon says:

    I know a HELL BEAST social worker in San Diego, CA named Nicole Kelsay and she is a real psychopath. She is in East County, El Cajon in the armpit of San Diego helping violent pedophiles get children for CPS to traffic.
    I am pretty sure it is this murderous bitch, same name and she is a creature.

  18. Leah Gordon says:

    It is the same person.

    I am sure. I paid money just to find out if it is the same murderous bitch and just check all her aliases she is working for the County of San Diego Health and Human Services child protection division and she trafficks kids and gleefully separates moms from kids. That is what CPS does now.

  19. Kitty:/ says:

    She was forced to do it if not they would kill her Scotty and he was best friends if y’all knew the bigger picture y’all would know that they were best friends and to be honest I’m lesbian and she’s my ant so y’all need to know that these guys told her that they would kill her and her family she was in fear of these two monsters!!!!!

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