Christopher Ford Butt


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape, Sodomy, Threats

Christopher Ford Butt of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, is, to put it bluntly, a child-raping, predatory pedophile. He’s the kind of vile monster who should never see the light of day, but disgustingly, alarmingly, he will soon be back on Canadian streets as a free man.

Christopher Butt isn’t the kind of pedophile who takes his sweet time wooing and seducing his victims. Nope, this vicious asshole is too brutal for that.

The victim, an 11-year-old girl, was attacked repeatedly in the summer of 2014. She was raped anally and vaginally by this so-called “family friend”. She was threatened by Christopher Ford that if she didn’t do what he wanted or if she told anyone, he would burn down her house and “beat the living shit” out of her parents.

That brave little girl sacrificed herself to keep her parents and home safe. Bless her heart, she suffered in silence out of love for her family.

The physical injuries the poor girl wound up suffering after 4 weeks of hell were so horrible that she was unable to walk, take a bath or sit down for days. A medical exam showed that the skin in her private parts had been torn from the rapes.

At the end of July 2014, the victim’s mother discovered the truth behind her daughter’s injuries and called the police. Christopher Butt was placed in custody on August 1, 2014.

It took over two years to get “justice” — Canadian justice. The girl’s ability to testify was uncertain — probably she was terrified of facing her rapist, and was horrified at reliving the attacks. Her parents understandably didn’t want her to go through the ordeal of testifying, but without her the outcome would be uncertain. The pedo bastard might’ve walked.

And so, a plea deal was made to ensure the child raping turdpile served time in prison. The Crown prosecutor and the defense asked the judge to sentence Christopher Ford Butt, 41, to just 5 years for one count of sexual assault and one count of uttering threats.

On October 5, 2016, Justice William Goodridge of Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court sentenced the filthy butthole Christopher Butt to 5 years and 3 months. That’s the minimum sentence allowed under the Canadian Criminal Code.

In his decision, Justice Goodridge considered the pedo perv’s guilty plea and apology, his participation in rehabilitation programs and his agreement to attend future counseling sessions. He also noted that Christopher Butt has bipolar disorder and was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

christopher-buttSince William Butt had sat in prison for 2 years, 2 months and 4 days, he was given time-and-a-half credit. A whopping 1,194 days were knocked off his sentence, leaving him with just 1 year and 38 weeks left in prison.

I personally don’t understand the thinking behind time-and-a-half credit. Is the time waiting for the trial supposed to be so much worse than the imprisonment afterward? I don’t buy that.

Despite my opinion, Christopher Ford Butt is going to be released far too soon for my liking. Will the counseling and rehabilitation programs cure him? I strongly doubt it. He’s a sadistic, predatory pedophile now and that will probably never change. And he has a criminal history that dates back 20 years. That’s not a promising sign that he’ll turn over a new leaf.

So please, people of Newfoundland and Labrador, be aware that Christopher Butt will be free to roam at will in the very near future. Don’t befriend him, especially if you have children. Don’t allow him access to any kids. Watch out for him near schools and playgrounds. The best way to keep your children safe from him is to be alert.

I wish the victim all the best. I hope she gets all the therapy and love and support she needs to get over what happened to her.

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21 Responses to Christopher Ford Butt

  1. Karen Heath says:

    Rehab never works on pedophiles. The perv that molested me was sent to rehab, and when he got out he got hold of a younger victim. I was 8 and the next victim was 5. Hope this sick ass dies before he can molest another child. Hope this victim gets the love and care she needs to get over this horrible experience.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, it says “that if she didn’t do what she wanted” is it supposed to say “if she didn’t do what he wanted”? I may be wrong but just thought id bring it to your attention. If I’m wrong I’m sorry love. By the way I hope your well after your hospital stay and back to normal 😉

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    That poor girl, the pain must have been excruciating. After I gave birth to my children, getting a bath or having a pee was painful, I’m sure other women who have gone through childbirth will agree, imagine the agony that little girl went through over and over again because in her mind she was protecting her family, bless her little heart. She’s a very brave girl and I hope that at some point she can get on with her childhood and do the things that 11 year old children do, but that cunt has robbed her of her innocence and should be locked away for life. British and Canadian justice is Fucking shit, the Americans don’t mess around when it comes to nonces, they bang them up for a very long time if not for even giving the beasts a life sentence. By the way this pig looks like Phil Mitchell from eastenders, does anyone else see the resemblance?

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Evil the Child Abuse and the Sick Excuse of a ” Sentence ”

    Too many Liberal Do Gooders

    Child Abuse Warrants Public Flogging and the Death Penalty

    ” Sentences ” For Child Abuse in Canada and the UK make a Mockery of
    the Word Justice

    • Leasha says:

      OMG dude give it a rest, already! You mention your disgust with “Liberals, the US & the UK” in virtually EVERY one of your comments on all these articles. Chill out, we got your message the first 50 times.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    One would Hope the Majority of Newfoundlanders are Disgusted by what
    has Happened

  6. Moodymagic says:

    The poor child. Yup this is Canadian justice for you.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Newfoundland which was once a Dominion in it’s own Right should like the other Provinces of Canada be able to Have the Death Penalty For Murder Rape Child Abuse and Sadistic Cruelty to Animals

    Justice in Canada should mean Justice A Mari Usque Ad Mare From Sea to

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Instead of Time Off for Time whilst in Custody Awaiting a Trial A
    Custodial Sentence needs to be the Basic Amount of Time to be Served
    with 10% to 20% Extra as Well

    Really Child Abusers Deserve the Death Penalty Not ” Human Rights ”

    Human Rights they Violated of the Victim

  9. Angel says:

    Je ne comprend vraiment pas pourquoi on laisse des gens comme ça en vie et surtout qu’on puisse les remettre en liberté. Il devrait subir la même chose que sa victime et ensuite être exécuté !!

    • cleo says:

      This is Cleo. I think Angel said, “I really do not understand why they let people like that live and even be released. He should suffer the same as his victim and then be executed!!”

  10. bulldoggy says:

    This pedo creep deserves to be hit by a bus the minute he’s let out of prison. The sentence is pathetic.

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    When some Degenerate Condones the Evil of Paedophilia to be
    ” Open Minded ” I can how Empty Headed they are and what Lackeys of
    Evil they Are

    The Oblivious and Clueless

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    When some Disgusting Person Abuses a Child there is No Excuses about
    a background of less than Opulence learning difficulties or the education system or any such Rubbish

    It is because they are Scum Not Fit to be Human and what is the Answer
    is the Death Penalty Not ” Suspended ” Sentences

    People Either Oppose Paedophilia or they Advance that Evil

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I am Depressed with the State of this Country

    It is a State of Evil

    It concerns me that there are Evil Forces trying to ” Legalize ”
    Paedophilia under the Guise of Equality and Non Discrimination

    Scum want to Lower the Age of Consent Decent People Realize it Needs
    to be the Age of 18 Years of Age

    It will Truly an Evil State of Affairs if some Scum demanded a Cake
    with a Pro Paedophilia Message on it and the Cake Maker Refused and
    the Cake Maker was put through mayhem because of it with Liberal Do
    Gooders being the Scum that they are taking the Side of the Paedophile instead of the Decent Cake Maker

    No Shades of Grey it is a Right and Wrong Good and Evil Issue

    Paedophilia Warrants the Death Penalty Not ” European Human Rights “

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abusers Need to be Banned From Entering the United Kingdom
    and without any Spectre of ” European Human Rights ” this Needs to be
    the Case

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abusers Need to be Banned from being Elected to Parliament

    Look at the late Evil Cyril Smith

  16. Mark Lock says:

    Find it strange though that, Butt never got a chance to take the stand, and I read somewhere on this case that the dr. Involved stated her hymen was still intact, dont that mean no pentration?
    I’m not picking up for him.. just wondering if there is another side to what happen and if justice was really served.. you had hear of people forced into a plea or wrongfull conviction.. I say let God be the judge when he meets his..

    • Narcissus and the Bunnymen says:

      Accused parties in Canada are innocent until proven guilty and therefore do not *have* to testify.
      The burden of proof rests on those bringing forth the accusation.
      A lawyer on either side could prolly call the accused as a witness but IANAL so NFI how this happens. Witnesses need to be credible. If you committed a crime and were called to testify against yourself, how credible would you be if you said: “Nope,wasn’t me,sorry!”? So why bother making the accused a witness?

      As for the Case of the Unperforated Hymen… ummm WTF dude? Are you saying rape is only legitimate rape if it’s… cis-gendered, penile-vaginal, deep enough to cause hymenal tearing, and that anal, oral, shallow penetration, or hymen vestiges makes the accusation suspect?
      Your parents really should petition for some non-biblical sex ed at your school. Good thing god wasn’t judging this case or the victim would prolly have to marry the guy or be stoned to death.

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