Christopher David McDonald

Hellbeast Christopher McDonald
Crimes: Murder, Aggravated Sexual Assault

Corrine Burns was a sex trade worker in Guelph, Ontario. She wasn’t always a sex trade worker. Corrine was an intelligent, popular girl who was good at school and loved horses and other animals. Sadly and tragically she was afflicted with schizophrenia as a teenager. As if that wasn’t enough she also suffered from bipolar disorder.

Corrine Burns had trouble thinking clearly and looking after herself. She heard voices and her thoughts raced. She’d been in and out of hospital. She became more and more withdrawn. Her mental illness had robbed her of the life she was going to have.

And then Corrine found solace in drugs.

And then Corrine turned to prostitution to pay for her drugs.

And then Corrine Burns hooked up with Christopher David McDonald around May 24 or 25, 2008. Her plan was to provide sex for money. She was not expecting anything else.

Victim Corrine BurnsCorrine Burns couldn’t know that in 1997 Christopher McDonald had attacked a 55-year-old woman in a Toronto Pizza Hut washroom. Using a rolling pin as his weapon Christopher McDonald had broken the woman’s arm and bashed her head open so she required 80 stitches.

Corrine Burns couldn’t know that in 2001 Christopher McDonald assaulted another woman in a washroom at the SkyDome in Toronto.

Corrine Burns couldn’t know that Christopher McDonald’s girlfriend had just turfed his ass to the curb and he was pissed off mightily.

Corrine Burns was soon to learn that Christopher David McDonald of Guelph was a woman-hating, abusive bastard whose plan for the evening was not just sex but murder.

On May 27, 2008 an elementary schoolboy playing in Norm Jary Park found Corrine Burns’ body. She was nude and battered and hidden in some bushes. She was face up with her legs splayed. I hope that child who found her got over the trauma of seeing a body like that.

Corrine Burns suffered blunt force trauma to her leg, her back, her neck, her face and her head. She’d been dead approximately 2 days by the time she was found. She was only 29.

In and on Corrine Burns’ body was sperm that belonged to Christopher David McDonald, the violent, abusive bastard.

Christopher POS McDonald, a construction labourer, was seen with bloody knuckles and a woman’s bra in the days after Corrine Burns had been battered to death. His shirt was torn and he was drunk. He hadn’t shown up for work. In answer to his boss’s questions about his appearance Christopher the hellbeast McDonald claimed he’d defended a woman in a bar.

Him? Defend a woman? Riiight. With his convictions of aggravated assault it was far more likely women needed defending from him, the POS asshole.

Anyway, Christopher David McDonald became the key suspect in Corrine Burns’ murder and Guelph police had him under surveillance. I guess the presence of his sperm only proved he’d had sex with the woman, not that he’d killed her. The police needed more to arrest him.

Christopher the asswipe killer McDonald moved his pasty ass to Barrie, Ontario, and the police surveillance followed him. Unfortunately on July 14, 2009 the police weren’t watching as closely as they might have.

Christopher McDonald hooked up that evening with a sex trade worker. Police watched as the pair walked behind a Mary Street home near a downtown liquor store.

A few minutes later surveillance officers caught up to Christopher POS McDonald. He was pulling up his pants. His “date” was half-naked, half-dead, covered in blood.

The victim — a developmentally challenged woman — had suffered a broken nose, broken cheekbones and broken teeth. She was bruised and had lacerations to her head, face and body. She even had blood in her ear canals and her vagina.

That, my friends, is the damage that this f*cktard can do to a helpless woman in a matter of minutes.

And so finally Christopher asshole killer McDonald was arrested for the murder of Corrine Burns and the brutal attack on the Barrie woman. In early May 2012 his trial began in Guelph’s Superior Court of Justice. He was charged with 1st-degree murder and aggravated sexual assault.

While Christopher the waste of skin McDonald denied the murder of Corrine Burns, he did plead guilty to the vicious attack in the Barrie case.

Well, he could hardly deny that assault since the police caught him in the midst of the beating. If he’d had a few more minutes, I have no doubt that that woman would have been battered to death as well.

The defense argued that Corrine Burns’ death was actually a drug overdose. I for one am not sure how drug overdoses cause blunt force trauma to the face, neck, back, leg and head. Hmmmm.

Christopher McDonald under guardInterestingly Christopher the hellbeast McDonald was oh-so-proper in court, on his very best behavior in fact. He politely rose to face the jury every time members left or entered the courtroom. He sat quietly in the prisoner’s dock, occasionally talking to his female defense attorney, Angela McLeod.

Methinks Christopher shitstain McDonald was trying to prove he was a gentleman with the ladies, not some raving maniacal woman-killer.

But his effort and the efforts of his attorney didn’t sway the jury. On May 24, 2012 Christopher David McDonald was found guilty of 1st-degree murder.

Corrine Burns remembered“To lose a daughter is bad enough, but to hear the gruesome details of how she died will haunt me to my dying day,” Corrine’s mother Maria Tyrrell said in her victim impact statement, bless her heart.

“I don’t feel brave and strong anymore,” she told the court. “A part of me is gone and will never come back.” I can’t even imagine what it’s like for that poor woman.

And then came the sentencing of this murderous monster.

“The sentence I must impose will serve to protect society from Mr. McDonald for a long time,” Justice Jack Belleghem said before he announced Christopher McDonald’s sentence for the murder. “What the sentence cannot do is bring Corrine back, nor do anything to fill the void in the hearts of family and friends.”

“Somehow, we as a society must take a lesson from this tragedy to prevent similar ones in the future,” Justice Belleghem added.

I am not sure what new lessons we can learn that would prevent more murders of sex trade workers. Do you think he was referring to the legalization of prostitution so that desperate women like Corrine Baker could work in safer conditions? Maybe.

Justice Jack Belleghem sentenced Christopher asshole murderer McDonald to life in prison. Yay! And that means no parole for at least 25 years. That’s a good start. And it’s not all.

The Crown has decided that his hellbeast killer should be designated a Dangerous Offender so that he will never have a chance of parole. His previous violent attacks on women were coming back to bite him on his pasty ass.

And so now we are awaiting the court’s decision on the matter. I gotta say, the prospect of this f*ckwad never getting out is mightily appealing.

Meantime, Christopher asswipe McDonald has a long time to think about how he destroyed lives, including his own. I admit I wish upon him the same kind of beating he put his victims through — daily.

So rot in hell, Christopher McDonald, rot in hell.

The Barrie Examiner article
Guelph Mercury article

17 Responses to Christopher David McDonald

  1. 2cute says:

    Here we go again, another macho man who feels so manly when he smashes in the faces of women. He’s probably compensating for pea-sized balls and a puny little dick. I hope he is locked up forever because you know he’s the kind who’ll brutalize women again if he ever gets out. I’m hoping that his cellmates are making him spread wide and teaching him to take it like a man. Sick bastard!

    • xcon says:

      i was in jail with chris macdonald for mths….he got bounced from range 2 range and jail 2 jail cause he wasnt safe on any ranges,,the cops beat him good when he first came 2 jail,, i was good friends with him untill i found out about his charges,,,he was the nicest and funniest guy..

  2. Trace says:

    This ain’t a man, this is a walking, talking, bald sperm sac with fists. He has no higher brain functioning than this: he’s mad, he beats women; he’s horny, he beats women; he’s frustrated, he beats women.

    I hope he is roomies with Bubba who, when he’s mad beats Christopher McDonald, when he’d horny beats Christopher McDonald, and when he’s frustrated beats Christopher McDonald.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    This asshole needs to be removed permanently from society, from the genetic pool, from the planet.

    • Kat says:

      Just to clarify, when Christopher Macdonald was attacking his victim on Mary Street in Barrie that July day the news says that Barrie Police were ‘watching’ him. They were not which is why it happened. They knew the assault was happening because I cut through the yard and caught him in the act and my friend who lived next door called police who then were able to get him off of her. This man should not have been on the street after what happened in Guelph.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yay canada has got it right for once. Personally i think the bastard should have his knackers chopped off and fed to my cat tyke, or bulldoggy’s dog charlie, but 25yrs is a good start. This guy is one dangerous fucker, he obviously is a sadistic bastard, one of those that literally get off on beating a woman to a pulp while having sex with her, thats how he gets his kicks and then has to kill her so she can.t tell anyone. And leaving that poor woman’s body in that position, when that young boy found her, he’s done that on purpose, so that it will shock whoever finds her, unfortunately it was a young child, the sick fuck. I have no doubt cleo, that this piece of monkey spunk, would have finished that poor woman off that night had the police not got there, and he would have carried on being a murderous evil bastard until he got caught or until he died. I hope that he’s arse gets as severely raped, just like he’d done to those poor women, but on a daily basis and he becomes someone’s bitch. Karma he he he.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    Is it just me or does it look like in his picture that he’s been crying? His eyes seem a little pink to me. I hope he’s been crying. I like to see photos of these killers in handcuffs, preferably crying. I like to think that they’re totally miserable and suffering. But I bet that in his tiny little mind this bastard is still thinking those women had it coming to them.

  6. moodymagic says:

    BullDoggy you said it best. I second it.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Moodymagic, bulldoggy’s idea is the best, remove this turd from the planet. But can.t we do my idea before he leaves the planet. And that is to chop his Gonads Off, and feed them to my cat tyke and charlie, bulldoggy’s dog. We’d have to make this bastard suffer, like how he made his victims suffer, and the victims families, which are also victims suffer. But removal from the planet is an excellent one.

  8. kathryn says:

    Yet another bully hurting people weaker than him, I HOPE IN PRISON SOMEONE DECIDES TO BULLY HIM.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Steve-O, after just finishing laughing at your idea, i thought about shoving a pipe up his arse, then get a Funnel And pour acid down that. Then i would work on the dick(Can.t believe im saying this) I’d get a cut throat razor chop his bollocks off then i’d get a rusty knife and very slowly cut his knob off. Then i’d make him eat his own tackle. He wouldn’t forget me in a hurry.

    • Steve-O says:

      Now now Bengalpuss, calm down. You’re starting to scare me. You sure you haven’t got a basement room for a dungeon?

  10. xcon says:

    chris mcdonald wont be touched when hes serving time in the pen cause he will be on lock down 23hrs a day in a cell alone..alot of my friends are in there doin life … but in maple hurst and Penetanguishene holdin jail is were the fights would happen,,cause even pc’s are on a range where they could get him….i was on his range alot of times and he read alot,,cell full of books,,,

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, was this piece of shit designated a dangerous offender?

  12. LawyerChick says:

    Yes. It’s in the article.

  13. Cori's Friend says:

    “Appeal court overturns first-degree murder conviction of Christopher McDonald”

    What can we do???!!!

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