Christopher Alan Carlson

Hellbeast Christopher Carlson
Crime: Child abuse

Christopher Alan Carlson of Indianapolis is an asshole — you know, one of those macho, he-man assholes that has to act not just tough but super tough. And damn if his grandkids aren’t going to be super tough too! Christopher asshole Carlson could not abide having soft, comfort-loving grandsons. Oh no, they needed to be rock solid and manly just like their grandpa.

Christopher asshole Carlson is a very young grandfather — he started procreating at the ripe age of 15. And then he kept on procreating — 5 kids by 5 women.

One of the women he impregnated was the half-sister of his oldest child, Tara Danaher. He hadn’t had anything to do with Tara Danaher until she was 13-years-old. She herself had her first child when she was 17.

Tara Danaher has 3 sons, Kevin, Micah and Kameron. Their father is Kevin Beatty. Tara Danaher did not allow him contact with the boys since December 2008. She felt he was a bad influence.

Tara Danaher felt her dad, the kids’ grandfather was a good influence. This despite his felony convictions for drugs. This despite his track record of abandoning his offspring. Oh, yeah, he was a real role model.

In the summer of 2011 Grandpa Christopher asshole Carlson decided to take the kids on a 6-week vacation. You know, to bond with them. To make men of them. It was a guy thing.

And the kids and Carlson traveled. They went to Mexico, Central America and Jamaica and then headed to the Grand Canyon.

Interesting that he managed to do all that travelling on a $9/hour job as an unskilled laborer. There has been some speculation from investigators that he was visiting marijuana farms on those trips — trips he took the boys on.

See, Christopher Carlson got a thrill from growing marijuana. “It was beautiful. That was amazing. I am proud of that. I was good at what I did,” he said of his prowess at growing the stuff.

He’s such a “good influence”! *snort*

Christopher macho asshole Carlson took the young boys hiking. All those places they visited they hiked. Maybe they enjoyed it, but they didn’t have a choice. No more soft life for them as far as grandpa was concerned.

The boys were losing weight, no doubt about that. And Christopher hellbeast Carlson kept ramping up their exercise regime, and ramping up their discipline regime. No namby pamby grandsons for him!

Grand CanyonFinally the family arrived at the Grand Canyon, and again the macho asshole Carlson took the young boys hiking. This time it was different. This time it was in Arizona. In the Grand Canyon. In August. In 100+ degree heat.

Christopher Carlson was determined make real men out of Kevin, 12, Micah, 9, and Kameron, 8.

And if pushing them and smacking them and shoving them were deemed necessary, Grandpa did it. If yelling at them and swearing at them and hitting them would make them hike faster, Grandpa did it.

Kevin, Micah and Kameron were taken on 2 separate hikes from hell. Both of these hikes were on the Bright Angel Trail.

The Bright Angel Trail is more difficult than it appears. It starts at the top of the canyon at around 7,000 feet in elevation and then it drops to 2,400 feet by the river. Going down is a hell of a lot easier than going back up.

Grand Canyon signTo compound things the temperature can get extremely hot. The Park Service advises hikers not to make the trip to the river and back in one day. Warning signs are posted prominently at the trailhead and along the trail. Only dumbasses would ignore them.

On August 15, 2011, law enforcement ranger Elizabeth Aurnou spotted the struggling troupe and approached them at Indian Garden. She’d been on the lookout for them because of disturbing reports by other hikers of boys in distress.

The boys and their asshole grandfather had already hiked from the South Rim to Plateau Point and back to Indian Garden. That was a distance of 7 1/2 miles. Christopher Carlson was intending to take the boys on to the Colorado River and back to the rim. That would be another 14 miles!

Remember, the temperature was well above 100 degrees.

Yup, a forced march was Christopher the hellbeast Carlson’s plan to whip the boys into shape. And no food or water while they were hiking either, because that’s for softies. HE of course could drink because HE was already a he-man.

Never mind that no water in 100+ degree temperatures was dangerous! He and the boys were he-men, grunt, grunt!

The ranger didn’t know about the no-food-or-water rule when she discouraged Christopher Carlson from continuing the trek to the river. It was too late in the day she told him, and the distance was too long, and the boys looked exhausted already.

The shirtless boys, slumped on benches, appeared overheated and overexerted. Ms Aurnou cooled the boys down in the fountain. She tried to offer them snacks but the boys declined saying their grandfather only allowed them to eat health food.

Christopher hellbeast asshole Carlson was insistent on continuing the march to the river. Ms Aurnou felt somewhat threatened by his aggression and strangely hyper behavior and concluded he was either mentally unstable or high.

At that point the ranger refused to allow the troupe to continue the hike. She gave the monster grandpa 2 choices: make camp or return to the trailhead.

Christopher POS Carlson and the boys slept in a hotel that night and headed out on the road for the next 12 days. They visited Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. They did some hiking — nothing like the Grand Canyon march through hell though.

But still Christopher f*cktard Carlson was fixated on that hike to Colorado River like my dogs fixate on my dinner. He just HAD to do it. And no damned ranger was going to stop him either!

So on August 28, 2011 the family returned to the Grand Canyon to take on the Bright Angel Trail.

Lucky boys! Going on a fun-filled 19-mile forced march in 108-degree heat! Such fun times with Grandpa!

Strangely, the boys were not allowed to wear underwear for the march. Wow, that would make wearing their jeans really comfortable — not!

And Grandpa brought along hummus and celery to them to eat, but no water for them to drink for their big day ahead. Gotta get them fit! They had already lost 20 to 30 pounds each on this “holiday”.

The boys had been already having such fun times with Grandpa! Christopher road turd sadist Carlson had discovered the boys had at some point hidden uneaten cauliflower, asparagus and fish in the van. How dare they not eat the healthy food he gave them! And so he had made them eat it, despite the fact there was hair and dirt and grit on it. Yeah, real healthy for them!

So on August 28, 2011, in order to avoid detection and interference by park rangers, the troupe set off early. Eight hours later they wound up back at the Indian Gardens area and yet again a ranger spotted and approached them.

Park rangers had already been contacted by another hiker who encountered the 4 on the trail.

The concerned caller had told the rangers that the boys “were hyperventilating and one of the children told the caller ‘call the agency’ or ‘call the emergency.'”

The description given by the caller matched Christopher the beast Carlson and the boys.

Ranger Erika Andersson saw for herself that the 3 boys looked exhausted, but sadist Carlson wouldn’t let her talk to them or to ask them questions. F*cking jackass!

Of course they were freaking exhausted — the temperature was a hellish 108 degrees! Those young boys were given no water! Another hiker actually died in the park because of “hyperthermia and dehydration due to environmental heat exposure”! DIED! That very day!

And then there were the blisters. Micah had blisters on his feet than hadn’t healed after the previous trek to hell. They were really hurting him. Grandpa Carlson had shown him no mercy. Gotta make him a MAN! Grunt!

The ranger Erika Andersson felt intimidated by the monster grandfather. She opted to keep an eye on the boys and wait for other rangers to arrive and back her up.

Ranger Blair was on the South Rim watching the family’s progress on the Bright Angel Trail through binoculars. He documented everything he saw. It wasn’t good.

Ranger Blair saw the bastard Carlson shove Kevin 13 times, 4 of those times when the boy tried to stop and rest. Carlson also whipped him with a rolled-up t-shirt, pushed him to the ground, and grabbed him by the back of the neck.

Guess that’s “tough love” he was showing poor Kevin. Stupid f*cktard.

When the family reached the top of the trail, rangers were waiting. They separated them and talked to the boys. Kevin, Micah and Kameron poured it all out. They told how they’d been “hit, pushed, choked, kicked, pinched, squeezed and whipped.” They told the rangers they were afraid of their grandpa and that he should be arrested.

Rangers fed the boys and gave them water. Good thing because one boy showed symptoms of heat stroke and the other 2 had signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

On August 29 the boys were examined at the Safe Child Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. Medical examinations of the boys revealed injuries ranging from lacerations and bruises to contusions and dehydration.

Micah’s blisters had turned into bleeding ulcers that required treatment usually given to burn patients. The poor kid couldn’t wear shoes for weeks afterward.

All 3 boys had severely chafed thighs because they weren’t allowed to wear underwear.

Micah told authorities of when his legs began to fail on the hike out of the canyon, the sadist Carlson had grabbed him by the throat and lifted him right off of the ground.

Kevin revealed that he threw up several times and that his grandfather had denied him water while sipping from a jug himself.

Kevin also said his grandfather got mad whenever he started walking too slow, and at one point hit him in the face with a rock and made his lips bleed.

Yeah, that is exactly how to raise a boy right. F*cking jackass!

“I started crying and walking faster and he kicked me in the butt and said, `Run,'” Kevin said.

The boy said Carlson was in a hurry to get to the top of the Grand Canyon so he could see the sunset.

One of the boys said that when his grandfather found out he had accidentally crapped in his pants, Carlson grabbed him by his genitals and stuck a finger in his anus. WTF? That takes the abuse into a whole other realm!

The boys also said that the sadist Carlson had forced them to drink water from the Colorado River, which caused the boys to throw up multiple times. He also kicked them repeatedly with steel-toed boots and threw them into cactuses.

Hellbeast CarlsonThe 3 boys were placed in the care of Child Protective Services and dear old Christopher Carlson was arrested for child abuse. He denied any physical abuse, naturally, being the cowardly hellbeast bully that he is.

He is just lucky that the boys didn’t die like that other hiker had. Stupid asshole.

Tara Danaher, the mother, believes the boys were coached and coerced by the rangers, EMTs, child-welfare workers, and prosecutors to lie. Riiight.

I wonder how they faked the cuts, bruises and ulcerous blisters. Hmmmm.

“Basically,” Tara Danaher said, “my kids were kidnapped.” Riiight. Because the whole world is out to get your dad. Idiot.

Tara Danaher didn’t suggest a theory for the conspiracy, but said that if there really was abuse and the children were truly in mortal danger, the authorities should have intervened even sooner.

Tara Danaher said on her f*ckwit father’s behalf, “My father disciplined my children. In this particular case, yes, I believe he disciplined them, but I don’t think he abused them.” F*cking moron!

In February, 2012, Christopher the POS turdpile Carlson was found guilty on 3 child abuse charges. At least the jury believed the boys! Too bad their mother is an idiot.

Now Christopher the child abuser Carlson could have been put away for a very long time — 17 years in fact. Instead, U.S. District Judge Frederick Martone sentenced him to 27 months in prison, the minimum!

WTF? Those kids could have died!

Judge Martone noted that the beast loved his grandkids (really?!?!?) and struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity. Riiight. And that makes everything all right, does it?

I have a slight issue with U.S. District Judge Frederick Martone’s interpretation of events. How the hell are kicking, shoving, choking, STICKING A FINGER UP A BOY’S ANUS signs of grandfatherly love?

How the hell is depriving the boys of water while drinking in front of them ADHD?

I’m calling bullshit! Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! Those boys were put through hell and the judge minimized their suffering! Damn him, and damn the unbelieving twit Tara Danaher too!

I wish the boys all the best. Their mother has custody but I understand their father Kevin Beatty now has visitation rights.

And I wish the sadistic bastard Christopher Carlson a lifetime of suffering, and then a stint in a truly hot place — hell.

I have been informed that Christopher Carlson, 50, was shot multiple times in Indianapolis in January 2016. He did not survive. Thank you to alert reader Yolanda for updating us.

Daily Mail article
New York Daily News article

13 Responses to Christopher Alan Carlson

  1. Tasera says:

    Someone should bribe some guards to hand out copies of this article to the prisoners, letting them know that their new roomie stuck his finger up a boy’s anus. He won’t last long after that.

    Thank God no one died. What a sick, trashy family. Those kids should be taken away from their mother, ASAP.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Amen to that Tasera!

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    The judge said that he loved his grandchildren? I’d hate to think what he’d do if he hated them then. And the children were coerced, guess the witnesses then that reported it, were in this conspiracy as well. The mother is a stupid cunt. Great to see where her priorities lie, obviously not with her children, the slack bastard. And the judge needs a baseball bat stuck up his arse to let him know we are in the 21st century, not medieval times. In fact, why do judges do this, give out pathetic sentences when they could have been longer. Obviously the children’s ordeal was worth under 2 years. Those boys could have died. And for the mother to be so stupid, did she get punishment like that when she was a child? Another couple of hours and those boys would have been dead and the mother calls that discipline, stupid cunt. Someone should get stupid fart granddad, walk him thru the sahara desert for hours while they drink water in front of him, and when he slows down keep prodding him, that would be justice.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    What the hell is that judge thinking? This asshat doesn’t love the kids if he can put them through such misery and danger! No water? In 108 degree heat? He didn’t deprive himself though, sadistic bastard. I don’t care if the kids were 100 pounds overweight – you don’t torture them to make them lose weight! That’s not love, that’s pure sadism. And that retard of a mother, not believing the boys even though there were witnesses and the boys were cut and bruised and dehydrated. I sure hope the kids are in a much better place now, with people who consider their needs and wishes.

  5. Trace says:

    The judge needs examining. I wonder what his own kids have been put through if he thinks these boys were treated with loving kindness. I hate to think how damaged the 3 boys are, not just from the forced marches and accompanying cruelties, but from not being believed by their own mother. I hope they get to live with family that will take good care of them so they won’t wind up like their asshole grandfather.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, just imagine if that park ranger hadn.t been watching from that Vantage Point, those poor boys would have died. But he saw the bastard prodding the boys even though they were exhausted. But the best one is that it was all a big conspiracy against fuckwit granddad. And even people that were walking the trail who didn.t know the family were in on it. How could that slack arse mother stick up for that beast after what he did to her boys, making them eat the food from the floor with dirt in it. He made sure he had water to drink the cunt. I wish someone had changed it for those young boys piss, that would have been funny.

  7. Lady J says:

    I think the judge needs to go on a hike with grandpa. Then he needs to shit his pants. Maybe then Justice wouldn’t be weeping. As for the egg warmer, wish I had 5 min!

    • bulldoggy says:

      Haha Lady J, you’re right. The judge should take a hike with this asshole — no water of course, and in 108 degree weather. The whole 19 miles too with no underwear. And people could throw stones and push and shove them along the way. Those kids are so lucky they were rescued before they died from the heat and dehydration.

    • 2cute says:

      Don’t forget to make the mother go along. Let her see first hand the “discipline” her dad put the boys through. Maybe then she’ll finally get it, that he tortured her boys.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        2cute, i’d guarantee that the mother would make some bullshit excuse that she can.t go on this hike. The ironic part about this story is the grandfather wants to make men out of them, yet he’s drinking water while these poor young boys are dying of thirst. I’d love to stick the grandfather, judge and mother in the sahara desert, with no water and food no underwear and just a big stick to prod the fucker’s into walking faster, even though their feet have got massive blisters. That would be a good laugh, don.t you think 2cute?

  8. awesomeblossom says:

    OMG I hope those boys don’t grow up like their disgusting grandfather! I really hope they won’t treat their own kids like crap. They’ll need counselling to get over the “discipline” that this creep dished out and the disbelief of their own mother who should protect them to the death instead of calling them liars.

  9. Amber says:

    I live in indianapolis and this man was murdered on Friday night. Hummm? Justice……

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