Christine M. Macan

Hellbeast Christine Macan
Crime: Animal Cruelty

I do not like Christine Macan, 61, of Conklin, New York. She is a confessed dog killer, that’s why. And she got off way too easy too, in my opinion.

On July 4, 2012, the New York State Police and the Broome County Humane Society responded to numerous tips about animal cruelty at 200 Shaw Road, Conklin. The tips sadly, tragically were correct.

Inside the house the police and humane society officers discovered 13 starving Dobermans and 3 dead dogs. All but 4 were locked in feces-encrusted crates, including the deceased dogs.

The poop in the crates was about an inch deep. Nasty!

And even more nasty — those dead dogs had been dead for about a year! I’m guessing they died of starvation.

Christine Macan the disgusting twisted skank had dead and dying dogs and their feces in her home and I guess she didn’t have a problem with that!

Fortunately the neighbours did. The neighbours couldn’t help but smell the feces and the decomposing animals and rightly decided to report it. They reported it repeatedly, in fact. Those people saved the lives of 13 dogs.

The investigating officers had also found the remains of mice, hamsters, bird and rabbits in cages in one of the rooms. Apparently they had been dead for a very, very long time. Again, I’m thinking starvation was the cause of death.

WTF is wrong with that hellbitch? Living with dead and dying animals! Doing nothing to spare their lives or end their suffering! Bringing in more animals to starve to death! She is one sick bitch!

Macan victimThe surviving animals were seized and put in the custody of the Broome County Humane Society.

One of the dogs was 40 pounds underweight. Dobermans typically weigh 75 pounds.

All of the rescued dogs suffered from skin disease and parasites. They all have been receiving medical care.

Christine M. Macan was arrested and charged with 16 counts of Felony Aggravated Animal Cruelty. I guess the dead rabbits, birds, hamsters and mice don’t count.

The hellbitch pled guilty on January 15, 2013 to felony aggravated cruelty to animals. She’s being placed on probation for the next 6 months, and during that time she cannot own or care for any animals.

If Christine Macan completes her probation without incident, she’ll be allowed to withdraw her guilty plea and plead to a lesser misdemeanor of failure to provide sustenance.

That is one hell of a deal. I don’t know why she deserves it. The Broome County Humane Society said this case could be the worst they’ve seen in years and I can believe it.

“The smell of feces and ammonia. The amount of flies and bugs inside the home. The debris of hoarding objects on top of dogs in crates 24/7 covered in they’re own feces was unacceptable,” said animal cruelty investigator Tarah Tripp.

And after being responsible for such suffering, Christine Macan got such a good deal! I don’t get it. I really don’t.

If Christine Macan fails to complete her probation, she will face a new sentencing for the felony charge.

If she is convicted of the felony or the misdemeanor in 6 months, she will not be able to own or care for any animals ever again. That, at least, is for the best. But I hope somebody will be responsible to check up on her very frequently.

I wish the judge had made the dog abuser Christine Macan reimburse the Humane Society for all of the veterinary bills they have incurred. But no, she gets to walk away relatively unscathed while the Humane Society has to raise donations to help her victims recover.

I think it’s past time for sentencing for animal abusers to be reconsidered. There needs to be a real deterrent put in place so helpless creatures won’t be tortured and abused and killed for thrills.

Go to hell Christine Macan. You deserve it after making life hell for all those unfortunate animals.

WBNG News article and video article
Finger Lakes Daily News article

25 Responses to Christine M. Macan

  1. pj says:

    What’s this second chance shit? She pleaded guilty! Why is she allowed to change her plea after only 6 months of behaving herself on probation? What criminal is ever allowed to do that? And she is a criminal. She pleaded guilty to abusing 16 animals because she IS guilty! She killed those 3 dogs and she tried to starve the others to death. She would have succeeded too if the neighbours hadn’t phoned in tips. This is not justice!

  2. 2cute says:

    Is this bitch sick in the head or what? Why wasn’t she ordered to have psychiatric counselling or something? You can’t tell me she didn’t know she was supposed to feed her pets — she knows enough to feed herself! And you can’t tell me she didn’t have the money to buy them food because purebred doberman puppies/dogs are not cheap and she got 16 of them!

    I hope a notice is sent out to all doberman breeders in the area to be on the lookout for this psycho bitch so she can’t get her paws on any more.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I read somewhere about how a guy in Indonesia who starved his dogs got eaten by them. That is justice. This bitch deserved to be devoured by her dobies. She didn’t deserve the piddly ass slap on her wrist.

    • Rachel says:

      “Piddly” is right! If you break it down, 6 months for 16 dogs is roughly 11 days probation per dog. Give me a break, that’s sick!

      • bulldoggy says:

        That makes it sound even worse, Rachel! That’s no time at all for her after all those dogs lived for weeks, maybe months so hungry and so filthy!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, i hope charlie didn.t see that picture of his fellow friend, i covered tykey’s eyes. This cunt, deserves to be put in a cage, left to starve, and shit and piss herself, while we sit and watch, and basically ignore her plea’s for help, like she did to those poor doggies. I wouldn’t be able to work for the humane society, because if i walked into a place like that, i wouldn’t be a able to hold my emotions, and i’d probably beat the crap out of her. Yes i know she’s not young, but still she’s got no excuse. I know i have a laugh about my imaginary dungeon, but god i wish i did have one for cunts like this, full of cages and torture devices. In fact if she did crap herself in the cage, i’d make her eat it, cos she wouldn’t be getting no food from me, the wicked witch she is.

  4. moodymagic says:

    to hell with this Bitch. 6 months how sick. Those poor poor animals. She needs to suffer and suffer and suffer. I wish her nothing but pain and suffering she deserves nothing less. Burn bitch.

  5. Trace says:

    If she is mentally ill they should lock her up and pump her full of meds. If she isn’t mentally ill then she’s a sick and twisted sadist who shouldn’t be allowed in society. WTF was the judge thinking putting her back in the community? The planet would be better off without sickos like her.

  6. steve-O says:

    Now that the neighbours know for sure what kind of evil bitch she is I’m sure they’ll report her at the first sign she got another animal. Because she will get another animal. If her conscience (which she doesn’t have) didn’t stop her before, some probation requirement won’t stop her now.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Steve-O, how can someone live in a house with starving dogs and decomposing dogs around her. I think she should be sectioned under the mental health act, because she’s obviously insane. And your 100% Correct, a probation order isn.t going to stop her, at the very least she should have been banned for life from owning an animal. I wouldn’t trust this nutter with the welfare of a flea, and thats saying something.

  7. kim says:

    she should have had to at the very least agree not to ever own another pet of any kind even a mouse…for life!

  8. Tulipchic says:

    This is nasty. You really do have to wonder what brings a person to that stage where they are blind to the suffering around them, not to mention living with dead decaying animals and shit. Literally. That woman really needs some intensive psychiatric treatment. I hope all the surviving animals find the homes they all deserve.

    • pj says:

      Tulipchic, this bitch is sick but I have no sympathy for her. All my sympathies are for the dogs who suffered at her hands. I hope she’s put away in either prison or the mental ward for a long long time because she should not be a free woman.

  9. awesomeblossom says:

    This bitch must hate dobies if she can surround herself with dead and dying dogs, She is sick or evil or both. And lucky too to escape the justice she deserves.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Awesomeblossom, My version of punishment for this witch, would be to cover her with dog food, when they found those poor starving doggie’s and hope that they ate her as well in the process. Now that would be justice.

      • Bonna says:

        Crazy thing is this women at the time this happened had a managers job at NYSEG, now she is a manager at NCI in Vestal, NY., both good paying jobs. She should be made to pay back all the care those poor animals needed and then forced to get medical attention for herself. Keep this
        bi-oches name in the news.

  10. bengalpuss says:

    So basically she couldn’t use the line “I didn.t have enough money to feed them” And besides, even if she couldn’t afford to feed those poor animals, then she could have contacted an organization that would have removed those pets and re-Homed them, this bitch didn.t. When i think about those poor animals starving and she did fuckall to help them, or feed them makes my blood boil. Someone should contact her new employers and tell them, that they have an animal abuser, working for them. I live in england, plus i don.t know what the company that she works for are, but im gonna google it and find out. Might send them an email, let them know, about this hellbitch.

  11. Riley's Mom says:

    I’m just now finding this thread. I adopted one of these dogs, one of the two albino dobies that she had. Its interesting to me that so many of her dobies were the rare fawn, blue and albino colors. At one point she really loved dogs and this breed. I’ve had Riley since October 2012, 3 months after he was rescued from what we call ‘Dobie Aushwitz’ at our house. He’s never going to recover fully, its like living with a severely autistic child as he doesn’t trust humans and lives tightly and deeply inside himself. But we see signs that he’s happy, and getting better. We write a blog about him so that the excellent staff at the Broome County HS can follow his progress. You can too at Thank you all for your compassion for these dogs, and I hope that wherever you live you will work tirelessly for stronger laws to punish the people who do this to animals.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      RILEYS MOM, bless you for what you have done for storm. I just had a peek at your blog, keep up the good work with storm x

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      This blog is brilliant, i recommend fellow animal lovers to visit it. rileys mom, your doing a wonderful job with storm, you should be proud of yourself and proud of how storm is coming along. Its not that often that something brings me to tears, but reading about storm did, your one of the angels on this earth rileys mom.

  12. ProCareForAnimals says:

    Too many Liberal DoGooders is why Animal Abusers get Second
    Chances when they Deserve Capital Punishment for Animal Murder
    and Abuse

  13. ProCareForAnimals says:

    It Sickens me when Evil Fiends commit Acts of Cruelty against
    Animals that some Gormless Out of Touch Do Gooder think’s that
    they should get a slap on the wrist because they are either below
    18 or have come from a background of less than Wealth or some
    other Garbage

    Evil Fiends that commit Acts of Cruelty against Animals are
    Capable of being Punished for Acts of Cruelty against Animals

    A Fiend that has been Hanged for Animal Cruelty is Not going to
    Commit anymore Acts of Cruelty against Animals Not least Murder
    and if Hundreds of Fiends have to be Hanged because they have
    Committed Acts of Cruelty against Animals well that is Hundreds
    of Less Fiends in the World

    It is the Right of the Animal Not to be Murdered Tormented or
    Sexually Abused which Matters Not that of Evil Fiend Scum

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