Christine Gelineau, Amy Nason and Daniel Taylor Cantrell

Christine Gelineau

Christine Gelineau

Crimes: Torture, Abuse, Assault

So often what it takes to stop the darkest evil is for one brave individual to do the right thing and expose it to the light. The savior in this story is a 12-year-old girl who witnessed a horrifically abusive situation at her friend’s house. She saw the victim being forced to eat worms. Yup, worms.

Being a smart person, the girl took photos with her cell phone as evidence. She then told her parents and they called the authorities. Kudos to that girl and her parents — they probably saved a life.

The victim in this story was Christine Gelineau’s 18-year-old son. The villains in this story are Christine Gelineau and her niece Amy Nason, both of Concord, New Hampshire, and their pal Daniel Tyler Cantrell of Sparta, Tennessee.

Worm eating was the least of the victim’s worries. As repugnant as it was it was minor compared to the horrific tortures Christine Gelineau, Amy Nason and Daniel Tyler Cantrell inflicted upon their victim.

Gelineau houseThe scene of the crime was Christine Gelineau’s home on Modena Drive in Concord, New Hampshire. It looked quite respectable on the outside, but inside it was nothing short of a torture chamber and hellhole. From March 10 to April 14, 2013 the evil trio made their victim’s life a near-endless cycle of agony, humiliation and hate.

Christine Gelineau, 52, and her niece Amy Nason, 29, met Daniel Tyler Cantrell, 20, in Sparta, Tennessee. They took him home with them to Concord supposedly because he said he wanted to find employment. I think they really took him home because they found in him a kindred spirit of the darkest, most evil kind.

Amy Nason

Amy Nason

Amy Nason was no angel. She’d been convicted of theft in 2008 in Maine. She was convicted later of 5 counts of animal cruelty in New Hampshire. In 2011 the nasty bitch had left 11 animals to languish in filth and squalor at an apartment from which she’d been evicted. When police entered the apartment at the behest of the landlord they found a dead cat, a dead turtle, and the remaining animals in distress with no food or water. Three dogs were infested with fleas and had Lyme disease.

Daniel Tyler Cantrell likewise was no law-abiding citizen. In Tennessee he had convictions of aggravated criminal trespassing and failure to appear in court.

Daniel Tyler Cantrell moved in with Christine Gelineau, her 18-year-old son, and Amy Nason and her daughter.

I don’t know if Daniel Tyler Cantrell bothered to find employment in Concord. He filled much of his time amusing himself by abusing and torturing Christine Gelineau’s son.

And where was Christine Gelineau while her boy was being attacked? Why, she was right there joining in the fun.

Christine Gelineau had no criminal record, but I don’t for a minute believe she had never indulged in criminal behavior. It’s likely she never got caught before because she committed her crimes in her own home, and her victim was too damned scared to escape and tell.

So what did this evil gang of shitpiles do to the poor young man? Where to start? The list is so long, and so nasty.

The sick sadists twisted the victim’s ankle until it broke. They strangled him almost to death several times. They forced him to drink urine. They forced him to eat feces. They forced him to eat worms. They forced him to swallow dish soap. That’s for starters.

They starved him and refused to let him bathe. They overdosed him with anti-depressants and muscle-relaxers.

Daniel Cantrell

Daniel Cantrell

They beat him with a stick. They held lit cigarettes against his skin. They tied him up in a bedroom and used a lighter on him. They burned his nipples off, completely. His own mom burned his penis. His mom also stabbed him with a pen and kicked him in the face.

And what was the motivation for all this? Nothing but sheer, unadulterated brutality.

“It’s not a money thing. It’s not about jealously. There are a lot of things that can create motive,” said Police Ltd. Timothy O’Malley. “Right now the best thing we can come up with is abject cruelty.”

The horrific torture and abuse would no doubt have continued had it not been for that 12-year-old girl who did the right thing and told her parents.

On Monday, April 15th, 2013, Concord Police Department responded immediately to the tip that a young man was being abused by his own family. They found the victim with a whole pile of injuries — the poor guy had burns, broken bones and abrasions. He was taken to Concord Hospital for treatment.

The sad thing is the victim was so scared of his abusers that he obeyed their orders to tell the police he’d hurt himself (witness tampering!). Police didn’t believe for one instant he’d broken his own ankle and burned his own genitals and chest.

The victim has been recovering, but he has permanent nerve damage from the burns. He is apparently going to school and living with relatives. I truly hope that he can go on to live a happy, successful life and put all of this needless and heartless cruelty behind him.

Christine Gelineau, her niece Amy Nason and their buddy in crime Daniel Tyler Cantrell were arrested in April. On October 22, 2013, Christine Gelineau pled guilty to 1st-degree assault and witness tampering and was sentenced to 9 to 30 years in prison.

Her son got the opportunity to give a victim impact statement at the evil hellbitch’s sentencing. It read as follows:

“Dear ex-Mother.

“What you did to me is unforgivable. You beat me, starved me, almost chopped my penis off, threw my clothes away, wouldn’t let me bathe. You almost killed me by having me take three (antidepressants) and two muscle-relaxers.

“Now that I know you’re a complete criminal and only wanted me dead so you could go back to your old life.

“You won’t be able to attend my graduation or see me go on to college, so I wish you goodbye. I hope you realise you have lost everything you had.”

I am glad the young fellow has plans to go to college. I wish him all the best.

For his monstrous mother I wish all the worst. May she fester and rot in prison, alone and unloved. And may she suffer all of the agonies she dished out on her own son.

Daniel Tyler Cantrell is facing multiple charges including 2nd-degree assault, conspiracy to commit 2nd-degree assault, criminal restraint, simple assault, and tampering with witnesses. He is slated to go to trial in November 2013.

Naturally I wish Daniel POS f*ckwad Cantrell no luck except bad luck. If he can torture a young man day after day for no reason then he’s capable of anything.

Amy Nason also goes to court in November 2013. She was charged with tampering with witnesses and informants and reckless conduct.

I wonder how Amy Nason will defend making her cousin ingest feces, urine, dish soap and worms — those were her specialties apparently. I also wonder who is taking care of her daughter. I hope that young girl is in a safe, loving environment now.

I shall endeavour to keep readers posted about the upcoming trials — reminders are more than welcome!

BTW, I must congratulate myself for writing this whole article without once mentioning how absolutely scary-looking and downright fugly Christine Gelineau is. Ooops, I said it. (But it’s so very true.)

Amy Nason was convicted and sentenced to at least 5 years in prison.

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23 Responses to Christine Gelineau, Amy Nason and Daniel Taylor Cantrell

  1. moodymagic says:

    Mental patient mug shot. Sick Pic. Cleo this one makes me so terribly sick. I wish all 3 of the abusers nothing but pain and suffering. I hope the general public will make them pay and suffer.

  2. 2cute says:

    How can a mother do that to her boy? She hit him and stabbed him and burned him. She starved him and overmedicated him. And worst of all she invited and allowed other people to do the same thing! I hope she never gets out of prison ever.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    What amazes me is these assholes were so comfortable with what they were doing that they didn’t even think to stop when a witness was in their house. That girl got to see them force the victim to eat worms and none of them thought anything about it. I hope Amy Nason’s girl is in a good environment now, and doesn’t take after her mother one inch.

    • MsM says:

      I’m impressed the little girl was able to take pictures without them realizing what she was doing and then get out of there. There’s no doubt in my mind that they would have turned on her too had they caught her.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    They burned his private parts! OMG I can’t imagine that pain. And burning his nipples OFF, these bastards deserve to be “guests” of Queen Bengalpussy’s “guest suite” in her basement. I’m glad the “mother” is going away for a long time and I hope the other two bastards get lengthy sentences too. But that poor guy has scorched private parts and scars that he will have to bear the rest of his life.

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      Bulldoggy, why did Cleo, have to show that mugshot of the beastly mama, i can’t unsee that now, will be having nightmares for weeks to come lol. I can never wrap my head around why someone would want to do that to anyone let alone their own child, absolutely heinous evil cunts. I’d sentence the mother to a lifetime of torture in my basement. 1St)eating worms 2)eating shite(tyke’s shite at that) he wouldn’t be able to curl those brown babies fast enough imo. Hope they all suffer daily, and there new jail buddies make their lives absolute misery.

  5. Queen Bengalpussy says:

    Also the girl that brought this to the attention of her parents, is amazing, wish more people would do what that girl did, she should be proud of herself.

  6. MsM says:

    Where is that woman’s hair?? It wouldn’t improve her looks but dang, she’s inbred looking and then some without it!

  7. Queen Bengalpussy says:

    Cleo, im still having nightmares about this ugly woman. I wake up sweating because in my nightmare, shes chasing me with a handfull of worms, I’ll never be the same again. Lol she is Fugly though, definately a contender for the worlds ugliest woman, has a resemblance to the hunchback of notrodame.

  8. richard says:

    I have to say that unfortunatly I was married to her stepsister. I gotta say I’m not suprised. She’s had all her kids taken from her at different times. As far as the maine incident goes, when she initialy got stopped by police they were in a car that was reported stolen, her oldest was in desperate need of a bath, the baby was in a diaper that was believed to be atleast 2 days old. Needless to say she lost custody of her kids, had another kid or 2 since then. She is disgusting and hopefully rots and gets abused daily in prison. She’s a babymaking piece of filth who needs to be wiped off the earth

  9. Ashley says:

    I don’t believe tyler could have done any of This….. I’ve known him for years and he’s always been sweet and compassionate… there is no way…. and obviously the mother was abusing her son long before tyler can in the picture…. can’t believe This….

  10. Sue says:

    There are some cases where sterilization should be performed where children have been taken away due to abuse and the parent just has more babies after the fact and that goes for the fathers as well and why are they not held accountable? Looks like house sharing is very popular amongst the poor as why else are all these unrelated people living together? This bitch troll had her other kids removed and then went and had more? and if not?, why were all her children not removed? She looks like a Crystal Meth Head that is why she looks so horrible and her brain is probably full of holes. She belongs in a nut house in a strait jacket.

  11. Sebbie says:

    You wonder how Amy Nason will defend her actions against her cousin? I’ve already read she’s defending them by saying she made him ingest worms in order to save him from having his penis burnt. Which is all bullshit. She’s the one who instructed him to say his injuries were self inflicted and she did that because he liked her because she was the least cruel to him of the three and he felt at the time like she was his only friend but she has tortured animals in the past she’s inhuman just like them so lets hope the people in charge don’t fall for any of her bullshit, none of these people should ever be allowed out. Amy Nason could have gone to the police if she wasn;t enjoying it. A 12 year old girl had the guts to go to the police.

  12. kevin says:

    to add to this the boy is doing grate the mother did not get a nuff time she should have gotten life amy got 5 years for here part and he got 18 to 30 for his part christine was empolyed by the IRS be for she was videoed haveing sex in her car well on lunch brake why thay did it is still unknown but i can tell you the boy is doing fine he will be going on to college in 2014

  13. natasha says:

    Iam the ex girlfriend of Amys husband this isn’t the only individual this woman has tortured in her lee home (where all the poor dead animals were found) her and her husband jossie tortured a man by punching him in the face and using pliars to rip apart his genitals. Her husband had spoke on many occasions about how they LOVED torture its so sickening..they are ALL* sick twisted individuals AMY her AUNT n TYLER didn’t get nearly enough time for their crual actions.

    • Vickie says:

      I would like to talk with you in regards to this information I currently have custody of Amy youngest child and working on have her right terminated. As the court has not found her in fit as of yet. And we all know she is not a fit parent and will never be.

  14. Sybrash says:

    5 years?! What they did is almost worse than murder. They should all spend the rest of their lives in jail!

  15. Juatonce says:

    I hate to make this know but Amy Nason is my Ex wifes sister it makes me sick to my stomach to have met her and had my children around her I had Amy living with me at on point before this and let me tell you it was no picknet I thank god every day she never harmed my children

  16. Lagrimas says:

    Disgusting trio of pigs!!!!

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