Christina Regusters

Christina Regusters
Crimes: Abduction, Sodomy, Child Pornography, Pedophile

I don’t know what demon infected Christina Regusters of Philadelphia, but it was a nasty one to be sure. At only 19 years of age, this female committed horrific crimes, apparently motivated by her own sick, twisted desires.

Christina Regusters is a sexual deviant, a sadistic pedophile. She’d had no previous criminal record so she was able to pass sex-offender background checks. Unfortunately she had gained employment as a daycare worker in a low-income neighbourhood in west Philadelphia. In that position she was able to target her victim — a 5-year-old girl who attended the after-school program.

Christina Regusters must have spent a considerable amount of time planning and preparing for her atrocious crimes. She had to find disguises, and research how to destroy DNA evidence. She also viewed child pornography and Japanese anime that featured the sexual torture of a child.

On the morning of January 13, 2013, Christina Regusters donned a black chador and niqab to disguise herself. Only her eyes were visible. She went to Bryant Elementary School which was very close to the daycare where she worked. The victim attended kindergarten there.

Bold as brass, at 8:45 a.m., mere minutes after the child was dropped off at school, Christina Regusters walked into Bryant Elementary School and identified herself as the victim’s mother. She then headed to the kindergarten class, and brushed the substitute teacher aside as she took the little girl away.

Bryant Elementary School has a policy whereby anyone signing a child out of class has to show ID and has to be on a list of verified guardians/parents. The child is brought to the office for pickup. None of this policy was adhered to on that fateful day.

Christina Regusters lived mere blocks away from the school. As she walked home on Walton Avenue with her victim in tow, she told the girl her name was Rashida. That was the first of 3 characters she pretended to be.

When they went inside the house that she shared with 3 relatives, the hellbitch blindfolded the little girl, put her into a laundry bag and carried her up to her bedroom. Christina Regusters then made the girl take her clothes off. She ordered her to hide under the bed.

Christina Regusters scared the victim into remaining under the bed by telling her that her talking bird would “peck her eyes out” if she came out. The terrified girl stayed under the bed.

After a while the blindfolded victim was pulled out from under the bed and violently sexually assaulted — and I really mean violently. Christina Regusters sodomized the girl with a sharp, foreign object. Only she knows what she used, but it injured the poor child badly and left her in a whole lot of pain.

In the wee hours next morning came rescue in the shape of a teenager named “China” — Christina Regusters again. “China” woke the victim up, gave her just a black t-shirt to wear, and led her from the house. “China” explained to the victim that a man had assaulted her and she was saving her. The little girl believed her.

Christina Regusters left the half naked, half frozen and badly injured child under a jungle gym play set at a playground about a mile from the school. The victim was found at 4:40 a.m., January 14, 2013, by a man who heard her screaming.

The brave little girl told her rescuer, “I’ve been stolen.” He called police right away.

The search for the abducted child had begun at 3:00 p.m. when daycare worker Sherrell Carter arrived at the school to pick her up. The school officials, she said, were “nonchalant” about the missing girl.

“The assumption was she’s just somewhere [in the building],” said Ms Carter.

I feel for that poor woman who searched the school in a panic, crying out the girl’s name, praying for her to appear. But the girl didn’t appear, and Ms Carter phoned the girl’s mother to tell her her daughter was gone. Chaos naturally ensued, the authorities were contacted, and any nonchalance exhibited by school officials before had now evaporated.

The frantic mother appeared on local media that evening to beg for her daughter’s safe return. She also explained how the abductor wore the same traditional garb as she wears.

Thank goodness the poor girl had been found alive. She could easily have died from exposure — all she had to wear was the t-shirt, it was 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) and had been raining that night. It’s a blessing that her rescuer was out walking that early in the morning.

When first responders arrived, the victim was taken to hospital immediately.

“She was in a significant amount of pain,” said Dr. Cindy Christian of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I’ll say she was. The child required surgery to repair internal injuries. She was given a temporary colostomy to allow her bowel time to heal.

Despite the rough shape the victim was in, she was able to talk about the talking bird that she was told would peck her eyes out. She talked about Rashida, about the man who hurt her, and China who saved her.

The victim, being a brave and clever little girl, actually helped police find her abductor/rapist. She directed police straight to the monster’s house with the talking bird.

I’m sure Christina Regusters, the f*cktard hellbitch, didn’t consider that her victim was blindfolded only after she got to her house, and would remember very well how she got there. That was kinda stupid of her.

Investigators found out that “China” was Christina Regusters’ childhood nickname. The stupid is multiplying.

Police knew for sure Christina Regusters was involved, but they had to figure out that she was not only the kidnapper Rashida, but also the “man” who sodomized the victim, and China who “rescued” her.

Christina Regusters’ DNA was found on the black t-shirt the victim was wearing. Nobody else’s DNA was on it. Definitely no man’s DNA was on it.

Investigators discovered child porn on the computer in Christina Regusters’ bedroom.

A month after the victim’s rescue, Christina Regusters was indicted on 6 counts: aggravated assault; involuntary deviant intercourse of a child involving serious bodily injury; kidnap to facilitate a felony; unlawful contact with a minor involving sexual offenses; unlawful restraint of a minor with a risk of a bodily injury; and concealment of the whereabouts of a child.

Ummm, why wasn’t there a charge of possession of child pornography? Just asking.

Christina the twisted pedophile pervert Regusters went to trial in September 2014. Prosecutors had offered a plea deal before the trial started that would have given the hellbitch 40 years in prison. She declined the offer.

The defense attorneys had one helluva rotten job — their only defense was to suggest that their client didn’t act alone, that her involvement was restricted to the kidnapping and the “rescue”. They claimed somebody else had committed the horrific sexual assault upon the child.

Guess who the defense attorneys pointed the finger of blame at! The 3 relatives who shared the home on Walton Avenue! Riiight. So why was the poor girl was stuffed into a laundry bag to be carried upstairs if everyone in the house was in on the kidnapping? Why was the girl made to hide under the bed for hours?

And if Christina Regusters was the “hero” who freed the girl from captivity, why did she abandon her, barely clothed, in the middle of the cold, cold night, at a playground? Why didn’t she take the badly injured child to the hospital or at least somewhere warm? That wasn’t much of a rescue effort, IMO.

The defense did score a small victory when they won a suppression of Christina Regusters’ statement to police. Incredibly she’d never been read her Miranda rights following her arrest! How can any American police officer forget that most important detail? It’s fundamental! Even a Canadian like me knows that.

The members of the jury had the misfortune of having to look at graphic photos of the little girl’s injuries. They were most upsetting, and a lot of people shed tears.

The trial got a little exciting when the defendant’s cousin testified that Christina Regusters had sexually abused her daughter. That made the hellbitch yell out and attempt to run from the courtroom. She didn’t get far and I’m sure her outburst didn’t impress the jury.

The victim, now 7, bravely took the stand. She explained how “Rashida” took her from school. She testified that she’d been told that a bad man had hurt her — a man she never saw or heard, and that “China” had saved her.

Assistant DA Erin O’Brien argued that China, Rashida and the man were created to confuse the girl and the investigators.

After 11 1/2 days of testimony, the jury was sent off to deliberate. The very wise members of the jury found Christina Regusters, now 21, guilty of all 6 counts. Yay!!!

The hellbitch pedophile is scheduled to be sentenced in December 2014. Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Minehart ordered a mental health evaluation.

Christina Regusters could ultimately face life in prison. I bet she now wishes she took the 40-year plea deal.

I wish the victims (I’m not forgetting the niece she molested) a safe, happy and successful life. I hope they are receiving all the love and support they need to get over what that evil, sadistic pedophile did to them.

And I wish Christina Regusters never, ever sees freedom again. I hope she enjoys not one single day, not one single moment, in the decades to come.

And I am glad to learn that several school personnel, including the principal, lost their jobs for not following procedure. If they had done their jobs, the victim would have been safe at school instead of enduring hours of terror and torture.


Christina Regusters will spend 40 years in prison.

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13 Responses to Christina Regusters

  1. moodymagic says:

    What a sick Bitch. I am happy as well that the school personnel were dealt with as well. Burn in hell Reguster.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    This bitch is completely unnatural. I am glad she got caught as young as she did because I can totally believe she is capable of doing even worse. Long may she rot.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    That poor little girl, the injuries she received because of that sick bitch sound horrendous. I hope that everyone in jail is informed about what this arsehole did to a little girl. she should also be put in general population, twisted bitch.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Now I think she should be forced back into her disguise costume, made to stand in a hole, be buried up to her waist, and then get stoned to death. You want to play Muslim perpetrator of a violent crime against an innocent child then be prepared to pay by dying like one.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Rhonda, women that get stoned to death are buried upto their shoulders whereas men are buried to the waist, but good idea though, she should be made to suffer that punishment evil bitch she is.

  5. 2cute says:

    Why the hell did she tear that poor little girl apart like that? Sadistic bitch! Hope she’s acquainted with the world of pain from now on.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      2cute, she’s 19years old now and doing sick twisted things to little girls, what is she gonna be like in 10-20years? frightening isn’t it.

  6. NewMummy says:

    Being a new mom and reading this shit scares the hell out of me!!!
    How can this be reall?! Who does that???
    Why, god, why? You think that the girl can get over this some day and lead
    A normal life? I hope this so much… And what about her family, knowing that such things happened to her,
    This is defanetly too much for a person to handle!
    I sent them my prayers. Please excuse my english, i am not a native speaker.

  7. Krissi says:

    This little girl is so brave for her age! I know that she has the will power to be strong and to not let such a tragedy affect her for her entire life. She truly is an inspiration!

  8. emma says:

    Well considering how popular people who abuse children are in prison,
    I’m betting on a rather more miserable then usual stay in prison.

  9. AngryLittleMexican says:

    I remember reading this and being scared shitless, I mean SO many school protocols were just completely ignored SMH

  10. Saje says:

    Case in point why niqabs and face cover ought to be banned.

  11. The new Jim Crow is BS says:

    Will she REALLY stay in prison for 40 years?! In many instances they are out a lot sooner people, I’m wagering she will be out in 10 years or less! I didn’t read anywhere that she wouldn’t have a chance at parole. She should have been sentenced to LIFE in prison NO CHANCE OF PAROLE! This child was lucky to be alive. This sick bitch really deserved to be put out of her misery. Thank goodness the jury didn’t try to acquit but I’m betting at some point the defense tried to present this child rapist as the victim.

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