Christian Ferdinand

Christian Ferdinand

Crime: Murder

Shaniesha Forbes was a smart and pretty 14-year-old from Brooklyn, NY. And like a whole lot of 14-year-olds she had a Facebook account. Being such an attractive girl she attracted male attention, unfortunately from one particular adult male — Christian Ferdinand. He was 20, and unlike most adult males he didn’t have any problem with targeting an underage girl.

I’m sure Shaniesha Forbes was thrilled to have an older boyfriend — a “forbidden love” that she kept secret from her family. I’m also sure that the girl thought she was in love with Christian Ferdinand. And I’m positive that when the rat bastard decided to have sex with the vulnerable 14-year-old he didn’t have much trouble convincing her.

Shaniesha Forbes, being a 14-year-old girl, had the typical thoughts and dreams of a 14-year-old girl. It was beyond her to understand adult thinking, and it was certainly beyond her to figure out her boyfriend was not a real life romantic hero. He was instead a heartless, amoral hellbeast, and she was to learn that the hardest way possible.

In January 2013 Shaniesha Forbes texted Christian Ferdinand the news she was pregnant. I don’t know if that’s what she sincerely believed or if that was a juvenile scheme she’d concocted to keep her adult boyfriend from dumping her. She wasn’t really pregnant. Unfortunately for her, learning that his very young girlfriend was having his baby was the very last thing that Christian Ferdinand wanted. He immediately texted her back, “My n***a, are you serious? Kill that shit”.

Yup, the selfish POS shitpile wanted sex with Shaniesha Forbes but certainly didn’t want any consequences. He didn’t want to be burdened with child support payments, and probably he didn’t want his illicit relationship with a 14-year-old to be revealed.

Shaniesha Forbes, probably harboring her romantic notions, didn’t clue in that her boyfriend was now extremely angry with her. She told him that she would not consider an abortion because her mother was religious and it would hurt her.

The couple arranged to meet at Christian Ferdinand’s cousin’s house on January 4, 2013. Shaniesha Forbes probably thought that her boyfriend would come around to wanting a baby with her. He didn’t.

As they sat on the couch, Shaniesha Forbes talked and talked about the baby, probably oblivious to the fact Christian Ferdinand was seething with rage. And then he snapped. The raging hellbeast grabbed a pillow and suffocated the young girl to death.

Shaniesha ForbesShaniesha Forbes tried to fight for her life but she was so much smaller than her killer that she didn’t stand a chance.

Having murdered the girl, Christian Ferdinand found himself with a corpse to dispose of. He doused the body with Axe body spray and then lit it on fire. He later stuffed the burned corpse into a suitcase and threw it into the waters of Gerriston Bay. He thought the salt water would destroy any evidence that the fire hadn’t.

Fortunately Christian Ferdinand hadn’t gotten rid of the couch too — his victim’s DNA was deposited on it during the murder.

The day after he’d killed the girl, the murderer booked into a hotel with an ex-girlfriend. She wanted sex but he declined, claiming he was too tired.

Christian Ferdinand didn’t keep quiet forever about the killing. He confided in a friend, and callously stated, “It didn’t deserve to live.”

On January 6, 2013 the suitcase was found washed up on Gerriston Beach. I don’t know who opened it up and made the grisly discovery but the missing girl was found and her murder was exposed.

I can’t imagine the pain and horror the family went through when they found out what had happened to their beloved girl. She had so much to live for. She was a freshman at the Academy for Young Writers in Williamsburg. With her talent she had much to offer the world.

The police did an awesome job of solving the murder. The victim’s family knew she was dating somebody but didn’t know it was a 20-year-old man. Phone records helped lead investigators to Christian Ferdinand, and they arrested him in Maine in May 2013.

After being confronted with the phone records and other evidence, Christian Ferdinand confessed to the murder. Incredibly, he then asked the officers, “Do you think I can get some kind of community service?”

Riiight, like community service is what a cold-blooded murderer should get. *snort*


Christian Ferdinand got the max — 25 years to life.

Christian FerdinandWell, Christian Ferdinand has been slapped upside the head by the justice system. On December 1, 2014 it took jurors a whole hour to find the 22-year-old murdering bastard guilty of 2nd-degree murder. He faces 25 years to life in prison when he is sentenced this month. The Brooklyn district attorney’s office will seek the maximum.

“He deserves much worse,” said the victim’s sister Shaquana. “I don’t think God should forgive him. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness. I hope he rots in jail.” I too hope he rots in jail.

I shall endeavour to keep readers posted about the sentence — reminders are welcome.

RIP, Shaniesha Forbes. I extend my condolences to her family and friends on their tragic loss.

And to Christian Ferdinand, that selfish, heartless bastard, I extend my wishes for endless decades of incarceration. He chose to seduce a young girl, and he chose to end her life. He devastated a family because he didn’t want to be a father. He deserves the maximum sentence possible. He has forfeited his right to ever being a father.

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11 Responses to Christian Ferdinand

  1. moodymagic says:

    Hope the rat bastard burns in hell. I hope he does spend the rest of his worthless life in prison. My sympathies go to Shaniesha Forbes’ family.

  2. wildchild says:

    I am in no way blaming this grieving family, BUT hopefully this tragedy can become an example to other parents to please, please, please monitor your teens and their internet activity. There are too many freaks in this world, BEWARE. Need proof? Just read some stories here on this site alone, talk about nightmares! There are people like our Cleo, who does this for preventive reasons, too. And I really hope this hellbeast gets whats coming to him from his future roommates. R.I.P. Shaniesha

    • PJ says:

      I agree Wildchild that parents have to monitor their kids’ internet activity. Even if that makes them snoops and ticks the kids off, at least it’ll fend off the pervs.

  3. 2cute says:

    This is no man. He’s a man baby who wants what he wants and destroys what he doesn’t want. That poor girl thought shed found a prince but instead she found a monster. The world would have been better off with her and without him.

  4. Awesomeblossom says:

    I hope he dies a painful death in prison. It would be karma.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    The only good that can come from this asshole is as fertilizer or maybe organ donor. Other than that he’s a waste of air and space.

  6. Rhonda says:

    He’s 20 years old and he thinks when you brutally kill two human beings in one fell swoop with a pillow you’re going to get probation? What a fool people get probation for stealing bubblegum not for snuffing the life out of people. Really makes you wonder who or what is responsible for his ignorance. Sheesh don’t people even teach their children anymore what happens if they commit crimes, the consequences they will likely face, what the penalties will most certainly be… Gee if he doesn’t think people get life sentences and the death penalty for committing cold blooded murder who does he think life in prison and death sentences are for? Oh that’s right – for getting pregnant by dumbshit, f***K wad, ignorant a**, violent monster him.

    • Lillith says:

      Sadly, I’m not even sure he had a mother, much less anyone to teach him the difference between right and wrong. Shitstains like him are what’s wrong with the world. Morons who don’t know how to act in society, who often believe in their deluded two or three active brain cells that the world owes them something (and God forbid they have to earn it). That kind of thinking (or lack thereof) ends up with shallow, selfish jackasses that do as they please, destroy what displeased them, and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Community service would likely be the most work this fleshbag of human waste had ever done in his life. Which would make it the equivalent of torture for something like him.

  7. Lillith says:

    It’s a good thing that this selfish, heartless, soulless, spineless, pathetic excuse for a human doesn’t want kids and likes sex,because the boys in the big house are gonna love him. He sure does got a purty mouth. All joking aside, what he did is unforgivable. I truly feel for this girl’s family, but I wonder how they didn’t know she was dating a man that much older than their 14 yr old daughter, especially if the girl was slipping off and having sex. Mind you, I’m not condemning the parents if they were aware, but I wonder why they weren’t monitoring her online activities, especially those involving boys better. My parents weren’t perfect, but they wanted to meet any boy I was even thinking about dating and insisted that if I even thought we might have sex that I tell them so I could get on birth control. This may seem oddly liberal, but my parents understood that raging hormones could lead to such things (and they did reinforce the negatives of my actions if I chose to), and I certainly didn’t end up as a teenage mother. It just strikes me as odd that her parents, especially in this day and age, would know so little about their 14 yr olds life. I am by no means blaming them either. I had a 15 yr old step daughter a couple of yrs ago that would tell me things she felt she couldn’t tell her mom for fear of punishment, so I know how that can go both ways. At any rate, I truly can’t imagine how this girl’s family must feel. I hope that all parents can read this as a sad and chilling reminder that your child’s privacy isn’t worth their life, as well as a reminder to children that it’s always better to have open communication with your parents, because your life is more important than being with someone who you think love’s you. I hope this family can heal in time, and that the poor child may rest in peace. I also hope this hellbeast gets exactly what he deserves repeatedly on a daily basis until he wishes he were dead and then some!

  8. GodsKid says:

    I truly believe that there are children of God and there are children of Satan. This boy does not have a soul and is surely sociopathic. He feels ‘justified’ in what he did to the point that he asked for community service – for real??? Sick!

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