China Arnold

Hellbeast China Arnold
Crime: Murder

In Dayton, Ohio, back in August 2005, China Arnold gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Paris Talley. Unhappily for little Paris Talley, her mother was in actuality a murderous hellbeast with a criminal past. China Arnold had previously been convicted of abduction in 2000 and forgery in 2002. Naughty, naughty.

The tiny, helpless baby Paris Talley was not destined for a long life. In fact, Paris Talley did not even enjoy a full month of life.

China the hell bitch Arnold was having issues with her boyfriend — the biggest issue being the paternity of little Paris Talley. The boyfriend, Terrell Talley, denied the baby was his and therefore denied any responsibility as the father. (BTW, DNA tests later showed Terrell Talley was the father.)

Another issue was the lack of fidelity. Terrell Talley apparently confessed he’d had sex with a neighbour lady.

China Arnold became murderously angry, and instead of making the boyfriend feel the power of her wrath she chose to open the gates of hell upon 28-day-old Paris Talley.

China Arnold's microwaveThe date was August 29, 2005. China Arnold had decided if her boyfriend wasn’t going to be a father, then she wasn’t going to be a mother, so there! Her weapon of choice was the microwave.

This just tears my heart out. Truly it does. I was much happier not knowing.

To make it clear just how evil the hellbeast China Arnold is, she cooked her baby to death.

The day after Paris Talley was microwaved, China Arnold took her victim to the hospital. The emergency room physician Dr. William Matre saw the burns on the tiny face, the tiny body, the tiny limbs. When he asked China Arnold about those burns, she expressed surprise. “My baby has been burned?”

Dr. William Matre was disgusted by China Arnold’s feigned incredulity. The burns were too obvious to be missed.

Victim Paris TalleyParis Talley had no vital signs. The emergency room staff tried to revive the burnt baby but it was far, far too late. Paris Talley was dead — murdered.

That very day homicide detective Doyle Burke searched China Arnold’s home at 415 Hall Avenue. He found a tub in the upstairs bathroom filled with cloudy water.

“It looked to me like it was flaky skin,” Detective Burke said.

The detective also found a damp towel in the bathtub that had dark sediment on it. He continued looking for anything in the house that could have caused baby Paris Talley’s burns.

“I probably walked by that microwave 24 times,” Detective Burke said. “I didn’t realize that it caused burns like that.”

Well, now we all know.

Dr. Marcella Fierro, then chief medical examiner for Virginia, said, “She died because she was overheated. She was cooked.”

Yup, little Paris was “cooked” for over 2 minutes, causing her internal organs to reach critical temperatures of 107 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

China Arnold admitted to police that the baby woke her up about 2:30 am. She also told police that she was alone, besides her other children, who were asleep upstairs. There were no signs of a break-in.

Hellbeast China ArnoldChina the hellbeast Arnold was arrested for murder right away, but was soon released due to lack of evidence. In 2006 she was arrested again and stood her first trial for aggravated murder.

That’s right, her first trial. It wasn’t easy to get China Arnold to justice. In fact, it took 3 trials.

See, at the very end of trial #1, Terrell Talley’s son from a previous relationship was brought in as a surprise witness. The little boy testified he’d seen a ‘neighbourhood boy’ put the baby into the microwave, and he himself had taken baby Paris out of the microwave. Talley’s son was 5 years old at the time of the murder.

This stunning testimony led to a mistrial.

During trial #2, the prosecution established that Terrell Talley’s son had not even been in the area on August 29, 2005, so he could not have witnessed anything to do with the baby’s murder. In other words, everything the little boy had said in trial #1 was a big fat lie.

Hmmm, I wonder if the little guy had been coached.

In trial #2, the prosecution had the taped testimony of China Arnold’s cellmate Linda Williams. She stated that the hell bitch had admitted to microwaving the baby because she was afraid the boyfriend would leave if he found out he wasn’t the father.

So, if the cellmate told the truth, then China Arnold must have figured Terrell Talley would forgive her for nuking a baby but not for cheating on him. Wow. That’s not much of a character reference for Mr. Talley.

“She said she put the baby into the microwave and started it and left the house,” Williams testified on tape. She also said she asked Arnold how she got the child into the oven.

“She said she fit right in,” Williams said.

At the end of trial #2, China Arnold was convicted of aggravated murder. Yay! The jury couldn’t decide on the death penalty or life in prison so the judge sentenced her to life. Unhappily the conviction did not last for long.

The Second District Court of Appeals reversed the conviction in September 2010 after her defense team protested they hadn’t been allowed to bring in material witnesses. There were also accusations of misconduct on the part of prosecutors. It did not help that Linda Williams recanted her testimony.

So in May 2011, China Arnold went to trial for the third and hopefully last time, with Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Mary Wiseman presiding.

Defense attorney Jon Paul Rion argued that the evidence pointed as much to the Terrell Talley as it did to the child’s mother, who Mr. Rion said was drunk at the time.

The prosecution told the jury China Arnold admitted to police that Paris woke her up about 2:30 am, and that she was alone except the children sleeping upstairs. The prosecution told the jury there were no signs of a break-in.

The jury found China the murderous mom Arnold guilty of aggravated murder. YAY!

The sentencing phase was delayed to allow for a mental exam to be conducted on the killer. Two psychologists determined that China Arnold had an average IQ and no significant mental illness.

Dr. Jeffrey Smalldon said China Arnold suffered from a ‘low-grade chronic depressive condition’ as well as alcohol and drug abuse. He said he found nothing “that would have justified the death of this child.”

In arguing for the death sentence, Assistant Montgomery County Prosecutor Dan Brandt told the jury members quite rightly that there were NO factors that mitigate the “purposeful murder of baby Paris in that microwave.”

Defense attorney Kevin Lennen said that the death penalty should go only to the worst offenders (she’s not one of them?). He pointed to evidence that his client was drunk at the time of the baby’s death.

Yeah, being drunk is a great excuse for murder.

Hellbeast China Arnold trialAssistant Prosecutor Dan Brandt told the jurors that the killer’s actions were “even more purposeful” than a slaying with a gun or knife, because she had to stuff the baby into the microwave, shut the door, press the buttons and wait for 2 minutes to take baby Paris out.

Don’t let us forget that after she took the baby out, China Arnold put her in a tub of water where her skin peeled off, and then waited until the NEXT DAY to take her to the hospital, when the little darling was already dead!

I cannot imagine the pain and torment that tiny little child endured before she died.

On May 20th, 2011, China POS hell bitch Arnold was sentenced to life in prison without parole. She and her attorneys are expected to appeal. Of course. China Arnold has nothing else to do for the next few decades.

I truly hope that this convicted killer suffers in the years ahead. She’d been blessed with a beautiful baby but chose to murder her in a disgustingly horrific manner. Baby Paris was deserving of a life. China Arnold is deserving of hell.

So rot, China Arnold, and then go join your fellow demon spawn in the fiery depths of hell.

Daily Mail article
Huffington Post article

19 Responses to China Arnold

  1. dogwalker says:

    She got life without parole, not the death penalty. Oh well, at least she’ll have to rot and think about what she did for the rest of her miserable existence.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This truly makes me ill. The hell that poor baby wen thru. China you selfish hell beast should be electrocuted just enough not to kill her so she will know just a little of how baby Paris suffered.

  3. lovey1 says:

    Such crap, life without parole is too good for this waste of a human, not only does she get to live but she hets to live rent free with 3 meals a day living off the state, smh…. what is this world coming too

  4. Trace says:

    Vicious bitch — too bad she can’t be nuked to death.

  5. Minx says:

    She could have done a million different things to “get rid of” her baby. She could have left her at a hospital or a church, illegally sold her or given her away to someone wanting a child. What kind of animal thinks to themselves, no I’ll just kill my baby in the microwave…WTF!!!

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    She did it to spite the father of paris & he was a piece of crap denying that she was his. Great isn.t it. All these women getting pregnant to low lifes who won.t accept their responsibility, what do they think that baby father will stay with them. The world is full of these young women having kids so young, not even ambitious for a career. You would think that they would want to aspire to be successful. But their only aspirations is to be a young baby mamma, who the father of the baby then doesn’t wanna know. Never before have we seen such high numbers of child abuse & murder. When the poor baby comes along its ok for the first couple of weeks, then realism sets in & they can.t go out with their friends or the father of the child doesn’t wanna be tied down or he’s in denial its not his. Then the poor baby starts to suffer-the babys the innocent one in this the one that will suffer. These young people need to know what its like before having babies & neglecting them. And ultimately killing them.

  7. edward says:


  8. harkybarky says:

    I am reading her case has NOW been thrown out

    the dayton dailynews has done some lousy coverage

    see if you can find out the truth

  9. jackie west says:

    I really am sickened by what this demon has done to her baby. She should have gotten the death penalty. I agree that she should have been executed just enough to fill the pain that her baby had to endure. It doesn’t matter if the farther was owning up to being the babies farther or not it doesn’t give her the right to take her babies life. She knew exactly what she was doing. She could have given the child to a family member or something. She deserves everything she’s getting. She really deserves death but actually she needs to relive every moment so yes, the death penalty was awesome. I would put a picture of the baby and the microwave in her cell and make her look at it so many hours out of a day. She is a demon, a heartless monster that has no heart no remorse. The devil himself.

  10. Finn says:

    I just learned about this case. It weakened me. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but, it really devastated me. I thought I heard it all. I can’t even fathom what she did. That’s why I question heaven/earth — the whole dichotomy. I can’t even begin to imagine a more horrific death. I don’t understand why she is still being protected. I don’t want this woman tortured, murdered, etc. I just want her gone. Is that weird? She’s a toxic waste.

  11. Uriah says:

    A microwave don’t actually HEAT anything. It vibrates water molocules. Think about that. What’s it do to a cup of water? So yeah, her internals would have been cooked, intestines, kidneys, whatever organs have a high amount of water in them. Brain, eyes. This would be far far worse then being burned to death since it happens from the inside. It would be almost impossible to torture somebody and inflect near that amount of pain no matter what you did from the outside.

    The kicker is she likely didn’t nuke the child quite long enough to kill her instantly and the sheer pain her death (she would have no doubt died, nothing to be done) would have been beyond anything most of you can envision.

    Not sure if China understood that at the time but she no doubt does now. Does she give a shit? Who knows.

    We’re known what a magnatron can do for years, and different countries have thought about using it as a torture devise at one point or another but even the worst ones understand what a fucked up horrible death it is, even places already noted for horrible fucked up deaths.

    In the old days the Brits had a punishment for Regicide (killing of the king) where they ripped you open pulled your intestines out and burned them in front of you. This is the same thing without all the blood, maybe worse actually. Again, I can’t begin to explain the real amount of pain inflected on that baby other then it’s one of the very worst deaths yet thought of by our species.

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Sadly Bengalpuss there is Namely the Sick Abomination of British Justice
    coupled with Evil ” European Human Rights ” where the Murderer Would Not
    even get an Actual Life Sentence

  13. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. I mean WTH kind of sicko burns their child alive inside a microwave? If she wanted to get rid of her baby, she could have just given her over to relatives, or social workers or the church. I hope that someone burns her with petrol in prison just to show her how much her daughter suffered.

  14. Courtney McLaury says:

    For those of you that think sociopaths sit in jail feeling sorry for their victim(s)…they don’t. They are feeling sorry for themselves and thinking up more ways to bring as much rage, pain, drama, and chaos to the world that is within their power.

    Sociopaths wear human skin like us, but they are not us. They are Other. They are Evil.

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