Chelsea Maree Huggett

Chelsea Maree Huggett
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Aliyah Marie Branum was a disabled little girl whose entire 2 years of life were hell. She was born with a pile of disabilities, including a deformed right eye that needed treatment. Her “mother ” Chelsea Maree Huggett chose not to seek the necessary treatment. In fact, Chelsea Huggett did nothing for the benefit of her daughter. She chose instead to make little Aliyah suffer horribly, and ultimately die.

Chelsea Huggett shouldn’t have been allowed to keep her little girl. The woman suffered from PTSD caused by her military service, and a chemical imbalance that left her with uncontrollable anger. She was definitely the last person on the planet who should have had the care and responsibility of a handicapped child.

Chelsea Huggett and her daughter unfortunately lived in Citrus County, Florida. I’ve already written about the deficiencies of Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF). Well, this is yet anothser egregious case of the DCF failing a child in need. Tragically, there are dozens like it.

DCF first learned of Aliyah in June 2012, when they received two reports via their hotline suggesting she and her mother were living in a storage shed. They also got another report suggesting they were homeless. DCF in their wisdom did not investigate those reports because living in a shed or being homeless was not a “child safety issue”.

DCF got another report on August 10, 2012. This time somebody was concerned that, not only were the girl and her mother homeless, but Aliyah was becoming way too skinny. The poor little one was also suffering from a horrible diaper rash because nobody was bothering to change her diapers.

There was more than that in the report. The mother’s boyfriend threatened to kill both mother and daughter after cutting himself with a box cutter. As well, Chelsea Huggett was physically abusing Aliyah.

AliyahThe report stated, “When Aliyah was crying, the mother put a blanket over her mouth and she smacked her really hard on her legs. As a result, she sustained finger-shape welt marks.”

And disgustingly, still there was more. Chelsea Huggett “had attempted to smother the child” when she was waiting at a Veteran’s Administration office.

The “investigation” by DCF did not include interviews with anyone at the VA office, or anyone else at all. The sole interviewee was Chelsea Huggett herself. She flat out denied abusing her girl, but she did admit “she had been experiencing anger issues due to her daughter not listening.”

DCF closed their slack ass “investigation” after finding no evidence that Chelsea Huggett harmed her daughter. In fact, the caseworker considered the woman cooperative. The only action they took was to have the woman promise to “refrain from excessive corporal punishment.” Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Unfortunately for Aliyah, her mother’s promise meant less than a pile of dog shit.

AliyahDCF had another kick at the can on January 10, 2013. A caller to their hotline reported that Aliyah wasn’t receiving physical therapy for her disability, was dirty, and still had that goddamn diaper rash that was so bad it bled.

The caller went on to say, “On Jan. 8, 2013, Aliyah had a bruise on her lower back that resembled three fingers of a hand print,” and “Aliyah’s mom yells at her, telling her to shut up and be quiet.”

And was Aliyah saved this time? No, of course not. DCF investigators didn’t find any evidence of a beating, which is odd because a doctor with the Department of Health’s Child Protection Team DID find evidence of a beating. The doctor found linear and circular bruises on the little girl’s thigh.

Chelsea Huggett told the investigator from DCF that she “gets severely angry” and admitted she hit Aliyah to discipline her despite the promise she made. Get that? She damn well admitted to hitting her disabled daughter!

On February, 2013, the investigator closed the case after deciding the abuse allegation was “not substantiated.” She wrote, “There is no evidence of any physical or sexual abuse; no injuries, marks or bruises on the child.”

Holy batshit, batman! Did DCF hire mentally deficient investigators, or blind, deaf and downright lazy ones? Didn’t they even see the untreated diaper rash?

Once again, as the only action taken, DCF extracted another promise not to use excessive corporal punishment. Yeah, like that meant more than the first promise.

And why not make Chelsea Huggett promise to take Aliyah for physio? The little girl definitely needed it! But I guess that wasn’t important to DCF.

On April 24, 2013, Chelsea Huggett took little Aliyah to Citrus Memorial hospital because her wee hands were swollen. The hospital released the precious tot back to her hellbitch mother’s custody because she had no bruising.

AliyahOn April 25, 2013, Aliyah was acting lethargic. Chelsea Huggett explained to her mother that it was likely because she’d ingested some roach killer. Her mother told her to contact the poison control hotline ASAP, and amazingly Chelsea Huggett listened to her mom. When she talked to the hotline at 11 p.m., she was instructed to take Aliyah to the hospital. Incredibly, the heartless hellbitch ignored those instructions.

Can you believe it? She said her disabled 2-year-old was poisoned and yet she refused to act! You know why? I’ll tell you my opinion: Chelsea Huggett pretty much knew her daughter hadn’t been poisoned. She likely figured out her daughter was lethargic because she’d shaken her violently more than once that week (she admitted doing that). If she took Aliyah to hospital, the doctors would finally find evidence of abuse and Chelsea Huggett would be up shit creek. IMO, that’s why the hellbitch didn’t act.

The hotline worker, being a conscientious person, kept tabs on the case, learned that Aliyah never arrived at the hospital, and called Chelsea Huggett at 1 a.m. on April 26, 2013. Why wasn’t Aliyah in the hospital? The hellbitch told the hotline worker that her daughter was just fine now.

Just fine. Riiight. Aliyah Marie Branum was about to die.

At some point soon after the call from the hotline worker, little Aliyah wasn’t feeling well at all. She wanted her mommy to hold her. She wanted her mommy to make her feel better. But Mommy couldn’t handle that. Mommy couldn’t handle the “whining”.

Aliyah couldn’t even speak, but Chelsea Huggett was unable to deal with her pathetic vocalizations. That darling 2-year-old “would not shut the [hell] up,” the monstrous mother later said.

So what did Chelsea Huggett do? She decided to make Aliyah shut up. She covered her daughter’s mouth with her hand to “muffle her cries.” I believe that is called smothering. That didn’t work, so she shook the tiny tot violently and repeatedly. That didn’t work. Finally, at 4 a.m. she slammed Aliyah’s head into a wall, and then head-butted her.

Chelsea Huggett had finally succeeded in shutting her daughter up. The girl was unconscious, and not really breathing well. Obviously it was a good time to get some rest.

Chelsea Huggett lay in bed with her bruised, battered, unconscious baby girl instead of calling 911. She just lay there watching the life seep out of her daughter.

When a roommate later returned home and saw the horrible state Aliyah was in, he called 911.

When first responders arrived, they found Aliyah “not breathing, conscious or alert.” Her lips were purplish grey.

At the hospital, the emergency room physician saw swelling and bruising on Aliyah’s wee face. Her left eye was swollen shut. She was bleeding from her nose, and had yellow fluid draining from her ears. She had bruising to her back, shoulders, arms, legs and private parts, and a fractured skull. Worst of all, Aliyah had bleeding on her brain.

Efforts to resuscitate the precious little tot failed, and Aliyah Marie Branum was pronounced dead on April 26, 2013. She was finally delivered from the hell she’d been living.

Aliyah’s death was ruled a homicide and the manner of death was determined to be blunt force trauma.

Naturally, investigators wanted to talk to Chelsea Huggett about her daughter’s murder. I wonder if they were surprised to find she was 8 months pregnant.

The hellbitch first told investigators that her boyfriend had caused the injuries to Aliyah. Then she told them he’d killed the baby by spraying bug spray on her.

After more questioning, Chelsea Huggett, 21, confessed to abusing her baby because she whined all the time, and wanted to sit on her lap. When I think of how many women are desperate for their own baby to hold on their laps, it makes me sick that crazy, murderous bitches like this woman are fertile.

Citrus County Sheriff Jeffrey J. Dawsy said, “This is a brutal murder of a defenseless child, of a two-year-old, and [Chelsea Huggett] could have sought help of numerous occasions and she failed to do that.”

Yup, she failed, and DCF failed, but it was Aliyah who paid the highest price for those failures.

The boss man at DCF, David Wilkins, was fired. Chelsea Huggett was charged with 1st-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. Aliyah, that precious little girl, had gotten the death penalty thanks to them.

In May 2013, Chelsea Huggett gave birth. Her baby’s father, Jason Ruane expressed shock at Aliyah’s death. “I was just in shock. I started crying. I was lost for words because I had never seen [Chelsea] ever hit Aliyah or just take out anything on her daughter,” he said. Riiiiight.

“[Aliyah] was well taken care of,” Jason Ruane continued. “She was always happy. Everybody I know sees us. We’re always together. She’s always smiling.” So says the guy who wanted custody of his baby — the guy who apparently never changed Aliyah’s soiled diapers.

As far as I can learn, DCF had placed the baby in protective custody while they sort everything out. I truly hope the baby is safe and loved.

Chelsea HuggettOn February 26, 2014, Chelsea Huggett pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder and child abuse.

At her sentencing on April 23, 2014 her own mother and sister asked the judge to give the baby killer the maximum sentence of 30 years.

“Please sentence Aliyah’s killer to the maximum of 30 years so she can have justice,” requested her mother.

“It takes a soulless person to harm a child and a demon to harm their own flesh and blood,” said her sister.

Judge Richard Howard said, “There is not a square inch of this child’s face that’s not beat to hell for lack of a better word.” The judge then handed down the maximum sentence.

Chelsea Huggett was 23 years old when she pled guilty. Even if she serves the entire 30 years she’ll be in her early 50’s when she gets out — young enough to do more damage. Too bad she couldn’t have been given a life sentence.

RIP, baby Aliyah. She was such a pretty little girl who endured more hardship and pain than most of us ever do. She deserved a happy life, but because of her monstrous mother she got the opposite.

I hope Chelsea Huggett learns what real suffering is, every day for the rest of her life. That’s what she deserves.

And I also hope DCF has finally got the trained workers who understand their job is to protect the children at risk. DCF has the blood of dozens of children on their hands already — hopefully there will be no more.

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27 Responses to Chelsea Maree Huggett

  1. moodymagic says:

    This is one very very sick and terrible story. Aliyah deserved so much better in her short life every adult in her life let this poor child down. Be ashamed all of you. Chelsea you deserve to be suffer most of all. I hope you do.

    • ME says:

      Do not judge lest ye shall be read news reports and believe.. cannon fodder! Filth..Chelsea is have real murderess/er in your midst as we speak…..get a life….

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Well I know one murderer who isn’t in my midst, chelsey hugget, your either deluded or stupid. She admitted to what she did to her daughter, slack twat.

        • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

          Slack twat!! 😂😂😂😂 That’s my new favorite insult. And to the dumbass saying she’s innocent, are you fucking retarded?? Her own mother asked for the maximum not for her daughter, but for Aliyah’s killer. Shut the fuck up.

  2. Katie says:

    I don’t understand why military PTSD isn’t a bigger deal than it is. It can turn normal everyday people into demons. This woman certainly could’ve been a demon already, who knows. It just seems like a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge the fact that military PTSD is real, serious, and in many cases – deadly. Everything this woman did that was ignored is mind-blowing. Especially the things she readily admitted to! Unbelievable!

    • Flyingleadchange says:

      My father served in the military and my uncle still does. Neither one of them have beaten a young child to death. Please do not associate the military with such depraved acts.

      Ironically, the only reason you can say what you do, freely and without fear of anything stronger than an opposing viewpoint, is because of people who have served.

      • Katie says:

        That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that many people in the military witness horrors that most civilians are rarely exposed to, but it seems like they’re not encouraged enough to seek mental health treatment. Some may not even realize they have PTSD. It’s not an excuse, but for the safety of themselves, their families, and the public, I feel there needs to be more focus on military PTSD – it may help to prevent related incidents. I’m saying this in general since we don’t know if PTSD played a part in her crime at all.

        • Pharoah Moses says:

          PTSD does not end with just the can be compounded on afterwards especially in abusive relationships..the Boyfriend was abusive. He threatened to kill Chels one fact the MEN walked away scott free yet they had a big hand in what happened to Aliyah as far as the bruising and neglect issues. Everyone hates on Chelsea and Chelsea was a victim too! And do you know the base she was stationed at is same place my late wife was at? Does anyone know what happens there? My wife had PTSD too..I knew it well. Chelsea is NOT a “hellbeast”..Chels is like 3/4 innocent of the crap posted here..check the MEN! Chels did do something but did not deliberately try and kill her daughter..Chels was trapped in a very bad situation.

        • ME says:

          Hey Roomates..HI..first of all I want you to know the LORD Jesus Christ as your Savior, who will forgive your sins of murder, and setting up Chelsea..God loves you..I would have a real hard time with that..see..I read the reports and saw timelines..I am also the one who totally busted Jessica Heeringas abducter and killer..Jessica Heeringa who was abducted on April 26, 2013 and killed April ironic. I got all involved in that case and this one did not even make headlines then in 2013, until to Paige F..maybe even talk to Jason..what you gonna do now killers? Chelsea had nothing to do with it..liars, deceivers…I busted Jessicas killer and I will get you..I am a mad former US Army, wifes USAF, and dad former MIB..I was born on that base baby, and a lotta cop friends, now what you gonna do?

          I have looked this case up and down and side ways and nothing fits..Chelsea does not fit..fall girl….

          Don’t touch her..unless you want to meet Lisa the super supreme PI, lawyer, cop, FBI who will not play any games.. Hell. you might even go into a secret NSA stronghold that even Snowden doesn’t even know about..
          so back off… you cite reports of news and trust it? Shame on you!
          You don’t know were not there, and how dare you calll her a monster? The mother who took her baby to hospitals, was freaking neglected by a weird BF who made $2K a month and let them be homeless, and people who would not change Aliyahs diapers so Mom had to take her to hospital?
          Bull shyte charge..crap..Its opening season for deer hunting.. and I am hunting..I am hunting the real killers of Aliyah..I nailed Jessicas NOT underestimate me…do NOT underestimate Crystal River, Citrus County..
          K443AH, or Lecanto. Do not underestimate 2008 or anything, not by far underestimate Beale AFB..
          Unless you want to be judged by the LORD I would highly suggest you repent, turn to Jesus, and call on God for mercy..
          This page should be deleted, she is not a “hellbeast” she is an innocent..we will get the real hellbeasts and then we can post them at glee..
          maybe I am Faux Phoenix from harry potter..perhaps am Bella Swan from Twilight..maybe just an angel who knows someone is innocent..perhaps Orion the hunter in the stars..
          Like I said, it’s deer hunting season..and Jason Ruane confess all, everything you ever saw in that knew, and let her fall..lost your kid too i see…so come forward and admit..I am done for now.. but i will be back

          • Bengalpuss. says:

            Fruit cake , she plead guilty you nutjob. You’ve been watching too much Columbo.

          • BeenThere says:

            Come meet me asswipe! I’ll take you down the second we make eye contact. Dumbfuck moron wannabe shithead

  3. Katie says:

    And a lot of inmates will be willing to provide free tattoo removal services if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut about why she’s in there.

  4. andrea says:

    I suffer from PSTD and have a daugther would never hurt her the mental heatlh system failed the mother and Iam not making excues for her and she should be in prison for the rest of her life.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    I sure hope the new baby is given to responsible, loving people and has a happy life. The biological father seems to have really low standards if he thinks Aliyah was well taken care of.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Respect only Decent People

    Child Abuse is a Crime against Human Decency even in the
    Wild West of this World

  7. Sickened says:

    I want to be like Dexter and go and kill all these horrible monster hellbeasts myself!!! My baby girl died one day after childbirth due to complications while in hospital and unfortunately I cannot have more children now, and these people who have these precious beings under their care and then they abuse that trust and responsibility, make me cry and physically feel ill sometimes and then after that I feel anger and want to rip them apart with my bare f*#king hands!!!! I hope this hellbeast is raped, tortured, and then killed by another inmate long before her 30 years are up, BITCH!!!

    • Pharaoh Moses says:

      Sickened, I am sorry you lost your child. that is sad. But spewing this hatred will not help nor heal you. Wishing revenge on a girl you don’t even know, wishing her terrible harm? How does that help YOU? Hatred only corrodes the soul. Try turning to Jesus, ask forgiveness, and then forgive Chelsea. Ask the LORD to give you love for her, she is suffering too. As a child Aliyah is with the LORD, as an adult, will you be? “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:31 – 32)

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abuse is Evil like the State of the Modern World

  9. Stacey says:

    It enrages me that I will alway long for a child, and cunts like this get them. I would have GLADLY loved Aliyah for the rest of my life. I pray for her fellow prisoners to subject her to pain and suffering, or maybe even a few guards could.

  10. Pharaoh Moses says:

    What is more evil than what Chels did are some of these comments! Judge not that ye be not judged….do you know Jesus said if you hate your brother then you are guilty of murder? Matthew 5:21, 1 John 3:15…so everyone who hates her is as guilty as her.
    She had PTSD? Where was the VA, let alone child services who also failed. She served her country and got messed up and everyone just let her slide through the cracks? No interventions? Really?
    She is a person who can be forgiven and change like anyone else. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
    Hating on this girl will not bring Aliyah back, and will do nothing but curse your own souls to hell. Wishing her harm will do nothing but condemn you. maybe people should repent of their hate and pray for this girl…So let it be written !

  11. Her mugshot says a lot about her – she doesn’t seem the least bit disturbed about her recent action(s); as a matter of fact, she looks almost smug in her demeanor. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  12. BeenThere says:

    The expression on the CUNTS face shows no emotion. She looks like the Cunt her murdered her adopted son way back in Bear Lake..
    Spineless bag of shit. PTSD my ass..

  13. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    I’ve got severe PTSD from being in an extremely abusive relationship… Ive got the stab wound scars and surgery to my knee and shoulder to prove it! My two year old son’s father just went to prison for murder. Do I have mental issues and anger problems? Fuck yeah I do!! But I would NEVER take it out on my kids!!! And yes, Florida DCF is a fucking joke. I was born and raised in the Keys, which was were I fled to when we escaped from him, leaving everything we’ve ever owned behind. He and his family called DCF at least 10 times citing various bullshit accusations against me, all of which were false. Eventually they believed me and stopped following up on the calls after a year. But I see it down here all the time. People I know who are exemplary parents get called on by someone pissed off at them, yet kids who are horribly abused go under the radar. They have an employee turnover to rival McDonald’s and the folks in charge are constantly getting fired. To the people standing up for this chick… Really??? The state that poor kid’s body was in and no one did anything for her??? Y’all make me beyond sick. Shut the fuck up and get off the Bible train. It only serves to make you sound more brainless.

    • AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

      Oh. And I’d love to carve that tattoo off her chest. She could afford that but not take her kid to the doctor? Gtfoh.

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