Charlisa Wood

Charlisa Wood

Crimes: Child Abuse, Assault, Torture

I write a lot about feckless females who introduce monstrous hellbeasts into their families, not considering the impact upon their children. Well, it goes the other way too, with abusive hellbitches being given a major role in the children’s lives. This is a story of hellbitch Charlisa Wood of Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

Back in 2014, the 22-year-old Charlisa Wood and her boyfriend had a baby together, and lived with his 2 other children from a previous relationship. Rather than it being a happy family, it was hell on earth for his 4-year-old son. I don’t know how it’s possible, but that poor little boy was very much hated by his father’s girlfriend. He wasn’t much liked by his father either, IMO.

On July 25, 2014, paramedics were called to the home for a possible drowning. The father was at work, and Charlisa Wood was “caring” for the children at the time.

Although it was supposed to be a drowning, the little boy was fully dressed in dry clothes and laid out on the dining room floor. His hair was wet and his body was limp. The poor child was having a whole lot of trouble breathing, but there was no water in his lungs or airway. The paramedics pretty much knew something was amiss, so on the way to the hospital they gave the victim a full body examination. They had to cut off his clothing for that.

What they saw was not a boy who almost drowned. The poor little guy had bruises, burns and sores all over his body, from his head to the bottoms of his feet.

The victim’s siblings were examined and neither showed any signs of physical abuse.

Doctors at McLaren Port Huron hospital noted that the boy had an abrasion on the back of his head, a bruise on his chin, a purple ear marked by fingernails, abrasions on his tongue, lots of abrasions and bruises on his torso, a blistering burn on his butt cheek, burns on his arms, redness on his lower back, thigh and the backs of his arms, small puncture marks on the bottom of his foot, and bruises just above his ankles as if he’d been grabbed and held there.

The biggest and scariest injury was a laceration on the boy’s liver, likely caused by blunt force trauma. It could easily have caused internal bleeding. Disgustingly, that injury had been there for several days. He also had lesser injuries to his spleen and pancreas.

The doctors knew they weren’t looking at a case of near drowning. This was torture that spanned a period of time.

How the hell can anyone do that to a little child? Heartless hellbitch!

The boy was airlifted to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. I am happy to say he survived his life-threatening injuries.

Medical experts determined that the redness on his arms were 2nd-degree hot water immersion burns that wound up blistering and peeling from his elbows to his wrists. That poor boy!

After it was learned that the 4-year-old had been physically abused in the home, all of the children were placed in foster care. A petition was filed requesting that the parental rights be terminated.

Naturally Charlisa Wood argued that the boy hadn’t been abused. He was rambunctious and accident prone, she said, and on that particular day he’d run his own bath water and she’d found him face down in the tub.

Disgustingly, the boyfriend backed her up. Yes, he said, his son was naughty and greedy with food — he’d been known to climb on counters and the refrigerator in search of something to eat.

With a bit of questioning, the victim’s father did admit that he sometimes went “overboard” with discipline and was “heavy-handed” with the spanking. He confessed to having used a belt on the boy that left bruises.

When the boy was placed into foster care, he gained 7 pounds, and now consumes normal portions.

The boy eventually became comfortable enough to tell his foster mother about life with his father and Charlisa Wood. He told how the hellbitch would tie him up with his sister’s clothing in the hot, hot shower, and put hot sauce in his eyes and mouth.

Detectives had found clothing tied into knots in the home. Also supportive of the victim’s claims was the behavior of his 2-year-old sibling around water. The toddler would scream hysterically and crawl into a corner at the prospect of a bath.

The victim also told how his father would put soap and hot sauce in his mouth. He told how Charlisa Wood and his father hit him with a belt and a shoe, and slammed him on the head with the “chicken pan” (an iron skillet). They also used a big spoon to hit him on the hands and butt.

The pair of hellbeasts are beyond vile. IMO, even if the father hadn’t participated in the abuse — and he had — he would still rank as a hellbeast. He did nothing to rescue his little boy from being tortured daily. Those injuries occurred over a period of time, not just a day, and he allowed it to go on.

Charlisa Wood was criminally charged with torture, child abuse and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Her boyfriend chose to stand by her, and said “even if she went away for 5, 10 or 15 years” he would wait for her.

Such dedication. I therefore find it odd that he blamed her for all of the injuries his son sustained. That’s not very gallant of him.

The court terminated both hellbeasts’ parental rights on October 10, 2014. Good call, IMO.

In December 2014, Charlisa Wood, then 22, was found guilty of 1st-degree child abuse, torture and assault. In January 2015 she was sentenced to 19 to 50 years, and she was given credit for 174 days served.

St. Clair County Circuit Judge Cynthia Lane had a few harsh words for the baby-beating beast.

“When I think of the sheer terror that this child endured and went through while in your custody and — I would have to conclude — at your hands, I cannot understand why another human being would do that,” Judge Lane said.

Not surprisingly, Charlisa Wood appealed her convictions. She complained that, in order to gain sympathy from the jury, the prosecution stated her home environment was unsafe and that she’d used torture and violence. *snort*

Her appeal was denied by the Michigan Court of Appeals in July 2016 because, hey, the prosecution had told the truth.

The earliest possible date this brutal baby beater can be released is in September 2033. Hopefully, Charlisa Wood will be unable to produce children or attract a man then. I wouldn’t trust her with the care of a mealworm.

The boy, I understand, is living in a loving foster home, and is receiving support and therapy to deal with the trauma he’d been subjected to. I wish the little dude all the best. I also wish his siblings the best.

While I am glad that Charlisa Wood is doing some serious time for her crimes, I am perturbed that her boyfriend wasn’t charged. The trial court had come to the conclusion that he’d participated in the abuse. He lost custody of his kids, but that’s all. And I can’t name and shame him here because it would reveal the identity of the innocent children.

All I can do, which is nothing at all, is pray his nuts will wither and die and his dinky dinkage will fall off altogether. This man does not deserve children, and shouldn’t be allowed near any.

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11 Responses to Charlisa Wood

  1. Moodymagic says:

    I am very glad Wood is doing time. I hope it’s 50 years and she never sees freedom again. As far as the disgusting boyfriend that’s disgusting he was not charged. I am very glad the boy is doing well. I wish all the best for all the children. They deserve everything good in life.

  2. Deb says:

    This hits hard. I have a 4 year old grandson. If my own daughter and/or son-in-law had done this I would personally choke the life out of them myself. Thank God he survived. I hope he goes on to have the most wonderful life with adoptive parents who will love and cherish him. Best wishes little man!

  3. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Abhorrent and Evil

    NO Parole Life Sentence at Least

    Suffering Child

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Appalling that Father did Not get a Sentence Indeed

  5. C. Ullman says:

    And what about the father? Was he even charged?

  6. Bengalpuss.2 says:

    That father knew what was going on, he woulda have to have been on the Fucking planet Jupiter for him not to know what was happening to his son, Fucking disgusting. Imagine how that little fella felt knowing that only he was being beaten and battered, while his siblings were treated nice, its enough to traumatize the poor kid for life, poor little love. That vicious cunt who inflicted those injuries to that poor boy will suffer locked up because child abusers and nonces don’t have a good time in jail, awww poor widdle lamb, my arse lol.

  7. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. I seriously hope Charlisa and her buttface boyfriend serve as a reminder to society that child abusers are nothing but disgusting beasts. You know what would be even better, if they make Charlisa wear a sign around her neck reading “I AM A CHILD ABUSER” and then men will think twice before going near her. I hope and I PRAY that the filthy gorgon spends every second of the rest of her pitiful life in pain.

  8. robin says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I am glad that this hellbeast was convicted & that the child is now in a loving home. But here’s what I don’t get. No one cared about that child from day one, yet they called the paramedics. Why care about him then? And wouldn’t they realize that by calling them that the horrific abuse would be revealed?

  9. Mama Nettie says:

    I wonder what makes a partner stay with someone who abuses their children.
    Some marry the abusers, even when the children die.
    There has to be a special place in hell just for people like these.

  10. Sam says:

    My gosh. I briefly dated Charlisa Woods in 2013. She seemed pretty normal to me. She was just a thin sexy young black girl who for some reason took a liking to me. There wasn’t much of interest there other than the obvious, but I can’t say she did anything even remotely suggesting something was out of whack. Crazy, and sad.

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