Charlene and Nicole Labombard

Hellbeast Nicole Labombard
Crime: animal cruelty

I unabashedly admit that I love dogs. We have four little dogs and would have more except our house is full and our budget and time cannot be stretched further. As well, any more would mean less time and attention for each of our dogs and that would not be good. As a dog owner, keeping our babies happy is important to me.

Charlene and Nicole Labombard, owners of the Quebec kennel Paws “R” Us in Clarendon Township, Quebec, apparently don’t agree. It was the largest puppy mill in Canada. It has been owned and operated by members of the Labombard family for 16 years.

More than 500 dogs and puppies had to be rescued from squalid conditions at the kennel. Charlene and Nicole Lambobard had had no problem with denying all these dogs basic needs, proper care and real socialization.

How bad was it? The dogs did not have sufficient food and water. Many had open sores and infections. Most had skin and respiratory problems. Most were fearful of people due to lack of socialization. Most had been kept inside a barn, not seeing the light of day their whole lives.

Nicole Labombard at first maintained that the dogs were sufficiently cared for, and that the seizure was all the fault of a former unhappy customer.

“I’m losing my livelihood and I’m very upset,” she whined. “It just breaks my heart.”

Selling puppies was a good livelihood while it lasted, especially since the Labombards didn’t seem to spend much on dog food. The kennel carried 40 breeds, selling for $300 to $500 each.

The Labombards sold sick puppies and puppies with congenital defects to the unwary public.

After the seizure of the 527 dogs, more than 90 puppies were born.

The Labombard family started breeding dogs on the former pig farm when the pork market collapsed almost 20 years ago.

Nicole, one of 11 children, had a female St. Bernard that she bred. The puppies sold for good money, and the family saw the potential of the dog business. The Labombards, including mother Charlene and father James, have been breeding dozens of types of dogs in their barn.

Nicole Labombard explained that puppies were kept in open pens in a barn and an addition to the farmhouse, while larger dogs were housed in pens lined with plastic.

She said the inspectors said they were seizing the dogs because of cobwebs on the ceiling, because the floors weren’t tiled and the kennel didn’t have proper ventilation.

Ummm, I don’t think cobwebs are the reason the dogs were seized. Once rescued about 150 of the dogs needed round-the-clock care. It was costing HSI (Humane Society International) Canada $6,000 a day to care for the 600+ dogs and puppies. They did not seize the dogs on a whim.

A rescue shelter worker wrote about the dogs “who are covered in sores, making their skin raw and swollen. The golden retriever who cannot lift her head to look me in the eye in fear of what she might see. The cocker spaniel with green mucus flowing out of his eyes, the tiny pom on IV fluids fighting to breath.

“I held her dogs today. The whippet that cried in the crook of my arms and didn’t want to let go, the bichon who was covered in his feces, the little yorkie with the bad limp.

“I cried with her dogs today. The bernese whose babies were stillborn, the schnauzer with the dead eyes who was brave enough to come to the front of her crate, the small Australian shepherd mom and pup who I put next to a sunny window as they watched the goings on outside with disbelief. It’s my understanding this morning is the first time they saw daylight.”

Charlene and Nicole Labombard pleaded guilty to 17 counts of animal cruelty. They were fined more than $10,000 and lost custody of all of the seized dogs. In return for their guilty pleas, the Labombards did not have to pay for the upkeep and medical care of the dogs.

The majority of the dogs have been placed in new homes. The Humane Society is working hard to ensure that the dogs and families suit each other.

And hopefully the dog breeding world will not see the likes of the Labombards again.

In June 2012, in a Gatineau court, Charlene and Nicole Labombard agreed to abide by a court order and not own more than 3 pets or operate a kennel for the next two years.

I have gotten word from a reader that they are now selling Westie puppies via Kijiji. Will they never stop?

Ottawa CTV News article
CBC News article

27 Responses to Charlene and Nicole Labombard

  1. Kimber says:

    These are the same kind of sick fucks who foster 15 children for the state checks.

  2. Amanda says:

    Don’t forget sued someone for calling them a puppy mill, you can find more info if you google it. I understand court date for appeal is coming up early 2012, I read that on facebook.

  3. TMAC says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND..THIS B*#&CH is selling puppies again…Bedlington Terriers and Basenji puppies on also advertising Bearded Collie puppies on I have faxed this info to the Humane Society in Montreal..Why is she still able to breed??? The date of her ad is Jan 13, 2012 – DISGUSTING

    • cleo says:

      You are definitely correct. The bearded collies are from the Paws”r”Us Kennel, listed by Charlene. The Bedlington Terrier ad is being moderated. These dog abusers should be shut down for good! On their website they include an old pdf with a 2009 judgment proclaiming they are not a puppy mill. They do not include the 2011 court case where the judge ruled they are a puppy mill. Who is selling them breeding dogs?

  4. KMC says:

    Keep an eye on the new today. Charlene is in court in Hull, QC to see if she gets the right to open another facility or to have any sort of animal. PRAY this doesn’t happen and she’s barred for life.

    • Cleo says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. I tried alerting the media in Quebec and Ontario about the fact they were already selling puppies, but they didn’t show any interest.

  5. Carol says:

    The lawyer for the crown has been given all the info about the ongoing dog sales by these bastards. Today we will find out the exact date of the trial…two days are being set aside for the process since there are so many witnesses. And we’ll be organizing a massive demonstration for the days of the actual trial. We’ve also got a petition going. Will post the info here for those who are interested when available. Thanks.

    • cleo says:

      Thanks for the update. Hopefully the Labombards can finally, finally be stopped not only from breeding and selling puppies, but owning any dogs at all.

  6. Carol says:

    unfortunately, the petition is in French…but if you right click on the text, you can Bing or Google translate.

    The moment the demonstration info is available, I’ll post it.

    Thanks again.

    We can and will stop these psychopaths!!

    • Cleo says:

      I have signed the petition and have begun spreading the word to my friends and acquaintances urging them to do likewise. Everybody, please support this effort to stop this criminal puppy mill from going back into business.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    I know how much you love you dogs cleo, like i love my cat tyke and reading about these bastards has actually made me cry. I can never understand how anybody could treat a poor defenceless animal like a piece of crap. When i read about the little dog with weeping eyes and the others that wouldn’t look the women in the eye or the dog and her puppy that went near the window god bless them. So why the fuck is she selling them again? Money. Its a good job i live in england, because if i lived over in canada cleo i’d go to that puppy mill and beat her fucking arse. Im sorry for having to be driven to wanna kill someone but these bastards need putting down, no doubt like some of those poor dogs had to be, the fucking bitch. What i don’t understand is after all those poor dogs were rescued she was able to start breeding and selling again. There needs to be a law that if you’ve been cruel to animals then you should be banned for life from keeping them. Whats the current situation with this story cleo?

    • cleo says:

      The Labombards appeared before a Quebec court on March 13 asking permission to open up their breeding operation. They claimed they have renovated their facilities and have learned their lesson. Online petitions abounded demanding they be stopped from breeding dogs, and I believe there were protesters at the courthouse. I have yet to hear that there’s been a decision made by the court.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        I hope they can.t start up breeding again. These human waste machines have already shown they don.t know even the basics of keeping and looking after a pet, so why will they be any different now. If someone wouldn’t have made that call then those poor dogs would still be suffering, they had over 500 dogs thats ridiculous, their greed knows no bounds. I truly hope that they get a judge thats got a pair of balls and a brain that can see through these worthless pieces of Crap and know its just a money thing to them

  8. Carol Kerr says:

    So, the Labombastards were in court today….the judge said the two bee-aches that ran Paws R Us (legally in their name at the time of the bust) are not allowed to own more than 3 personal dogs each for the next two years. Big fucking deal!!! Their zillion other brothers & sisters will be carrying on busness as usual. Quebec is fubar. Law 51 they put through is a piece of crap. As long as there are greedy psychopaths and people who buy from internet ads and pet shops, people like the Labombastards will thrive and puppies, cats, bunnies and anything else that can be bred will be mistreated and used for their monetary gain.

  9. Samuel Brauning says:

    In other news, I have just been scarred for life.

  10. Tania says:

    For any of you poultry enthusiasts this “person” is now trying to operate a poulty business under She’s posting ads on various classifieds websites under that name. She “claims” to be selling purebred heritage birds but they’re all hatchery stock and definintely NOT the best quality birds.

  11. Daniele says:

    I, unfortunatly, bought ducks from them about a month ago!!!!! They were saying that they had sold their farm… I visited her barn, there were a lot of ducks, chickens, rabbits, peafowls… Am happy that my birds are doing fine!

  12. Danielle says:

    No worries, the word is getting out making people aware in the poultry circles of their past business and the abuse charges with the dogs.

  13. Chelsea says:

    I am from the same town of this family and It puts a bad name on our little town where everyone knows everyone. It gives a bad name for this area and I once was proud to say I was from the area but now I’m embarrassed. This town and area is a very friendly area and I hate that we will forever be known as the home of the largest puppy mill in Canada. I actually know who she is and I feel sorry for her kids and I just really want to punch her in the face.

  14. Hal says:

    Looks like they have made the move to selling chickens instead. I was looking forward to getting chicks this weekend but was disappointed to find out the the Breeder DC Heritage was formally Paws R Us :(

  15. Bengalpuss says:

    Seems to me that these horrible monsters are prepared to breed any animal as long as they make money! They need to be banned keeping or selling any animals for life, they don’t give a fuck about the animals welfare as long as they are making $$’s thats all that matters.

  16. Chicken Farmer ottawa says:

    I bought 4 pullets from them last year when I did not know about any of this.
    They were very skinny, one with eye problems, one not standing up, all very skittish. 6 months later they are all laying, healthy and are friendly.
    I would not buy there again to support the conditions the animals are kept in.

  17. jon says:

    look like they are selling mini domestic pigs . Its the same adress as the PawsRUs horror. 552, 4 concession, clarendon, qc, j0x 2y0 . This is the site.

    please share

  18. Melody says:

    Yep, the chicken sales are still happening. Saw it up close and personal. Met Charlene and her daughter. They are not terrible people, just ignorant and unconscious when it comes to animal life BUT if they are to be stopped, the ignorant and unconscious buyers of her animals need to be stopped as well. More education on why animals, pets in particular should be sourced from registered, educated breeders or from animal shelters needs to be circulated with regularity. It’s not only the backwater breeders like the Labombards who are guilty but many pet shops as well. I personally rescued a badly bred Himalayan kitten from a well know pet store in Orangeville, On.

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