Chandra Ilene Rose

Chandra Ilene Rose
Crimes: Child Abuse, Manslaughter

Young Miranda Crockett’s life was doomed once her father Daniel’s girlfriend moved in. Chandra Ilene Rose, 34, made the Fairview, Oregon apartment her home in June, 2012. She brought along her 3 children, so it was really cozy in that Kings Garden apartment.

I don’t know what Dan Crockett saw in his girlfriend. He’d apparently known her for 15 years before they finally got involved. She’s not very attractive, IMO. Bug eyed, no chin. Maybe he thought that since she had her own children that she was good with all children. Maybe he thought since she home-schooled her own children that she was an ideal stepmother for his 10-year-old daughter Miranda.

What Dan Crockett probably didn’t understand at first is that Chandra Ilene Rose wasn’t about to be a good, kind, loving mother to his little girl.

When Chandra Ilene Rose moved in with the Crocketts, little Miranda’s life at home became very miserable and full of pain. At least she got to spend the summer with her loving grandparents in New Mexico.

Miranda CrockettNeighbours in the Kings Garden Apartments knew Miranda. They knew her to be playful and cheerful.

“She played with my kids,” said one neighbour. “She was a beautiful girl. She loved to be outside and play. She liked to sing and ride her bike. She would always smile and never let anything get her down.”

“She was so sweet and full of emotion and full of love,” said another neighbour. “She would always be the first one to go help a kid that fell down. She just had a big, bright life while she was here and that’s how I’m going to remember her.”

Miranda Crockett was a Bieber fan, and had dreams of becoming a rock star.

Maybe Chandra Ilene Rose was jealous of little Miranda — jealous that Dan Crockett loved her, jealous that she was well liked and full of so much potential. Maybe that’s why Chandra Ilene Rose decided to put a stop to Miranda’s happy little life.

Shortly after the hellbitch Chandra moved in Miranda stopped going to school. She was now being “home-schooled” along with Chandra’s children. She was hardly seen around the Kings Garden Apartments any more. Miranda was being kept indoors, away from prying eyes.

Kings Garden ApartmentAnd what didn’t prying eyes see? They didn’t see Miranda being made to sleep in a plastic storage box or in the locked bathroom. They didn’t see Miranda being tied up and immersed in ice baths. They didn’t see the bruises on her body.

Where was Dan Crockett? Where was he and why wasn’t he stopping the bizarre and excessive punishments his daughter was made to endure? Miranda was being made to sleep in a plastic storage box, damn it! How could he possibly not know that?

Dan Crockett was not home the night of November 23 and morning of November 24, 2012. He wasn’t there to rescue his little girl from the hellbitch Chandra.

Dan Crockett worked as a caregiver for the elderly and he was at work when Miranda needed him the most.

According to Chandra Ilene Rose, Miranda had gone psycho. She had held knives to the throats of Chandra’s children and then threatened to drown them in the tub!

OMG, really? That lovely 10-year-old child who was the first to help kids who fell down was really a homicidal maniac?

Uh, no. I don’t believe for a minute that Miranda Crockett threatened little kids with knives and drowning.

What Miranda did do was to escape from the locked bathroom and refuse to reveal to her stepmonster what tool she’d used to unlock the door. That was also according to Chandra Ilene Rose, and that’s the story I truly believe.

What the evil, sadistic hellbitch did in retaliation for Miranda’s escape was to tie the girl’s hands to her ankles using scarves and uninflated balloons. Yup, she hogtied the girl. I’m thinking the uninflated balloons would be great at cutting off circulation.

But Chandra Ilene Rose wasn’t finished yet. She also tied a cord around Miranda’s legs and neck just to make the girl suffer more. And then she stuffed the girl in the plastic storage box and left her there for up to 3 hours. That’s what I call torture.

Can you imagine how painful this was for Miranda? But it didn’t kill her. No, there was more to come — the dreaded icy cold bath.

Miranda Crockett, at the age of 10 years old, drowned in the icy water. Her daddy wasn’t there to save her. Her stepmonster wasn’t inclined to save her. That lively, lovely, little girl finally succumbed to the torture and slipped under the icy water to die.

At 6:50 am, November 24, 2012, paramedics were called to the Kings Garden Apartments in the 2700 block of Northeast 207th Avenue in Fairview. Miranda was already dead. The neighbours who knew and loved the little girl saw the paramedics bring out the body on a stretcher.

Fairview police, along with the East Multnomah County Major Crimes Team, investigated the little girl’s death. The coroner ruled she died of asphyxia caused by drowning.

Chandra Rose in courtChandra Ilene Rose was arrested and charged. Her children were put into protective custody.

Dan Crockett, who was not charged, chose to stand up for his woman. He gave a local TV interview in which he said, “I know what the police reports say, but I do not believe that Chandra did this.”

Dan Crockett went on to eloquently describe his heartbreak at losing Miranda. “All joy will be forever hollow for not having her with me to share it with,” he said — while still publicly supporting the killer.

Dan Crockett even supported his murderous girlfriend at court after hearing all the abuse his daughter had endured. He supported the bitch as she pled guilty to 1st-degree manslaughter and coercion.

As he asked the judge for leniency, Dan Crockett said that Chandra Ilene Rose was remorseful, and that her role in Miranda’s death was merely “one moment” of wrongdoing.

Multnomah Circuit Court Judge Michael McShane wasn’t about to be lenient with the hellbitch.

“I think there was a lot more going on than a momentary lapse in judgment. … You know it and I know it,” Judge McShane said to Miranda’s father.

Miranda tributeThe good judge sentenced the murdering Chandra Ilene Rose to 20 years in prison for “recklessly causing Miranda Crockett’s death with extreme indifference”. With time off for good behavior, the sadistic bitch could possibly get out after 18 years.

Dan Crockett has said his life is empty without his daughter, and he wonders if he’s betraying her by speaking of forgiveness for Chandra Ilene Rose. In my opinion, he is. There was no “one moment” of abuse, no “one moment” of torture. There were hundreds and thousands of moments.

I wish upon Chandra Ilene Rose hundreds and thousands and millions of moments of real remorse. She is where all evil, murdering monsters should be — locked up in prison.

And Miranda Crockett is where no little girl should be — in a grave. RIP Miranda.

I hope the children of Chandra Ilene Rose go on to live safe, happy, successful lives free of the influence of their murderous mom.

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15 Responses to Chandra Ilene Rose

  1. bulldoggy says:

    So if chinless Chandra the bug eyed babe gets out after 20 years she’ll only be 54. Still young enough to cause more pain and misery, but hopefully too baggy and saggy to snag herself a man. I hope her kids have different last names than her and can carry on without anyone knowing who their mom is and the evil crap she did.

  2. 2cute says:

    Miranda looked like an awesome kid, full of personality and fun. She did nothing to deserve the hell she was put through, and the creature who killed her deserves every kind of hell from now on.

  3. MsM says:

    What the fuck is it about Oregon (and Washington state for that matter)? They seem to have more than their share of murderous hellbeasts and serial killers…poor little girl. I’m glad the case got a hardass judge who didn’t fall for that remorse bullshit. You kill one child you’re going to kill another sooner or later…

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    I wonder if her own kids were abused too. I hope they didn’t witness the torture, but if they were all in the same apartment they would have had to notice the locked bathroom. Gee, I hope she didn’t have sons that have just learned you treat girls like that. Her kids probably need psych help, poor kids. The bitch mother is beyond psych help. She’s evil.

  5. pj says:

    I’m sorry but the father must have been truly blind not to see what was going on with his daughter, unless the killer threatened her with violence if she didn’t keep quiet. Poor little kid. Chandra isn’t worth a single hair on Miranda’s head.

  6. moodymagic says:

    This is one disgusting bitch and 20 years is not enough. Burn in hell Chandra

  7. Nathan says:

    Twenty years? That’s it? What bullshit. If a man had done it he would’ve gotten life in prison or the death penalty. Why are they so lenient towards women?

    • 2cute says:

      I agree Nathan that she should’ve got life or the death penalty. But I think the lighter sentence was because she was convicted of manslaughter and not murder, not because she was a woman. She acted in a reckless, cruel way that caused the girl to die, but didn’t hold her under the water — at least it wasn’t provable that she did. She is evil and should never, ever get out of prison.

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    What aWicked witch. She deserves a spot in my torture dungeon, Fucking evil bitch.

  9. MissAshleyAmber says:

    I think her “daddy” needs some prison time too. He had to have known something wasn’t right.

    • scrappy says:

      Negligence for dad, at least. That gorgeous child had to be visibly suffering.

      Beyond that, if my kid ends up dead in your care, I don’t think I’m going to stand in front of a judge to plead your case. You f*&#ed up and short of turning back the hands of time and returning my child to me unharmed ain’t nothin’ in this world ever gonna make it right again.

    • anon says:

      In one of the news stories he was blathering on about how he’ll see her in the afterlife. No you disgusting excuse for a father, if there is an afterlife, you won’t be seeing your daughter in heaven. You will, however get to spend eternity with the hellbeast you betrayed your daughter for.

  10. DG says:

    I heard that Chandra had once been involved with a cult called “The Family.” That is actually how she became pregnant with her first child. Some sort of love orgy in India where she ended up having sex with numerous cult members and became pregnant. I’m surprised that the media never picked up on any of that.

  11. Terrie says:

    There are many views as to why Chandra did this, as well there are many views of how the Dad allowed this to happen.
    It is my opinion that Chandra, like most abusers and bullies can only pick on the smaller individuals. Chandra and people like her (males and females of all ages) do not stand up to someone as large as they are or as strong. Chandra and others like her are cowards. Who knows what will happen while locked up, we all have heard the stories…. maybe she will face her Karma while incarcerated? Maybe she will be Taught the difference between right and wrong, may be she will be punished as Miranda was treated, or maybe she will walk away unscathed only to face her Karma after serving 20 years in the poky…. again its just my opinion.
    How old where her 3 children? A thought: maybe one of them could have done this to Miranda and Chandra is covering it up, taking the fall for the minor(s)?
    Again there are many views, the Dad should be investigated and maybe even charged with a felony, for allowing this to happen. It sure sounds like Miranda went through this abuse and bullying often and the dad and the 3 children were aware of it.
    More importantly, poor Miranda and other children and adults who are picked on, bullied, and abused, who suffer quietly, with hopes that you and I will notice and save them, that you and I will stop the pain, and that they will no longer live with fear.
    It is not easy to bring attention to the abuse being received. There is a fear of getting in trouble for it, fear of loosing family, fear of being kicked out of the home, and the fear of dying at the hands of the abuser… alone…
    Chandra is not the first case to ever be heard of… “The Boy Called It” was very publicized. It is in our neighborhood, our communities, so why not stop those bullies and abusers now. Why tolerate being a witness to such an act, you hear it through the walls, you see it happen in the cars, on the streets, you see it in the supermarkets, and everywhere.
    It behooves me how people can be so ignorant or make the choice to not get involved when someone is being abused or bullied. I hear things like “Well he/she should have not dressed that way” or “Maybe she/he is being hypersensitive” or “He/She needs to stand up for himself/herself and stop being a baby”
    Or … this one just kills me… those PAID to protect look the other way or some people know it is happening and do not want to get involved.
    Sorry, but it is just my opinion that Chandra and people like her should be stopped before it is to late. And I agree she should be there for life… not 20 years…

  12. KXG says:

    ugh, look at that worthless fuckstick. manky puffy-ass hair, pop-eyes, no chin and giant bulb of a honker. she’s one fugly bitch. what the hell do men see in her much less see in her enough to want to BREED with her…

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