Chad Cymbalista & Nicole Corcoran

Chad Cymbalista and Nicole Corcoran
Crime: Child Abuse

Chad Cymbalista, 27, and his girlfriend Nicole Corcoran, 27, showed some compassion and good sense when they took his 2-year-old boy to the Nebraska Medical Center for emergency care. That’s about the only compassion and good sense they’d shown in the 6 weeks they had custody of the little guy.

But even as I write this, I strongly doubt that it was compassion for the toddler that motivated them to get him medical attention. I think it was more likely stark fear that they’d gone too far. See, the poor little guy had been badly battered and beaten and tortured by then.

Thank the heavens this did not turn out to be another dead toddler story, that this time medical attention was sought and the child was saved.

Now Chad Cymbalista and Nicole Corcoran knew that the doctors and medical staff would spot the abuse, so they actually tried to cover up the marks with makeup before they took the little boy to the Nebraska Medical Center on April 24, 2012. They virtually caked the stuff on his face, but it could not hide his disfiguring injuries.

VictimLook at the photo of the boy. His eyes are swollen so bad they’re shut. He’s got a big old bump and bruises on his forehead. And his mouth — WTF did they do to his little mouth?!? It was burned! Part of his bottom lip is missing!

The doctors found hand prints on his arms, and oodles of bruises all over his little body. The back of his right hand was turning black. And there was another bump on the back of his head.

There was no doubt in the doctors’ minds that the little boy had been horribly abused.

Chad Cymbalista and Nicole Corcoran had some explaining to do and, rather than confessing to be baby beating hellbeasts, they lied. They told the doctors that the boy’s bottom lip had been irritated by eating popcorn salt back in March 2012, and then the boy picked at it for a month until they decided to take him to hospital.

Amazingly the doctors didn’t buy the popcorn salt bullshit. They knew damn well that was an untreated burn injury.

The abuse was reported and Chad Cymbalista and Nicole Corcoran got their f*cktardian selves arrested and charged with child abuse.

Big surprise, they each blamed the other for the little boy’s injuries. Happily for truth and justice, Nicole Corcoran’s 3 children had been witnesses to what had happened to the 2-year-old.

The baby beating duo appeared before Douglas County District Judge Greg Schatz on May 1, 2013. Chad Cymbalista pled guilty to the reduced charge of attempted child abuse.

A probation officer recommended probation for Chad Cymbalista since he had no previous criminal record, but Judge Schatz rejected that notion. He instead looked at the photos of the injuries and the photos told him all he needed to know about the hellbeasts Cymbalista and Corcoran.

Judge Greg Schatz sentenced the dastardly dad to 4 to 5 years in prison.

Nicole Corcoran did not plead guilty. She pled no contest. She also denied abusing the boy, and insisted she loved him as if he were her own son.

“I don’t have a mean bone in my body,” Nicole Corcoran told the court. “I love all children. It breaks my heart to see them in any pain.” Riiiight.

And then she went on to blame it all on Chad Cymbalista. “I’m only responsible for not asserting myself in my relationship,” she said.

Too bad for her her own children’s testimony said otherwise. They told how their mom would call the little boy “dumb” and “stupid” and how she would beat him in the face and head.

The children, aged 8 to 12, told how their mom and Chad Cymbalista would force the 2-year-old to sleep on a pee-soaked blanket, and would pen the boy in with baby gates if he tried to find food.

The children didn’t say what had caused the injury to the toddler’s mouth. I don’t want to imagine what was used to burn a third of his lip right off.

Judge Greg Schatz sentenced the hellbitch Nicole Corcoran to 8 to 10 years in prison.

Both of these baby beating bastards must serve half of the lower term of their sentences before becoming eligible for parole. That means Chad Cymbalista can get out after 2 years, and Nicole Corcoran can get out after 4 years.

The judge could have given them 20 years, so I consider these two f*ckwads are very lucky. I myself would have given them the full 20 years.

The little boy is in a foster home, reportedly living with a foster family that adores him. He faces plastic surgery to repair his lower lip — the missing portion has caused a drooling and dribbling issue. Other than that, he’s a bright little boy who hopefully has a real shot at a good life.

But maybe I speak too soon — Chad Cymbalista has taken parenting classes and is making efforts to become involved in his son’s life again. His attorney James Kozel said his goal is having custody again. OMG, please no! The boy barely survived those 6 weeks with his dad!

I hope and pray that all the children are living, and will continue to live, happy, safe lives free of the influence of Chad Cymbalista and Nicole Corcoran.

I also hope and pray the hellbeastly pair of baby beaters will never, ever have the opportunity to breed and torture vulnerable children again. Long may they rot! article
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73 Responses to Chad Cymbalista & Nicole Corcoran

  1. moodymagic says:

    This story brought me to tears seeing the pictures of this sweet boy. No child deserves this ever. These 2 Bastards need to be taught a lesson for torturing that sweet innocent boy. Takes real sick individuals to take it out on a poor little 2 two year old. I hope to God they are taught a real hard lesson in prison. They should be burned and beat to death. Nothing but pain and suffering I pray for these two Sick Bastards.

    • John says:

      these two suck

    • Rhonda Howard says:

      This is why I couldn’t be full fledged doctor in an emergency room. If I had to see little kids come in looking like that, I’d have PTSD in no time at all. I wouldn’t be able to take it.

      Every time I see the photo of that toddler’s swollen face, I want to reach out and hold him and beat the absolute TAR out of his abusers.

      And why do these asshats always spew the most bullshit and lies? “I don’t have a mean bone in my body” my hairy CLIT!

  2. bulldoggy says:

    I wonder which one of these dipshit bastards looked at that little guy’s swollen, lumpy face and decided it was time to get him help. It was, of course, the right choice albeit much too late, but I’ll bet $5 that it wasn’t Nicole who thought enough was enough. The makeup idea was stupid but at least it got them to take him to hospital. Poor little kid, I’m glad he lived. Too many of these stories wind up with a body. I really hope Nicole’s ovaries wither and die and Chad’s nads turn putrid and fall off. These 2 assholes don’t deserve more kids.

    • Rhonda Howard says:

      The sad part is, you wouldn’t even treat a DOG that bad, but kids who are abused like this, get treated worse than friggin’ dirt.

  3. pj says:

    I hope the little boy gets a good plastic surgeon to fix his mouth. Too bad those monsters who hurt him don’t have to pay the state back for the surgery. The boy will have lifetime scars, so his father and step monster should have lifetime debts to pay at the very least. Maybe they will be sporting some scars by the time they get out of prison though, courtesy of their cellmates.

  4. 2cute says:

    That picture of the little boy made me cry. How the hell can anyone do that to a helpless toddler! They should have gotten the full 20 years instead of those short sentences.

  5. MsM says:

    The good news is Nebraska is hard on child abusers – just because the father took parenting classes doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get the baby back, thankfully. (Used to live in SD, had to deal with NE all the time as people thought they could pull the wool over social workers eyes by moving their abuse from one state to another…) It’s unlikely either one will be granted their first paroles and now that the bio father is a convicted felon regarding abuse to his own child the chances of him getting him back in Nebraska are pretty slim. If they system works the way it normally does out there there will be a hearing in about a year to determination termination of parental rights by the state. The father won’t even get a say. Not sure where the natural mother is but if the child isn’t claimed by her or family members, once the father’s rights are terminated the little boy can be adopted out by the state.

    • 2cute says:

      Well, MsM, you sure made me feel better about the asshole father’s chances of getting his boy back. I hope the little guy gets adopted to a wonderful family who treat him like the most precious gift on the planet. And who’ll use a baseball bat on Chad if he darkens their doorstep ever.

    • Twisted.Kitten says:

      Unfortunately it seems those parenting classes paid off, at least for that dipshit Chad. He has pictures of him and the child. Poor baby wouldn’t know of the abuse if it wasn’t for the sugery scars. And Chad makes me sick for smiling in the pictures like he’s a good father. Its on facebook if youre interested 2nd profile cause he has 2.

      • MsM says:

        Interesting Kitty – will definitely check that out. I doubt he has custody, though, maybe supervised visits for the time being. If they give that child back to him you can guarantee I’m going to be raising some holy hell through our National Social Workers network because there is no question that this man needs to be kept away from that baby for the rest of his natural life.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          This twat msm, shouldn’t be left in charge, or let alone with a maggot, i do hope that you will make a noise if by some crazy notion, he gets to be near that baby again. When i look at that picture, my heart bleeds for this little boy. What sort of monsters can do this to a toddler, what the fuck is wrong with these people, they’re supposed to be loving and protecting him, not beating him nearly to death. If i was the police or that doctor that saw what they did, i wouldn’t be able to contain my emotions, i would flip and dive on them and whoop their arse’s. I was even saying to my friend the other day, i couldn’t work for the rspca, because i would end up beating the people that committee cruelty to animals, i would not be able to control my anger with bastards that abuse children and pets, i’d be fired on the first day. So if this scumbag ever gets near this sweet little boy again, then someone needs to do something, fast.

          • Mike blackledge says:

            CUNT and ARSE…… this just shows how completely stupid you are. I would give you a complete “ARSE” kicking that you deserve…..

      • S says:

        Does anyone know if he actually served any time? I looked at his fb profile and there is a picture taken (or maybe posted) of him and Aiden in 2013. It looks recent as you can see the lip damage. I don’t understand. Surely this cannot be true.

        • Rhonda Howard says:

          This is why I couldn’t be full fledged doctor in an emergency room. If I had to see little kids come in looking like that, I’d have PTSD in no time at all. I wouldn’t be able to take it.

          Every time I see the photo of that toddler’s swollen face, I want to reach out and hold him and beat the absolute TAR out of his abusers.

          And why do these asshats always spew the most bullshit and lies? “I don’t have a mean bone in my body” my hairy CLIT!

  6. Lynda says:

    I really don’t get why these people insist on haveing their kids back? The way I see it, if you need to have parenting classes, maybe you should think twice about whether you are actually parent material. I hope that little boy grows up to be happy and successful in whatever he chooses to do and I also hope he grows up and gives his father a good punch in the face.

  7. a_french_girl says:

    Some people are completely insane. I just read on the news this morning that a Polish girl gave birth while being completely drunk. The newly born baby already had 4.5g of alcohol per liter of blood…

  8. Bengalpuss says:

    Oh my god, look what this pair of worthless cunts have done to this little sweet boy. Evil Fucking bastards, just look at his little face. I tell you what, its a good job im in britain, cos i’d whoop their Fucking worthless arse’s to kingdom come, scumbag pieces of shit. Reading this and seeing that picture, has created a lump in my throat. Im suprised they didn’t kill this little guy. Please people across the pond, make sure these worthless cunts never get near this little boy again. The thought of one of these worthless fucker’s taking parenting classes, frightens me. They,re not fit to look after a worm. Horrible cunts.

    • john says:

      Hey Dipshit,,,,,,,,,,, Read this
      “I don’t have a mean bone in my body,” Nicole Corcoran told the court. “I love all children. It breaks my heart to see them in any pain.” Riiiight.

      And then she went on to blame it all on Chad Cymbalista. “I’m only responsible for not asserting myself in my relationship,” she said.

      Too bad for her her own children’s testimony said otherwise. They told how their mom would call the little boy “dumb” and “stupid” and how she would beat him in the face and head.

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Just hope this little guy doesn’t remember what these 2 worthless cunts did to him. I can’t wrap my head around why someone would do this to a young child, in fact any child, what the fuck is wrong with these people. I may swear and go on like im tough, but this story has really got to me, really upset me. If i saw one of those two cunts now, i’d happily do time knowing they wouldn’t do that to another child, sick cunts.

    • bulldoggy says:

      I’m hoping he’ll get adopted out to a wonderful family who will treat him like a little child should be treated, with love and care. Like I treat my dog Charlie. And I’m also hoping these two monstrosities become infertile so they never, ever get their hands on another innocent child again.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, your comment about you “wishing her ovaries wither and die, and chad,s nads dropping off” cracked me up. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if anyone that abused a child, would either have their ovaries wither and die, or their nads drop off. That would be poetic justice wouldn’t it, bet you child abuse figures would drop sharply.

  10. Bengalpuss says:

    But the Fucking cheek of it a bulldoggy, parenting classes! Talk about closing the gate after the horse has bolted, he should of taken his parent classes before he and the worlds worst mother, and i use that term loosely, nearly murdered that little boy. What sort of evil cunt does that to a little boy. It absolutely broke my heart seeing that little boys face. He must have been terrified, the people supposed to be protecting him were beating him. Boy i wish i lived next door to these two twats, because i don’t give a fuck, i would take a baseball bat to their skulls and give them a taster of what they’ve put that child through. Cunts like these two specimens should either be jailed for life, or let a lynch mob at them, it’d be doing the world a favour.

    • John says:

      I do not like what happened either… But i AM SURE GLAD TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD THAT HAVE NO SIN… Like Jesus said : He who is without sin may cast the first stone

      • MsM says:

        Nowhere in the Bible does it say parents are allowed to burn their child’s lips off. Or beat the living shit out of them so they’re swollen, bruised and can’t even see. These people are CRIMINALS. They are felons for what they did and while yes, God forgives them and edicts that we have to, it doesn’t mean that we have to forget what they did, nor does it mean we can’t point out what they did. I have no clue why you keep coming back here…

      • Lillith says:

        I would rather be an open sinner than a false saint. At least I’m not a child abusing piece of maggot infested shit like these two cunts. I have a theory that since we need a licence to drive a car, get married, purchase restricted items (like tobacco or alcohol), own a business, and for just about anything else we do, why not one for parenting? If you want to be a parent you first must pay a filing fee and apply for a licence. Then, after parenting classes, periodic drug testing over a period of no less than one year, proof that you can provide for the child, and psychological testing and counseling you may be granted a licence. If you fail you can reapply in a year,and those who procreate without a licence must meet the requirements for a licence prior to the birth of the child or be jailed for one year and required to pay child support to the foster family until they do meet the requirements for a licence and may take custody of their offspring. That may not completely end child abuse, but it would make it a lot more difficult for scrum to have children to abuse.

        • momof3canada says:

          Sinners can be good parents. About half of the pedo stories are chruch members.. cause you sin dont mean you beat kids within a inch of their life

  11. steve-O says:

    Hey John you bible thumper you, I suggest you actually read that bible you are fond of hauling out and beating people over the head with. When Jesus spoke of casting the first stone he was talking to people who were about to use actual stones to stone a woman to death. He was not using it as a metaphor for lobbing insults or making judgments. In fact, the bible wants us to make judgments. John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. That means do not judge on superficial crap such as appearance, but on serious, important stuff such as criminal actions. So John, when you want to judge us all on superficial crap, you yourself are disobeying your bible.

    • john says:

      Boy Steve-O I am sure glad that you are a minister of sorts. It is nice to hear that we still have people out there that are so smart about everything

  12. Bengalpuss says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself steve-o. I wish i could pull bible verses out of my arse like john. What he’s forgetting though is, im only casting the stone on a pair of child beating cunts, so i’d be able to sleep at night. Maybe if parasites like this didn’t roam this planet then, i wouldn’t have to be leaving comments about cunts like this. Like i said.

    • john says:

      Benalpussy should be your name. Arse and cunts. WOW, what a vocabulary you have,, You are a real Einstein there.

  13. Thundar says:

    No parent that does that to a child deserves their child back. There is no, no, no reason to do that to a child. I have a 13, 11, and 8 year old and I can’t fathom how one can do that to someone so helpless, so dependent on the care and love a parent should give.

    Looking at that photo just breaks my heart. Now, granted, I’m a softie, and I made a video for my 8 year old son’s JDRF Walk for a Cure for diabetes that is up on Youtube, and I can’t watch the darn thing without shedding a tear. He was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic, and hasn’t let anything slow him down. State wrestling champion, just finished as goalie on an undefeated season and championship in spring hockey.

    I can say when things were “dark” and he was admitted to a children’s hospital when 6, or when he went into insulin shock last fall on the hockey ice, he needed me. He needed my wife. He needed someone to care for him. Sadly, this young boy didn’t have that, and hopefully the father never gets him back.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I have type 1 diabete’s thundar, but i got mine at the age of 31, and find it difficult to control, so it must be really hard for your son. I do tend to drink a lot of coca cola, not good i know, but after a hospital stay a few weeks ago, i’ve changed my ways. Wish you had put a link up for that you tube video, would love to see it, and just wish that this arseole was like you, how fathers are supposed to be, involved in their childrens schooling and loving them, instead this little boy got dealt a really bad hand. Fingers crossed they never go near him again. And i wish your boy all the best, and good health.

  14. John says:

    I said….” I do not like that this happened either”….. But I am glad to know that there are so many of you that has never committed a sin. If you were to read the entire trial, Nichole is the one that did this damage to him. Her own three children testified to it…..

    • MsM says:

      All of us sin John, that’s a given (you’re talking to an former minister’s wife here, I know way more about sin and mankind than I want to.). But the reality here is that the father allowed this to go on. At the first sight of a bruise a good father would have questioned Nichole. He might have given her a second chance but at the sight of the next bruise and her inability to properly answer for it a good father would have removed his child from her care entirely, even if it meant moving out. Since the father was obviously not willing to take those steps, he is just as much to blame. If he suspected or knew his child was being abused when he was not present all he had to do was call CPS. He did nothing of the sort. He did nothing to protect his child. That is not the sign of a good parent. There is evidence that he not only knew but watched as it was being done. Legally that makes him an accessory therefore he is just to much to blame for what was done to that little boy than the actual perpetrator.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Too right msm, daddy dearest did nada zip zilch, except stand by and watch, so yes msm, he’s as bad as the mother of the year contender nicole, who came last in that contest. John doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that, yes we all sin, but i can happily state that my sins, won’t be sending me to the firey pits of hell. My sins don’t impede on other peoples lives, and i don’t even swear in front of children, now thats a great accomplishment for me, as most of the regulars on this site can attest to. Yes i have a profanity problem, but i don’t hurt other people with it, unless their beasts, and wouldn’t stand by and watch someone vulnerable, being abused, especially my own child.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      John, he did fuck all, that makes him as bad as her, and how do you know he didn’t contribute to that child’s injurie’s, cos im not taking his word for it, probably lying to get his slimy backside of a child brutality charge. Cunts like these two deserve what they get. And by the way, i can throw stones, you know why? Because i don’t beat or harm children, i don’t beat or harm adults, i don’t commit any crimes, other than use profanities, and thats only to adults or people like you john, that talks out of your arse, so thats why i can throw stones, chad did nothing to stop that little boy from being battered, what sort of monster stands by and does nothing while their own son is being beaten? I rest my case.

      • scrappy says:

        REALLY! Forget for a moment that it was his OWN child… What kind of human being would stand by while another adult denied a child this age food? They beat and burned this baby, they didn’t just “over-discipline” him.

        Who could look at any child in this condition even for 3 minutes and not be urged to action. I mean, what does the average 2 year old weigh, 22 pounds?

      • john says:

        OK Be Anal Pussy. you are the cunt and arse. You are the one one that needs a good ass kickin and I am just the one to give it to you…

  15. scrappy says:

    Noboby has mentioned this, but I feel really sad for the other kids in the house. It must be awful to be that age and be willing to tell the cops how terribly your own mother treated a helpless toddler baby.

    I have a 7 and 9 year old. I can only imagine how they would feel about seeing me act this way toward another living creature. What a pathetic excuse for a ‘woman.’

  16. Denise says:

    Someone needs to do something!!Kitty is right!!He has te toddler again this is his facebook:

    And the second one:

    He has the kid back it’s really true, you can see it’s older now!!
    My god how could this happen!!

  17. shocked says:

    Anonymity is key here but knew this “father” a long time ago. I am and was incredibly blindsided by the entire situation. Noone knows of this in his home town, but a few close relatives and friends. I figured it out through facebook. I am a new mom and a great one, making this all the more difficult fore to wrap my head around. I do not understand how he went wrong, he was so nice, really. Just goes to show, you never really know someone. I never in my life thought this would happen, but now hope he never gets custody. He’s not a parent he’s a piece of poop. I only found this because I need to know that aiden is safe, I check back on the story every now and again. I’m disgusted that know one knows and discusted that ive spent a chunk of time with this person during adolescence. Anyway. Moral learned, I’m still a trusting person but not as much because of this. My heart hurts for the little boy hurt. Typi.g from phone, sorry for the typos.

  18. ANON says:

    Where’s the biological mother in all this?

  19. Drew says:

    I went to high school with Chad…Well kinda i think he dropped out. What an awful story this is. there is no way Chad gets his baby boy back he lost that right

    • cory says:

      my brother graduated high school homey and he does have his kid back cuz he didnt do shit .

      • wildchild says:

        Everyone that reads this story obviously knows your brother didn’t do “shit”, as in “shit” I am referring to his not doing his job as a daddy in protecting this poor baby from his hellbeast woman. Or making sure he didn’t lay his hands on the defenseless baby, either. As far as his getting his education, whoopdie doo, chad having an I.q. over 0 means that obviously he knew better the whole time that what was being done to this child was wrong. And as far as I am concerned his passing his parenting class means less than 0, because it means he just knows how to work the dysfunctional system and in his darker than black heart should never have gotten this little boy back. Praying for this child.

  20. Mike blackledge says:

    Hey Bengalpuss…… Do you know any other words that arse??

  21. Mike blackledge says:

    Bengalpuss, can you say anything else besides arse…. Why don’t you try to speak in a more educated manner ???

    • Jay says:

      So, Mike, after reading the above article you were so upset and disturbed by what you’d read that you just HAD to leave a comment (or three). Unfortunately your priorities are so skewed that you were mostly horrified by another commenter’s choice of words, so terribly wounded that you had to hound the same person several times in the same thread, in which you also attempt to threaten them with violence.
      Are you really this bored? Or so stupid that you think using “curse” words is in any way a sign of a person’s intellect? You definitely made someone look idiotic here but it wasn’t BengalPuss.
      All you managed to do was make yourself look like a complete arse you fucking stupid cunt.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Jay, thug wannabes and mental deficients like Mikey need calling out for their cowardly, bullying ways. Thanks for your thoughtful response to his pathetic attempt to beat down bengalpuss.

        • BENGALPUSS says:

          Hey bulldoggy i’ve got a funny feeling that mike is clint, remember post pardumb depression guy? could be wrong but sounds like the dumb arse cunt to me. have you noticed bulldoggy, i’m using arse and cunt a lot tonight. but i’m thinking that i could of sniffed out a weasel, glad to have something to take my mind off the toothache lol.

          • john says:

            Hi everyone my name is ”
            “be anal pussy” if I had at least half a brain I would know how to spell. Unfortunately, I am not that smart and was not born with a fully functioning brain…

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Jay you said “fucking stupid cunt” you might upset mike, better watch it lol.

  22. BENGALPUSS says:

    MIKE, i don’t give a flying fuck whether you think i’m an idiot, but one thing i am good at is having an online spat, you cunt of an arseole, now i wonder if you can sleep on a night after reading such a horrendous article, but only comment on my profanity, you must sympathise with this offender otherwise instead of picking me out for my language, you would’ve been horrified by the crime that you just read, but instead you decided to pick on poor old bengalpuss, but guess what? i couldn’t give 2 shits what you think, so in original bengal style i have only 3 words for you, go fuck yourself. And if you want to come back with a response, i’ll only be more than happy to wipe the floor with you.

  23. BENGALPUSS says:

    Mike arsewipe, could you explain for me and all the others who comment on this blog, why you think i deserve an arse kicking? you just read an article that shows the picture of a child that has been brutally beaten, yet you mention nothing about the perpetraters of that heinous act, yet threaten to kick my arse which you say i deserve, for swearing at the pigs that physically abused a young child, can you explain your insane reasoning to us sane people of this blog? that you’ve attacked someone who is appalled by this sickening crime, so my saying arse and cunt is worse than what you just read? because if that’s the case, then your arse definitely deserves a kicking.

  24. Aletheia says:

    Wow, what is it about this story that brings the idiots out in droves?

  25. BENGALPUSS says:

    Alethiea, i think mike is this arsewipe who i’ve tussled with before called clint, you can guess by his comments that he doesn’t like me because he’s a sympathiser of people who beat children, he pops his ugly self up every now and then trying to insult me and threaten me, but you can’t argue with stupid, and i really shouldn’t engage with the little troll twat, but i had toothache last night couldn’t sleep, so made him look like the bully that he is. god forbid that he doesn’t have any children, i would be highly concerned, seen as he can read such an upsetting post and only comment on my foul language, still while ever he’s bullying me, at least children will be safe for a while.

  26. BENGALPUSS says:

    I best watch my back then, because if i deserve an arse kicking for saying “arse” then i could be put in front of mikes firing squad for saying “arsewipe” i usually wouldn’t engage with the troll, but i enjoy watching him making a cunt of himself, oh god now i’m really gonna get it, i said “cunt” LOL.

    • Aletheia says:

      Well, at least you proved your vocabulary extends beyond ‘arse.’ Maybe that’ll shut him up. At least, we can hope.

  27. Angel says:

    Just to let you know, the child is back with his father. Our CPS system is a JOKE! Chad Cymbalista is on fb. Check it out.

  28. Lynn says:

    OMG! He’s back with the father and is at least 4 years old now. He looks happy with the sorry excuse for a father. Hopefully the parenting class did his child well. I can’t believe he got custody after what he did. But that’s out of our control. I just hope and pray he will not ever harm this child or any other again. You can still see the scar from where his lips were burned. The boy looks very happy now though. Hopefully what ever demon was in his father has left for good and this beautiful baby’s life will be filled with joy from here on out.


    ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!! Who in the world would even give this hellbeast of a sperm donor (I refuse to refer to him as a father because no father would do this or allow this to be done to their child) the right, let alone the opportunity, to regain custody of this innocent child? As someone who used to work in prosecuting rapists, sex offenders, and child abusers, you run across cases like this far too often. It’s simply heartbreaking to work so hard to remove a child from a dangerous home environment and then helplessly watch events unfold where the child is returned to the perpetrators. After doing this job for many years, I couldn’t take the stress and emotionally draining toll it took upon my life anymore. As a victim of sexual abuse and rape, I wanted to help victims and put perpetrators away for their crimes. You are told to keep a professional distance, but it’s often too hard to keep a professional distance when you have to gain the trust of abused children so that they will tell you about the horrors they have endured. The last case I worked on involved a little 4 year old girl that was left in the care of her stepfather because both of her biological parents had died. The stepfather was sexually abusing her and she was removed from the home. The case was thrown out because the arresting officer didn’t read the stepfather his miranda rights, so the child was returned to his care. That child asked us why we were sending her back and begged us not to return her to the stepfather’s care. I will only say that it became a personal mission for several of us at that point to save this child. She was eventually removed from his care and he was imprisoned, but she endured more abuse at his hands. After this, I decided I couldn’t do this work anymore as it was consuming my life. My stomach literally hurts at the thought of this breeder having custody of this innocent little boy. How can any judge see the above picture and think it would be a good idea to give this monster another opportunity? TO WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE OF THIS DECISION, I HOPE YOU REALIZE THAT ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS GIVE THIS HELLBEAST THE OPPORTUNITY TO TORTURE AND KILL THIS INNOCENT LITTLE BOY SINCE HE DIDN’T KILL HIM THE FIRST TIME! ALSO, HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING THE DEATH SENTENCE YOU HAVE JUST HANDED THIS CHILD?

    • Rhonda Howard says:

      I too see cases like this. We have a broken system that will remove loved and well-cared for children out of good homes to abusive foster homes, and then the exact opposite. Horribly abused children, like this baby boy, being returned back to the lake of fire with their perpetrators. I pray for this little guy. He has his whole life ahead of him.

  30. Bengalpuss says:

    OMG, Which stupid twat decided to return this little boy back into the hands of satan? This fucker let that little boy be beaten to a pulp by his cunt of an excuse of a girlfriend, and they return the poor boy back into the arms of lucifer? If anything happens to that little boy then the bright spark that sent him back should be arrested and locked up. I’m literally stunned at what i’ve just learned about this poor little boy being placed back with one of his abusers. The dumb cunt that made that move obviously needs to be fired. Poor little boy, i’m really worried for him.

  31. john hurt says:

    I will be more than happy to kick both you arses??? According to puss.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      John hurt, you’ve just shown yourself to be the shithouse you are, threatening to kick mine and steve-o’s arse’s? I’m suprised you don’t yourself feature in hellbeasts, is that how your solve your problems by kicking people’s arse’s? You silly dim witted imbecile. Now as much as i’d love to carry on making you look even stupider i am having my dinner and the thought of your pathetic little threat has made a bad taste in my mouth, so bye bye ta ta cheerio fuckoff!!!

  32. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Looks Indeed like Someone Deserves to be Sacked For Stupidity

    Only Decent People Deserve to have Children

    It is Child Abuse otherwise

  33. Terrible Issues says:

    interesting what none of these articles say is that HER MOTHER was also living full time with them while all this was going on. She knew or had too the whole time too & did nothing.

  34. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Sickens Me when People Act the Ostrich in the Face of Child Abuse

  35. connecto says:

    Nicole (I have heard from a very good source) can not get a job… SO, she is now a drug dealer….

  36. connecto says:

    The judge said that in statements to Project Harmony, Corcoran’s three children indicated that she beat the boy multiple times over a six-week period, resulting in blunt force trauma to the head.

    “There was forensic interviews done there of child witnesses in the case that led us to believe she was more responsible of the two,” said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

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