Caylen Candy, Chyanne Powell, David Appiah & Sanjay Kalia

Chyanne Powell and Caylen Candy

Crimes: Kidnapping, Assault, Battery, Child Porn

British girls Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell may have girly names but they certainly have hellbeastly natures. Alcohol was a factor in their crimes, but I believe it only acted to release the beast within these two nasty creatures.

Caylen Candy, of Leabank Square, Hackney and Chyanne Powell, of High Street, Waltham Cross, were both 17 years old in September 2014. Being that young didn’t stop them from drinking alcohol for 12 hours straight at Chyanne Powell’s house.

I really had to raise my eyebrows when I checked out the minimum drinking age for Britain. According to the BBC News,

• People aged 16 or 17 can drink beer, wine or cider with a meal if it is bought by an adult and they are accompanied by an adult. However, it’s illegal for this age group to drink alcohol in pubs even with a meal.

• It is illegal for people under 18 to buy alcohol in a pub, off-licence, shop or elsewhere.

• In most cases, it is against the law for anyone to buy alcohol for someone under 18 to drink in a pub or a public place.

• It is legal for adults to buy alcohol for children over 4 to drink in the home.

Sounds to me like it’s totally and completely legal for kids over 4 to drink alcohol, just as long as it’s in the home. WTH is Britain thinking?

So I guess Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell were within their rights to get blotto at home. And I guess Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell had some obliging adult who stocked the Powell home with enough booze to last 12 hours.

It got to the point, after 12 hours of drinking, that Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell were feeling like doing something nasty and criminal. The two f*ckwits decided to rob schoolchildren.

Caylen Candy had no history of criminal convictions at that time, but Chyanne Powell had been convicted for street robbery and wounding. She’d actually bitten off the tip of a woman’s finger in Birmingham.

On September 14, 2014, both drunken hellbitches set out in search of victims. They tried first to rob a 14-year-old girl as she walked past Cedars Park, but that girl managed to run away and flag down a passing car.

The second target, also a 14-year-old girl, wasn’t so lucky. Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell accosted her near Theobolds Grove Station in Waltham Cross. For some unfathomable reason, the robbery morphed into a kidnapping. The 2 hellbitches forced the girl to go with them to Chyanne Powell’s apartment at Riverpoint.

Little did they know that a passing motorist happened to photograph the abduction taking place.

That poor kid — how terrified she must have been. She told her captors, “All I want to do is to go to school,” but they weren’t about to let her go. They locked her in the apartment and announced they were going to hurt her. They brandished a knife and forced the poor girl to take off her clothes. The kidnapping had morphed into sick, disgusting torture.

With their victim naked, Chyanne Powell and Caylen Candy began filming their “entertainment” with their cell phones. They filmed her as they forced her to shave her pubic area. They filmed her as they chopped off her hair. They filmed her with the knife at her throat. They filmed her as they forced her to perform a sex act. And they filmed her as they forced her to sit in a freezing cold bath.

While in the bath, the poor girl had her head dunked and held under the water 3 times. The hellbitches wrote all over her face and body, and then they poured table salt down her throat.

All this evil behavior was done for “a bit of fun”. And the fun wasn’t just for Chyanne Powell and Caylen Candy. Those nasty bitches had been sending movies of their victim to 18-year-old Sanjay Kalia of Macoma Road, Plumstead, who responded with comments like, “I would cut her breast. LOL. I would carve my name on her back.”

What a POS Sanjay Kalia is. He could’ve called police, or he could’ve reported the crime, but no. Sanjay Kalia instead chose to encourage the heartless and sick victimization of a helpless, young girl.

David Appiah, 21, of New Road, Chingford, arrived at the Powell’s apartment after being sent photos of the brutalized girl. The abuse and degradation of the victim was still ongoing when he got there. Did he act like a man and try to rescue the girl? Or did he act like a man and summon help? Hell no. Because David Appiah is a hellbeastly f*ckturd. He had a criminal history including robbery, assault and possessing weapons.

David Appiah and Sanjay Kalia

So what did David Appiah do? Well, he watched the abuse being carried out, texting to Chyanne Powell while in the same room. “Make her strip,” he instructed the hellbitch. “I am bored. … Or make her do press ups. You are her boss.”

Chyanne Powell and Caylen Candy forced their victim to clean out the bathtub, and then they forced her to drink alcohol. “You will get killed if you snitch on us,” Caylen Candy told the girl. I’m sure the poor kid had every reason to believe her.

After 16 or 17 hours of this humiliating, sick abuse, Chyanne Powell returned the girl to Waltham Cross. Police and the girl’s family were on the lookout for the girl. In fact it was a large-scale police search. They were using the photo taken of the abduction in media appeals.

Chyanne Powell, in a bid to escape, hid in a communal area where police found her. “I have looked after her,” she told the officers, “I have not done anything to her.”

Despite the threats of death the victim had received, the girl bravely told all. Kudos to her!

In May, 2015, Chyanne Powell pled guilty to attempted robbery, false imprisonment, 3 charges of causing bodily harm, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, and taking and distributing indecent photos of a child. She was sentenced to 7 1/2 years, with 3 years extended licence. If she poses a threat to the public while on licence her ass can be tossed back in prison. The judge considered her a “dangerous offender”.

Caylen Candy pled guilty to attempted robbery, assault with intent to rob, kidnapping, false imprisonment, 2 charges of causing bodily harm, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, and taking and distributing indecent photos of a child. She was sentenced to 6 years 3 months in a Youth Offenders Institution.

Sanjay Kalia pled guilty to false imprisonment and making and sharing indecent photos of a child. He was sentenced to 5 1/2 years detention.

David Appiah decided to not plead guilty. His defense was that he didn’t know the victim had been kidnapped, that he thought she was a friend of the girls. Riiiight.

Because he insisted on going to trial, the victim testified against him. I am just agog at how brave that girl is. She is awesome.

David Appiah was convicted of false imprisonment and causing a child to engage in sexual activity. He was sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison, with a 3-year extended licence.

Chyanne Powell, Caylen Candy and David Appiah will be on the Sex Offender Register for the rest of their lives.

So it won’t be long before all four of these sick bastards are out, free to wander among the people of Britain. I hope and pray that they will be forever known for their evil characters, and shunned everywhere. They should never, ever be trusted around children or vulnerable adults or animals. Not one of them showed any compassion or humanity while they abused a young girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually showed up in the news again, having done serious harm to someone.

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50 Responses to Caylen Candy, Chyanne Powell, David Appiah & Sanjay Kalia

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Cleo, thank goodness you posted a new article. I was going through withdrawal. I need my hell beasties, and these four certainly qualify. Nasty little turd piles they are.

    • AngryLittleMexican says:

      Agreed! We were missing Cleo here too :) Oh and I truly hope these little shits get a healthy dose of their own medicine!

  2. 2cute says:

    Happy New Year, Cleo, Bulldoggy, Bengalpuss, Angrylittlemexican, DecentPeopleOnly et al.

  3. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I don’t have a problem with the drinking laws you posted. I often enjoyed a glass of wine from my mid teens with a family dinner on special occasions, and I’m sure that is the sort of situation they’re trying not to criminalize. If anything, it taught me how to use alcohol responsibly.

    THESE creatures, on the other hand, used alcohol to loosen their inhibitions about something they already wanted to do. They had sickness and evil inside them all along, the alcohol didn’t put it there.

  4. moodymagic says:

    kudos to that very brave girl. I wish her all the best. Burn in hell monsters.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Shows the Evil Nature of Degenerate Britain a State of No

    Reading what has Happened My Blood Boils with Rage and the Only
    Appropriate Sentence is the Death Penalty as Conspiracy against the
    Innocence of Children and Torture breaks the Victims Real Human Rights

    The Sentences are a Disgusting Sick Joke and Parody of Justice
    Symbolic of an Evil Liberal Society

    It Seems like these Creatures were Born Evil to put it mildly

    The Age for Drinking Alcohol should be 18 Years of Age regardless of wherever in home or Not so the Consumption of Alcohol is For Adults Only

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    In the 18th and 19th Century the Ottoman Empire was Referred to as
    ” The Sick Man of Europe ” through this was more because of it’s
    Declining Power . The Present Day UK a Paradise For Murderers Child
    Molesters Rapists Muggers and Thugs can Well be Referred to as the
    Sick Monster of Europe

    The Degenerate State of British Society is Enough to make the Blood
    of any Decent Person unbrainwashed by moral relativism Boil

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Problem with Not so Great Britain of the Present is the Musn’t Grumble and Pretend it’s Not Happening that’s what we’re Doing
    Mentality of Too Many Combined with a Lack of Morality through
    Moral Relativism

    There is Good and Evil Right and Wrong and My Support is For the
    Good and the Right Not the Evil and Wrong

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Makes me Feel Sick how anyone could Brag about committing Acts
    of Thuggery Anti Social Behaviour on Facebook or You Tube

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Hear that in Cologne on New Years Eve there was a Mass Sexual Assault of Women

    The Scum Responsible should go to Prison for Life and where Rape
    has Occurred Face the Death Penalty

    Perverts who Sexually Violate Assault Women are like Child Molesters Scum who have No Place in a Decent Society built upon
    Decency and Morality

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Wherever Sexual Assault Violence Occurs and whoever does it I Mean
    Outrages like Cologne New Years Eve it is Totally Un Acceptable

    Human Rights Belong to Decent People

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Child Abuse is Evil and Apparently a rather Sick New Song
    has come out which Video Imagery is Creepy at Best and rather
    Paedophile Sick Fantasy at Worst

    I Boycott Degenerate Rubbish which goes Beyond any Pale of
    Human Decency

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Shocking that Members of some Bands or Groups have been
    Involved in Child Abuse which is Evil

    Anything that Undermines the Innocence of Children is in Effect
    Pushing Paedophilia and that Needs to be Opposed

    That Includes Rubbish masquerading as Songs and their shocking Videos as Well

  13. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Going about in Gangs to Sexually Molest Women whoever does this should instead of being a ” Human Right ” being a 10 Year Prison Offence and where they have Actually Sexually Molested Women should
    be a Life Prison Sentence

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Filth masquerading as ” Films ” that Seek to Undermine the Age of
    Consent ie Lower It Trivialize ” Normalize ” or Push The Destruction of the Innocence of Childhood should be Boycotted

    That Rubbish should Not be Watched on Cinema or got as a DVD

    The Degenerate Agenda Needs to be Reversed by a Decency Agenda

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    With Regards to the Cologne New Years Eve Outrage 10 Years should be
    just a Basic Start to a Appropriate Punishment . I Think that Life
    meaning Life in Prison is More Appropriate

    As For Rape Anything Else than the Death Penalty for Rape is
    Condoning Rape

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I would Further Add that Anyone Guilty of being Involved in the
    New Years Eve Outrage or who Pushes Terrible Songs or ” Films ”
    Trivializing Child Abuse and thus Pushing Paedophilia Effectively
    Needs to be Banned From the United Kingdom

    There will still Sadly be Sickos and Enemies of Morality and the
    Innocence of Childhood in the United Kingdom but at Least it will
    Help to Stop the Number of such Scum being Added To

  17. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What is Vital in the United Kingdom being a Better Place to Live in
    Apart from People Stop being Amoral Nihilistic and Oblivious is No
    Political Correctness at All and Decency and Commonsense to be
    British Ethics instead of Degeneracy and Chaos

    There is many Degenerate Films and ” Songs ” that Need to be Boycotted and Ultimately Banned as Contrary to British Morality

  18. Bengalpuss says:

    What a bunch of horrible cunts these motley crew are. The sentences are inadequate and cleo, our booze laws are pathetic. I’m fed up of walking past gangs of teenagers who are pissed and making nuisances of themselves, they should be at home and furthering their education. The parents are also to blame because surely they must know that their child is boozing. Sad to say but this story is just one of hundreds that are going on in britain, fucking nanny state thats what it is, run by muppets.

  19. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree they are Not Decent People and Certainly Do Not Deserve
    British Citizenship like the Creeps of Cologne on New Years Eve

    Parents have a Lot to Answer For Lack of Discipline and Moral
    Guidance and Need to be Held Accountable .

    It Proves what I am Saying about Moral Degeneracy

    Anyone who Sells Alcohol to Youths who Behave like Scum because they
    are Scum Deserves a £20,000 Pounds Fine if they have a Business for it to be Stopped from Selling Alcohol and go to Prison For 5 Years
    at Least

    There is a Need for a Decency Agenda a Decency State and an End to
    the Nanny State of Mindless Political Correctness and Amoral Nihilism

  20. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    One does Not Wish to See what Happened in Cologne on New Years Eve
    Happen in the UK

    There are More than Enough Perverts and Rapists in the UK Already

    Anyone that took Part in the Cologne New Years Outrage Needs to be
    Banned from Coming to the UK or being a British Citizen and the Same
    with any Rapist Pervert or Child Molester

    No Citizenship For Creeps

  21. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Seems like Child Serial Killer Robert Black has Died in Prison

    I Shed Tears for Victims of Murder but Not Murderers

    One Less Scumbag in the World and the UK

    Should of Got the Death Penalty for Murder but Liberal Do Gooders
    Murderers Best Friends to Blame for That

  22. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Studying the Crimes of Robert Black Thankfully Deceased they are
    Utterly Horrible

    Murder and Child Abuse

    The Sick Bastard

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Dpo, you’ve made my day by letting me know the sick fuck child killer robert black has pegged it. I remember when little sarah harper went missing and then found murdered by this cunt, also susan maxwell and carolyne hogg, that bastard should’ve been executed for what he did to those little girls, just a shame he couldn’t have suffered before he died but at least he’s roasting in the pits of hell now.

      • DecentPeopleOnly says:

        I Agree

        That Sick Fiend should of been Executed for his Abuse
        of those Children

        Shame the Scum Robert Black was Not Dead before he
        Murdered those Girls through

        At Least the Scum Robert Black is Dead

        • Bengalpuss says:

          He was actually caught kidnapping a policeman’s daughter, the neighbour seen two little legs with ankle socks on being lifted into a van, but black didn’t know the area and doubled back, fortunately the cop had been alerted to what had happened and black was stopped with the little girl in the back of his van tied up in a sleeping bag still alive, the rest of the story we all know, he was convicted of another murder while in prison, i truly hope hell exists because bastards like black should go there.

  23. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Two Weeks On From the Cologne New Years Eve Outrage One Wonders
    how Many of the Perverts Involved have been brought to Justice

  24. Bengalpuss says:

    That what happened in cologne dpo was absolutely disgusting, those poor young girls must’ve been petrified. I am ok with families fleeing syria because of those disgusting bastards isis, i seem to have a problem with the fact that the majority of so called refuge’s being young males, if mirkel wants them let her have them, i’m for helping mothers and children, genuine refuge’s, fuck merkel because she’s now backtracking realising she’s fucked up. I think the protests in cologne by the people speaks volumes, we don’t know who we are letting in regarding these young men who are on their own, we don’t know their criminal records, i’m telling you that this is all gonna end very badly by allowing our borders to be abused, for all we know it could be members of isis, when the shit hits the fan i can’t wait to hear what slack twat cameron has to say. Blame the uk and usa for going to war on lies in the first place. I’m having a hot flush so rant over.

  25. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Both a Sorry State of Affairs and a Sickening State of Affairs

    Merkel has made a Mess of Things

    Peace and Morality Not War and Cologne New Years Eve Outrage

  26. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Shocks Me how Delusional some People are out There.

    Came across a Nutcase who seems to Think that there are Reptilians Disguised as People out There.

    Tells Me to Come Out of My Rational Mind.

    No Thanks I Prefer Common Sense Not Delusionality .

    Instead of Rubbish about ” Different Dimensions ” How about something Real like the Actual State of the Country We Live In.

    If having an ” Open Mind ” means an Empty Head to be Brainwashed with Rubbish about Different Dimensions and Reptilians I Rather have a Mind of My Own a Head that is Not Empty and Not be Mind Controlled by Pantomime .

    Addressing Real Matters like the Evil of Murder Rape and Child Abuse is More Important than Cloud Cuckooland of a Mythical Reptilian
    Conspiracy which does Not Exist

  27. Bengalpuss says:

    Dpo, i take it you’ve heard of mr david icke and michael tsarian? I agree that the reptilian bollocks they drivel about is insane, however a lot of things icke says are very plausible. I’m just reading two of icke’s books at the moment “robots rebellion” and “alice in wonderlane and the world trade center, why 9/11 is a monumental lie” i have to say that the latter book has opened my eyes.

  28. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed I Have.

    That Reptilian Conspiracy Rubbish is just Rubbish and a Diversion from the Actual State of the Country

  29. Morgan says:

    Hope both victims are ok, even though one only escaped being robbed. Hope they both put this far behind them and live happily.

  30. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Disgusting

    Namely the Supplying of Condoms to Children under the Age of 16 Years
    of Age

    This Attacks the Innocence of Childhood and is Totally UN Acceptable

    Ban the Filth of TV Raise the Age of Consent to 18 Years and Defend the
    Innocence of Childhood

    Instead of Degenerate Britain Time For Decent Britain

  31. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The UK of Course has more than it’s Share of Scum and Thugs

    However the Sickening Thuggery that goes on in the Nazi Ukraine is

    From Thugs Bullying a Woman with a Saint George Ribbon on to Racist Thugs Attacking Russians going to Vote at the Embassy in Kiev it is
    a State of Evil the Nazi Ukraine

  32. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Buses are a Means of Transportation

    Scum who Assault Decent People on Buses and who Aggressively Beg
    or who Threaten Violence Needs to be Banned From Riding in Buses For
    Life and given an Appropriate Sentence on the Level of Violence and
    Theft /Aggressive Begging Involved

    Buses Not Thug Waggons

  33. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    School Bullying is Wrong and an Offence against Human Decency

    Equally Gangs of Thugs that Attack People are Un Acceptable

    They Need to Not only be Stopped and the Thugs Banned for Life from going
    Near the Victim but also that the Thugs are Banned from Associating in
    Public at All so they cannot Act as a Gang Again

    No Place in a Decent United Kingdom For Thug Gangs

  34. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Anyone who Commits Intentional Kidnapping Not Least with Assault and
    Injury Added Needs to be Banned from Coming to the United Kingdom For

    The United Kingdom has more than enough Scum without Kidnappers coming
    to the UK as Well

  35. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Whatever Else can be Said about UK 2016 It was and is Not Britain’s
    Finest Hour

    The Attitudes of Obliviousness in General Summon Up a Tawdry State of
    Evil which Needs to be Replaced by a State of Good

  36. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    2017 Needs to be a Better Year for a Decent Society than 2016 was

    • Rose says:

      Its gonna get worse honey..
      Until we get a grip on the abuse of children , drugs etc
      These kids are the product of abuse
      If we continue to let abusers have kids this will always happen
      1 sterilization law
      2 put all drug users / pushers in one place let them use till desth
      3 no saving OD victims
      4 death to All child Abusers
      1 strike law
      Declare war on every country making Meth/ drugs

      Bomb every country making Meth,
      Then we just might maybe have a decent life

  37. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Bullying Not Least Assault Committed by Children is as UN Acceptable
    as that Committed by Adults wherever at School or Outside

    Such Bullies Thugs Need to get a Criminal Record for Life and be
    Banned from Owing any Metal Knifes or Forks of any Sort

  38. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Throwing of Eggs at Decent People by Scum is Not a Trivial Matter

    It is Assault and Anti Social Behaviour and Warrants a Prison Sentence
    of at Least 5 Years and Longer for Scale of Injury and if the Throwing
    of Eggs at a Decent People leads to their Death it is Murder

    When this Happens in School by Children as an Act of School Bullying or
    just after or before School time it Warrants a Criminal Record for Life on the Part of the Perpetrators a £10,000 Fine and a 5 Year Prison Sentence Awaiting when the Culprits Turn 18 Years of Age

    Anti Social Behaviour and Bullying are UN Acceptable in a Country and
    Society For Only Decent People

  39. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    A Decent Society is what is Needed

  40. Ellesar says:

    The law in the UK of allowing children to drink in a private home is a matter of judgement. A parent is expected to be responsible, and it works out OK mostly – we do not have much of a problem with children drinking at home.

    These people did what they did because they wanted to, not because they were drunk. They may have felt disinhibited by alcohol, but the viciousness was there anyway. Millions of teens drink with their friends, and very few do any serious violence.

  41. BeenThere says:

    Hum..Looks like David Scum has buggers in his nose. Lol at his picture.
    All four need to be raped daily…

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