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Louisa (van der Merwe) Koekemoer & Kobus Koekemoer


Dear readers, we have another contribution by Harper Blythe, this time about the cruel child killers Louisa (van der Merwe) Koekemoer and Kobus Koekemoer. Thank you, Harper Blythe. Tiny little Poppie van der Merwe (3 years old) was an extraordinarily

Robert Eugene Clark & Samantha Simmons

clark and simmons

Crimes: Incest, Pedophiles, Child Abuse. I’m pretty sure that most of the residents of Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA, are normal, decent people with a strong sense of morality. It’s just unfortunate for them that Robert Eugene Clark and his half-sister,

Barry J. Cadden

Barry Cadden

Crimes: Conspiracy, Racketeering, Fraud. Barry Cadden isn’t technically a murderer, but his insatiable greed and amoral nature led to the deaths of at least 76 people, and afflicted over 700 people with excruciating, hellish pain. That, dear readers, is the

De’Asia Bartee


Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder, Negligence I suspect that Samia Rose Yusuf was a big inconvenience when she died. Hell, I suspect she was a big inconvenience when she was alive, at least to her mother, De’Asia Bartee. That’s an awful

Mohammed Miah & Rebeka Nazmin

mohammed miah and rebeka nazmin

Crimes: Murder, Child Abuse. This story, I admit, made me cry. All of the stories here make me mad, but only a handful have caused me to weep. This one is one of those. Baby Rifat wasn’t a perfect baby.

Venette Ovilde & Myriam Janvier

Venette Ovilde, Myriam Janvier

Crimes: Child Abuse, Manslaughter Religion can do bizarre things to people’s heads. I’m not talking about the shape of the heads, but rather the content. Friends and roommates of Irvington, New Jersey, USA, got themselves involved in a whackadoo cult

April Nichole Jones & Antavis Dewayne Thornton Jr.


Crimes: Pedophiles, Incest, Rape, Sodomy, Neglect, Child Abuse It’s time once again to expose more hellbeasts to the light. Today’s evil creatures come from Tallapoosa County, Alabama, USA, and they are as evil as evil can be. April Nichole Jones

Christopher Sefton & Lori Lloyd


Crime: Child Abuse Christopher Sefton and Lori Lloyd of Auburn, Washington State are a pair of fugly f*ckturds who deserve the same hell they inflicted upon a little boy — but where the boy was rescued eventually, these hellbeasts deserve

Georgette Denise Backman, Steven Raymond Backman & Georgio Backman


Crimes: Elder Abuse I feel so bad for 83-year-old Deloris Pettiford. Crimes against elderly people infuriate me, especially when they’re committed by family members. I spent decades looking after my own handicapped mother, and wrecked my back doing it, so

Hanif Sims & Monique Lynch


Crimes: Child Abuse, Negligence, Murder This story is one I intended to write when I began this blog, but wound up getting tucked away in my to-do file. There are a helluva lot of hellbeasts in that file, and even

Cody Marshall Baker & Anna Steele

Cody Baker, Anna Steele Anna Steele of Columbia, Missouri didn't deserve to have baby Finley. That's my opinion. The minute she decided to bring her boyfriend Cody Marshall Baker into Finley's life, she

Jordyn Blue Coat & Francis Swan

Stop Child Abuse Little Jastin Conner Blue Coat didn't stand a chance in life, and I don't understand it. He was truly adorable, with big cheeks and a sweet, friendly smile. He loved to

Dorothy Kerridge

Dorothy Kerridge See this woman here? This is Dorothy Kerridge of Kelsale, Suffolk, UK. She worked as a live-in caregiver for 90-year-old dementia sufferer, Muriel Munro of Caithness Close, Ipswich. Poor Mrs. Munro is

Edwina Louis, Bobbi Sue Pack & Juan Carlos Sanchez

Louis, Pack and Sanchez I know that I'm sounding repetitive, but life is SO UNFAIR that some people who would make wonderful parents can't have children, yet others who are downright evil, depraved