Cassidy Goodson

Cassidy Goodson
Written by new contributor Rachel

Crime: Murder

Being a pregnant teenager is undoubtedly a tough, life changing event. Most teens lose their virginity before they turn 18, nowadays. Thankfully, not all of them get pregnant. Those that do become pregnant are faced with a life full of hard choices and a short childhood. As a general rule I feel bad for pregnant teenagers, but not this one.

Cassidy Goodson of Lakeland, Florida, became pregnant at the young age of 14. When she discovered that she was pregnant is unclear, but after a period of time Cassidy became aware of her condition. She made it clear to investigators that she decided to hide her pregnancy instead of telling her parents.

Cassidy, who weighs only 100 lbs, began wearing baggy clothing to conceal her baby bump. As you can imagine, baggy clothing is only going to hide the pregnant belly of a 100 lb 14 year old for so long.

Over time, friends and other parents noticed that Cassidy was undeniably pregnant. At one point Mrs. Goodson’s sister attempted to talk with her about the pregnancy, but Mrs. Goodson denied that her daughter was pregnant and devised a plan to prove it. She urged her daughter to take a few pregnancy tests to “squash the rumors”, as she put it. However, Mrs. Goodson never checked the tests or even made sure that Cassidy took one.

It is unclear if any pregnancy tests were in fact taken, as Cassidy simply told her mother that the results were neutral.

Around September 19th, 2012, Cassidy went into labor while she was at home. Recognizing that she was about to give birth, Cassidy locked herself in the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She turned on tap water and bit into a towel, hoping that it would be enough to cover her screams.

Cassidy demonstrating murder

Cassidy demonstrating murder

According to Cassidy, she picked up a pair of scissors and began to “pry” the baby out of her with the tips. After digging at the baby and birthing it directly into the toilet, she picked up the injured newborn and felt for a pulse. When she discovered that the baby was alive Cassidy says she immediately choked the baby to death for a full minute. After that she hopped in the shower and washed herself off.

This is where things get really messed up, if that is possible. Apparently Cassidy’s mother noticed a large amount of blood around the toilet and took her daughter to the emergency room, where her daughter “admitted” to her mother and the nurse that she had a miscarriage. After a medical exam, the hospital confirmed that she had signs of a miscarriage.

Cassidy says that she told her mother she had given birth on the toilet, and flushed the tiny dead fetus away without looking. She received medical care and went home.

The dead newborn was hidden in a shoebox in her bedroom until Cassidy could figure out how to dispose of it. Thankfully she never got the chance. Mrs. Goodson does her daughter’s laundry on a regular basis and noticed a foul smell coming from Cassidy’s closet. Investigating the smell led her to the shoebox, where she discovered the baby wrapped in dirty wet clothes. The mother called her sister, who then called 911.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office immediately arrested and charged the young killer with homicide.

Investigators who dealt with the case say that Cassidy was very unremorseful and stoic about what happened. She says that she killed the baby because she didn’t know what else to do with it and she was afraid it might ruin her relationship with her parents. To me, those sound like some pretty good reasons not to have unprotected sex. They are not good reasons to kill your newborn child.

To make things worse, the mother has claimed in court that she and her daughter were totally unaware of the pregnancy. Mrs. Goodson has been quoted as saying that Cassidy “had her period every month”.

When asked why she didn’t check the results of her daughter’s pregnancy tests, she says that she trusted Cassidy. This woman cares more about lying than she does about the loss of her grandson.

This was a premeditated crime. Cassidy Goodson knew that she was pregnant, and knew she had no intentions of keeping the child. She knew when she used those scissors, 32 times on his head and chest, that the baby was not going to live.

Cassidy Goodson delivered and murdered a 9 lb, 20 inch baby boy under the nose of her mother, who is still denying that the she or the girl were even aware of the baby. The worst part of all? Cassidy was sentenced to 18 months in jail. Yes, that’s right, 18 months. I feel so sorry for that little boy. His life was worth much more than 18 months.

Cleo’s Note: Cassidy Goodson had been originally charged with 1st-degree murder and aggravated child abuse but pled guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter on December 19, 2012.

Judge Donald Jacobsen said he was satisfied that Cassidy Goodson was unlikely to pose a threat to anyone else. He considered her “immature” at the time of the murder.

Cassidy will serve her sentence in a maximum security facility for juveniles.

If she completes her sentence without any problems or incidents, Cassidy Goodson will reappear before the judge in 18 months, be placed on probation, and be freed. If she violates the terms of her probation, she could then be charged as an adult, and face up to 15 years in prison.

Cassidy’s grandfather said outside the courtroom, “She’s a good girl… She just made a terrible mistake.”

Ummm, no. Having sex at such a young age was a mistake. Getting pregnant was a mistake. Lying to her parents was a mistake. But stabbing and throttling a helpless newborn baby to death was murder.

It is unacceptable for anybody to minimize the pain that tiny infant endured, nor his horrific death by calling it just a “mistake”.

I truly hope that Cassidy Goodson will evolve into a decent human being complete with remorse, empathy and compassion.

RIP little baby boy.

And thank you Rachel for your contribution to Hellbeasts.

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58 Responses to Cassidy Goodson

  1. Shans4 boysak says:

    I hold the mother partly responsible. She didn’t know her daughter was pregnant? I call bullshit. Parents need to start parenting.

    • 2cute says:

      Agreed shans4boysak. The mother and the grandfather seem determined to believe their little angel is a “good girl” despite her cold bloodedly murdering a baby and then treating it like trash. Did that little baby even get a name? Did he get a funeral? Did anybody in his family mourn for him? It seems they only care about Cassidy and making excuses for the inexcusable.

    • Brittany says:

      Her whole excuse of being scared to tell her parents she was pregnant was BS. Her parents are currently trying to defend her against murder! Considering that, I highly doubt that anything horrible would have come of her telling her parents that she was pregnant. One thing that I am curious about though, is where is the father or the baby in all this????

      • bengalpuss says:

        Don.t think it matters where the father is brittany, cassidy had no intentions of letting that poor baby boy live. If she told the father then that would Scupper Her plans of getting rid of the baby, hence destroying her freedom cos she’s a selfish cunt. Plus i don.t believe for one minute that the mother didn.t know cassidy was pregnant, everyone else seemed to notice. And 18 months is an absolute joke.

        • Kristy Kris says:

          It does matter who the father is in this case. Is it a “boyfriend”, or a family member? Was she molested by a stranger or older person in the neighborhood? If she was 14 when this happened, she was probably 13 when she became pregnant – wouldn’t that be statutory rape with a girl so young? It would also be important to know the age of the father.

          • Kristy Kris says:

            This is a very sad case – A sad family and a sad girl – Instead of making callous remarks, maybe we should all pray for her and all the others who murder their babies (born and unborn). Let’s remember, this goes on in abortion clinics everyday. We all need Yeshua (jesus) as our Savior for our redemption from our own sins. Let us all call upon the name of THE LORD and do as Yeshua taught. Calling Him Lord means we do what he taught.

    • Jena says:

      I think this little baby boy is better off not growing up with this girl for a mother. Hopefully there is a heaven and he is there.

      • Kristy Kris says:

        Yes there is heaven, but that baby is in a grave. Yeshua/Jesus said that He was the way and The Truth, and NO man enters the Kingdom except thru HIM. And like when Cain slew Able, The blood cries out!

        • Kristy Kris says:

          It will take The Second Coming of Yeshua To resurrect those in the grave. (no one goes directly to heaven upon death) That is why death is called sleep….That baby will be raised and live with The Lord forever. Repent, turn away from your sin, keep Torah and have Yeshua as your Lord and Savior.

          • Haventseenit says:

            OMG why are you calling Jesus Yeshua! You are nuts lady. Either you watch Melinda’s videos or you are Melinda and that Woman is nuts

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Scary little bitch. A murderer at 15! For totally selfish reasons! That’s not immaturity — that’s evil.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Fourteen bulldoggy, and i don.t buy that bullshit about trusting her daughter to give her the correct pregnancy test results. You can.t tell me that all of a sudden your daughter starts to year baggy clothes. Even the relatives clicked on that she was pregnant. She didn.t have to murder that little boy, she could of left him at a hospital or some other place, she didn.t have to kill this angel. She was big enough to spread her legs, so she should have been big enough to accept the responsibility of her actions. Oh and the sentence was an absolute joke, she basically butchered a baby boy with a pair of scissors, and she got a poxy 18 months.

    • Carly*n says:

      You damn right

  3. 2cute says:

    Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

  4. bengalpuss says:

    A well written article rachel, thankyou for sharing it with us.

  5. pj says:

    That little murderous creature has no soul and no heart and I doubt she can ever grow them and be a normal human being. She is completely narcissistic and I think she’s pure evil. She’s been given another chance by the judge and I really hope for the sake of all the weaker and vulnerable people and animals she’ll encounter in life that she won’t hurt or kill again.

    • Kristy Kris says:

      Paul of the Bible was a murderer-Most believe he was responsible for Stephen’s stoning. (check out what happens in a stoning) Paul was seen as evil. The Lord came to him on his way to Damascus. He turned his life around and wrote 13 books in Your Bible. Why not pray for this girl and others like her? Nothing is beyond the help of Yehovah! (The name of God)

  6. moodymagic says:

    Well written Rachel and definitely hellbeast worthy.

  7. Trace says:

    Time to cull the herd. When society produces deviants like this monster, we need to remove them from the gene pool.

  8. kim says:

    18 months that’s it? that baby was cut 32 times and she “PRIED” him out of her…oh my god…this is horrible again proof that children mean nothing and i mean the infant not her…she obviously had more rights than the baby and the mother and grandfather what pieces of shit they are

  9. Miriam A says:

    are u fucking joking??….18 months….he didn’t even get to live for 18 minutes….someone should .let me stfu

  10. Matt says:

    Disgusting creature. She deserved the death penalty. I don’t care that the cunt is only 14. A 5 year old can tell you it’s wrong to choke and stab a baby!

  11. bengalpuss says:

    Matt, if she’s adult enough to open her legs and get pregnant, shes adult enough to be given a life sentence. Like you said “This cunt deserves the death penalty” They have places called “Safe haven” Where you can leave the baby, anonymously, at least you know that the baby is being cared for, this bitch couldn’t even do that, instead she stabbed and strangled the poor little baby. Fucking evil bastard, hope she has a miserable life, and she should have her womb removed to prevent the bitch from doing it again. Plus if she ever does want children, i sincerely hope she can.t have them.

    • robin says:

      Take your meds. Anyone who calls a child a bitch isn’t wrapped too tight

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        She is a Fucking bitch and I’m not deluded like you thinking that calling a teenager who stabbed and strangled a baby a bitch. What should we do, wrap her up in cotton wool? That’s the problem with people like you, Molly coddle them after they commit heinous acts instead of punishing them. If anybody needs to take medication its you love because this cunt needs calling worse names than bitch, believe me.

  12. Kayu says:

    Has anyone considered why the family enabled Cassidy to cover-up the pregnancy? Could the father of the baby been a relative or close friend of the family? Could this girl have been raped or manipulated?

    I am sickened at the comments indicating they would be fine with a 14 year old girl’s life being ruined for a mistake that might not have been hers.

    • Jena says:

      I agree Kayu perhaps it was a male relative. Maybe she was afraid the baby would scream. Not condoning what she did…

    • Landon says:

      I couldn’t agree more! it’s very easy as adults who have fully developed brains and advanced rational thinking to come up with alternative options for how this CHILD could’ve better handled this situation, however what people seem to be overlooking is that children are not yet equipped with the tools to think of the long term consequences of our actions. As for those of you diagnosing this terrified little girl with “narcism” and as a “sociopath”, you should be ashamed of yourself. There is a reason why children under the age of 18 are not diagnosed with personality’s because children are products of their environment and their families ..what mother doesn’t know their 14 year old is pregnant ? Her mother was home in their trailer when she delivered..there is more to this story !!

      Ps this article is not accurate in the way the baby was killed, it was not stabbed 32 times any marks were from when the girl delivered the baby.

      • Sam says:

        I’m glad some other people are saying what appears to be the unpopular opinion… I am the mother of a gorgeous baby boy, and while I cannot even fathom what she did, labeling her a sociopath and insinuating she’s likely to do this again is just… moronic.

        Obviously she didn’t murder out of a desire to kill, like a serial killer.. Normally I am appalled when I hear about women killing their babies, especially with the safe haven laws, but is anyone thinking about the fact that this girl isn’t even old enough to drive? There was no way she could surrender her baby without her parents knowing. Plus, the fact that her mother was still in denial about her obvious pregnancy, makes me think her parents intentionally ignored the situation even though they knew full-well she was pregnant. If her parents, who were supposed to be responsible for her, refused to acknowledge the situation and take action, well, she probably took her cues from them. They clearly wanted the entire thing to “go away,” and I think they are more responsible for what happened than she is. They could have taken her to a doctor! At the very least, made her take a pregnancy test in front her mother.

        The comments people have made along the lines of “if she’s old enough to have sex, she’s old enough to deal with the consequences” are the type of people who perpetuate these problems in our society. Plenty of adult women have sex when they are ill-prepared or not wanting a child to result from the act. But they still have the sex. Demonizing sex, and trying to get rid of things like birth control, planned parenthood, and abortion, as well as fighting against teaching safe sex practices in school, leads to these situations. Plus, who knows, she may have been raped/abused, and to say, ‘if she was, wouldn’t she have used that as a defense’ is ignoring the possibility her family covered it up because she was raped by a family member. (this scenario does seem unlikely, but it isn’t impossible)

        Finally, it’s a simple fact that children’s brains aren’t fully formed and don’t function the same ways as adult brains, until a person is about 25 years old. This isn’t to say that a 14 year old doesn’t know right from wrong, simply that they don’t have the ability to think critically and problem-solve the way adults do.

        I’m not saying what she did is ok or even understandable in any way, but what is the point of locking her up for the rest of her life? It won’t bring her son back. Anyone who insinuates she’s likely to do this again is just an idiot– give me an example of when that has happened. The focus in this case should be rehabilitation, not punishment.

  13. bengalpuss says:

    The comments that your disgusted about, relate to a girl who murdered a new born baby. If she had been raped, im sure that she would have used that in her defence, as she seems to be a manipulating young girl. Now i don.t know if you know this, but nowadays, teenagers have lost their virginity at around 12-13yrs old. Shocking but true. She had many choices she could make, 1) Keep her legs closed 2) Used contraception 3) Tell her parents and have an abortion 4) Considered adoption 5) Leave the newborn at safehaven, anonymously 6) leave the baby somewhere, it could be found quickly. So i don.t care what bullshit excuse she came out with. I don.t buy that crap about “She’s only young, she could have gone through something we don.t know about” if that was the case she could have done one of the things i listed above, but she didn’t. She chose to murder a newborn baby, selfish little witch that she is.

  14. Bengalpuss says:

    Sneaky little bastard has managed again. Never mind, from now on im just gonna blank the little fucker.

  15. Anon says:

    How can you be sure, though, that she wasn’t raped by a family member and that’s why they are so defiant and ready to say they could never had had a clue what was going on? Why would she use that in her defense if it was by a family member. I think her saying she was scared of being in ‘trouble’ speaks volumes for the dynamic in the home and family life this girl lead. Being scared of normal trouble doesn’t drive you to kill your child. I don’t think she deserves life in prison. I think both her brain was/ still isn’t fully developed, which led her to not thoroughly think through the situation , and her home situation had something more than we know to it.

    Either way, it’s sick, and sad that a innocent child had to suffer- but he’s in heaven now and that’s all that matters.

  16. lars says:

    I think when you first hear the story you really want to see her get what she deserves,but we have to comsider some of the obvious. She could have been raped, and maybe she didn’t want that guy to hurt her again (maybe even worse) if he knew she was pregnant. Of course when she delivered it she freaked out. So would I. Maybe she thought rhe baby would be brain damaged from hitting the ceramic tubbing of the toilet so she ‘put it out of misery’. Also her mom sounds crazy as hell and didn’t even want her involved. At 14 you really don’t understand life and eath concepts, which both were involved in tbis case. It’s awful foe both the child and the girl.

  17. Caroline says:

    I think some of us are right in saying that mother is 40 % responsible for the death of this baby. There is no reason a daughter can hide her pregnancy from parents, I can’t figure out how its possible.

    • Queen Bengalpussy says:

      Yes that always baffles me, that you could be pregnant and you don’t know until the time you go into labour!! Don’t buy it, she knew she was pregnant, and so did the grandmother. Poor baby. No sympathy, the mother is an evil bastard, Fucking beast she is.

      • Christian says:

        Regarding all who are passing judgment on a child who was molested at the age of 13 for her actions after giving birth alone in her bathroom, you are terrible examples of human beings. It appears that she was 13 when she conceived, not yet of the age of consent, so regardless of who the father is, she was sexually abused. I wonder if you people consider your righteous indignation to be in line with your religious beliefs. Your lack of compassion is anything but Godly.

  18. Julie says:

    Lets assume she WAS raped…why not terminate the pregnancy? Why carry this little boy full term and then snuff out his life anyway? She is a murdering douche bag, plain and simple…I was 16 when I had my little boy, well he’s no longer little, he’s 21 now, and I do NOT for one second regret having him, he is awesome and I love him with all my heart. Yes, it was hard raising him at 16, but I did it, and so have a lot of other teen moms! When my parents found out I was pregnant, they asked me what I wanted to do, and I bluntly told them, “I am NOT aborting it, and I am not carrying a life in me for 9 months only to give it up for adoption” They were so supportive and to this day, he is their “little guy”

  19. brooke says:

    This absolutely disgusts me, no matter how you even look at it. In the long run, no matter the situation, the parents AND this “little girl” are at fault. Like someone said in a comment “a 5 year old could tell you that is wrong”. If she knew she was pregnant, she could have aborted, if she didn’t know until it was too late to abort, she could have given the child away. In any circumstance, even if raped, you could never justify someone giving birth to a baby into a toilet & then strangling it “enough to stop it from breathing,” in her own words. & the worst part is SHE HAS NO REMORSE WHAT SO EVER! Sickens me. I actually am 16 and I am pregnant & my mother is barely around & barely pays attention & she knew I was pregnant before I did. I have some feeling though that her mother knew & they kept it a secret knowing this was the plan for when the baby was born? But what if its some extremely messed up unknown story, what if her father raped her & her mother knew about it & thats why they defend her & why no one knows the father of the baby? If that was the circumstance I could kind of understand this girl, but in cold blooded murder like this & showing no remorse for it? Its disgusting & I truly wish that it could have been different for this baby boy.

  20. wondering says:

    I’ve read many stories on this site, and this one made me curious as to who the hellbeast May actually be. Maybe the grandmother, maybe the mother, but the whole story is not here, imo.

  21. Mia says:

    “Good girls” don’t murder their newborn children.

    I can understand not knowing that you are pregnant for the first few months if you are young and stupid. But by the time you are about 6 months, you KNOW because that baby is an acrobat. At 7 months, you ciukd SEE my son rolling around in my belly, and he wss born much se,maller than this hellbitch’s baby.

    That poor, precious baby.

  22. Chris says:

    Why isn’t anyone commenting on the father who should’ve kept his pants zipped? Why didn’t he step in & offer to raise his child? Was it because he was too young? Well, Cassidy was also too young to understand the long-term consequences. Also, for those who question why didn’t she just have an abortion? She did – she aborted the fetus with scissors.

  23. antirape says:

    Who raped this girl at 13 to make her pregnant at 14?

  24. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Murder is Murder and Warrants the Death Penalty

    Infanticide is Murder Pure and Simple

    The Evil State of ” Modern ” Society

    • TimeToFaceFacts says:

      The Evil State of ” Modern ” Society

      Please. Modern society at least addresses the problem. Infanticide was a thing for most of human history. Throwing unwanted babies from cliffs, bashing their heads against stone, the litany goes on and on. Modern society has less crime, less poverty, less orphans, less human misery than any point in human history. We’re going in the right direction, but we can’t get there quick enough.

  25. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Further Prove of Evil Modern Society just Heard a Baby has been Assaulted

    Also the Could Not Care Less Obliviousness of too many.

    With Thuggery Murder and Vandalism Society is going the Wrong Way

    Modern Society Lets Murderers Get Away with Murder

    As for ” Less Human Misery ” the Poverty in the UK and in many other parts of the World show that Not to be the Case

  26. xxx says:

    Ave Dominus Satanas. She should have been able to get an abortion, wouldn’t have had to kill it live, you sick control freaks should mind your damn business.

  27. Christian says:

    Regarding all who are passing judgment on a child who was molested at the age of 13 for her actions after giving birth alone in her bathroom, you are terrible examples of human beings. It appears that she was 13 when she conceived, not yet of the age of consent, so regardless of who the father is, she was sexually abused. I wonder if you people consider your righteous indignation to be in line with your religious beliefs. Your lack of compassion is anything but Godly.

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