Camille Cléroux

Hellbeast Camille Cleroux
Crime: Serial Killer

The first time Camille Cléroux committed murder was in April of 1990. His first victim was his wife of 3 years, Lise Roy. And for decades nobody knew. And for decades Camille Cléroux got away with her murder.

Camille and Lise had married in 1987. Lise already had a daughter, and afterward she and Camille had a son.

Camille and Lise and their little family lived at 1535 Heatherington Road, unit 153 in Ottawa, Ontario, and that’s where Lise died at age 27. Why oh why did she have to die? Because Lise Roy discovered something horrible about her husband Camille. She learned that the man she married was a closet pedophile. She was understandably upset, maybe outraged, and she made the fatal mistake of confronting the creep.

Cleroux and Roy weddingDuring the ensuing argument, Camille Cléroux decided to bring all discussion to a close by beating Lise to death with a rock. Not nice, but effective for his purposes.

That very night Lise Roy was buried in the backyard, all wrapped up in butcher’s paper. In the morning, a vegetable garden had been planted on top of her body.

Very clever, and Camille the killer Cléroux got even more clever. He trundled off to the police station and complained to them that his dear wife had beaten him up! That’s right, she beat him up, and then she ran away to Montreal!

So what did the police do when they heard that a mother of two had disappeared after beating her poor husband? They issued a warrant for her arrest. And that’s all they did, leaving the killer Cléroux to continue his life uninterrupted.

Heatherington Avenue HouseIn hindsight, it is totally possible that not all of Lise Roy had been buried in the backyard. A neighbour did notice after she “disappeared” that Camille the monster Cléroux had been hauling heavy garbage bags to a wooded area. Hmmmmm. Unfortunately the neighbour didn’t think anything sinister about that at the time. And the police just weren’t asking.

So that was the end of Lise Roy, young mother of two little children, and Cléroux’s first victim. (Admittedly I have not found who raised Lise Roy’s children after her disappearance but I sincerely hope they were not in the killer’s care.)

In June 1992 Camille the dirty dungheap Cléroux met Jean Rock. She was a young woman who suffered from seizures. She was also a feisty person who wasn’t shy about standing up for herself.

Young Jean RockThe relationship between Cléroux and Jean Rock was on again, off again, and full of fights and reconciliations. It came to a sudden and permanent end in the fall of 2003. Camille the POS coward Cléroux bashed Jean Rock’s head in with a rock. A rock! Some things never change!

Cléroux the 2-time killer first buried his victim in a shallow grave in some woods near Fairlea Crescent, Ottawa. That was where he had killed her and it was convenient for the murdering bastard.

Jean Rock was only 32 when she was disposed of. She had wasted 11 years of her life trying to make a life with the hellbeast who ultimately killed her.

Camille Cléroux was forced to move Jean’s remains to another grave in Fairlea Park when construction crews were working too close to the first site. And then, in 2006, he had to move her again after animals had dug up the bones. Poor Jean Rock wound up tossed into the Rideau Canal.

With this murder the f*cktard Cléroux didn’t go to the police with a cock and bull story as he had with poor Lise Roy. He knew that Jean Rock’s family would be missing her, so he got both smart and lucky.

He was smart because he came up with a great plan and he was lucky to find someone stupid and gullible enough to help him carry it out.

Cléroux found a woman whose handwriting was similar to Jean’s. He paid her $10 a letter to write to his victim’s family, pretending to be her. He told this foolish woman what to write, and she wrote it.

The first letter Jean’s family got said that she didn’t want direct contact with them. Since the dead woman’s relationship with her family had been fraught with arguments it was believable.

But the clever cowardly killer Cléroux didn’t stop there. He sent the Rock family about 3 letters a year for 6 years. They were full of news about how Jean Rock started a new family with a trucker named Pierre, and had a baby boy that she named after her father. They went on to say how Jean ultimately had several sons and a daughter, and that she’d had a miscarriage even.

I just shake my head at his unwitting accomplice/forger. What the f*ck did she think she was doing, writing letters to a woman’s family, dictated by a man? Who the hell would not think this was bizarre and just plain wrong?

“I didn’t realize that she wasn’t alive. I didn’t know this,” said the forger. She said she began writing the letters as a favour to Cléroux because he didn’t know how to read or write. Gullible, gullible, gullible. Stupid, stupid stupid. That’s as charitable as I can be toward her.

So for a paltry investment of about $180 that he paid for the letters, Camille Cléroux was able to get away with murder #2.

Jean Rock’s bones had actually been discovered when the Rideau Canal was drained, but since she’d never been reported missing authorities couldn’t identity her remains, much less catch her killer.

So Camille Cléroux the double murderer was living a life unhampered by the dead women, police investigations, and any justice. And feeling real cocky and downright invincible, the killer couldn’t resist killing again.

Paula LeclairThe third victim was yet another woman, but not a wife or girlfriend this time. The only reason the POS Cléroux had to kill Paula Leclair, 64, was he coveted her apartment. They both lived in the Villa Vista highrise in Heatherington. Paula Leclair lived in unit #907, and Cléroux lived in unit #802. She had a better view, and so she must die, was his twisted thinking.

On May 20, 2010, Camille the murderous bastard Cléroux was ready to move. He had the grave dug in some old train yards near Walkley Road. He had swiped a knife from the restaurant he worked at. He had his forger write a letter purporting to be from Paula Leclair to her landlords, informing them that Cléroux would be sharing her apartment.

All that was left to do was to grab Paula Leclair, kill her and then the apartment would be his.

Poor trusting Paula Leclair went for a walk with the murderous bastard on that fateful day. Sure enough, he pulled out the knife, forced her into a car and drove her to the secret gravesite. He stabbed the poor woman repeatedly in the back, and then he picked up a rock and smashed in her head.

Villa Vista ApartmentsWithin hours the 3-time killer Cléroux was clearing his victim’s belongings out of her apartment. He put them in a dumpster in the back of the building.

And so now everything was great in the killer’s world! Cléroux was happy and everyone else was …. dead. He had his roomy apartment with a view, and his victims, well he didn’t care about his victims.

One problem, though — not everyone was dead. Paula Leclair had a loving son Andre, and Andre was a complication. He hadn’t heard from his mom so he dropped by the apartment on May 29, 2010. I can’t imagine what Andre Leclair felt when he encountered that stranger who told him his mom had handed over her apartment to him and then demanded the key.

Andre Leclair, of course, went to the police. How bothersome for the POS serial killer Cléroux. What was he to do?

What he did do was return to his imbecilic letter writer/forger and convinced/paid her to write yet more letters. This time of course they purported to be from Paula Leclair to her son and they said that she had left the apartment to that nice Mr. Cléroux and she didn’t want anything more to do with Andre or any other relative. She’d won the lottery and moved to Florida.

The ploy did not work this time. Andre Leclair didn’t believe it and the police didn’t believe it.

Police investigationCléroux was interviewed by Detective John Monette. Because of the skilful interrogation, the killer confessed to Paula’s murder. And finally the serial murderer was stopped!

On June 3, 2010, Camille Cléroux, 56, was charged with 1st-degree murder in the death of Paula Leclair whose battered body was discovered where he’d left it.

Shortly afterward, former neighbour Robert Fling approached the police with a story about hearing screams from the Heatherington Avenue house 2 decades earlier. They took him seriously and began investigating.

On June 25, 2010, Cléroux was also charged with 1st-degree murder in the deaths of Jean Rock and Lise Roy.

On October 31, 2011, some human remains were discovered in the backyard of the Heatherington Avenue home. Lise Roy’s body had finally been found, but many bones were still missing, including the skull.

Police investigationOn March 20, 2012, Camille the waste of flesh Cléroux agreed to stand trial on 3 counts of 1st-degree murder. Shortly afterward, on April 20, 2012, police uncovered some of Jean Rock’s remains in Fairlea Woods.

On June 26, 2012, in an Ottawa court Camille the cowardly killer Cléroux pled guilty to 1 count of 1st-degree murder and 2 counts of 2nd-degree murder.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Lynn Ratushny sentenced the useless fleshpile to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. She denied the defence’s request for credit for time already served.

“With a mind that has functioned in a way that yours has and does, there’s no better place for you than in custody,” Justice Ratushny told the monster.

“After hearing the stomach-churning details today, and your plan to kill these cherished women just to get them out of your way, we can all take some comfort knowing that you are incarcerated and likely will be for the rest of your life.”

Jean Rock’s father, John, who had for years thought his daughter was alive, well and producing grandchildren, gave a victim impact statement. “Our family is now incomplete and will never be the same. I welcomed a monster into my home and feel sick,” he wrote. “My heart is broken beyond repair.”

Poor John Rock felt guilty that he hadn’t seen through the killer’s deception. “If I had seen through him, my daughter, Jean, and Paula Leclair would still be here today.”

The grieving father’s health has suffered terribly from all this. He had a seizure in the courtroom, and had lost a lot of weight before the end of the trial. I wish him well.

Jean Rock’s mother Donna wrote, “No loved one should ever have to go through this pain.” Amen to that.

Andre Leclair described how the monster Cléroux robbed him of his only blood relative. He also wrote that the killing of his mother has destroyed his family in a way that can never be repaired.

I know that nothing written here can ease the pain and grief of the victims’ loved ones, as much as I wish it could. I extend my condolences to the victims’ families.

I truly hope that Camille Cléroux suffers triply what he made his victims and their families endure. I also hope that the hellbeast never enjoys freedom again, and upon dying goes straight to hell.

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19 Responses to Camille Cléroux

  1. moodymagic says:

    How awful for the families involved. Thank God Andre saw thru Cleroux’s lies. Prison is way to good for him. May you suffer long and hard for your actions

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    What an evil bastard. But the best one is when the son went to check on his mum and was told she doesn’t live here anymore and demanded the key off the son, what a cheeky fucker. Those relatives of the victims will never get over what that piece of crap has done, and whats worse is that they actually thought their relatives were still alive. Imagine being told that your daughter you thought was alive for all those years had actually been dead all that time. It takes a heartless bastard to do that, but to kill someone because their view in their apartment was better than yours then you have to be a psychopath in my opinion. Lets hope that the fucker never gets parole.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo if someone is given a life sentence in canada and the judge doesn’t say how long the prisoner should serve, how long does that person serve before being eligible for parole? In britain when someone is sentenced to life and the judge doesn’t say how many years the prisoner has to serve its usually 15 years before they are eligible for applying for parole. Then we have the ones who are given a term to serve i.e 25yrs before being eligible and finally the ones who are told that they will never leave prison and will die there. I just wandered what the criteria was in canada?

    • cleo says:

      In Canada if someone is convicted of 1st degree murder they must wait for 25 years before they can apply for parole. We used to have the Faint Hope Clause which allowed them to apply after 15 years but that’s been repealed. If someone is convicted of 2nd degree murder they must wait between 10 and 25 years — the judge decides. We do have a Dangerous Offender designation which keeps prisoners put away for an indeterminate period of time, but it is rare that a person is given a life sentence and determined a Dangerous Offender as well.

    • 2cute says:

      How are you feeling? On the mend yet Bengalpuss?

  4. Trace says:

    This guy here is why Canada needs to bring back the death penalty. And Robert Pickton should join him at the gallows.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I’ve read a bit about that robert pickton, he was the guy that murdered so many prostitutes and parts of bodies were found at his property. Yet didn.t the jury find him guilty of 2nd degree murder? How and why did they come to that conclusion? Im puzzled at that, here is a guy who has been murdering women feeding them to his pigs and various body parts have been found, plus didn.t he feed his friends with the pork that had been fed human remains gets sentenced for 2nd degree murder, if thats true thats bloody madness is that. Maybe the jury had some of that tainted meat and it sent them cuckoo.

      • Trace says:

        I don’t understand Pickton’s jury either. How could they think the murders weren’t premeditated when he went hunting for women to bring home and then so many died as a result of his depravity?

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    I am now 2cute, i got an infection in my wound and had to be taken back to theatre to clean it out but felt rough for about 3 days, but i am back to form commenting on the scum of the earth, i apologise for my language a lady shouldn’t swear but i get so angry with pieces of shit getting away with just a slapped wrist. But thankyou for asking 2cute. Im back to form now minus one gal bladder and a hole just under my left rib cage. My surgeon said its all those curries that i’ve been eating plus other greasy crap that has done this to me. The majority of us have stones its when they start to move around and go in places they’re not supposed to go. Mine travelled to the duct of my gal bladder and got stuck. The pain was that bad i would wish it on any of these hellbeasts for the rest of their lives they would be begging to die.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      I mean.t to say hole under my right ribcage, if i did have one under my left i would be a walking miracle.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Your sentences are better than england’s i think we need to take a leaf out of your book. Just one last question i’ve tried to find out myself but can.t, in canada do all the crown court barristers and judges wear the wig and robes like we have in england? Or is it just used in some provinces and not others? And have they always dressed that way for court or was it brought in at a certain time period?

    • cleo says:

      No wigs here in Canadian courts, not for more than 100 years. All judges do wear the black robes in court. The Supreme Court judges wear red robes with white trim (like Santa Claus) for ceremonial occasions. The lawyers only wear robes when they appear in the higher courts like the Supreme Court or Courts of Appeal.

  7. Ladypapillon71 says:

    I was a personal friend of Jean Rock. I was there on the sentencing day and the monster which I knew as well sat there with no damn emotions. The funny part is….none of his lawyers objected to the Crown demands, the only thing we heard from his lawyers was at the end when Camille Cleroux requested that his 2yrs and 20 days be considered to be taken off the 25 yrs. The look of the Judge face was priceless. “i don’t think so Mr. Cleroux.” He was a very dirty and vulgar man. But let’s not forget prisoners have “rules” when it comes to child molestation he did years ago. As I study Criminal Psychopaths, this man is not human but a Hellbeasts Monster. I thank you all for your comments.
    Merci :)

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Were you friends with jean rock while she was seeing this scumbag or was it before she got with him? And if it was when she was with him, what was his personality like. Also did any of jeans family attend the trial?

      • pierre belanger says:

        I am family , Jean’s true sibblings where all there throughout the trial and all but one from out of town attended at the conviction trial . May god rest her soul and may the so called “hellbastard” turn to Jesus and Repent so he May enter Heaven just as jesus commanded in JOHN 3:16 “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD SO THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON SO WHOEVER BELEIVE IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE ” NKJ TO beleive in him is to truly repent of your sins and turn away from them in true repentance. In Camille case i do beleive he may have a lot of people to ask forgiveness from and TRUE FORGIVENESS IS THERE FOR HIM . BY GODS COMMANDS. This does not render these crimes allowable it only gives him a chance to have a true relationshio with the same god who is available to all or any that beive in him .Apparently when questioned the reporters after the hearing had no interest in reporting this or how exactly Jean’s actual mother felt . God Bless You

  8. Ladypapillon71 says:

    Yes i met her in the same building while i lived there. Jean and I would have coffee at her place but when the scumbag awoke I wld usually leave. he is a disgusting perverted man

    Yes her parents did attend the trial. Her father unable to take anymore, had a seizure in court while sentencing. Poor man!

    • cleo says:

      Did Jean Rock have any children, Ladypapillon71? And if she did who cared for them after she disappeared? And was Camille the father? I could not find out in my research. Thanks for telling us about Jean Rock. So much media focus is always on the killer and so little is told about their victims.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Thats what i hate cleo, they hardly ever mention the poor victim’s but the killers are given all sorts of rights and privileges. The best one i heard was in texas 3 guys got a disabled afro american tied him to a logging chain and dragged him for quite some distance and when they got to a Culvert The poor man lost his arm and was Decapitated. Eventually the 3 guys went to court and one was given the death sentence. When it came to the day of his execution for his last meal he ordered a load of food and ate none of it. After his execution the texas governor heard about this waste of food and said condemned prisoners will get the same food as the rest of the inmates on the day he’s executed. Then he said and i loved this “The man that he murdered didn.t get a chance for a last meal so why should he” Damn right, someone with a brain thinking of the victim for once.

  9. Joey says:

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