Cameron Wilson

Cameron Wilson

Crimes: Murder, Serial Killer, Rape, Attempted Murder.

Cameron Wilson of South Africa is one extremely defective individual. I gather that he was born into a regular, stable family, but I believe he was truly destined for hell from the start. Cameron Wilson is a deranged hellbeastly serial killer. He doesn’t now and he never did belong in civilization. He belongs instead with his fellow demons in the deepest reaches of Satan’s basement.

Cameron Wilson, at only 20, already has 5 confirmed murders under his belt. That’s 5 senseless and extremely sadistic murders. And that’s not all the vicious turd eater has done.

From 2014 to 2016, the teenaged Cameron Wilson terrorized the streets of the Cape Flats. He fancied himself the son of a prominent gangster/murderer (maybe true, maybe not) and possibly that’s why he turned himself into such a subhuman monstrosity.

In 2014, Cameron POS Wilson murdered Alfonzo van Rooyen, Toyher Stober and Ernest Erasmus in Philippi.

Alfonzo van Rooyen’s stepfather, Donovan Morris, said of the night of the killing in October 2014, “I was in bed with my wife when children came to say Alfonzo had been stabbed. I got up and he was lying in the street, about three houses away.”

“When I got to the scene, he was still alive. No ambulance came and we loaded him into a bakkie and rushed him to hospital, but he had died.” What an absolute nightmare.

Toyher Stober was the person who had informed Donovan Morris that his stepson’s killer was Cameron Wilson. Unfortunately, the monster heard the exchange and 3 days later Toyher Stober was gunned down in his car in Heinz Park.

As for the other crimes, they are a jumble to me. I cannot create a proper timeline of when Cameron Wilson assaulted, raped or killed his victims.

Here’s what I can figure out. After the first 3 murders, Cameron Wilson got interested in attacking women. Violently. Brutally. Murderously.

Cameron Wilson at some point raped Dawney Davids. After the sexual assault, she was stabbed in the neck. She lived through the attack, thank goodness. But there were those who unfortunately didn’t.

In April 2015, Stacey Lee Mohale and Abigail Plaaitjies were assaulted by Cameron Wilson and an accomplice. Sixteen-year-old Stacey Lee Mohale was raped, stoned, and set on fire. She died.

Abigail Plaaitjies also had a burning tire placed on her. Bless her heart, she survived.

On September 10, 2015, while he was out on bail for murdering Stacey Lee Mohale (BAIL?!?! For this monstrous killer/rapist?!?!), Cameron Wilson attempted to murder Nicole McEwan and Roseline Lackay. Nicole McEwan was stabbed in the back. Roslyn Lackay was stabbed in her face, legs and scalp. Both women were extremely lucky to survive.

Disgustingly, they were not the only victims that night. Eighteen-year-old Lekita Moore was abducted from a karaoke event in Valhalla Park. The unfortunate young woman was horrifically murdered and butchered. Her naked, mutilated corpse was discovered in a field in Nooitgedacht. She’d been stabbed 98 times. Bits from her breasts and vagina had been sliced off.

Kudos to the Western Cape police detectives who solved this horrific and gruesome string of crimes and arrested this bucket of pig shit.

Cameron Wilson was arrested in September 2016. He faced 15 serious charges.

The stained asswipe didn’t seem to mind being behind bars. He joined the notorious 28 gang — the very one his supposed father had belonged to.

Cameron WilsonThe trial lasted 51 days in Western Cape High Court. Over 40 witnesses gave evidence, even though many had been threatened with their lives. Cameron Wilson didn’t seem bothered at all by the proceedings. He behaved very badly, giggling, smiling, slouching, rolling his eyes and clapping.

The dog shit cowardly serial killer was found guilty of 13 charges. The charges that he stabbed Cody Philander in 2015 and raped Stacey Lee Mohale had insufficient evidence.

Judge Chantel Fortuin, for the murders of Toyher Stober, Stacey Lee Mohale and Lekita Moore, and the rape of Dawney Davids, sentenced Cameron Wilson to 4 life terms. For the murders of Alfonso van Rooyen and Ernest Erasmus, the judge sentenced the POS hellbeast to 15 years each. For the attack on Roslyn Lakay, she sentenced him to 10 years.

Christopher Wilson was given 5 years for possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, 10 years each for attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a crime, and 6 years for assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

All tolled, this 20-year-old waste of skin was sentenced to 4 life sentences plus 71 years.

Unfortunately, all of these sentences are to be served concurrently. Damn!

Unbelievably, Christopher Wilson will be eligible for parole in 25 years. It’s a real shame that he couldn’t have received the death penalty.

In celebration of that fact, the cowardly killer laughed and clapped and yelled at the friends and families of the victims, “at least I’m still alive!”

The people in the public gallery responded with cries of “murderer” and “you will rot in hell”.

I truly, truly hope that Cameron Wilson, that snot nosed little rat, won’t survive long behind bars. I pray that this psychopath will never, ever see freedom again. Long may he rot behind bars.

I extend my condolences to the friends and families of those young people who had been senselessly and brutally killed. I hope they can find some solace knowing the hellbeast who took their beloved ones is caged for the monster he is.

I extend my prayers to those victims who survived the sadistic and hideous attacks. I hope they all get the love and support and therapy they need to feel safe, happy and empowered again.

Kudos to the prosecutors and detectives who are heroes for putting this evil creature away.

And to the court that allowed this monster out on bail while awaiting trial for murder, I wish endless nightmares.

RIP, Toyher Stober, Lekita Moore, Stacey Lee Mohale Alfonso van Rooyen and Ernest Erasmus.

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8 Responses to Cameron Wilson

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Cleo you found a doozy of a hellbeast here to write about. He is one sick bastard. 25 years til chance at parole. This is sick. I truly hope as well this monster does not survive prison.

  2. Tom Daly says:

    I hope this sickening excuse of a human being suffers for the next 25 years

  3. Jeni C says:

    This cock holster murdered and raped not one person, not 2 people, not 3 people, not 4 people, but many more! He did horrific, depraved and just downright evil and unspeakable acts, and got basically a slap on the wrist. What the hell do you have to do in South Africa to get the death penalty? I probably dont want to hear what it is. This turd need to be tortured and raped repeatedly every day of his sentence!

  4. Bulldoggy says:

    This snotrag of a monster will hopefully discover soon that life in prison is no sinecure. I hope he won’t be celebrating being alive now. He deserves such misery that he prays for death every night.

  5. vendetta says:

    I can’t believe they even thought about thinking of keeping this shitbag alive! I hope a fellow inmate will kill this negative value eater/parasite soon!!

  6. Jodie says:

    4 Life sentences plus 71 years = out in 25 (possibly) Why bother to pass down such a sentence which is pure fantasy? I hope one day that so called Justice systems pull their fingers out of their arse so that life actually does mean LIFE! Hopefully this POS leaves in a body bag, which imo would still be too good for him.

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