Bruce Nozolino

Bruce Nozolino
Crimes: Murder, Attempted Murder

The nicest thing one can say about Bruce Nozolino of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is that he’s a vicious, arrogant, violent bully. He seems to be proud of himself for being that way. It wouldn’t surprise me if he, as a child, made life a daily hell for younger, weaker children. It wouldn’t surprise me if he abused animals while he was growing up. Bruce Nozolino is mean and cruel, and probably always has been. Like most bullies, he is also a pathetic coward.

He could have spent his energies on being a decent guy, a productive member of the human race. He had a good education and a good career — he was a software engineer for Lockheed Martin. But Bruce Nozolino also had a major grudge that he allowed to ruin his own and other people’s lives.

Bruce Nozolino’s grudge centered around his divorce. It was a bitter, contentious divorce. He and his ex fought about everything: her jewelry, her pension, the cars, the blender, the leather ottoman, and the kids. They fought a lot about the kids — visitation, support and custody.

Bruce Nozolino spent years obsessing and raging about his divorce. He didn’t deal with his anger like a real man, face to face, with people ready and able to defend themselves. Oh, no, Bruce Nozolino chose the most cowardly way of inflicting his wrath. He hid in the shadows and shot at people in their homes.

I’m sure Bruce Nozolino thought of himself as a hero, acting like a sniper in pursuit of revenge. But he’s proven himself to be nothing but a loser asshole, a cowardly killer, and a sniveling hellbeast.

When Beverly Nozolino divorced her loser husband in 1999, I’m sure she was more than glad to be rid of him. The trouble was, Beverly Nozolino wasn’t rid of her ex. Nope, Bruce Nozolino is not easily gotten rid of.

Instead of getting over the divorce, Bruce POS Nozolino let his rage brew and fester. He appealed the decision regarding attorneys’ fees, division of property and so on. His appeal was dismissed but that didn’t stop him.

In October 2001 the miserable shitstain decided to try to kill the judge who dismissed his appeal. The judge! Bruce Nozolino was furious that the judge had ruled against him in all his efforts to seek sanctions against his ex-wife’s attorney.

Judge Gilbert Martinez was at home with his daughter when bullets were fired at them in his kitchen and his living room. One bullet whizzed right past his face. How terrifying that must have been for the judge and his family.

Although no arrest was made for the attempt on his life, Judge Martinez immediately removed himself from the Nozolino case.

Bruce Nozolino also targeted his ex-wife’s attorney, John Ciccolella, who he accused of unethical and unprofessional practices. He hadn’t succeeded in winning sanctions against the attorney, so he sought revenge in a less legal forum.

Bruce Nozolino skulked in the shadows around the Ciccolellas’ Palmer Lake home and fired a shot through a window. John Ciccolella’s wife was home at the time, innocently sitting at her dining room table reading a cookbook.

The sniper shooting had a great impact upon the Ciccolella family. They began living with their blinds closed. They practiced drills with their children where they hid in their cast-iron bathtubs. The children, when they were old enough, were taught to shoot. They prepared themselves in the event of a gunman attacking their home.

On January 23, 2002 Bruce the bully Nozolino still hadn’t given up his murderous scheme. Instead of targeting the Ciccolella home, he shot into the man’s downtown law office. John Ciccolella was working there that night with his oldest son, Chad.

Thank goodness Chad was there. John Ciccolella was wounded and lost an eye as a result of the shooting. His son, a Boy Scout, was able to give him first aid.

I am in awe of how brave that young man was, not knowing if the sniper would shoot him too and still helping to save his father’s life! THAT is a real man. Bruce Nozolino is the polar opposite of a real man — a sniveling, whiny, self-righteous, murderous monster.

How Bruce Nozolino must have gloated, having nearly blinded the attorney who had the gall to help his ex-wife get a divorce.

And still Bruce the waste of skin Nozolino wasn’t done. His next target was his ex-wife’s former boyfriend, Richard Schreiner. On November 30, 2008 he caught up with the man as he was going to shovel his mother’s driveway at her Stetson Hills home. This time the monster succeeded in taking a life.

I’m rather surprised that Beverly Nozolino hadn’t been the first target on her ex’s hit list. I have little doubt that sooner or later Bruce Nozolino would have come gunning for her too. Maybe he planned to let Beverly live in fear for years while picking off the people who had helped, supported and cared for her.

It took 9 years of investigation to bring the hellbeast Bruce Nozolino to justice. It was a tough investigation — no DNA, no weapon, no fingerprints. What investigators and the prosecution had, though, were oodles of witnesses about what a nasty POS Bruce Nozolino was.

It didn’t help Bruce Nozolino that he had posted on his Facebook page the comment that he had “a propensity to shoot judges and lawyers”.

When he was finally indicted in July 2010, Bruce Nozolino was charged with 31 counts including murder and attempted murder. Yeah, shooting at houses with women and children inside wasn’t such a good idea.

Bruce Nozolino didn’t much like being in prison, so he set about trying to tamper with witnesses. From prison! Needless to say he was caught and charged. In September 2012 he was convicted of perjury and witness tampering and sentenced to 21 years in prison.

The murder trial began on January 14, 2014. Prosecutors Donna Billek and Deborah Pearson called approximately 145 witnesses who told the court how Bruce Nozolino was obsessed by his divorce, how he threatened judges and court clerks, how he taunted the police, and how he had a good laugh with his buddies over his victims’ terror.

Wow, 145 people really, really didn’t think much of Bruce Nozolino. I actually salute those witnesses — I’m sure they were worried they would become targets of revenge too if and when the nasty bastard ever got out.

The defense tried to make the most of the circumstantial nature of the case. They blamed the police for considering poor old Bruce guilty right from the start of their investigation.

The defense also tried to introduce alternate suspects but Presiding Judge Victor I. Reyes vetoed their efforts. The judge ruled that the defense hadn’t met the legal threshold to present those suspects to the court.

On March 7, 2014 Bruce Nozolino was found guilty of 1st-degree murder and several attempted murder charges. In fact, he was found guilty of all 31 counts.

Bruce NozolinoPresiding Judge Victor I. Reyes immediately sentenced Bruce Nozolino, 52, to life in prison without parole, plus 288 years. Wow. I don’t think Judge Reyes liked Bruce Nozolino very much. That extra 288 years is kind of superfluous, IMO.

“As a human being I feel very sad for you,” Judge Reyes said during sentencing. He called Bruce Nozolino a “smart, talented man” who “threw it all away” for a grudge.

Bruce Nozolino’s attorneys and girlfriend disagreed with the verdict. The girlfriend, a veterinarian, claimed that the prosecution had relied upon lies and coincidences to make their case. It was a circumstantial case, I admit, but that doesn’t mean anyone lied.

There will be an appeal — appeals are automatic with a 1st-degree murder conviction.

I hope the victims and their families find comfort in knowing that Bruce Nozolino is tucked away in prison and can’t hurt them any more — unless of course the appeal results in his release. Keep fingers crossed, people, that this bully never sees the light of day again.

RIP Richard Schreiner. And long may Bruce Nozolino fester and stew in his prison cell.

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