Brian William Frederick Allender

Brian Allender
Crime: Murder

Cheryl Anne Joe of Vancouver was a young single mother of two. Her “adopted” mother described her as “a super person who cared about others. She would always put her own problems on the back burner to make you forget yours. She’d always find a way to make you laugh, but underneath that smile was a sad and very unhappy woman … She was a mom, a fine mother who loved her babies unconditionally.”

Cheryl Anne Joe, besides being a loving mom and caring person, was also a sex trade worker.

Thanks to Robert Pickton and his ilk, being a sex trade worker in Vancouver was and is a highly dangerous occupation. Unhappily for Cheryl Anne Joe, she found out just how dangerous on January 19, 1992 after she headed to work at the intersection of Salisbury and Powell Streets.

Cheryl Anne Joe did not encounter Robert Pickton that night. Instead she was picked up by Brian William Frederick Allender for what she assumed would be a typical “date”. By the time Brian William Frederick Allender was finished with Cheryl Anne Joe, she was severely bludgeoned, horrifically mutilated, and totally, completely dead.

Cheryl Anne Joe’s body was dumped by her killer near a loading bay of a warehouse located on Salisbury Drive near Powell Street in Vancouver. I don’t know who found the body, but I pity the person that did. It was a mess.

Cheryl Anne Joe’s skull had been crushed. She’d been beaten to death, but most noticeably her breasts and vaginal tissue were removed. Yup, cut right off of her body.

A search by police of the immediate area did not find the missing body bits or the weapon. A few hours later, some five or six blocks away from the dump site, a passerby discovered the vaginal tissue.

The police caught a lucky break with this murder investigation. Around 5:00 a.m. on January 20, 1992, Officer Weir spotted a suspicious dark blue van parked near the loading dock. He parked his police vehicle and approached the van which sped away at a high speed. Officer Weir had managed to write down the licence plate number and noted the driver was male.

A computer search of the licence number indicated the owner was Brian William Frederick Allender. Police immediately staked out his residence at 2831 East Broadway. The dark blue van was parked in the rear of the house, and was festooned with a number of spots and smears that appeared to be blood.

Brian William Frederick Allender was apprehended as he tried to dash out of his house. The officers asked about his common-law wife and her child, worried that he may have harmed them. Allender responded, “My wife does not know anything, I told her I was in an automobile accident.”

When Allender was informed the police had a warrant to search his house, he told them, “But you don’t have to, there is nothing in there… It took place in the van.”

When the officers asked what took place in the van Allender responded, “I am not going to admit it — you guys remember everything.”

Sure sounds guilty to me!

The search of the house resulted in the discovery of coveralls that had blood stains. Out of the clothing fell what police described then as “tissue”. Ewww. What was he keeping that for? A snack perhaps? A grisly souvenir?

With Allender’s common-law wife’s permission, police entered the garage. The search of the garage uncovered clothing that Cheryl Anne Joe had been wearing. The search of the impounded van uncovered red smears on the inside and outside. The red smears were, of course, Cheryl Anne Joe’s blood.

The police were so lucky with this case — they had a body, they had forensic evidence, they had a suspect, all within hours of Cheryl Anne Joe’s murder. So many sex trade workers in Vancouver have disappeared over the years with nary a trace — no bodies, no evidence, no suspects. They are just gone.

Brian William Frederick Allender’s lawyer attempted to have the evidence thrown out by alleging the search warrants were invalid.

To read the trial report click HERE.

The defense’s strategy was ultimately denied, and Brian William Frederick Allender was convicted of 1st-degree murder. YAY! He was sentenced to life in prison. YAY! That means he is not eligible for parole for 25 years. The murder took place 20 years ago.

What ticks me off about Brian William Frederick Allender the worthless shitstain on humanity, aside from the horrific crime, is his pathetic excuse. This POS woman killer claimed he went looking for a prostitute to butcher after he watched the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’ — that’s right, the MOVIE made him kill!

Now how many millions of people have watched that movie? But only Brian William Frederick Allender was so mesmerized by it that he felt compelled to leave his home, his girlfriend and her boy, drive around to find a solitary prostitute, pick her up, bludgeon her to death and mutilate her body. Yeah, right, it was all the movie’s fault.

Brian William Frederick Allender acted as he did not because he was influenced by a popular horror flick, but because he was and is a murderous, heartless hellbeast. End of story.

If it weren’t for his very bad luck for his van to be spotted by an alert officer in the wee hours of January 20, 1992, he would very likely have continued picking up women to butcher.

And who’s to say that poor Cheryl Anne Joe was his first victim? She was his first recognized victim.

Cheryl Anne Joe was much loved and is sorely missed. Her “adopted” mom Shaye Dillon described her as a woman with low self esteem who badly wanted to prove herself capable of being successful. She wanted to go back to school and become a cop.

Cheryl Anne Joe was far more worthy of life and happiness than her hellbeast killer ever was. Brian William Frederick Allender should just die, rot and roast in hell.

Supreme Court of Canada decision article

19 Responses to Brian William Frederick Allender

  1. moodymagic says:

    The 20 years he has spent so far is not nearly enough and it has been to kind for him. The movie made him do it. What a crock. Disgusting

    • Trevor joe says:

      The worst part is she was loved by everyone who knew her, nobody ever said anything bad about her

      • Fran says:

        Everyone that had the honor of getting to know your mom loved her.she left a big impact on everyone she met. Beautiful smart intelligent soul. That piece of shit needs to rot in jail. My heart hurts for you and your brother’s. I know the feeling of not having your mom was called home to the spirit world when I was 7. There is this big void in my life and nothing can fill it or take the never ending pain from my soul. When is this piece of shits next parole hearing?

  2. bugman says:

    Good thing he didn’t watch SAW or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Asshole.He should’ve watched Harakiri instead then cut open his guts and died.

  3. ahn23 says:

    I love horror movies because you know the horror is not real. I have watched them since I was a child (now 48) and have never had any murderous urges or tendencies. To blame the movie is a typical ploy of trying to blame anyone but themselves. This sicko had probably been thinking about it for a while and finally acted. This poor woman may not have been his first but at least we can hope that she was his last. I bet his girlfriend is breathing a sigh of relief.

  4. Dee says:

    reminds me of another murder of women … called jack the ripper, Let God be his judge

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Shit i’ve just watched friday the 13th and now i wanna go out and kill a load of teenagers, do you think if i get caught that the judge and jury will be kind on me. Lets face it im completely innocent, if i hadn.t watched the film then i wouldn’t have gone out and killed all them kids. That sounds stupid doesn’t it, and that what allender wants people to believe. Just because the victim was a prostitute doesn’t make any difference. She was someone’s mom someone’s daughter, someone’s loved one, and this bastard goes out and mutilates her. The frightening thing is i don.t believe he hasn.t done this before. Are you telling me that this guy one night picks a working girl up and mutilates her cuts her breasts off and vaginal tissue, just on a whim, no chance he’s done it before but got away with it, that time he was caught unlucky for him, lucky for society. Until 5yrs time, then he needs watching like a hawk. People don.t lose their sick fantasies, eventually the urge to carry then out is too overwhelming.

    • Trevor joe says:

      Thank you for the support, I’m her oldest son & she was loved by absolutely every one who had the pleasure of knowing her. & he’ll never hurt another woman cause I’ll arrange his meeting with god personally.

      • 2cute says:

        Sorry for your loss Trevor Joe. I grew up without a dad and I imagine growing up without your mom must have been very painful and lonely. Knowing she was killed by this monster must have been absolutely shattering for you and your siblings. I wish you all the best. I’m glad you remember your mom for the wonderful loving person she was.

  6. 2cute says:

    I hope when he gets out on parole the police will release his photo to warn everyone about him. I don’t think Cheryl was his first victim, I think she was his last. And if he gets out I bet there’ll be more. I really hope the parole board keeps him locked up forever.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      2cute i hope he doesn’t get out. And i believe he’s done this before, you don.t just one day get the urge to commit a Heinous Crime, i believe he’s murdered other women, but has gotten away with it. How lucky for the police to catch him disposing the body, otherwise we’d be none the wiser and this bastard would have carried on killing evil cunt.

    • Trevor joe says:

      He won’t hurt another woman, not on my watch bud. He’s as good as dead, prison is what’s keepin him alive

  7. me says:

    Brian allender is a sicko n apparently always had messed up tendencies my parents were actually friends with him as teenagers n apperintly he always had a big crush on my mom but she never liked him in return n ended up with my father thank god. As she got to no him better liked him even less he used to beat his mother n grandmother n steal there money n apperintly they had a bunch of cats n when the cats had kittens he wud kill the kittens happily that was before ppl stared realizing that killing n tourchering animals is common in ppl that later become serial killers, my mom rescued a litter of kittens when she found out he was going to kill them n ended up keeping two of them that she didn’t find homes for. There is no way that Cheryl Anne was his first victim ppl don’t start out with a killing that gruesome that’s yrs of progression of getting away with it n taking it further n further n as for his gf she married him after he was charged makes me wonder what she knew because I can’t see any reason a woman wud marry a man after he did something so horrendous unless she knew marrying him wud keep her from testifying against him

  8. Trevor joe says:

    I’m Cheryl’s oldest son & my closure is the fact that when he faces his final judgement he has to explain why he took one of gods angels from earth & why he crippled three sons who desperately needed their mothers direction. Good luck Brian you’ll need it & be grateful I’m a forgiving person cause part of me wants to load my walther & put one in your skull. But I know my mother would not agree & be ashamed of me sinking to a level as low as yours.That’s the easy wY out for you tho you’re already in hell mother fucker. Burn. Violence against woman is completely cowardly & you better hope to fuck you never come across my 6’3 220 lb frame.

    • Fran says:

      Trevor. Don’t know if you remember me. My name is Fran and I was pretty close with your mom. You and my oldest daughter were good lil buddies for about 5 years. Your mom was a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul every but like her mom. I wonder about you and your brother’s Tyson and Tyrone. Hope all is well with you. If you want you can get a hold of me on Facebook. Fran Hanuse Julius.

      • Trevor joe says:

        Don’t remember sorry, and youngest brother is Calvin **
        Where did we leave when we were acquainted ?
        Don’t have fb either

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