Brian Vincent Attwell

Brian Attwell
Crime: Attempted Murder

In-laws can be a pain. I remember when I had in-laws how they would pry and snoop. I remember their “helpful” suggestions and involvement in things that I didn’t consider any of their business. They were nice people, mind you, but made my own family seem far more normal in my estimation.

Michelle Patreena Attwell has the father-in-law from hell. Brian Vincent Attwell, a geriatric and nasty old coot from Albany, Australia, is a contender for Worst Father-in-law of the decade.

Brian Vincent Attwell, a wealthy West Australian businessman, is obviously used to getting what he wants. If he doesn’t get his own way, he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to damn well get his own way. The man doesn’t even hesitate to include murder in his arsenal of dirty tricks.

Michelle Patreena Attwell had been trying to get divorced from her husband. The legal process had become drawn out and very bitter. At stake was her husband’s stake in his father’s multi-million dollar business, AD Contractors.

Brian Vincent Attwell was getting extremely fed-up and frustrated. He sure as hell didn’t want his estranged daughter-in-law getting her paws on his business. And so the old bastard decided to interfere.

In September 2011 Brian Vincent Attwell got good and nasty. He phoned Michelle Patreena Attwell and made a threat.

“If he saw me walking down the street, he would run over me, he would take me out,” said Michelle Patreena Attwell. Nice. I’m sure the poor woman was feeling very uncomfortable and nervous at the thought of her father-in-law lying in wait somewhere.

But Brian Vincent Attwell doesn’t apparently like to do his own dirty work. He has money to pay other people to do that. And as much as he’d enjoy personally throttling the life out of his daughter-in-law, he’s too frail now.

In September 2011, a Kiwi truck driver approached the old bastard for employment with AD Contractors. He got offered a job, all right, but not a legitimate one.

Brian Vincent Attwell offered to pay the truck driver $30,000 to murder Michelle Patreena Attwell.

Initially the truck driver thought the old bastard was testing his integrity, but soon realized he was dead serious.

“I’ve got $30,000 to pay you right now. I want her gone,” Brian Vincent Attwell told the shocked fellow.

“He wasn’t joking – he looked me straight in the eye,” said the truck driver. “I went there for a job – not to be offered to murder someone.”

And being a decent human being, the truck driver did the right thing. He contacted the police.

I don’t know if the police were shocked that a prominent businessman would be looking for a contract killer, but that’s what they decided to send him.

Under police instructions, the truck driver called Brian Vincent Attwell and told him he knew of someone who would do the job. He put the nasty POS father-in-law in contact with an undercover police officer who posed as a hitman named Josh. (Josh? That’s a hitman name? I would’ve thought something like Bubba or Crusher would be a more believable hitman name.)

Brian Vincent Attwell and Josh the hitman met twice, both times near the daughter-in-law’s house. The nasty old bastard made it extremely clear what he thought of Michelle Patreena Attwell. He called her a “maggot”, a “bloody animal” and a “pain in the arse”. He made it known he thought she was a “nuisance to society” and should be “put to sleep”.

Put to sleep? That’s a kind way of saying he wanted her to be bound with duct tape, strangled and buried in a 30-foot hole.

Why so angry? Because, by the old man’s calculations, Michelle Patreena Attwell had already cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the protracted legal battle with his son.

I get the feeling, though, that Brian Vincent Attwell had never liked or approved of his daughter-in-law. He probably interfered with and sabotaged the marriage from the get-go.

“I just want her strangled, no blood,” Brian Vincent Attwell instructed Josh. He then provided him with her address and her general description.

The nasty, vicious, vile old bastard handed over cash retainers totaling $20,000.

Brian AttwellThe Albany police figured they had enough evidence and arrested the evil old coot. They charged him with attempting to procure the commission of a crime.

In his taped interview with police the nasty old buck said that he’d paid a man named Josh $2000 to “do some investigations”. Riiiight.

He not surprisingly denied asking Josh to kill his daughter-in-law. “I wouldn’t say ‘kill Michelle’; I’d say ‘bring her to her bloody senses.’ Killing her would be a bit rich.”

At his 5-day trial in Albany Courthouse in November, 2013, Brian Vincent Attwell maintained all his tough talk was just “huff and puff” and he only really wanted the woman followed or frightened, not dead.

Too bad for the nasty pile of shit that the police had recorded the 2 meetings with Josh the hitman. The jury got to hear him say how he wanted the woman bound, strangled and buried deep.

The defense lawyer Tom Percy argued his client had just been expressing his frustration with the ongoing legal dispute. Riiight. Then why did he hand over $20,000 in cash to Josh? Was it payment for being a good listener?

Brian Vincent Attwell, 73, was found guilty, guilty, guilty on November 29, 2013 by the jury. They did their job. And now what is left is the sentencing which is scheduled for January 2014.

Keep fingers crossed that Brian Vincent Attwell gets a lengthy prison term. I sure hope the judge won’t take pity on him because he’s not healthy.

Brian the nasty old hellbeast Attwell is still dangerous despite being frail and geriatric. Lucky thing the truck driver he propositioned was a decent fellow, otherwise Michelle Patreena Attwell would have disappeared off the face of the earth.

I shall keep readers posted about the sentencing (reminders are welcome!).

Brian Vincent Attwell was sentenced to 8 years 6 months in prison. article
ABC Australia article article

10 Responses to Brian Vincent Attwell

  1. (*-*)/ says:

    And I thought my in laws were awful. At least they didn’t try to kill me. They just tried to take my kids away.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    Glad there are still decent people in the world like the truck driver. I hope Attwell does spend time in prison.

  3. 2cute says:

    Rich old bastard probably thought he was above the law, and that he could bribe someone to murder. Hope he is missing his comfy mansion while he’s in prison. His son is probably a useless sort, whining to his dad all the time about his soon-to-be ex-wife. Why was his dad footing the legal bill and not him?

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    I applaud the truck driver who couldn’t be bought. He has more humanity, more morality than that rich old monster has or probably ever had.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    This slimy old meatstick will probably be quite comfortable in prison. He has the money to spread around to make his stay as pleasant as possible. The truck driver wasn’t for sale but I’ll bet anything the prison is full of assholes who are. He’ll have a whole pile of “staff” while he’s in there, and will probably have better food, better accommodations and lots of forbidden treats. I’m glad he didn’t succeed in offing his daughter in law. She owes the truck driver her life I think.

    • =^+^=Bengalpuss says:

      Thats why i stay single Bulldoggy, you never know who you could be dating, and their family could be shite bastard’s like mr Atwell. Poor cunt won’t survive a year in the shovel. Poetic justice comes to mind when he wanted the daughter inlaw stuffed down a hole dead, he’ll end up dead in the jail hole. By the way Bulldoggy, any news of a new Doggy yet? Tykey wants to know, and me also.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bengalpuss, I’m going to wait until the snow clears before I get another dog. I miss my Charlie like blazes but it’s nice to stay inside on cold snowy days.

  6. pj says:

    OMG bulldoggy, this asshole is still a danger to Michelle. He could still contract her death with somebody in prison who is getting out. I hope hope hope that the prison authorities are keeping tabs on everything he says and does and everyone he communicates with.

  7. Lexi R says:

    Any news on sentencing?

  8. Tommy says:

    I understand these divorce proceedings get pretty nasty, particularly when there’s a good deal of money involved. I’m sure the ex-wife was after her share, and if they’d spent tens of $000 on it so far, you can bet the two sides weren’t friends. She does sound like a PITA to me and probably a gold digging tart (40 blokes who want her rid of?), but that in no way mitigates what this old pisspants coot did. Good riddance to him in jail: maybe they’ll even be a geri-lover in there to teach him a lesson about the exit end of his digestive system he won’t forget!

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