Brian Ben

Prince Albert Penitentiary
Crime: Dangerous Offender

Brian Ben of the Makwa Sahgaiehcan (Loon Lake) First Nation in Saskatchewan has not been a good citizen at all. Mostly he’s been a drunk — a nasty, violent drunk. And most of his crimes have involved alcohol.

How many crimes, you ask? Brian Ben’s criminal record includes 58 convictions. He’d assaulted police officers multiple times, he’d driven under the influence multiple times, and oh yeah, he’d beaten his wife to death with a 2×4, but only once.

Pardon me if I sound flippant. I actually do take each of these crimes very seriously, especially the murder of his wife, Lorraine Whitecap. The fact is that Brian Ben, 51, has been convicted 15 times for violent crimes — nothing to be flippant about.

And the sentences for those violent crimes totaled a whopping 15 1/2 years.

Do the math. Brian Ben was sentenced to a total of 15 1/2 years for 15 violent crimes, including the bludgeoning of his wife to death!

As much as I take violence seriously, it appears that Saskatchewan justice does not. I strongly assert that Brian Ben has not been dealt with seriously at all in Saskatchewan courts. Why hasn’t he?

What is the mitigating factor? Alcohol. Brian Ben was definitely drunk when he got those DUIs. He may have been drunk when he attacked the police officers. He was drunk when he smashed Lorraine Whitecap to death with a 2×4 in March 1992. He was drunk when he carried her to his mother’s house and buried her in a shallow grave.

And so being drunk has gotten Brian Ben some seriously lenient sentences for his violence. And it still does.

Brian the drunken f*cktard Ben’s latest crime was threatening the life of RCMP officer Cpl. Ryan Hodge who had tried to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. Brian Ben tried to clobber the officer with a huge tree branch. The Taser didn’t stop him and Cpl. Hodge had to draw his pistol in order to save his own life.

In his victim impact statement, Cpl. Hodge said he’s never feared for his life more than he did that day, and that “there is not a day that has passed since then that I do not think about my encounter with Mr. Ben.”

And so after decades of drunkenness and violence and 58 convictions, Brian Ben faced getting a Dangerous Offender designation. Under the Criminal Code of Canada a Dangerous Offender designation carried a mandatory indeterminate sentence. That means the offender could be kept in prison indefinitely for public safety reasons.

Brian the f*cking drunken idiot Ben came up against Judge Lorna Dyck on March 30, 2012, and she did indeed decide that he is a dangerous offender. Yay! So now this violent, murderous drunk is off the streets forever, right? Right? Errmmm, no.

Despite the fact that dangerous offenders receive an indeterminate amount of time in prison, Judge Lorna Dyck decided to sentence Brian Ben to 3 years in prison for correction classes and 6 years of supervision in the community!

Excuse me but GTHOH! Seriously? A dangerous offender with a lifetime of crime behind him, including the bludgeoning of his wife to death, gets 3 years in prison? For correction classes?

“I have determined that Mr. Ben is to be designated a dangerous offender,” Judge Lorna Dyck said. “I have found that an indeterminate sentence is not required in this case as there is a reasonable expectation that a lesser measure will adequately protect the public against the commission by Mr. Ben of murder or a serious personal injury offence.”

There’s a reasonable expectation that that puny sentence will protect the public from Brian Ben? Seriously?

Judge Dyck said if Brian the f*cktard Ben could learn to control his alcohol abuse and stay away from Loon Lake he would not be dangerous.

“If Mr. Ben were able to control his alcohol use, thereby possibly reducing his opportunities for violence, and if he stayed away from his family at Loon Lake, then Mr. Ben’s risk could be lowered.” Judge Dyck said.

So a lifetime drunk who has been unable to stop drinking, who has taken no concrete steps to stop drinking and who has relapsed immediately after he has gotten out of jail every time is now, MIRACULOUSLY, going to control his alcohol abuse?

And he will go forth and sin no more! Halelujah!

Prince Albert PenitentiaryThose must be some miraculous correction classes in the Prince Albert Penitentiary! They ought to patent them and cure all alcoholics in Saskatchewan, even the world!

“I believe Mr. Ben is sincere now when he says that he is prepared to take the programming necessary to deal with his substance abuse and violence issues,” said Judge Dyck when she handed down the piddly ass 3-year sentence.

So I guess he wasn’t sincere before when he served time for assaulting officers, and when he killed his wife brutally while in a drunken rage. He totally blew off his opportunities for dealing with his issues then.

“The problem is whether Mr. Ben can maintain that resolve when faced with the pressures and temptations of day-to-day life,” said Judge Dyck.

Well, DUH! That’s the problem! Can Brian the drunken f*cker maintain his resolve? He hasn’t before, ever! And he’s been drinking since he’s been a teenager, maybe earlier.

But this time Brian Ben promised to go to AA, and he promised to stay away from Loon Lake and area. Riiight, I believe him. *snort* Incredibly, the judge believed him.

Now why the hell did the court go through all the motions of having Brian Ben declared a dangerous offender if they weren’t going to use the MANDATORY INDETERMINATE SENTENCE to protect us all from him?

And how the hell can Judge Lorna Dyck totally disregard the Criminal Code of Canada’s sentencing guidelines? Is she “special” in some way that our other judges aren’t?

Just what will it take for Brian Ben to get some SERIOUS justice? Another dead wife? A dead Mountie? He is a violent drunk and despite Judge Dyck’s fairyland predictions that he’ll stay clean and sober because HE PROMISED, he will always be a violent drunk who should be locked away for our protection.

So, Brian Ben, prove me wrong. I dare you. Get clean and sober and finally live life as a decent human being.

And if you can’t prove me wrong, please do us all a favour and curl up and die in prison before you get out and do more harm to those around you. And then go rot in hell, sober.

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18 Responses to Brian Ben

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well when this idiot gets out obviously not rehabilitated and decides to hurt someone again it would be karma if judge Lorna Dyk was on the receiving end, but im not a vindictive person. I personally think that the majority of judges are in cloud Cuckoo land, i think these judges need to be made to live in the crime areas of the cities and know what real life is like and how the majority of criminals are expert bullshitters. Its blatantly obvious to me that they’ve led a very sheltered life gone to university, studied and not one of them knows the realities of life. Is this judge a fucking idiot, no wonder police officers don’t have the heart for the job anymore. Their out their risking their arse’s off catching the scum sucking cunt’s, for them to go to court and get away with murder literally. Did judge lorna dyk not hear the police officer when he said i’ve never been as scared, if i was that officer i’d quit the fucking job. I wouldn’t be risking my life for some cunt to get away with it.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo don.t you have a mug shot of this dumb arse, i think the people will be needing it very shortly with judges like dumb arse lorna dyk presiding over these “Dangerous Offenders” Only thing i can think of is someone has obviously spiked her morning coffee with ecstacy, or some other mind altering drug.

    • cleo says:

      I couldn’t find his mugshot anywhere. I hope that when he’s released there’ll be a media release from the police with his photo on it.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Thanks cleo And when he gets released, that won.t be a long time with all These stupid judges dishing out stupid sentences. When is punishment going to favour the victim’s and not these pieces of crap. I find justice very unfair for the victim’s, surely the priorities should be for them and not these offenders. We’ve got it the wrong way round. This court of human rights bullshit needs burning down, society has gone stupid, whatever happened with an eye for an eye. No wonder our teens are binge drinking, committing robberies and have no respect for their elders. When i was young, if i said oh bloody hell, i got a crack for it and never did it again. Now if you physically Chastize Your child your gonna end up in jail, so what are we supposed to do? I fear for my children in the future its bad now but its only going to get worse if we don.t nip this in the bud now.

  4. Steve-O says:

    So if you want to get away with murder, get totally blotto first, eh? He probably tossed in a sad sob story about his godawful childhood too when he went to court for murdering his wife. I hope he does avoid Loon Lake after this, it sounds like they need a permanent break from him. His nonviolent crimes probably included theft and B&E. Shithead should be sent away for good. He’s had way too many chances to turn his life around.

  5. Trace says:

    The Canadian justice system is f*cked up if they can’t put a chronic criminal like this bastard away for good even with the dangerous offender ruling.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Is there actually a place called loon lake, i thought cleo was just calling it that cos that guy was obviously a loon (Lunatic) Its 4am and im rolling about laughing my head off, fancy naming a place loon lake, and doing a story about an alcoholic violent man who’s obviously a loon, coming from loon lake. Anyway steve-O these judges are as thick as pig shit fancy sentencing a guy who has already murdered someone has got a stack of convictions and a police officer giving evidence of the fear he felt, while this clown was trying to attack/Kill him. Then the stupid judge says he’s a dangerous offender, but providing he stays away from loon lake and booze everything should be alright, so i’ve had an idea. What do you think then when this div gets out of jail, judge lorna dyk puts him up in her house until he finds a place of his own. Seen as though she feels its ok for him to be released, i think she should put him up. I know exactly what the answer would be, these judges need to see a bit of reality.

    • Mcflurry12 says:

      There is I grew up there and knew his family. I know this is a while after this story was published but everyone can rest easy as I’ve heard that Ben has died on Oct 18, 2016. Confirmed by his family.

  7. MoodyMagic says:

    Well I am not shocked by this story. I do agree it would be justice if Judge Dyck ends up on the receiving end when Ben reoffends.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Why not just send judge dyck to loon lake and sit with the residents who fear this creep, and let her taste a bit of reality. And then when her sentence fuck’s up which it will, i want her to be on the receiving end of this idiot when he’s drunk. I bet she’d re evaluate her sentences then.

  8. Lillith says:

    Maybe next time he’l get drunk and beat the judge. Maybe then some of these Judicial morons in Canada will start using thier brains when it comes to these offenders.
    Is it just me, or does it seem like most of these write ups are about Canadian crimes? Someone please cue “Blame Canada” from Southpark…

    • bulldoggy says:

      Lillith, cleo who writes this blog is Canadian which is why a lot of the articles are about Canadian judicial morons and offenders.

  9. Arch says:

    He should have been beaten to death with a 2×4 after doing the same to his wife. Also, judges like this belong in a looney bin.

  10. whiffleballbat says:

    he is a native ie indian he is more equal then the rest of all Canadians who are not native his heritage gives him a right to be like this and never to be held to account for his actions

    • brent mcmunn says:

      …evidentially true! not sure how many times while working as an investigator I saw crimes get swept under the rug solely because they were native offenders…. any white boy in the same situation would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.. the worst punishments I saw dished out to natives for the crimes I was involved with were ‘alternative measures’ programs- writing essays etc. – good grief! and in more cases then not, the offenders wouldn’t even show up, and guess what- NO recourse for the crimes! no ‘failure to appear’ nothing! – again- double standards- all whites I saw that went against a court order were dealt with most severe.. in fact never saw one even offered ‘alternative measures’ – want equality ??, want to end racism & all that other crap… how about start practicing TRUE equality in all things – race, religion etc etc should have ZERO impact when determining a punishment for a committed crime (nor should it determine if you get a job or not) – ahhhh but.. you see.. look through the illusion.. THEY DON’T want any of us to get along, they don’t want to end racism etc.. in fact, its to their benefit to maintain it as long as they can, cause surely if we all started to get along, we’d all be pounding down the doors of the real crooks- the ones hiding in the house of parliament and all their appointed troll judges etc..

  11. brent mcmunn says:

    Judge Lorna Dyke is a DICK! Plain & simple- call a spade a spade.. ..they need to start taking ‘justice’ seriously, or.. people will soon decide not to go to the courts or police for resolve at all, because they know what a joke system of justice it has become and they will surely start taking matters into their own hands- the only justice they will ever get.. I hope someone close to this DICK suffers some horrific misfortune by the hands of a deranged lunatic so that she herself can taste what the canadian courts are serving up in the name of justice first hand, and have to live with it.. I used to work as a private investigator, but resigned after years of seeing more corruption in the courts & establishment then what I saw on the streets.. typical, so sad, but this is the way they have made it.. we DO NOT have a justice system, we have a LEGAL system, a system of laws developed by lawyers for lawyers- the scourge of the earth! Our system needs to collapse, it is too far gone! Must be rebuilt from the ground up!!

  12. Magoo says:

    I’m thinking this is the guy from article and now he’s dead. 😜😵☠️

  13. maria says:

    he is at rest …let him do so you judgemental idiots …dont even know who he is …so go gossip and stew up your next brew …this one is over….

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