Brian Anthony Cutteridge

Brian Anthony Cutteridge
Crime: Bestiality

OK, I have a real problem with Brian Anthony Cutteridge of Vancouver, B.C. And I also have a real problem with B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver. My problem is that I do not believe that a man’s penis belongs inside a dog. I don’t care if you’re talking the mouth, the anus, the vagina — a man’s penis does not belong inside a dog! Or cat, or horse, or goat, or chicken, etc. If you have a different opinion, I don’t want to hear it.

I consider myself a dog lover. I share my home with four of the beasties and I love them to bits. And if anyone approached them for sexual purposes I would do unto him such violence that he would be rendered asexual!

Brian Anthony Cutteridge, 38, considers himself a dog lover. He has owned several dogs over the years. At least 2 of those dogs he used for sexual purposes.

The SPCA received a tip from a veterinarian in April 2010 who was concerned that Brian the sick f*cker Cutteridge was a zoophile. His dogs kept getting urinary tract infections — not normal! The veterinarian was suspicious and rightly called the SPCA.

A second tip about this guy was filed with the SPCA in May 2010, and at that time the SPCA opened a cruelty complaint file. SPCA officers were sent to Brian the dog f*cker Cutteridge’s home in Vancouver and inspected 3 female dogs. All the inspectors noticed was that 2 of them had long nails.

When informed about the bestiality complaints, Brian POS Cutteridge denied everything. Naturally!

Too damned bad for him he’d videotaped himself having sex with his dogs.

And too damned bad for him he’d posted articles on the Internet arguing that Canadian and American laws against bestiality are unjust, illogical and unconstitutional. He had further argued that bestiality doesn’t cause harm to animals. HAH! What the f*ck did he think caused those recurring infections in his dogs?

Bestiality doesn’t cause harm to animals? How about that California chihuahua and that Pennsylvania shih tzu with the torn rectums and internal injuries? How about that pitbull puppy in North Carolina that had to be euthanized due to its injuries? And that beagle in Connecticut that had to be euthanized too? They were unquestionably harmed!

Brian the sicko Cutteridge was the author of the online article “For the Love of Dog: On the Legal Prohibition of Zoophilia in Canada and the United States.” In this particular paper Brian turdball Cutteridge wrote, “Laws which criminalize zoophilia based on societal abhorrence of such acts rather than any real harm caused by such acts are an unjust and unconstitutional infringement on individual liberty.”

Y’know, I’m surprised that, after writing so passionately about the injustice of bestiality laws, this chickenshit didn’t try to fight the fight. But no, instead Cutteridge chose to lie, lie, lie to the investigators and falsely proclaim his innocence.

Brian the dog-raper Cutteridge was arrested in July 2010 after a search of his dad’s home in Forest Grove. His 3 dogs, Tia, Hope and Lady, were seized and removed from his possession.

Hellbeast Brian CutteridgeThe sicko dog “lover” filed a petition in B.C. Supreme Court in November 2010 to have the dogs returned to him. He was denied and 2 of the dogs were subsequently adopted out. The other one was put down due to an unrelated and untreatable medical condition.

The charges of bestiality that Brian the dog-raping bastard Cutteridge faced related to 7 to 9 incidents over a 7-year period, from 1998 to 2005. These incidents involved Diana and Kalle, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.

On October 2, 2012, Brian Anthony Cutteridge went to trial. The case against him was largely based on the video he’d taken of him having sex with his Rottweiler.

Brian the disgustoid Cutteridge opted to plead guilty to 1 charge of bestiality.

“Mr. Cutteridge wants to make it clear that he never had any intention of harming the animals involved,” said his lawyer Jason Mann.

“You’re not going to be asking me to see any video?” BC Supreme Court Justice Arne Silverman asked Crown counsel David Simpkin.

“No,” was the answer.

I’m sure Justice Silverman was relieved he didn’t have to watch that crap. But I rather wish he did, considering the sentence he handed down.

Justice Silverman decided there was no real need for general deterrence for crimes that would repulse the majority of Canadian citizens. WTF? Most Canadians find murder repulsive, and rape, and child abuse. Is Justice Silverman suggesting those crimes don’t need general deterrence? Obviously not, but he should watch what he says in court.

So according to Justice Silverman bestiality doesn’t need general deterrence because the majority of people find it gross — but what about the small minority that are zoophiles? I myself feel strongly that they should be given a real deterrent.

The maximum sentence for bestiality in Canada is 10 years in prison. That’s a deterrent. Justice Silverman handed Brian Anthony Cutteridge a suspended sentence and 3 years probation. That’s not a deterrent.

Brian Cutteridge

Brian the dog-banger Cutteridge’s probation conditions include his providing a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA to inspect his home once a month.

Ooooh, harsh. He can still own male dogs under those conditions. Apparently they would be safe from his “romantic overtures”, i.e. rape. Apparently Brian Cutteridge is only turned on by female dogs. OR IS HE?

Did the judge happen to ask Brian Cutteridge if he has sex exclusively with female dogs or did he ASSUME, because the bastard’s dogs were all females, that that was his preference.

I wouldn’t trust Brian the dog-raper Cutteridge not to find dog rectums sexy.

Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the B.C. SPCA, was pleased Cutteridge had pled guilty. I’m not sure she’s pleased with his paltry sentence.

Ms Moriarty reiterated the SPCA’s position that bestiality does cause distress to the animal victims. I reiterate it too!

The only reason Diana and Kalle were not injured is because they are large breed dogs. If they were beagles or spaniels or heaven forbid chihuahuas they would be severely damaged.

And despite their size, Diana and Kalle and all large breed dogs are not equipped to accommodate an adult human penis.

Brian Cutteridge, I can understand that you don’t find human females appealing, not in the same way you think of female dogs. But for chrissake, you perv, get yourself a fleshlight and a copy of “Modern Dog” magazine if you want to indulge in your canine fantasies. Don’t rape dogs!

Bestiality is a crime for a reason. It’s a crime in Canada with a maximum sentence of 10 years. Why Brian the doggy diddler Cutteridge didn’t get that sentence I don’t know. He not only did the crime repeatedly but he actively promoted it as a “lifestyle” choice.

Hopefully the experience and the exposure will have shown Brian Anthony Cutteridge the error of his ways and he will forego his forbidden fantasies or at least leave real live animals out of his sex life. I doubt that will happen. So people of B.C., if you are selling a puppy and this perv comes calling, please slam the door in his ugly mug.

And Justice Silverman, I truly hope you’ll have an epiphany and understand that bestiality is a crime that deserves real punishment.

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24 Responses to Brian Anthony Cutteridge

  1. pj says:

    Ewwwww. OK I have a dog and he’s my “baby”. Our relationship is unlike any other relationship I have. I am free to walk around naked in front of my dog because I know he’s not judging my body size. He’s just wondering if I’m going into the cupboard to get him a treat. I am free to leave the bathroom door open because he’s not grossed out. And if he’s eyeballing me longingly it’s not because he’s thinking “she’s hot, I gotta get me some of that”, it’s because he’s thinking “mmmm, bacon, gotta get me some of that.” No dog ever has had the hots for a human — and leg humping isn’t about lust.

    The idea of getting and using a dog as a sex toy is so totally offensive and wrong. Ewwww.

  2. 2cute says:

    Look at him getting all romantical on the couch with his pooch. All that’s missing is candles, champagne and … MORALS! That freakin’ freak is disgusting! And the judge is just fine with bestiality, so long I guess as the penis fits. WTH is wrong with these people? I guess some “men” will still their penis into anything if they think it’ll feel good. Nevermind how uncomfortable or painful it is for the recipient. Sick!

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute you forgot the strawberries with the champagne apparently the champagne tastes better when you add strawberries. Im suprised he hasn.t laid a table for a candlelight dinner and urinary tract infection for desert. Mmm how romantic bet the sick fuck even gets dressed up for the occasion. Did anyone see this video he posted online of him bumming that poor pooch. If you did was he wearing a tuxedo by chance. God i wish i could teleport myself to wherever these evil fucks are and drag them back to my basement, by the time i finished with don juan, he wouldn’t be able to rape anyone cos his meatstick would be outside for the foxes.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    I love my Charlie dog but not once, NOT ONCE have I ever considered what it would be like to have sex with him or any dog! Dogs love you, but they don’t want sex with you. They want sex with other dogs! (and sometimes a stuffed teddybear but I digress)

    Now I don’t care if a guy has sex with a guy, or 5 guys, or 2 women. I don’t care if a woman has sex with a woman or 15 guys or any combination of consenting adults. But when you start introducing children, babies and non-humans I do care. Animals can’t consent, just like babies and children can’t consent.

    This bastard should’ve done prison time. The judge should’ve sent him away, not sent him home. And what the hell is the judge thinking to let him have male dogs?!?!?!?!! More victims coming up!

    • 2cute says:

      Of course you’ve never considered it, bulldoggy, because you’re normal! This dog raper isn’t normal. There’s nothing normal or healthy about him. He’s a goddamn dog raper, period. It’s not love, it’s not a relationship, it’s fulfilling his own sick, selfish fantasies without any consideration for the animals he professes to love.

    • bengalpuss says:

      I’ve got an idea bulldoggy, seen as the judge doesn’t think its that serious to fuck a dog, i suggest that the judge donates his arseole to this fucker and then he can learn first hand whats its like for those poor Pooches. Mind you though he might enjoy it. Otherwise why would he not send a sick fuck that thinks screwing a dog is not crime that warrant’s jail time. And i’ve never heard me zoophilia until now, jesus christ what is wrong with this fucker.

  4. 2cute says:

    Hey bengalpuss! Betcha this bastard wouldn’t try it on a cat! Not with those kitty claws and teeth that could clamp onto his “meatstick”! It would serve him right though. Something should chomp down on his teeny weeny peeny to teach him not to rape animals!

    • cleo says:

      Reminds me of a guy I knew who put his pet turtle in the tub while he had his bath. The turtle spotted his “meatstick” and bit it – apparently it got quite a chunk out of him.

      • bulldoggy says:

        There’s another idea for bengalpuss’s dungeon – a tub full of snapping turtles!

        • bengalpuss says:

          Bulldoggy my good friend, im still shaking my head in bemusement, what is wrong with these people? And to post it online and tell people theres nothing wrong with it, riiight. Lucky that vet was savvy and had the wits to report this, don.t know what to call him. Don.t know if any of the commenter’s have had urinary tract infections, well i can tell you that they hurt are not pleasant and when you pee, you feel like theres a red hot poker up there. I’d like to shove a red hot poker up this fucker’s urinary tract, then he’d know first hand how those poor doggy’s felt. And i’ll include the same punishment for the judge. And he hasn.t chose to “baba stab a kitty” Because the kitty would rip him to shreds with his teeth and claws. The guys a fucking ring bandit simple.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Apparently turtles have quite a nasty bite. Bet he didn.t share the tub again with the turtle.

  5. moodymagic says:

    this is so sick. Why no prison time. love the ideas for the dungeon.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    cleo i’ve got a complaint, a few of my comments haven.t been moderated. I know you have different hours to us brits but one of my comments has been waiting to be moderated for nearly 2 weeks i’ll find out which post it was on and let you know. I know i write long comments so maybe its ended up in the spam bin lol..

  7. Chris says:

    Whether the sexual acts were consensual or not would rely on inspection of the videos produced. The disgust that people feel should likewise be extended to extreme and more salient abuses experienced via modern factory farming protocols.

    • KXG says:

      …how in the hell can a non-sentient being in any way, shape or form give “consent”? are you standing up for the fido-raper who is abusing animals with his dick and yet seem to decry the pure and proper usage of livestock as food sources? either you too obviously LOVE your pets in a way that would make your own parents weep or you’re a dumb fucking numb cunt. take your schpiel about your PETA fellating garbage, roll it up real tight and stuff it up your blow-hole you brain-dead bleeding heart ass. there’s obviously nothing to your intellect or personality but vapid, regurgitated “causes”.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Kxg your bang on there, how in the hell could the poor dog consent to being tortured by this sick fuck, some people just don’t think normal.

  8. Jimbo Jonesy says:

    I went to school with this guy. No more details, lol. He was farm raised and acquired a certain “affection” for the animals. From what I heard, and I could be wrong – 3rd party info – but it was at the time; he got caught with animals on the farm and I think his parents sought “help” for him. Again, complete old 3rd party info. He was removed from the community, and I though they put him through some sort of rehab. (I’m talking 90’s here) I guess it wasn’t that helpful. I suppose he’s a “lifer” ?

    He was also a bit of a perv in other ways — with girls, flipping up their dresses, in school / camp / etc. I hope the guy gets the help he desperately needs. At least it’s not children .. I guess ..

  9. Tammy says:

    You know, the more I read, the more I think that the REAL abhorrence is men in general. Perhaps not ALL men, but the majority. Seems to me that if they find a place that their “poles” will fit, even if it’s a tight fit, it’s good enough for them and thus, in their weak little brain cell, is justified. Animals, babies, knotholes….Disgusting.

    • Michael says:

      Ummm, women commit beastilty and child molestaion as well. But I guess when a woman shoves a dogs penis in her vagina wee look the other now don’t we. Men are not the problem zoophilles are.

  10. Aletheia says:

    I think this man’s penis does belong inside a dog. I wish one of his victims had taken a nice bite out of him when she had the chance and swallowed it whole! Mmmmmm, sausage.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      now that would be divine retribution, having his pecker bitten off by one of his furry victims, tasty sausage indeed lol,

  11. KXG says:

    how much you wanna bet this sick-fuck is probably a furry too.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Probably is a furry, but furry’s don’t go round screwing other animals, they just dress up stick a tail on and pretend to be another animal, at least that’s what i think, could be wrong, weird though, no this cunt definately needs to seek help quickly and be barred from keeping any animal for life.

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