Brent Parent

Hellbeast Brent Parent
Crime: Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Brent Parent is an asshole. He has made a career of being an asshole. Over 25 years this waste of skin had racked up 64 driving violations, which included speeding, not obeying stop signs and/or running red lights, suspensions and driving prohibitions.

That’s right — 64 times Brent Parent had to be a macho man and endanger the lives of innocent people who shared the British Columbia roads with him. With each and every one of the 64 driving violations Brent POS Parent decided that nobody else mattered. To hell with them all and too freaking bad if he caused any harm.

On March 13, 2008 Brent Asshole Parent defied fate once too often and achieved the pinnacle of his assholery. He became a killer, and that turned Brent Parent from a mere asshole to a hellbeast.

In the wee hours of March 13, 2008, three friends, Silas O’Brien, Luke Stephen and Sam Dooley were heading from Langley, BC to the airport. They had plans — they were off to Hawaii for fun and sun. Instead they met up with death and carnage on the darkened highway.

What was this trio’s crime? Why, they had the audacity to try to PASS the asshole Brent Parent’s truck on the highway! Hell, no way was Brent POS Parent going to let that happen, so he sped up. He just would not let Sam Dooley’s vehicle pass his. And he would not let the vehicle pull to the side safely. Oh, no, Brent Parent kept up his infantile crap until the Dooley vehicle wound up in the ditch.

The three men exited Dooley’s vehicle no doubt thinking the shithead would just drive off and leave them there. No such luck. Oh no, Brent the hell beast Parent had more fun and games in store for them. He TURNED AROUND and DROVE BACK! And then for his own entertainment he aimed his vehicle at the three men on the road. He gunned it. Sam Dooley and Luke Stephen dodged the killer truck but 21-year-old Silas O’Brien froze like a deer in the headlights.

I cannot imagine the sheer terror those three young men felt, being forced off the road by a maniac and having him return like something evil out of a horror film. Brent Parent was truly their worst nightmare.

I don’t know why this disgusting, worthless POS did what he did, other than fun and games, but Silas O’Brien wound up dying on that highway as a result. His asshole killer just kept driving off into the dark.

Two years to the day, on that very same stretch of highway, as Silas O’Brien’s friends and family mourned the anniversary of his death, his killer was pulled over by police for yet another speeding violation. Yup, there’s no hellbeast like an unrepentant hellbeast.

In January 2012 Brent the worthless coward Parent, 43, went to trial. He testified that he had only turned around because he was concerned about those guys he’d run into the ditch. That’s right, he was all concerned about them! What a nice guy, eh? But what happened? As he came near the men on the highway, little biddy Brent in his little biddy truck was intimidated by their yelling and menacing actions and he feared for his own safety! Oooh, my! How traumatic it must have been for the poor hellbeast that those nasty, hostile men were yelling at him as he drove toward him in his truck!

So what did poor little coward Brent Parent do then? According to him, he swerved at those nasty men to scare them, and then he drove away. Yeah, he felt a bump but it NEVER occurred to him he ran anyone over! And driving away, leaving those men stranded and scared on the dark, isolated highway was a totally reasonable thing to do.

Yeah, pushing a vehicle off the road and scaring the occupants by driving at them is a totally reasonable thing to do. Just like driving through stop signs, just like speeding, just like running red lights, and just like driving while suspended. Because the world is all about Brent f*cking Parent and what makes him feel good!

What a pathetic creature he is without his truck to fight his fights for him!

Brent the POS Parent was convicted of criminal negligence causing death, dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident. The judge just didn’t buy his bullshit, hallelujah.

In May 2012, Brent Parent faced sentencing in BC Supreme Court in New Westminster, BC.

Crown prosecutor Donna Ballyk described Brent the disgusting coward Parent’s driving record as “egregious” and called on Justice Terence Schultes to impose an eight-year jail sentence to be followed by a 15-year driving ban.

She told the court his driving history suggested a “long pattern of poor decision making,” And that, IMHO, is putting it very tactfully. Too tactfully. I think his driving history suggested a long term pattern of just not giving a f*ck about anyone or anything else but his own pathetic self.

Defense lawyer Vincent Michaels argued that his client should be given a 3- to 4-year sentence followed by a 3-year driving prohibition that would allow him to drive for employment purposes.

Yeah, driving bans have really worked with this asshole so far.

“Mr. Parent is remorseful and deeply ashamed,” said Vincent Michaels, noting his client wished he had let the men pass by him that morning.

“His failure to do so has haunted him and tormented him and will continue to do so for many years.”

Yeah, right, and that’s why he continued to earn speeding tickets after the death of the unfortunate Silas O’Brien. Pardon my cynicism, but I would think that being an ultra-safe driver after the incident would be a better indicator of remorse and repentance.

The court heard victim-impact statements were read by O’Brien’s friends and family, who remember him as a handsome, confident, hard-working and optimistic man who brought out the best in those around him.

“The impact of losing my son, Silas, is indescribable,” read Rodger Silas. “To say it gets easier with time is spoken by a heart that has not suffered this loss.

“Do I seek revenge? No, but I seek justice.” Amen to that.

The court also heard from Brent POS Parent’s supporters as they wrote about the poor killer’s difficult upbringing and his hardworking, loyal, supportive and caring character. Hell, it was so moving it even made the convicted killer cry. Yeah, I’m sure he’s cried a lot — for himself.

Know what? I don’t care if Brent the baby’s parents were abusive alcholics. I don’t care if he took his stepdaughter to ballet classes and camping. I don’t care if he chipped in for his stepdaughter’s university. I don’t care because that hellbeast CHOSE to ram a carload of people off the highway in the dead of night. He CHOSE to turn around and aim at them. He CHOSE to drive off and abandon his innocent victims to their unhappy fate. And all because Sam Dooley tried to pass his damned truck!

His lawyer called it “anger management issues.” I call it sadism and murder.

Justice Terence Schultes said the Crown’s suggestion of 8 years in prison was too high and neglected to consider rehabilitation, while the defense submission put too much weight on sympathetic personal factors.

“The sentence that I impose is an effort to strike a correct balance,” Justice Schultes said.

Justice Schultes ultimately decided that Parent’s sentence should be 5 ½ years in prison, and also should include a 12-year driving prohibition, which will begin after his release from prison.

I truly hope that 5 ½ years sitting in a cell will be enough time for the hellbeast Brent Parent to grow a conscience and a soul, and learn to value the lives of the rest of us on this planet. But of course he won’t be in prison 5 ½ years, unhappily. He’ll get out early and will be sharing the streets with the rest of us.

I sincerely doubt that Brent Parent will abide by his 12-year driving ban, and hopefully the next time he gets behind the wheel to flex his asshole muscles he’ll try to “scare” a tree or some other immovable object. It would be karmic if he met with an accident, and hopefully there’ll be no other victims to add to his collection.

Go to hell, Brent Parent, go to hell.

So now (July 29, 2012) Brent Parent has decided to appeal the 12-year driving ban. His lawyer calls the ban harsh and excessive and will negatively impact Brent the killer’s ability to find work when he gets out. The asshole has 64 driving violations and he killed an innocent man, and he thinks he is entitled to drive again? The driving ban should, IMO, have been for life!

BC CTV News article and video
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37 Responses to Brent Parent

  1. moodymagic says:

    I fail to understand Parent at all. He deserves more than what he got. And to bring in the fact he had a rough childhood makes me sick. He hasn’t been a child in how many decades. Get counseling!. The man is 43 years old. To take an innocent life like that makes me sick. May you live the rest of your life long and tortured.

  2. Eve says:

    Was he drunk? Seriously, why the hell would anyone do what he did if they were sober? It just makes no damn sense! 3 young guys terrorized and 1 left dead because of what? They tried to pass him? WTF? This guy, if he wasn’t drunk that night and did it totally sober, is a serious menace to the rest of us. Next time might be a mother crossing the street with her kids in front of him.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo You make me laugh “arseolery” The judge actually saying 8 yr’s was too harsh, this fucking piece of shite, aimed his weapon at those boy’s and floored it. He deliberately ran at them, i would be interested if it was the judges child that was killed. And do they think that a prohibiting licence will make this fucker drive normal, will it fuck. When he kills someone else which he will suffering from road rage, i hope he goes back in front of the same judge. This fucker who had 60 driving convictions won.t give a flying fuck about killing that young man, all he’ll be bothered about is the sentence he got, and i bet you he’ll appeal and get it reduced by some do gooder judge.

  4. Trace says:

    Life is cheap in BC, I guess. That is one sorry-ass sentence. And why was he not charged with murder? He aimed his truck at people on the road and hit one of them — sounds intentional to me.

  5. 2cute says:

    When are the courts finally going to side with the victims and their families? I get so tired of hearing what a “good guy” these creeps are from their friends and family. It seems to me when you deliberately turn around and run someone down and kill them you’re not such a “good guy.” What a total waste of skin he is! My sympathies are totally with the victim’s family and friends.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    I like that one when he said “I only turned back to see if they were ok, but they were waving their arms at me so i put my foot down and floored it trying to get away” Well if you fucking ran me in a ditch, what do you think i’d do give you a kiss and cuddle and say “Its ok it was an accident after all” My arse the guys a fucking liability and his excuses are an insult to the intelligent, i hope that one day someone will run this road raging cunt off the road and be done with this fucker for good.

  7. BBW65 says:

    And this wasn’t murder why? He aimed a lethal weapon, his car, at people and didn’t stop until one was dead. I don’t understand how this wasn’t murder.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    I agree with you he doubled back after running them into a ditch, then when he saw the guys he floored it and hit the poor guy. And i tell you this for nothing if the other two guys didn.t get out of the way he’d have hit them two. What he did IMO is the same as getting a gun and shooting someone, and all this for the guys overtaking him how pathetic. couldn’t believe also when he said “i turned back to see if they were ok but they were shouting and waving their arms about and i became frightened they were gonna attack me” what a load of bollocks this piece of road turd knew exactly what he was doing and doubled back to hurt, plain and simple. and that sentence was a joke he murdered someone deliberately. At least i thought the judge would have given him a life driving ban. That poor mans family, imagine their disgust at the sentence, it was tantamount to saying your son is not worth much. Sad really sad.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    I didn.t mean just a driving ban. I meant a lifetime ban and a big jail sentence, i phrased it wrong, what a stupid idiot i am sorry.

    • 2cute says:

      He would better deserve a lifetime position as a speed bump. Being a big guy it might be too bumpy for the first few drivers, but he’d soon be reduced to a more reasonable speed bump size.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute you make me laugh i like that one, or better still use his head as a spare wheel. Now that would be justice.


    Put this shitbag(Brent Parent) in the same prison with Lawrence Philips , after all they both harmed teens.

    • cleo says:

      You mean Lawrence Phillips the former NFLer who was arrested for running his car into 3 teens who argued with him? It’s a plan.

  12. Roger says:

    His lady sure is good looking. Seems she’s been on the prowl lately.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Maybe if you play your cards right roger, you might be in for a shot there. Seen as she’s on the prowl. You’ve got nothing to lose, unless your married that is.

  13. Sandy Hoyes says:

    These scumbags are protected by our “justice” system”. They need to be punished in the same manner they treated their victims. Why do we need to listen to their bleatings and the bleatings of their scumbag lawyers? Get rid of them. Society will be better off for it.

  14. Colleen says:

    Does anyone know where he lives, or I guess where he will live after he gets out of prison? We all need to “welcome” him home on that day, if you know what I’m saying. I sure hope someone who knows someone will do away with Brent Parent ASAP!!!

    • Keven says:

      Wow, I just moved to canada and looked for drivers licenses and holy this country is filled with hatefull book smart idiots. So many advantages and you resort to this. I don’t even know why I made it to the bottom the laws here are amazing, the courts can be amazing and their ruined by this crap. Good job canadians, I’m going home were there’s not so much hate

  15. john says:

    It was an accidential tragic accident. Read the facts then publish your opinion. Computer warrirors.

    • Aletheia says:

      An accidental accident? How redundantly redundant. And even if it were true, this man is too prone to accidental accidents caused by his reckless recklessness, and I don’t want him behind the wheel of any vehicle ever again.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Aletheia, i’m glad i don’t live near mr brent parent, because i’d be shitting myself on a daily basis walking down the road, in case he had an accidental accident.

        • Aletheia says:

          No kidding. Even if I didn’t know that he’d killed someone, I would think he needed to be kept off the road for his own safety as well as the public’s, because it was only a matter of time. I’m almost as disgusted with the judge who sentenced him as I am with Brent Parent himself – if Parent gets behind the wheel of a car legally ever again and so much as scratches a mailbox, I hope the judge gets slapped with a ginormous lawsuit.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      John, it wasn’t an accident, it was his arseholery. This turd, tends to have a lot of accidents, and misjudges a load more, so his arse should be locked away for a long time, says this keyboard warrior.

    • NOTSOHAPPY says:

      You can’t even spell warriors correctly “John”. You must be one of his remaining loyal friends, which is nice because he sure doesn’t have many. If this were an accident, he would have either lost control of car involuntarily or came out of his car and fight like a real man with his fists rather than plowing into a guy. He didn’t even stay after the hit and run, he fled like the spineless coward that he always was. Anyways, Brent Parent lover/troll, you need help fast along with Brent so much that you can save on a psychiatric treatment bill if you went together. If one day this man even harms another person, I hope the idiots who set him free are sued relentlessly with their personal assets and retirement pensions being targeted along with Brent of course.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        NOTSOHAPPY, I never spotted that, damn, anyway your right john is a troll and a stupid one at that, can’t spell warriors lol.

    • Starlord says:

      Too bad this guy didn’t accidently kill himself in an ‘accident’ before an innocent had to be murdered.

    • Eric says:

      John you sound like this piece of shits friend, the facts are clear as daylight. This fuckin waste of skin got off easy for doing what he did, I hope to run into this fuckin loser when he gets out, sure seems like he needs to be taught a lesson killing an innocent young man at the start of his life, fuck Brent Parent!

    • Colleen says:

      You obviously didn’t read the facts John, you imbecile.
      Everyone knows the truth about what Brent did and Brent knows what he did. He should be apologizing profusely every day for the rest of his pathetic life to the family and friends of poor Silas. Why hasn’t he ever done that even once and why hasn’t he on his own taken responsibility for what he did to Silas and his friends? That just shows exactly what kind of a person Brent is. He should willingly give up his driver’s license for the rest of his pathetic life. He should be giving back to his community every day for the rest of his pathetic life. Brent should wake up everyday of his pathetic life and feel pain and sickness and sorrow for killing Silas. And yet, even if he did all of this, it still would not be enough to make up for killing Silas. He purposely murdered a good, innocent young man, a beautiful human being. How do you live with yourself Brent? How do you sleep at night? What are you going to do to change who you are and to try and make up for what you did?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I went to elementary school with this guy, for grade 7 I believe, in Abbotsford. He had a bad reputation even back then. The only thing that I really remember about him was the time that he hauled off and punched his teacher in the stomach when he was being disciplined in class for misbehaving. I remember the teacher as being a nice WW2 veteran. The other thing I remember was the time that he pulled a knife on a friend of mine when they were having a fight, and stabbed him in the leg. At the time at least, Abbotsford was a pretty sleepy town and this kind of stuff just didn’t happen. Obviously, he has some serious issues that should have been treated many many years ago. Perhaps his poor victim would be alive today if Parent had received help as a child.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      That doesn’t surprise me one bit anon.

    • Mr. Fokker says:

      I went to school with you that year. Brent Parent was at least a grade or two behind so he was twice the size of everyone. I was new in school so he decided to take a crack at bullying me I had heard of the stabbing incident and seen him scrap teenagers in a pair of dayton boots. He wore the daytons to school that day and started by telling me after school I was dead.I’m not a fighter or a big guy but I don’t remember being particularly scared just annoyed near the end of the day we were sent to the library to work as I sat in my cubicle he sidled up to try intimidating me again I ignored him so he put his hand on my paper and started telling me what he was going to do to me after school.I snapped I had just sharpened my pencil and I stabbed it into his hand multiple times in quick succession the look of shock on his face was priceless as he wandered off bleeding…the next day he came up to me and told me he thought I was cool and he was sorry for picking on me basically tried to be my friend which I never bothered taking him up on lol thats how you treat a bully hope he comes out of prison with an asshole the size of the Lincoln tunnel and has to wear depends the rest of his shit stinking life

  17. Notsohappy says:

    I have some bad news to share. This piece of shit is getting his license back in 2026 after appealing his sentence.


    Now lets pray that O’Briens family and friends sue the pants off this guy and finally get some real justice.

    • Starlord says:

      I don’t know why this guy didn’t get his license taken away for life. The mother fucker doesn’t deserve to drive ever again.

      • meme says:

        hey how would you guys feel to know he has been driving ever since he got back out? without even a second thought. owns 2 vehicles even!!
        hmmmm well it’s true. he doesn’t have a licence back. Just doesn’t care. And drives while drinking.

        • Notsohappy says:

          If he tries to hurt anyone, do what the plr soldiers did to the player in battlefield 3 in the mission uprising if he “comes out in the open”, keep calm and xxxxx the dog(Brent parent). Also report his vehicle provide photos to the non emergency line to the police.

  18. Colleen says:

    Would somebody please post Brent Parent’s address?

  19. Joe says:

    One more PSA for everyone. Get a dashcam to stop these douchebags from getting away with their crimes!

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