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Hellbeast Ashley RichardsHellbeast Brent Justice
Crime: Animal Cruelty

I have written about a lot of hellbeasts and been utterly sickened by their evil and depravity. But for all the heartless killers and baby rapers and animal abusers that I’ve researched, I have rarely reached the level of hate and disgust that I now feel for Brent Justice, 51 and Ashley Nicole Richards, 21 of Houston, Texas.

This pair of evil f*cktards have yet to be convicted, have yet even to have a trial for their sick, twisted crimes. But I can’t wait for that. I want the world to know just how depraved and evil they are.

Brent Justice and Ashley Nicole Richards make money by filming the cruellest torture and deaths of animals. Apparently there is a market out there for animal snuff movies, aka “crush videos”, just as there is an audience for child porn. Gawd I hate these perverts!

Brent Justice and Ashley Nicole Richards have horrifically tortured and killed up to 2 animals per day to pander to the sexual fetishes of the disgustoids who pay for the videos. They have done this for years. The number of animals they have slaughtered is countless as is the number of tortures they have devised for them.

Kitten in Crush VideoA 2010 video features Ashley Nicole Richards binding and gagging a helpless kitten with masking tape. She then stomped the kitten, crushed the kitten and put the heel of her stiletto shoe through its eye. That poor little kitty!

In another video Ashley Nicole Richards uses a meat cleaver on a pit bull puppy. She hacked off his tail, hacked off his leg and used a knife to cut another leg and slash his neck. The suffering that poor creature went through!

In other videos this evil pair of hellbeasts used kitchen cutlery, household tools, shoes, whatever they could find that would cause maximum pain to innocent animals. Besides kittens and puppies they killed rabbits, mice, a pigeon, fish, lobsters, crabs and various, countless other animals. All of this was to titillate perverts who got sexual thrills from seeing this shit and paid for their pleasure.

Brent Justice and Ashley Nicole Richards have been charged with a felony cruelty case, specifically related to the torture of the dog and the cat. They face a max of 2 years in prison. Pfffttt, like that’s a deterrent.

BUT if this case were to become a federal case because the production and trade of crush videos is illegal in the U.S., then these f*ckwads could face up to 7 years in jail. Please, please, please, please let it become a federal case!

dog victim of crush videoIn researching these 2 hellbeasts, I learned that President Obama signed the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act that criminalizes the creation, sale and marketing of these movies. That surprised me since I would have thought there was already a law in place long ago that would cover that — and there was.

A 1999 federal law designed to stop the sale and marketing of videos showing dogfights and other displays of animal cruelty was struck down by the Supreme Court as being a violation of free speech.

WTF was the Supreme Court thinking? I am so glad that there is now the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, and I hope there are also other prohibition acts regarding dogfighting, cockfighting and all other kinds of animal cruelty.

I consider that crush videos are to those sexual fetishists what child porn is to pedophiles. They all should be banned and the creators, marketers and possessors should be heavily penalized. Gawd I hate perverts!

Meantime, I hope Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice suffer in prison as they await trial. And I do mean suffer. And hopefully, hopefully they will face federal charges in order to get even longer in prison.

I doubt that either of these heartless f*cktards will be in prison long enough to grow a soul or a heart so that when they are released they won’t hurt another living creature ever again. They’re willing to go where the money is, and pander to the lowest of the low, the slimiest of the slime. For that they should rot in hell.

And please, if either of these monsters answers your ad for a free kitten or puppy, chase them away with a cleaver! Chase them and catch them and crush them!

(P.S. to my readers please don’t Google images of crush videos — very nightmarish and upsetting.)

This makes me sick. U.S. District Judge Sim Lake has dismissed charges against these two animal killers on the grounds of free speech!

Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Justice still face charges of producing, selling, or transferring obscene matters for sale or distribution, thank goodness for that.

U.S. District Judge Sim Lake somehow came to the decision that even though “the acts depicted in animal crush videos are disturbing and horrid,” it is still considered protected speech.

Somebody needs to tell Judge Lake that videotaping extreme cruelty to animals is not art, and that his decision is opening the door to a whole lot more evil f*cktardery involving animal abuse.

Ashley Richards, 23, pled guilty to 3 counts of animal cruelty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Examiner article
Huffington Post article

64 Responses to Brent Justice & Ashley Nicole Richards

  1. 2cute says:

    OK, my weekend is officially ruined. I was much happier not knowing that creatures like these existed. How the fuck can anyone get aroused watching little animals suffer and die? And how the fuck can anyone be willing to make money by torturing pets? Scum sucking bastards should all suffer and die! I would watch a video of that — not for sexual thrills but just for the satisfaction that these perverts are no longer living and breathing and spreading their evil. I don’t even know the name for pervs who get off on this shit. Petophiles?

    • bulldoggy says:

      I had to look it up for you. This particular paraphilia is called zoosadism. And all zoosadists out there should be euthanized, along with pedophiles while we’re at it.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Put it this way bulldoggy, 7 yrs is fuckall, and thats if they get 7yrs. That ugly bitch, and i mean damn she’s fuck ugly, should have my shoe heel going through her ugly eyes. She’s that fucking ugly that she can only get a man who’s twice her age and uglier. It would be great if charlie did have sharpened teeth and say her as a dog bone, well he might see her as a dog, but charlie chewing away at that fuck ugly bitch, would be justice. People like these two depraved cunts do need putting down no doubt about it bulldoggy. I thought i wouldn’t say this to you again but “I totally agree with you 100%.

        • bulldoggy says:

          I feel about my Charlie like you do about your Tyke. If anybody tried to hurt him there’d be hell to pay. But it’s a sad world we live in that so many little helpless animals don’t have protection against bastards like these. And it’s a really sad world that bastards like these usually get just a slap on the wrist by the justice system. I hope at least that these two get 7 years.

      • Reality says:

        Cruelty to animals is one of the “homicidal triad” displayed by serial murders. We all know that. But why has the legal system never picked up on that?

        If we made the punishment for fucktards like these wastes of skin *truly* punishing ~ say, *guaranteed* 15 years for one offense ~ we’d damn nigh weed out all the potential murderers and serial sadists. And bonus: *they’d* be taught in prison (preferably by a huge, well-endowed guy named “Bubba” with a penchant for rough shower sex) what torture *feels* like for the victim.

        I say we arrange for PETA to be outside of the prison gates, waiting for these scum-sucking shitbirds, armed with baseball bats and stiletto shoes.

        The two types of criminals I will NEVER understand (despite having a degree in forensic psychology) are those who harm children (especially MOTHERS) and those who harm animals. The two most vulnerable and defenseless victim-types possible.

        • bulldoggy says:

          Reality, there is no understanding them unless you have an affinity for those monsters. I am all for major sentences for these crimes — I believe in sentences as a deterrent. I am not a big believer in treatment for hellbeasts that prey on the helpless and vulnerable.

  2. Knurrhenne says:

    there is only one solution for miscreants like these. sell them to somewhere else and let them being tortured to death in a snuff video. now thats something even I would pay for to see

  3. Nicole says:

    It’s frightening to think that these people will walk to streets again. There is no doubt in my mind that they will continue killing and their violence will only escalate

  4. dogwalker says:

    I agree — these miscreants (I love that word) should be put in a snuff film. That would be a real deterrent instead of a couple of years in prison. I hope everyone who knows their families makes it clear to them what they think of these kitty killers. Their families should be ashamed of how they turned out, especially the girl who has been filmed killing animals for years. In fact their families should be made to watch the videos so they can’t deny what monsters they’ve had in their midst. These two should be shunned and shamed forever.

  5. moodymagic says:

    These to also need to be exterminated from the world for the disgusting heartless human beings they are. Suffer animal killers! Long and hard. Hell is to good for them.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    I’ll have to explain to my old dog Charlie why I’m sharpening the few teeth he has left but once he knows it’s to rip these two puppy killers apart he’ll be on board.

    Actually I think a pack of rotties and pitbulls would be more effective at exacting revenge for the puppies these freaks have tortured to death. And maybe a puma or a tiger could be added on behalf of the kittens.

    OR, since it’s crush videos they make, we could arrange for them to be crushed, literally. With heavy machinery. Inch by inch. Crush the toes, crush the fingers and then the legs and arms and leave the head for last. That would hurt a lot more than anything Charlie could do to them.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute if i knew where this pair of cunts lived and i lived in the same city, well then i’d be making my own crush video. I’d give that shit head brent justice a hammer and make him bash that bitch ashley nicole richards head in at gun point. Then that mother fucker brent would be getting my kind of justice, i would tie the fucker up and get a few pitbull’s off a neighbor of nine, that are registered and tagged, with the thigh tattoos and goad them into ripping that fucker’s throat out. I wouldn’t google a crush video because i would get upset big time. Fancy that fucking bitch did that to a poor defenceless kitten. My tyke is just sat on my lap now and the thought of someone doing that to him, well put it this way i’d be serving a life sentence for decapating the bastard. 2cute any idea why someone would wanna watch an animal being murdered? Because the only thing i can think of is they obviously need help for being, sick twisted fucks. Im pissed off and upset, and going to take a nap with my tyke, bless.

  8. Steve-O says:

    Luka Magnotta that Canadian psycho cannibal killer started off killing kittens and posting it on the Internet. These animal killers very definitely are or will become a danger to people, not just animals. These 2 bastards will be getting out of prison all too soon ready to inflict more pain and death. Nobody should trust them near their pets, their children or the disabled and elderly. Too bad they can’t be put down.

  9. kareena19 says:

    These two sickos, who are clearly mental, are facing only 2 years in prison?! Are you fucking kidding me?They killed at least 2 animals per day for years. And they didn’t just kill them, they tortured them horribly, and I bet they enjoyed it. You’ll see, they’ll get out and start hurting people too.

    And how many stories like this do there have to be to wake people up about giving away puppies and kittens to strangers? You don’t know if they’ll be used to train dogs for dog fighting or if they’ll be stomped to death for videos or if the new owner is just a cruel bastard who takes his rage out on the animal.

    • Homer says:

      And that’s a MAXIMUM of two years… Unless the case becomes a federal one, in which case they face up to seven years in prison. Which still is far too lenient a punishment, if you ask me. A more fitting one would be to wrap them up in duct-tape, then shove a rusty, old, sawn-off water pipe from a public urinal first up their ass, then down their throat. See how they like it.

      And is it just me, or is it just a little fucked-up that torturing an animal to death is less of a crime than selling a video showing an animal being tortured to death? Any fucking asshat with a bent sense of morals can peddle a video (or dvd – yes, I’m old), but it takes a special breed of rectalborn to actually torture and kill an animal. So why does that carry a lesser sentence?

      Finally, while I am convinced they enjoyed their video-sessions, and probably enjoyed the cries of pain from those poor animals, and even dreamed of bigger things, I am not at all so sure they would actually move on up to selecting humans as their victims. They’re weak-ass pussies, a human would present far too great a risk of actually fighting back. No, it would be too dangerous, and too much work, for these shits to target humans. Also, animals get lost every day, and there are always shelters you can go to where they are glad to give a cat or a dog to a “good home”. Easy victims for shitheads like these. And that’s the key-word: easy. They like ’em small and defenceless. Besides, they may be as dumb as a fully saturated incontinence pad, but they’re smart enough to know that if they fuck with humans, they’re looking at life in prison (or even the death-penalty). And where’s the fun in that?

      • 2cute says:

        Y’know Homer, I think you’re right. They are too cowardly to risk the death penalty by killing people. And animals screaming and howling in pain probably is enough for them to get their rocks off. Sick fucks! We share this planet with some really shitty assholes. I like your rusty pipe idea. These half ass prison sentences aren’t nearly punishment enough to stop sick bastards like these two.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          The rusty pipe is a good idea, but i don.t think that those two fuckwits would stop at animals. I understand that people are noticed when they go missing, but what about Transients, no one knows when they go missing/Disappear because of their unsettled way of life. If someone is that sick that they can literally kill a poor defenceless animal in the most horrid way possible, then i don.t think that it would be a problem for them to kill a human being. Studies have shown that the majority of serial killers, who robert resler from the behavioural sciences at the F B I in virginia studied for years, began by torturing animals and being arsonists. Im not saying all people that torture animals become serial killers or just killers alone, but what i am saying is that, if someone can be that sadistic and evil to an animal, then doing the same thing to a human won.t bother them, and probably if put in a situation that they had to kill someone, then i think they would do it, no questions asked.

          • Steve-O says:

            Agreed Bengalpuss. If they thought they could get away with it they would do it. If they thought they’d get paid to film it they’d do it. Probably they’ve already made plans to snatch an unsupervised child. I wouldn’t trust them an inch. It would be best for all if they were neutralized as a threat before they got out of jail. Hope Bubba’s an animal lover.

      • 2cute says:

        BTW what’s with the blue square Homer?

        • Homer says:

          I went out one day, and saw a perfect sky. Not a single cloud in sight. And I was – once again – struck by the beauty of nature, and the nature of physics and chemistry. Rationally, I know air has no colour. And I know space is a vacuum, and as such has no colour. Yet as my gaze wandered upwards towards space, through a material that has no colour, the molecules within reflected the sun’s light in a manner to give the illusion of a blue roof high up above me.

          So I took a picture.

          And once I found a site that told me how to get my own avatar, that image of the blue sky was the first thing I thought of. What I didn’t think of was the scaling. And thus, what is a pretty good picture of a cloudless sky turned into a blue square. But I don’t mind. It’s quite a fitting metaphor, when you think about it, for how fucked-up the big picture can get when you force it into a box that’s too small. Or how one thing can look like another, depending on how it’s represented.

          So there it is, in an admittedly large nutshell. :-)

  10. kathryn says:

    I’m in shock, just crying over that baby kitten.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    Steve-O is that the fucker that killed that poor guy and then posted it on the internet, and fled to belgium? Cos if it was that bastard, he put a kitten inside a santa hat, and then dropped it inside a snakes tank. There was uproar from loads of animal groups and charities. I believe if an animal lover had got hold of him, before the cops did, he’d have got a good beating, shame the cops found him first. You usually find that serial killers start out by being extremely cruel and then progressing to killing animals and arson as well, so someone as depraved as that ugly bitch, needs watching. Maybe she’s angry because she’s so ugly that she’s taking it out on those poor animals. Maybe with the money she’s made though their depravity, she can have a face lift, but the Surgeon Better be good to try and fix a face that fucked, damn ugly bitch and hes a turd.

    • Steve-O says:

      Yeah, Bengal, that’s the same bastard that chopped up his boyfriend and mailed him bit by bit. I expect these 2 to turn out to be killers just like him.

  12. Tasera says:

    I’ve been aware of “crush” videos for a while. As soon as I saw the picture of that kitten being placed on the ground, I knew what was coming.

    Rot in hell, you sick fucks. Where’s Dexter when you need him?

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    The reason why i knew about that cunt magnotta steve-o was because i’d read an article of the bastard, anyway he has a website and it had a guest book so i let rip, calling myself, kitten’s revenge, i let that bastard, psycho, murdering cunt just what i thought of him. At the time my laptop was broke and in for fixing so i only saw a picture of the kitten in the santa hat, if i’d seen the video i may have jumped on a plane to canada, and then jumped on that mother fucker’s head. And i wouldn’t google to see a crush video because it would really distress me, and the image would probably stay in my mind forever. These people that do shit like this need to be given big sentences. If i was in power i’d execute all animal killers, baby and child killers, paedaphiles and generally pieces of scum. And i’d like to do the executing, they wouldn’t be getting no painless stupid arse injection, they’d be getting it “Bengalpuss style”

    • M says:

      I pray to god these 2 are killed. I want them to die so badly. I wish I lived near them so I could carry it out myself.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    Sounds like my type of guy then. Where have i been not knowing about this programme. Tasera thanks for letting me know, and yes dexter would be great to have around when you read of pieces of shit like this.

  15. kathryn says:

    This upset me so much Ive been thinking about it all day. I couldnt sleep last night because I feel so distressed. I never knew this went on. Im scared that some evil monster some where is making money by making a crush video of an infant or baby. Very Very Upset. Wish I could do something.

    • cleo says:

      I too lost sleep. I kept remembering the images I saw and thinking how vulnerable little animals like my pups are. And I kept thinking of all those free kittens on kijiji and craigs list who could wind up with monsters like these. I cuddled my dogs most of the night to fend off the nightmare I was afraid I would have. I hate and loathe hellbeasts like these.

  16. kathryn says:

    Jeff Vilencia created this type of evil. Cleo if it wasnt for him making the first crush movie these animals wouldnt be murdered. Please make him a hell beast and tell the world about this sick pos.

  17. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo, i know that these shit bags exist and i wish they didn.t and they were put in their own crush video. I too was very upset and cuddled my tyke. But when i go on your blog and read the comments, it makes me feel a little bit better knowing that there are people disturbed with this evilness that these bastards are doing. And i don.t doubt for a moment that if anyone of us was there and seen what was going on then without a hesitation we would do something. I wish these sick bastards didn.t exist, and there should be something done about these things been allowed onto the internet. Theres a website called chris(Children have rights in society) Have a look its really good names and shame’s paedaphiles. Anyway the guy who runs the website only got band by facebook for, wait for it…………… Naming too many sex offenders. Can you fucking believe it. They allow pedo’s to share pictures of nude children some of them being raped, yet he got a 24hr ban for naming nonce’s. They’ve got more rights than us.

    • kathryn says:

      Bengal, that’s terrible how can he be punished for making the public aware of dangers to their children . What kind of world do we live in when the law protects monsters, so fed up.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Kathryn, the perverts have more rights that the poor children they abused. It sicken’s me to think that someone has gone into a lot of effort to name these pigs so that we know who not to let near our children, and the poor guy gets penalized for it. Fucking disgusting, shame on you facebook.

  18. bengalpuss29 says:

    When i read it i thought it was a joke. But no he got banned for naming too many sex offenders. They have more rights than the little children that they abuse, its fucking disgusting that here is a guy who was sexually abused when he was a young boy, so when he got older he decided to set up chris(Children have rights in society) But obviously they don.t. What are facebook thinking, banning this guy for naming too many sex offenders, yet we have perverts swapping child porn and setting up accounts to trade in their filth and nothing happens. You get troll’s leaving nasty messages on dead teenagers memorial sites and they do nothing, yet they ban someone for naming and shameing these preditors. Get your policies changed facebook you’ve got it arse way round, shame on you.

  19. Tulipchic says:

    Is there no limit to the depravity that humans can sink. What is wrong with these people?

    • 2cute says:

      Sorry Tulipchic but I don’t think there is a limit. These shitsuckers keep sinking lower and lower into the deepest bowels of depravity.

  20. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute, shit suckers lol. I was having dinner, hot dogs and read the word shit sucker, i’ll never look at a hot dog the same again. The only treatment these bastards deserve, is a bullet in the back of the skull. We’ll be hearing about these cunts in the near future, i guarantee you that. for somebody to be that depraved and sadistic with poor defenceless animals, then the next step is human murder. These piece of a snot bubble, will eventually need to be more evil. Its all about sex, these cunts get turned on by what they did to the animals. So next on their list is, probably human. I think cunts like this should be euthanized.

  21. Tulipchic says:

    Justice for these two, would be getting crushed alive by a big fat Eelephant. I would pay to see that.

  22. Eva says:

    They are disgusting, cruel-hearted beings. The only real consolation we can have is knowing that though things like this may evade ‘justice’ on earth, one day they will stand before God and He will know their hearts and will send them where they belong: HELL – for all eternity to live with the same pain and suffering they caused all the poor animals they tortured. Same will be for all the other people with cold, evil hearts including child abusers, animal abusers, and
    other sadistic beings.

  23. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well eva, if there is a god i certainly won’t be worshipping him. Because any god that can let that poor little kitten suffer is a god thats full of shit. Im not having a go at you eva, each to their own, so to speak. But like i said, any god that can let all these animals and humans suffer is a god that doesn’t deserve worship in my view.

  24. alita says:

    Unfortunately, judges and prosecuters have shown time and time again to be spineless when it comes to animal cruelty.
    Thats why we have to show people are watching them. Sign this petition about this very case, and share it with absolutely everyone you know, and ask them to do the same:

  25. Frank F Kling says:

    Disgusted that the supreme court overturned a law prosecuting animal killers? That’s what you get when Republican conservatives control the court. All 5 Republican appointed voted to overturn while the 4 Democratic appointees voted to upheld.

    Folks vote for the Democrats for God’s sake!!!!!!!!!!

    • bengalpuss says:

      Im not american, but if i were i’d be voting democrat, the republicans are all a bunch of arseole’s, in my opinion.

  26. HorrifedSouth says:

    I hate these people! Them and all those stupid inbred freaks in China etc! Anything to do with that side of the world. The most heartless pieces of shit ever! I really do wish there was a death sentence for all these crimes. Every where in the world.

  27. pj says:

    Um excuse me horrifiedsouth? WTF are you talking about? These monsters come from YOUR side of the world. And what do Chinese people have to do with anything? Chinese people, FYI, are not inbred. Inbreeding is a problem in small populations such as Finland and, dare I say it, some areas of the SOUTHERN states! Nobody can accuse China of having a small population.

    I agree these monsters are heartless and I do wish they got the death penalty for their horrific crimes, but why drag the Chinese into anything?

  28. Bengalpuss says:

    Yes pj, im a bit confused on that one!! I don.t believe china was mentioned in that article, do you? I honestly thought cleo, had let some spam through, or a troll, but half of the comment relates to the article and the other half doesn’t. China, Wtf, still trying to wrap my head around this one.

  29. Ryan Han says:

    Most people are hypocrites. When a dog or cat is tortured and killed you all want to kill or punish the offenders, but if it’s a farm animal you gladly accept it just because it’s always been that way. Well, the earth isn’t flat anymore. Animal farms torture and slaughter 9 billion land animals a year. Why aren’t you standing up for them? All animals feel the same pain and emotions.
    Being an animal lover, when I made the connection that all animals feel the same pain, I became an instant Vegan, and I actually became healthier. You can do the right thing, or you can keep on making excuses.

  30. bronco says:

    End them. Now.

  31. Frank says:

    This women is evil, beyond words. She should rot in jail and burn in hell. What a POS! I could not watch the videos. Too much for me.

  32. Victoria Cookies says:

    This bitch is obviously nothing but a coward because she doesn’t have a website where she can be tracked down and neither does her scum bag boyfriend. ASHLEY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, COME ON DOWN HERE TO BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN AND TRY TO TORTURE A WHITE GIRL WHO WILL PUT MY HEEL THROUGH YOUR BUGGED OUT EYES IN NO TIME! FUCKING COWARD.

    • Cameron Roberts says:

      lmao, i’m sure you will. you’re calling HER a coward? what’s your name and address? give her your info to track YOU down, since you’re such a tough murderer and all. lol

  33. Superxcm says:

    I’m afraid that this will set a precedent… and most of these crazy people will get away with torturing animals…. these two deserver to be torture… they attack defenseless animals… cowards…and the judge is a jerk…

    • bulldoggy says:

      I totally agree. It sets a terrible precedent. This whole situation is sick. These 2 should have been put away for decades.

  34. Bengalpuss says:

    Thank fuck she got 10years, now we only need to know that this bitch is having the worst time in jail. She fucking deserves it. Fucking coward she is.

  35. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    This is Murder of Animals and Warrants the Death Penalty which should be both
    State Law and Federal Law

  36. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Evil Describes what has Happened

    The Death Penalty is the only Just Punishment for the Sadistic Murder
    of these Animals by these Evil Doers

  37. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Reprehensible how any Court or Judge could Rule in Favour of Sickos
    having the ” Right ” to make or distribute Films Glorifying Murder
    and Cruelty to Animals

    They have No Right to make or show these Sick Murder Glorification Films as it is an Offence against Decency

    It Needs to be a Capital Offence to make distribute or show Murder
    of Animals Glorification Films with the Intention of Glorifying Cruelty
    and Murder of Animals also including Birds as Well

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