Brent Allen Girouex

Brent Girouex
Crimes: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation

The former pastor of Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa is one helluva lucky guy. His victims not so much.

Brent Allen Girouex, 31, is a sex offender. Full stop. Problem is he’s a sex offender and a pastor, which apparently cancel each other out.

What Brent Girouex did was decide to “rape away the gay”. Now I don’t believe for one instant that some almighty god told Brent Girouex that he should “cure” homosexuality by having homosexual sex with teen boys and young men. I don’t believe that because my brain cells function. My brain cells tell me that it’s a helluva lot more likely that Brent Girouex wasn’t listening to his god but was instead listening to his own twisted brain and his penis that told him they wanted some sex with teenaged boys.

The predatory pastor Brent Girouex took vulnerable teens from his church to his own house to violate them. The youngest was only 14 years old. I guess his wife and children weren’t home at the times the victims were being “cured”.

I feel so bad for those boys — I’m sure they were threatened with hellfire and god’s wrath if they told anyone what the pastor did to them. I’m also sure Brent Girouex convinced them that they would go to hell if they didn’t let him “cure” their homosexuality. And I’m also sure that those victims were convinced their families would disown them if it ever got out that they were homosexual.

Those boys were made to endure the “cure” time after time, year after year, with the threats of hell and public condemnation hanging over their heads.

Kudos to the boys and young men who came forward and reported the sexual assaults. They are awesomely courageous, IMO.

Brent GirouexBrent the turdpile sex offender Girouex was arrested on 60 counts of suspicion of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist. Sixty counts!

The predatory perv admitted to the police that he had molested at least 4 boys since 2007, but told them he was just trying to “rape away the gay”. He told the police he was helping the boys by “praying while he had sexual contact” with them. His prayers, you see, would keep them “sexually pure” for god.

WTF? If this sick bastard believes half the crap he’s spewing then he’s bug f*cking nuts! And he was a youth pastor for cryin’ out loud! What the hell kind of churches do they have in Iowa anyway?

Brent Girouex went on to tell the police that when the boys “would ejaculate, they would be getting rid of the evil thoughts in their mind”. Riiiight. Makes total sense to me *snort*.

After the POS boy-raping bastard confessed to police, 8 more victims came forward to say they’d also been sexually assaulted by the pastor.

One of the victims, now an adult, told the police he’d been molested between 50 and 100 times over a span of 4 years.

Needless to say Brent Girouex’s wife was horrified and outraged when her husband was arrested on such horrific, disgusting charges.

With the witnesses and the perv’s confession presented by the prosecution, it wasn’t any surprise that Brent Girouex was convicted of 5 counts of 3rd degree sexual abuse and 2 counts of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

Brent GirouexThe sentence Brent Girouex was handed in September 2013 was 17 years. Not bad except Judge Greg Steensland SUSPENDED the sentence “to allow Girouex to get sex offender treatment and probation.” The probation will last 5 years.

PROBATION! This bastard sexually exploited 12 teens and young men (maybe more) over a span of years and he gets probation! Zero jail time! The only way this hellbeast will go to prison is if he violates the terms of his probation.

Judge Greg Steensland said to Brent Girouex, “Can I put together a sentence that shows that not only do we care about your personal rehabilitation but we care about the message it sends to society and society needs to feel protected from you?”

The answer to that is apparently no. The victims were outraged and no doubt felt betrayed by the system.

The pastor’s missus, who is planning to file for divorce, thinks the predatory pastor should be sent to prison. She certainly doesn’t want her kids anywhere near him. Unhappily for her, Brent Girouex was court-ordered to have visitation with the children under the supervision of his own mother.

The victims got no justice, in my opinion. They had to endure years of sexual abuse, threats, guilt and shame only to see their abuser released without punishment. It is so very wrong.

And thanks to Judge Greg Steensland other victims of sexual offences in Iowa will likely not come forward because they know the offenders will likely get off easy.

In the words of Prosecutor Dan McGinn, “People will look at this as a slap on the hand, when you give a guy street probation and he avoids prison some other victim being picked on by a teacher of a counselor may say well I’m not going to say anything because nothing is going to happen anyway.”

So, if the only way Brent Girouex will go to prison is if he violates the terms of his probation, then we can only hope he violates the terms of his probation. I do not trust that counseling or treatment will make one ounce of difference to his boy-raping tendencies.

And I don’t trust that religion can “cure” his sexual offending. After all, he supposedly prayed every time he violated the victims and that didn’t stop him. It most certainly didn’t make him “sexually pure”.

Please, people of Iowa, do not get all forgiving and invite this asshole into your churches. He is not a true pastor with a true calling — he’s nothing better than a predator who preys upon the vulnerable youth to satisfy his own sexual urges.

And please, people of Iowa, urge Judge Steensland to reconsider his attitude toward sex offenders before their victims choose to remain quiet because of his lenience. article
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13 Responses to Brent Allen Girouex

  1. Tripplelou says:

    Unbelievable raping in the name of god!!!! So as long as you pray while your raping its ok. Sounds like another judge that needs to be investigated.

    • summer4 says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Sounds like the judge was sympathetic towards this hell beast, probably because he too has his own sick twisted fantasies.

  2. moodymagic says:

    What the hell was with the judge? Thanks cleo for naming his name. I think the judge needs to be rehabilitated if he has more sympathy for the perpetrator than for the victims.

  3. MsM says:

    And I’m sure his denomination will ship him off to another church somewhere else in another state without ever telling the members of the congregation how evil he is so he can just prey on other kids. Seriously, regular denomination administrations are just as bad as the Catholics. I saw it when I was with the ex – usually some minister stole a shitload of money from the church or had an affair so they’d just transfer him out. Or, in the ex’s case, every time it got too close for comfort with him beating me up they’d promote him and move him somewhere else. Seriously pisses me off, this man’s denomination should probably be held responsible for having a hand in this as well. He no doubt did it somewhere else and it was brushed under the rug. Now he’s done it again, got off with a slap on the wrist and they’ll just transfer him someplace else where he can repeat his wretched behavior.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Those church members should revisit their beliefs and fears about homosexuality if their young boys and men are willing to be repeatedly violated out of fear of being homosexual.I really hope that the terms of this asshole’s probation mean he cannot be a pastor ever again. And I hope his wife and kids can get on with their lives without the bastard.

    • MsM says:

      Sadly Bulldoggy, that’s not how it usually works. Denominations cover for their ministers the same way the Vatican covered for their pedophile priests. Even if the man’s church’s name is released all they have to do is wait six months and send him to another church clear across country – nine times out of ten church goers aren’t well informed or critical thinkers. The chances of him being found out are minimal unless somebody from someplace else outs him.

      Chances of cutting him off at the knees are best if he’s part of an independent denomination. With independents there’s no administration offices, it’s all run within the church so ultimately he’d be out of a job – until he could find another independent church far away that would take him. That could take months with no income forcing him to look elsewhere for work.

  5. 2cute says:

    I wish this hell beast were going to prison because he might learn something then. Probation and counselling won’t teach him squat. He uses and manipulates people without remorse so he’s nothing better than a sociopath. He puts himself and his own deviant sexual urges before anyone or anything else. Counselling won’t change that. I wonder if the judge would have been so lenient if the pastor had “cured” one of his sons.

  6. Bengalpussy says:

    Can’t the prosecutor appeal the sentence to the supreme court for being unduly lenient? We can here in britain. Love his excuse “I was trying to make him un gay” had to shake my head in disbelief at his reasoning, hes not a nonce, hes helping these boys, Fucking sick cunt he is, and that judge must be a nonce to sympathy with him, shouldn’t be allowed to judge child abuse cases again, stupid bastard he is,

    • MsM says:

      It’s Iowa – heart of “conservativeness”. No doubt the judge was a Baptist who, underneath it all, felt the victims got what they deserved for “choosing to be gay”.

      The prosecutor could appeal to a higher court but it’s rare they do. They might have to spend money!

  7. Natasha Armstroing says:

    I am a Christian, however, I believe that sex offenders such as this man, should be put to death. I have yet to see them rehabilitated, and believe that their demise would serve as a marked warning to all who engage in such behavior.

    How many more times must we read of people abusing children, who are given a “slap on the wrist” from our judicial system, put into “counseling”, and then released to the public to perpetrate their evil again?

    The outcome of this particular case is sickening, to say the least!

  8. Bob says:

    So what you have here is a Judge- Judge Greg Steensland, who supports the rape of children. He is no better than the rapist himself. Makes me wonder if he to is a child rapist- sure would explain his leniency. Then again he is a Christian

  9. KXG says:

    see, this is why religious nutjobs need to be spayed and neutered with power tools. removes the temptation of traumatizing innocent victims so then they can’t hide behind their bat-shit loco religion like this jerkoff.

  10. comrade says:

    the bible condones rape but not murder, people die by the hand of religion too.

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