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Blair Thomas Newton EvansCrime: Child Porn
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While Blair Evans is clever in the realm of nuclear physics, he is unfortunately a slow learner when it comes to social interactions. You see, Blair Evans has yet to figure out that it is so very, very wrong to enjoy and collect child porn.

Blair Thomas Newton Evans, a retired Canadian nuclear physicist, is very intelligent as would behoove a nuclear physicist. He got through his studies and achieved his university degree, and that takes some amount of smarts. But

I don’t particularly like the label “child porn.” It’s not descriptive enough for my liking. To be more accurate, Blair Evans enjoyed obsessing over and collecting images and videos of infants, toddlers and young children being violently assaulted and raped. And yes, I did say infants. As in little babies. Blair Evans had viewed and kept images of helpless little babies being raped.

Blair Thomas Newton Evans has been diagnosed as a pedophile with sadistic overtones.

Blair Evans was first arrested in 1996 at his desk at the Department of National Defense in Ottawa. The father of two boys used his computers at work as well as his home computer to gather and distribute sexually explicit images of young children. And we’re not talking a handful of images. Police seized 20,000 computer files loaded with child porn.

Detective Sergeant Paul Gillespie, who had to look through Blair Evans’ collection, told reporters the experience was “sickening … all you have to see is one image and you’ll never be the same … there’s no warm and fuzzy way to explain the look of terror on a four-year-old’s face when he is being sodomized.”

Blair Evans lost his job with the Department of National Defense. Well, I should hope so! How much work did that POS do anyway?

In 1999 a psychiatrist told the judge Blair Evans posed little risk of re-offending (HA!), and the judge – noting Evans had already lost his job and his family – sentenced him to 8 months in prison, and ordered him to receive counseling and drug treatment for mild pedophilia. He was also sentenced to 3 years’ probation. Ouch, that had to hurt! But it didn’t really.

In 2002 Blair Evans, then 51, was working as a consultant with a private Toronto firm. And not learning his lesson from that piddly little 8 month sentence, Blair Evans logged onto a child-porn chat room. He made a friend there. He boasted about the size of his child porn collection. He then offered to fly his stepdaughters to New Zealand so his Internet pen pal could rape them while he watched.

The stupid thing is, he didn’t have stepdaughters. He sent his online pen pal photos of two little girls he pretended were his. Stupid! And then his online pen pal turned out to be an undercover policeman. Stupendous!

New Zealand police made contact with Toronto police. So again Blair Evans got a visit from the cops. At the foot of his bed police found a computer with child erotica as his screen saver and 252,000 images and movies of child porn. These involved over 10,000 children “being sexually abused in the most unimaginable ways,” said Staff Inspector Gary Ellis. Among these was a film series of a 6-month-old infant being raped set to what police called “romantic music.”

Blair Evans was sentenced to being incarcerated for two years less a day. And did he learn? Nope. As I said, he’s a slow learner.

In 2004 police found him using computers in a university library and at a cyber cafe. And what was he downloading onto a thumb drive? You’ll never guess!

The police found around 1,000 images on the thumb drive.

“These images were horrific in nature and, typically, involving children between the ages of two and eight years old involved in violent sex acts,” Det.-Sgt. Paul Gillespie was quoted as saying.

In 2005 Blair Evans pleaded guilty to five counts of failing to follow his release conditions and two counts of possessing child porn. Justice Richard Schneider ordered him to be incarcerated for 13 months on each count to be served concurrently. Blair Evans was released from custody July 31, 2006 after eight months in jail.

And did he learn his lesson yet? Hell no! In 2009 Blair Evans was found in North York Central Library using a computer and in possession of a thumb drive. Again. And that breach of probation allowed police to search his home again. They not surprisingly found more images of child sexual abuse. Again. And he wound up in court again.

Blair Evans has not been accused of raping or molesting children physically. As far as anyone can ascertain he hasn’t ever broadened his scope of activities to include child rape. I’m sure in his sick little brain he has imagined himself over and over again committing sexual violence against little ones. Happily his wife and sons separated themselves from this sick f*ck before his first conviction, and hopefully he hadn’t managed to molest his own boys before then.

My heart goes out to the investigators who had to swallow their bile and scour through and document this perv’s revolting collection. I think it must affect a person deeply to have to view the horrors inflicted upon the innocents.

Blair Evans needs to go to hell. He either can’t or won’t learn that children are to be cherished and protected and aren’t to be used for his twisted sexual gratification. I have little doubt, judging by the continuation and escalation of his depraved and disgusting behavior, that he will some day, given the chance, graduate to active participation in child rape. He should be neutered now to spare his future victims.

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12 Responses to Blair Thomas Newton Evans

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Now the 1st judge that deemed him not a risk should have his bollocks chopped off then he may be able to gain a little empathy as to what these poor infants and children are going thru. 2) This fuck wit hasn.t learned due to the numerous times he’s been arrested, so why do they keep giving him Paltrey Sentences. And just because they don.t have proof that he’s physically hurt a child means fuckall. He was devious enough to download porn from a library, but thank god he was caught. He probably has abused a child but has hidden that evidence in a more secure place. To actually read that a video of a 6 month old child was played with romantic music in the background made me violently sick and while Retching I popped the dressing off my wound from having my gal bladder removed and nearly pissed myself. How can anybody find a child being raped sexually arousing. And how does a grown man rape a 6 month old without doing untold damage, look how small a baby is to a grown man. I fucking have these bastards.

  2. Faviola Nieder says:

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    I wonder cleo, if this piece of shit has been behaving himself. My thoughts is that he still hasn.t learned his lesson, and will be still participating in collecting child porn. I truly hope that i am wrong, but im not hopeful that this twat can be rehabilitated. Once A nonce, always a nonce.

  4. Anthony says:

    This sick pervert lives at 324 Burnett Ave North York ON M2N 1W4

  5. Joe says:

    He still interacts with children on Burnett Ave in North York where he lives with his 101 year old mother. People have now been warned about him, but he still chats everyone up, especially young children. It’s sickening.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Child Pornography is Child Abuse and Warrants the Death Penalty
    like Murder and Rape

    There is No Justification for this Evil that of Child Pornography

    • Joseph says:

      The above mentioned home has just SOLD ! Thank the Lord! All the neighbours have been waiting for this disgusting pedophile to leave the neighbourhood. Apparently he was not ashamed to chase children around on the street, and hang out at the local playground and toboggan hill at the end of the street. He tried to slither his way back into the neighbourhood like a dirty snake. Let him rot in hell!

  7. Steven says:

    What happened to this guy? We was arrested in 2009 and 9 years later there’s still no word in the news about his sentence

  8. Ten says:

    At it again.

    On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes, Child Exploitation Section, executed a Criminal Code search warrant in the area of Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue East.

    It is alleged that:

    – a man communicated through social media with a boy

    – the man engaged in multiple, sexually explicit conversations with the boy

    – the man sent the boy abusive images and directed the boy to send child pornography images of himself

    The man communicated through various social media sites as “TomLarkin789” and “btnevans”. Police believe there may be additional victims.

    Blair Thomas Newton Evans, 68, of Toronto has been arrested. He is charged with

    1. Four counts of Make Available Child Pornography
    2. Two counts of Make child pornography
    3. Three counts of Possess Child Pornography
    4. Two counts of Access Child Pornography
    5. Luring a Child under 18 years
    6. Luring a Child under 16 years
    7. Invitation to Sexual Touching

    He appeared in court at 1000 Finch Avenue West, on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

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