Billy D. Stewart, Frank Lightfoot Jr and Archie Elliott III

Crime: Animal Cruelty

I myself could never work at an animal shelter. I am admittedly a spineless marshmallow who would want to take home every single unclaimed animal. The fact I have 4 dogs in my home is proof of that, and the fact I sometimes contemplate adding yet another is the clincher.

Animal shelters are sadly necessary, and it’s an awful fact that they euthanize a large number of the animals whose only crime is being unwanted.

These rejected, unclaimed and unwanted creatures, in my mind, do not deserve to be put down, but if they have to be then they do deserve a painless, gentle end.

The Memphis Animal Shelter alarmingly has had staff members who do not agree with me. Billy Stewart, along with his coworkers Frank Lightfoot Jr. and Archie Elliott III, seemed to delight in inflicting pain and suffering upon the animals at the shelter.

The Memphis Police Department Organized Crime Unit initiated an undercover investigation in November 2011 after they’d got wind of complaints of animal fighting and missing animals at the Memphis Animal Shelter.

I am so totally impressed with the Memphis Police Department that they treated the reports of mistreatment so very seriously. Kudos to them!

An undercover officer posed as a technician at the Memphis Animal Shelter, and worked inside the euthanasia room. That’s where the officer witnessed the abuse first hand.

Billy Stewart

Billy Stewart

Billy D. Stewart, who was instructed and trained on proper restraint and sedation procedures by the management, chose to ignore those procedures. The sadistic beast used a catch pole to strangle the unfortunate creatures to unconsciousness.

I hate to imagine the terror those animals felt being lifted in the air with a noose around their necks, struggling for their lives as they were being deprived of oxygen.

Billy Stewart would then drop the choked animals to the floor and watch them whimpering and gasping for air.

Archie Elliott III also delighted in choking animals. One small Chow dog in particular suffered at his hands. Archie Elliott III had lifted the poor creature off the ground and choked it over a sink as it pissed and pooped while fighting for air.

Archie Elliot III

Archie Elliott III

Billy Stewart and Archie Elliott III seemed to be two of a kind, enjoying the sadistic tortures they could inflict on helpless animals.

Frank Lightfoot Jr. took over the euthanasia procedure after them, inflicting his own version of torture on the poor animals. What Frank Lightfoot Jr. delighted in was to administer the lethal injections directly into the animals’ hearts or organs without anesthetics of any sort. Very painful, undoubtedly.

In 2010 alone the Memphis Animal Shelter euthanized nearly 12,000 animals. With Archie Elliott III, Frank Lightfoot Jr. and Billy D. Stewart in charge of putting them down, it’s unthinkable how many suffered cruel and violent deaths.

Frank Lightfoot Jr

Frank Lightfoot Jr

Archie Elliott III, Frank Lightfoot Jr. and Billy D. Stewart did not have spotless records while working at the Memphis Animal Shelter. Let’s start with Archie.

Archie Elliott III’s personnel file shows he got in trouble twice for failure to verify paperwork that resulted in the wrongful euthanasia of a dog in 2007 and another dog in 2009. He was also instructed to remove 7 puppies from the euthanasia area because a rescue group was going to take them, and big surprise he didn’t! Those 7 puppies were then put to sleep.

Archie Elliott III was not dismissed for those mistakes.

Frank Lightfoot Jr. also failed to verify paperwork that resulted in the wrongful euthanasia of a dog. That was in 2008. Poor doggie!

Abuse at MAS

Frank Lightfoot Jr. was also the main character in the “suitcase dog” scandal, where pictures of him carrying a little dog by the back of the neck (like a suitcase) were made public. Needless to say that was a painful, distressing and downright cruel method of handling a little dog.

Billy D. Stewart, big surprise, failed to verify paperwork that resulted in the wrongful euthanasia of a dog. As well he was suspended for 10 days in 2008 for leaving the cat and puppy room in a deplorable condition, with the cats and puppies having to live in their piss and poop.

In 2009 Billy D. Stewart was suspended for another 10 days for “improperly” cleaning a cage in a manner that left a puppy soaking wet, shivering and shaking.

You know and I know that means he hosed down the cage, puppy and all.

So there were write-ups and suspensions, but these assholes weren’t fired. They should’ve been.

In 2009 complaints about mistreatment and neglect of animals at the Memphis Animal Shelter led to a raid. The former director Ernest Alexander, the veterinarian Angela Middleton and the administrative supervisor Tina Quattlebam were indicted.

It seems to me the blame for the cruelty that Billy D. Stewart, Archie Elliott III and Frank Lightfoot Jr. were guilty of had landed on the wrong people.

To be very clear, Dr. Middleton was acquitted, and the charges against Ernest Alexander and Tina Quattlebam were dismissed.

They should’ve fired Billy D. Stewart, Archie Elliott III and Frank Lightfoot Jr. Instead, those 3 sadistic f*cktards just kept on doing what they liked to do without anyone stopping them — until the undercover officer arrived.

In October 2012 Frank Lightfoot Jr., 57, and Archie Elliott III, 36, pled guilty to a total of 6 counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

Judge Paula Skahan found Frank Lightfoot Jr had “owned up” to his many evil misdeeds such as dropping caged, dying cats to the floor from 6 feet (nasty bastard!), stomping a cat to hasten its death (sadistic monster!) and giving dogs those painful lethal injections directly into their hearts without sedation.

Frank POS Lightfoot Jr. was sentenced to 2 years on 4 counts, served concurrently. He was eligible for parole after 7.2 months.

Archie Elliott III was sentenced to 20 days in prison to be served on weekends and 2 years probation.

These two animal abusers requested diversion (a type of probation) so that they wouldn’t have to serve time in prison and they could have their records wiped clean in the future. The judge denied this request.

Aggravated animal cruelty is a class “E” felony in that state, and these f*ckwads could’ve been given up to 6 years. THAT sentence would have made me happier.

Billy Stewart, 29, didn’t plead guilty. Indeed, the man demanded a trial, and said the charges he faced were “a conspiracy” by various officials.

“I’m wrongfully accused,” Billy Stewart said. “I’m innocent.” Riiiight.

Undercover officer Daniel Arrington testified in Shelby County criminal court to witnessing Billy Stewart choking dogs on 5 occasions. He described how Billy Stewart dropped the poor creatures to the floor and watched them struggling for air.

Billy Stewart in turn claimed that aggressive dogs sometimes choked themselves as they tried to break free from the catch pole. He also said he was not given proper training.

Billy Stewart should’ve saved his breath and pled guilty. In June 2013 he was found guilty of 4 counts of aggravated cruelty and 1 misdemeanor charge of cruelty. He was sentenced by Judge Skahan as follows:

Count 1: 2 years of which he must serve at least at 30%

Count 2: 2 years of which he must serve at least 30% consecutively

Count 3: 2 years of which he must serve at least 30% concurrently

Count 4: 11 months 29 days of which he must serve at least concurrently

Count 5: 2 years of which he must serve at least at 30% concurrently

Adding it all up, it looks like Billy D. Stewart is sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Big surprise, Billy D. Stewart is appealing. Good luck with that, f*cktard! Meantime he’s free on bond.

I truly hope that these 3 people are never, ever allowed near another animal as long as they live. I also hope the Memphis Animal Shelter has turned the corner and is now offering top-notch care and treatment of the animals. I truly hope the number of animals that are euthanized drops significantly. Adopt, people, adopt!

Longtime animal advocate Beverly King said it best: downtrodden dogs and cats sent to die deserve humane treatment.

“If they’re not given a decent life, at least we can give them a decent death,” said Ms King. “They do not deserve going to their death in such a violent fashion.”

Amen to that. Now I’m off to hug my 4 doggies because this whole story has me so upset.

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11 Responses to Billy D. Stewart, Frank Lightfoot Jr and Archie Elliott III

  1. moodymagic says:

    Animal abusers make me sick. They never get what they truly deserve.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Charlie and I sure as hell will avoid Memphis if turdballs like these can work at an animal shelter for years. I would not want them near animals, children, old people, women, anyone or anything vulnerable. There is no telling who or what these sadistic assholes will target next.

  3. 2cute says:

    Those poor, poor animals! All that pain and suffering they should never have had to endure! I wish a world of pain and suffering on these evil bastards for what they did.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    I hope these bastards will be forever recognized as sadistic animal abusers by everyone they meet and know.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    Anyone notice bengalpuss has not commented for a while? Sure hope she is ok and will be writing comments again really soon. Maybe she is busy digging under her basement.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Has anyone heard from bengalpuss? Is she ok? Come back bengalpuss!

      • Bengalpussy says:

        Bulldoggy, i iz here, and im Fucking fuming after reading this. 10-000 animals put to sleep in one year, that is atrocious is that. Now moving on to these 3 mother fucker’s, 7months in jail for one, the other piece of shite that is appealing, is out on bail, and one gets 20 Fucking days? And then we all wonder why animal cruelty is so prevalent. These 3 horrible cunts faces should be remembered, and the shelter should be closed down, because these bastard fucker’s were able to abuse with impunity. Those poor kittys and dogs, im actually in tears, can’t believe what those poor animals had to go through, just because they were unwanted. My tyke has his own facebook page with 600 kitty and dog pals. And do you know something those animals families are wonderful, i despair at some humans i really do. Tykey has had presents from america, australia, china, and i wish that everyone could be nice, but unfortunately we’ve got some right cunts breathing the same air as we do. I need to finish my dungeon off, fast.

  6. dogwalker says:

    This story makes me want to cry. How the hell did these three monsters get to keep their jobs year after year, complaint after complaint? Unbelievably cruel and stupid! I hope they are all run out of town.

  7. Swifster says:


  8. Agrippina The Elder says:

    I must admit that I usually skip over the stories about animal cruelty because they just tear me apart. I am a major sucker when it comes to animals…..I have five dogs and currently have my brother’s dog living with me for a total of six dogs, one cat, and two turtles. The stories are just too much for me to read. My husband is just as much of a sucker as I am. I live in Florida and my husband travels for work. He calls me one day while he was working in Texas and said that their jobsite had to be fumigated and he was going to save a stray kitten he had found. This kitten was brought all the way from Texas to Florida by my husband and we named him Abraxis. That was six years ago and this black Chantilly Tiffany kitty thinks he’s my baby just like my kids and he’s correct in that assessment. All my animals think their my babies and they are. I just had to quickly skip over the pics of these three fucktards at the shelter because I just knew I couldn’t bear to see the pics. Animals are so innocent and they just want your attention and affection. They can be abused horribly and will still wag their tail or meow and purr at their abusers for just a morsel of possible attention. It’s fucking heartbreaking! I can’t even process that over 12,000 animals are put down in Memphis alone every year. Poor, innocent creatures sentenced to die just because they can’t find a home and yet we humans call ourselves humane. Yeah right….let’s just keep telling ourselves that so we can feel okay about the fact that we are murdering innocent animals. Sorry Cleo, but I won’t be reading anymore of the animal cruelty stories. Please don’t take it personally, but I just can’t stomach these stories.

    • cleo says:

      Agrippina, I have no problem with you not reading the animal cruelty stories. I, like you, have a full house of animals, and I have terrible difficulty researching and writing about animal abusers. I get horribly upset by them, but I force myself to include their stories because they are truly hellbeasts who are often punished too leniently, IMO, and deserve public shaming.

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