Bernadette Beanes

bernadette beanes

Crimes: Manslaughter, Kidnapping, Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

D’Lynn Celis had the horrible misfortune of having two hellbeasts in her life. One was Israel Celis, her estranged husband and father of her children, and the other was Bernadette Beanes, whom she had considered a close friend. D’Lynn Celis and her children did not deserve to have any hellbeasts in her life, much less two. I feel so bad for her and her kids for the absolute hell they were put through by that evil pair.

Bernadette Beanes of Mesa, Arizona, USA, dated D’Lynn Celis’ brother-in-law at one time, but at some point became romantically involved with Israel Celis. Of course she didn’t clue in D’Lynn Celis of these new circumstances. She needed to stay close in order to be of use to her new boyfriend.

On May 20, 2013, Bernadette Beanes and Israel Celis set out to kidnap D’Lynn Celis and her children. I don’t know what the big plan was, but it ultimately went terribly awry for them.

Israel Celis nabbed his estranged wife and 3-year-old son at gunpoint. At gunpoint! I’m sure she thought he was going to kill them. Maybe he was. But first he forced them into a vehicle, and he made D’Lynn Celis drive to a hotel in Tolleson. Bernadette Beanes had already rented the hotel rooms for him, and provided the supplies that her boyfriend used to bound and gag her “close friend”. When the little boy was asleep, Israel Celis raped his estranged wife. Afterward, he got up and left the hotel room with their son. That’s when D’Lynn Celis was able to release her bonds and make her escape. Thank gawd she got away with her life.

D’Lynn Celis phoned the police for help, and learned to her horror that her other two children had been kidnapped as well. She didn’t know it at the time, but Bernadette Beanes had her children. The poor woman must have been out of her mind with fear for her babies.

Israel Celis, not knowing his estranged wife had escaped, sent his girlfriend to “check up” on her. Really? He was concerned about her welfare? No way! I wonder what Bernadette Beanes was supposed to do to her. Whatever it was, she was thwarted when she saw the hotel surrounded by police.

Israel Celis later took all of his children and his girlfriend to a friend’s house in El Mirage. The house was occupied, and so the hellbeast held all the people hostage. Police and US Marshals Service agents tracked him there, and then began a 12-hour standoff. In the early morning hours, Israel Celis, after releasing all of his hostages, shot himself to death, amen. Long may he rot in hell. Bernadette Beanes did not follow suit. She decided she’d bluff her way out of trouble.

The children and Bernadette Beanes were taken to a hospital to be checked out, and none of them had been harmed. The hellbitch put on a big act pretending she’d been a victim rather than a co-conspirator/kidnapper. She cried at the hospital, and D’Lynn Celis, not knowing what a traitorous, evil creature her friend was, felt such sympathy for her that she invited her to her home. Imagine that — the woman had been kidnapped at gunpoint, raped, traumatized by the disappearance of her children, and helping them deal with the death of their father, and she still was worried about her friend. That woman is so strong, and so compassionate, and I want to throttle Bernadette Beanes for betraying her.

D’Lynn Celis fed her children and her friend, and intended to have Bernadette Beanes stay with her and her family. Fortunately, she got a phone call from Phoenix police that informed her that her friend had been a participant in the entire ordeal. I don’t know how she held it together at that point — I would’ve chased the hellbitch with a knife with every intent to stab her. Instead, she kept her head on straight and helped the police arrest the monstrous creature.

D’Lynn Celis’ brother told Bernadette Beanes he was going to drive her to the Phoenix home where Israel Celis died so she could pick up her car. The POS bitch fell for it and went with him. She was delivered straight into the custody of detectives. Yay!

A grand jury indicted Bernadette Beanes on 41 felony charges, including one count of 1st-degree murder, 30 counts of aggravated assault and 10 counts of kidnapping.

BERNADETTE-300478With a plea deal, the hellbitch’s charges were whittled down to conspiracy to commit kidnapping, aggravated assault on a police officer and manslaughter. Seems like a sweet deal she got there. And was Bernadette Beanes grateful? Hell no. Instead she was determined to win her release.

How, you ask? By eliminating the witnesses. Yup, this hellbeastly monster wasn’t finished being and doing evil yet despite being behind bars. In September 2013, she confided in a fellow inmate, Windy Panzo, that she needed a hitman. She wanted 4 witnesses dead, including a 9-year-old child. Windy Panzo wasn’t about to stand by and let an innocent child be murdered, so she told authorities. She deserves praise for her action. She saved 4 lives.

So when Bernadette Beanes thought she’d made contact with a real hitman, she’d actually been dealing with an undercover detective. In January 2014, she offered the man $20,000 to kill the 4 witnesses and make their deaths look accidental. It was all recorded.

Undercover Officer: “You want me to take care of all four?”

Bernadette Beanes: “Yes. It’s $5,000 a body, and it’s going to be paid $20,000 total when the job is completely done.”

Undercover Officer: “You’re sure about that?”

Bernadette Beanes: “Yeah.”

Undercover Officer: “Cause he’s a kid.”

Bernadette Beanes: “I know.”

Undercover Officer: “So, you don’t give a fuck how I do it? Stab them? Kill them?”

Bernadette Beanes: “However you want. You paint your masterpiece.”e

Needless to say, the hellbitch was well and truly caught. Incredibly, she got another plea deal.

Bernadette Beanes, 21, pled guilty in April 2015 to 3 counts of attempted 1st-degree murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault and manslaughter. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Ditsworth sentenced the murderous monster to 30.5 years in prison, followed by 5 years probation. The judge felt the sentence was “extradordinary”.

“Looking at the crime spree that occurred in this case (and) the events that occurred several months later, the court believes that, for a woman who is 20 years old, that this is an extraordinary sentence,” the judge said. “It also serves to both protect the public and provide some comfort for the victims of the various crimes.

“She’s earned every day she’s going to spend in prison, and none of it’s going to be fun,” Judge Ditsworth continued. “I’ve been around a long time, and I can guarantee I won’t be around when she’s released.”

D’Lynn Celis doesn’t think the sentence is anywhere near long enough.

“I think she is getting off pretty easy for everything she put me and my children through,” D’Lynn Celis said. “I just think that with her mind, she’s going to come out having a vendetta.

“I’m more fearful of what she’s going to do when she gets out,” she continued. “She’ll make more contacts in (prison). She’s going to learn more in there, and she’s going to come out even smarter. So I fear for the kids basically.”

I hope and pray all of the victims have gotten and are getting all the support they need to overcome these horrific events. I also hope and pray that Bernadette Beanes is finding incarceration unbearable each and every day. She deserves nothing better. And I for one wouldn’t cry if she didn’t live to see freedom again.

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7 Responses to Bernadette Beanes

  1. Moodymagic says:

    The fact that Beanes was only 20 at the time of crime is disgusting she should of been like Bonnie and Clyde and killed in a hail of bullets. Makes me sick

  2. Tom Daly says:

    How can any rational human being do this? It boggles the mind! I hope these monsters rot in jail

  3. bengalpuss says:

    I bet my life this fiend woulda kept up the pretense had it not been uncovered and I don’t understand what she finds amusing in that mugshot, and how the fuck did she get such a sweet deal? Let’s not forget that this turd was prepared to have young children murdered, so why isn’t this cunt Serving life without parole? Smog

    • Jeni C says:

      I agree with you, BP. I think she would have kept up with her murderous ways if she had never been caught. Hellbeasts like this don’t stop until they’re caught. She was 21 years old at the time, so, even though she received quite a long sentence, she will still be in her 50’s when she is released (if she serves the entire sentence, and never gets early release/parole), so she will still be relatively young, she can wreak more havoc, and hurt more people! Anyone that can hurt a child, they don’t deserve to live…and don’t deserve MY tax dollars to help take care of them!! I hope she is miserable every second of her incarceration. And that SHE is the one that gets no peace!

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Smh, meant to say

  5. Amazingleigh says:

    Great blog and great writing. Love the term hellbeasts. Quite fitting. I visit a prison and have met 2 women that participated in horrific murders. One got life with parole after 30 years. She’s been denied twice. The other got 4 years! I can’t make up my mind if some women are weak and go along or if they are just are cruel as the psychopaths they’ve associated with. I’m thinking the latter.

  6. plateshutoverlock says:

    Put her in an iron mask and leave her shackled in a deep underground cell forever.

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