Benjamin Martin Moore

Pedophile Benjamin Martin Moore
Crimes: Child Molestation, Child Porn

They say nice guys finish last. Benjamin Martin Moore is not a nice guy. In fact, he’s a really nasty piece of crap. Unfortunately, many women fall for bad guys, perhaps fantasizing they are secretly sexy, sparkly vampires or dark, broody werewolves. These idiot women should know better. Bad guys are bad news, simple as that.

Benjamin Martin Moore has had some success with women, i.e. intimate relationships with them. I don’t get it. I look at that photo of him and I just don’t get it. Regardless, Benjamin Martin Moore had managed to insinuate himself into the lives of several women.

The trouble is it’s not the women he wants to get intimate with. The women are just a necessary hurdle he must surmount in order to attain the objects of his true desire. See, Benjamin Martin Moore has the hots for children. Young children. He has had a long, long history of gaining the trust of mothers and other caregivers for the sole purpose of raping their little ones.

Benjamin Martin Moore was convicted in 2007 of sexual interference. In 2009 he was again convicted of sexual interference AND possession of child pornography. Obviously he’s not learning. His 2009 conviction earned him a 26-month prison sentence that ended officially in August 2011. At that point he had to be released. Not good news for the rest of us.

Because Benjamin Martin Moore was deemed a high risk to reoffend, and because he was free of any parole supervision, the Crown wisely applied to have him sign a high-risk offender peace bond. This would allow the powers that be to keep track of his whereabouts and his activities. Benjamin Martin Moore agreed to sign on August 23, promising the court he would follow the conditions of the peace bond.

The next day — the very next day — police discovered that Benjamin Martin Moore had already messed up. The peace bond explicitly prohibited him from possessing or accessing computers or any other device that connects to the Internet. Police discovered that the house Benjamin shared with his girlfriend was stocked with cellphones, a laptop, a Wii system and a TV hooked up to a modem. Ooops.

So back to Regina Provincial Court he went.

Benjamin Martin Moore’s lawyer Tony Orlowski claimed his client had no idea that these items were there since they belonged to the girlfriend. He also claimed that his client did not personally access the Internet.

Benjamin Martin Moore whined to the court that he had no idea that the TV could access the Internet. He’d been in jail SO LONG, he said, that he doesn’t understand the new technology. Yeah, TV’s hooked up with modems didn’t exist 26 months before.

Happily for us, pervs with child porn convictions are not given much leeway when it comes to Internet access and breaches of peace bonds. Benjamin Martin Moore was tucked away for another 3-month jail term with a 9-month probation period following. Police were empowered to search him and his premises up to 3 times per month throughout his probation.

Benjamin Martin Moore was released to live in the Regina area. The Regina Police Service issued a public safety alert since Benny boy is considered a very high risk to reoffend.

Pedophile Benjamin Martin MooreSo Regina residents, please check out Benjamin Martin Moore’s picture. This child molester is described as Caucasian, 5-foot-9 and 225 pounds. He has green eyes, and long, brown hair with a full, brown-and-grey beard and moustache.

If you recognize him, please do not date him. Please do not introduce him to your children. He is not a good candidate for babysitting, parenting, or in any other position of trust.

A word of advice to his girlfriend and all potential girlfriends — keep child molesters like Benjamin Martin Moore out of your lives! They are evil, manipulative, and unsalvageable. You cannot “fix” them — ever! So don’t even try.

Police are releasing Moore’s description in order to enable members of the public to take suitable preventive measures. Like grabbing your children and running as far and as fast as your legs can carry you.

The police do not encourage the public to take part in any form of vigilantism or other “unreasonable conduct” directed at the Benjamin Martin Moore. Because that would be wrong.

The conditions of Benjamin Martin Moore’s parole require he must reside at a community correctional centre and must return nightly; he must report ALL personal relationships to a parole officer; and he must have no contact with, or be in the presence of, ANYBODY under the age of 18, or reasonably suspected to be under the age of 18, unless supervised by an informed adult pre-approved by a parole officer.

Additionally, Benjamin Martin Moore must not own, use or be in the possession of any device that would allow access to the Internet or to pornographic material. He must not own or be in the possession of any pornographic material, whether electronic, video, photographic or other media.

Anyone who has questions or concerns about Benjamin Martin Moore is encouraged to contact the police at 306-777-6500. Anyone who wishes to report any incident in which Benjamin Martin Moore is violating his parole conditions, or any incident involving this child molester, can call that number or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

And Benjamin Martin Moore will hopefully be unable to harm any other child as long as he lives.

Rot in hell, Benny boy.

Benjamin Martin Moore is living in Regina. There is a new alert put out by Saskatchewan Corrections with an additional photo. Residents of Regina are strongly encouraged to check it out.

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75 Responses to Benjamin Martin Moore

  1. moodymagic says:

    Good job posting this POS. Cleo keep up the good writing. Benny boy deserves no mention from me

  2. Trace says:

    He needs to die. Now. Before he hurts any other child.

  3. Kimber says:

    He looks very much like a creepy husband that I tolerated for about nine months before I fled his presence. Thank God! Like a child molester, he didn’t seem creepy at first. His creepiness grew the longer you were around him. Free advice: if EVERYONE you know tells you to get away from someone, LISTEN!

  4. CallMeAnon says:

    I seen your write up on Benjamin Martin Moore. I personally know that shit bag. He had two handicapped girlfriends and he got one pregnant which I imagine the kid was gonna be for his own freaky pleasure. He has something like nine kids of his own all with women with some kind of disability. Pretty sick. Just thought I’d share some information about him that the news didn’t mention.

    • Laurie says:

      Hi. I am very interested in the information you have on this monster. A friend of mine is now working with him and was very upset to find out what he was. There is not much information on this s.o.b out there, what do you know about him and how do you know him? You don’t have to tell me your name. Any information would help. Thanks.

    • Astres says:

      I personally know the man and what he has done to my child but to say he just makes friends with women with disabilities is not true. I am a normal healthy woman and I fell for his nice guy act. I even thought about dating him until I found out what he did to my child. He is lucky I didnt find out until after our easter road trip. Now I just want closure in the means of a long conversation with him. Someone needs to let this man know that we are not going to let him hurt another child. Nothing vigilante style but I need answers as to why me and my child.!!!!

      • frsknsld says:

        who said it was only handicapped girls. Im the one that said he had 2 handicapped.girl friends. When i worked.with him he lived with 2 handicapped.girls.and got them preggers. I was also stuck in a truck with him for and he told me.all about his.sick ass sexual fantasies. How.he.loved so.his.girlsfriends.could leather and lead him arojbd with leashes. Also told me.he had a 4 inch cock.but.still made his girlfriend.bleed. He was a sick.fuck before i found.out.about the.whole child porn/molestering

    • bernie says:

      you personally know benjamin martin moore he has elevan kids my girlfriend has one from him. he is a sick man every sick

    • bernie says:

      hellothere i personall know this creep ,he is a nasty man who liked to havesex with little girls he is a very good shit distuber,he has number of charges on him ue to his thing with little girls he has 11 chidren of his own i suggest ifuhave littlekids donot let im around them my gf has a child from him

      • bengalpuss says:

        Bernie All i can say is i feel sorry for your girlfriend having a child to this “village people looking mother fucker” I hope he doesn’t get any access to the child, cos i wouldn’t let this fucker near a baby cockroach let alone a human child. I think most people who go on the internet and know about paedaphile Extrordinaire, will stay miles away from him but thanks for the warning. Just make sure your girlfriend listens to you and keeps this sick fuck away from her precious child.

  5. Laurie says:

    This monster is working in the trucking industry as a driver in the city of Regina,Sk. His employers know his past but have decided to give him a ‘second chance’ at a new life by giving him employment. They think this monster can change his spots. Like hell. This individual is a monster plain and simple. If businesses are going to hire people that do these sorts of things, they should tell the other employees there exactly who they will be dealing with so that they can decide if they want to be around this garbage every day and for their safety. Does the public have rights or only these monsters. Apparently the criminals rights matter more than ours do.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Laurie if i happened to be one of those poor people that worked with that piece of shit and the bosses never told me, then i would be suing their fucking arse’s, because they have put me and my family in danger, i’ll explain. They employ this paedaphile the other employees don.t know he’s a pedo and accept him with open arms, what would happen if i stared dating this guy and eventually took him home near my children, and then he decides to hurt one of my babys. If the people that employed him told me that he was a pedo i wouldn’t be within a thousand feet of the fucker but because they never told me, i treated him like i would treat another human being, but depriving me of that information i would’ve presumed that the company wouldn’t have employed a pedo, hence they put me and my family in danger by withholding the fact he was a danger. I think people need to know about this shithead. Paedaphile cannot be cured simple, eventually their sick twisted fantasies become to much and they hurt another child.

    • Laurie says:

      The manager of the trucking company that hired this bastard answer was that Moore was being watched by the parole board and the cops ( so he wouldn’t do anyting, yeah right) and they were going to give him a ‘second chance’ by hiring him at this job. Truckers had their small children in the place sometimes. I thought Moore wasn’t supposed to be around children? The manager and head guy of the place knew all of this but kept Moore anyway. None of the employees were told about this man as far as I know but for God’s sake, they should have been but he has rights and he deserves a ‘second chance’. Isn’t that wonderful???

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Don’t you just love the shit they come out with laurie. Did he have the police and parole officers on his back 24/7 did he fuck so he could abuse children at will. Any child molesting raping or murdering bastard don’t deserve no second chance. Euthanize the fucker’s we can do without sick fucks like this on our planet. And the boss of the trucking company you have to ask yourself is he a paedaphile, and is that why he is sympathizing with this piece of shit. You know what they say laurie “Birds of a feather flock together” Any normal person if asked to employ a nonce/Uk 4 paedaphiles, would tell them to fuckoff and stay the fuck away. So it makers you think doesn’t it. If i worked there i’d pull the boss to one side and say “They all thing your a nonce cos you employed a nonce” That would get him thinking and that child sick fuck rapist out of a job. And if i’d taken my children their and found out the boss had hired a nonce and knew about it but didn.t tell me, then his arse would be mine.

  8. Laurie says:

    The boss was a Christian and wanted to give Moore a second chance. Pure insanity.I’d like to know some more of what Callmenon knows about Moore. You can hardly find anything about this monster and I thnk the public should know as much about these dangerous individuals as possible.

    • 2cute says:

      The boss wants to give him a second chance, fine. But NEVER where there are potential victims! This guy hits on single mothers so he should never work around them. He’s probably a real smooth operator and comes across as a great considerate guy, a real catch. That’s how he’s had success so far I bet. He’s a convincing liar and conman and it’s too bad the boss has fallen for his line of crap.

      Definitely his coworkers should have been told he has a criminal record! The boss is a real dim twit if he thinks pedos can reform.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    2Cute i think the boss is a paedaphile himself otherwise why is he sympathizing with a piece of shit scumbag who gets girlfriends and is more interested in their young daughters. Because in my mind any employer that knows he’s interviewing a nonce, would automatically tell him to fuckoff and get off my premises christian or muslim any normal person wouldn’t hire a fucking beast full stop.

    • 2cute says:

      Bengalpuss, either the boss is very/too sympathetic to pedophiles, is one himself, or is totally ignorant about them and the damage they do. And being “Christian” doesn’t mean he doesn’t know or can’t know what pedophilia is about. So I’m thinking you may just be right. Why else is he helping this POS hide what he’s done.

  10. Laurie says:

    The management’s answer to why they hired this person was ‘he is being watched by authorities’ and he has to work like everyone else.

    • 2cute says:

      OK that’s their answer for hiring him. What’s their answer for not telling their workers about the new guy? What’s their answer for allowing children near him? Is he being watched by authorities at the workplace? I doubt it.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute that bastard trucking company boss, someone needs to, i was gonna say shove a baseball bat up his arse, but seen as how he sympathize’s with the paedaphile, he’ll probably enjoy that. So in gonna change it to “He needs a whack around his head with a baseball bat. Paedaphile cannot be cured, i don.t give a fuck what anybody says once a nonce always a nonce and this cunt is the biggest nonce going. And for that boss to employ him and not inform the workers, well then if i worked there i sue his fucking arse off. How dare he employ that beast and not inform the workers who sometimes bring their young children in. How were they to know the danger that was near to their kids. Like i said if that was me i would go ballistic, how dare he withhold something as important as that nugget of information. If that beast went near my child, then he’d have a bullet in his head and the boss would get a severe beating.

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    I bet they didn.t. How do you answer that one “Why did you hire a paedaphile and not inform your other employees, who sometimes bring their children in on the odd occasion, don.t you think they had a right to know” Just imagine one of the little kiddie’s goes to the toilet and that beast follows the child. Frightening isn.t it. And this is only the tip of the iceburg laurie and 2cute, how many more are out there and we don.t know were oblivious to whats working next to us. thats what i mean by frightening.

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    Astres, im sorry to hear this bastard has hurt your child. Maybe i can give you an answer. People like this sick individual hide their true purposes. Its not your fault why he’s done this to your child. It would be great if these sick individuals walked around with a sign on Their heads saying paedaphile, but they don.t. You are in no way responsible for this piece of crap doing what he did to your child, if it wasn.t you it would have been someone else because these animals are preditors that look for opportunities to abuse children. All you can do now is Make sure your child is loved and protected and let them know it wasn.t their fault what this Fiend Did to them and maybe get some therapy if needed. But above all communicate and let your child know that if they want to talk about anything that your there and will always be there, stay safe.

  14. bengalpuss says:

    What baffles me is the fact that he actually had a girlfriend to go to when he was released. I mean what the fuck, if i just met someone and they told me that they were being released from jail, because they were caught fiddling with kiddie’s, i would run that fast i would be leaving a trail of dust behind me. What the hell is that woman thinking. As soon as you found out you were gone, and thank god you did find out, or your life could have been a nightmare. Thank your lucky stars that you got to find out very early, what a beastly bastard this is. And now you can get on with your life, knowing that you came out of this smarter. I believe things happen for a reason, as soon as you realise what reason you will understand. Maybe to spread awareness to other women, at just how easy it is to be fooled by a preditor, because thats what he is. Good luck!

    • Astres says:

      The girlfriend was from before he was convicted in my child’s case and she didn’t believe anyone so therefore didn’t care. Im betting she cares now but don’t honestly know.

  15. Laurie says:

    He had TWO big binders full of the kids he had hurt? Wow. I found out that this monster is working as a truck driver at The Transportation Hub in Regina. His girlfriend Leah Potts and her brother work there as well. She knows all about him but does not care. She is with him anyway.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Laurie, does his new girlfriend have any children, cos if yes, then the police need to be informed, cos without a shadow of a doubt he’ll be abusing them. Is the place you said he Works for a new job or is it the same job as what we’ve all been commenting on, cos if its a new job, then his new employers need to know they’ve hired a paedaphile. And what the fuck is that moustache about, he looks like one of the village people lol.

      • Laurie says:

        The job we are talking about was at another trucking company in Regina. People found out who Moore was, the management couldn’t stand the heat of having him working there anymore and they fired him at this place, then he went to work at the Global Transportation Hub as a trucker where his new girlfriend, Leah and a relative of her’s works. Management at the Global Transportation Hub knows all about him and is protecting him too. That information was of as last spring. I haven’t heard where he is working now. I assume it is still with the Hub. There is no more moustache either anymore.

  16. bernie says:

    i am trying to find out were he works so my gf could after him for child support she has a 4 yr old from him so if aanyone knows could you e-maaail me and tell us thanks

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bernie, Could you answer a question for me, im british so please forgive me for my ignorance. In america if someone pays child support, does that give them the right to see their child? Or can someone be made to pay child support, even though they’re not allowed to have contact with a child? The reason i was asking was because, if your girlfriend seeks mr village people for child support, then won.t that give him rights to see his child? Me personally wouldn’t want this toe rag within five miles of my child, i’d rather do without. But if she can get child support and paedaphile extrordinaire doesn’t get no chance at seeing the child, well then your girlfriend does right in seeking him to pay for his offspring.

      • bernie says:

        hey there if your gf goes after him for support no she does not need to let him see the child my gf is going after him for child support after 4 yrs of her life and no she will not let him see her, he cant be around children under the age of 18 if he does he could be and will be arrested so no she has nothing to worry about hope this helps you out

        • Astres says:

          No he doesn’t have to be able to see the child but Bernie you are wrong on one issue. He can’t be around children under 18 if he isn’t supervised by a “knowing” adult. If he is with a court approved “knowing” adult he can be around children. It states that in the last part of the article above.

          Here is the actual clause from above. “The conditions of Benjamin Martin Moore’s parole require he must reside at a community correctional centre and must return nightly; he must report ALL personal relationships to a parole officer; and he must have no contact with, or be in the presence of, ANYBODY under the age of 18, or reasonably suspected to be under the age of 18, unless supervised by an informed adult pre-approved by a parole officer.”

          Still sick but allowed.

    • The First says:

      Good luck with that. I am the first. I know everything there is to know about this man, since he was a teenager. I am the mother of his oldest child (now 20). He is an extreme con artist, and knows how to play the system. He was $60,000 in arrears owing to me and managed to claim hardship and get it all eliminated. I guess I was a lucky one in a sense. He was extremely abusive and almost killed me but it was before his pedophile streak. I am aware that my child has 10 siblings from him that my child has never met or known. My child knows who the biological father is even though my child was only a year old when I left the man. My child has no desire to ever know the man and is just grateful that I had the courage to get out when my child was only a year old. I was instrumental in assisting with the first arrest and jail time by bringing up juvenile files and reopening my case on him after many, many years. I was also instrumental in finally putting him behind bars by pursuing reopening of old cases and providing the key bargaining chip to make him make a plea bargain. Once he pled guilty to a lesser offense and served time, the police finally had him in the system and were able to lay more serious charges. Not all the women in his life have been disabled, Ben’s “M O” is vulnerable women with low self esteem, or disabled, typically single mothers, or obese women. Not necessarily meeting all these requirements. AT the time I was obese and had a low self esteem. I was 19 and Ben was 18 when I met him. This was 21 years ago. I am now a professional woman and have a good life. I have watched and kept up with Ben’s life over the years silently over sites like this, news, media etc. I have been in contact with some of his Ex girlfriends, I have silently attended court cases (sat in the back of the court room and observed) As long as I live and breathe I will do all I can to ensure he can’t hurt anyone else.

      • bernie says:

        I would like to get hold of u and talk more about ben I have a 4 year old from that shit bag. how do I get hold of u

        • The First says:

          I have created an email for people to contact me. My child has found 2 siblings and may be interested in meeting more of them, I leave it up to my child. My child is 24 this year. I still keep tabs on Ben and collect child support on his arrears account, govt garnishes it. The email I can be contacted on is [email protected] I created this account to keep personal information secure, this email account will strictly be used if anyone would like to contact me about Ben.

      • Tonya says:

        Would like to talk. Lost your contact if.

      • bernie says:

        My wife has a six year old from Ben she would like to talk to u about him

  17. Laurie says:

    What a small world. I was talking to a friend of my boyfriend’s about this man and he said that he’s seen Moore at the Global Transportation Hub in Regina. Apparently the management there knows all about Moore’s past, all of it and their view of it is, that he did his time, he’s out now and he needs to work somewhere, he has been behaving himself at the job and so they have no problem with him working there.

  18. Laurie says:

    He works as a truck driver by the way.

  19. Mary says:

    I too am interested in where he works, he owes my daughter 12 years of court ordered child support from a marriage that ended after she found out about him. He was quit young then but she discovered it on his computer. He is a very clever psychopath and is very manipulative. Once she found out she ran, hid , then went to court to get full custody and made sure he had no access. She has lived with a shadow over her ever since.

  20. Shadow says:


    I think that the justice system needs to get their heads outta their asses. They protect the monsters so NO one can find there true whereabouts. I think this is a joke as the victims have to live with the pain and memories of what these monsters did on a daily basis. But there they are still protecting the perpetrator, where is the justice is that?? I think that there should be a public site that anyone can access to find out whereabouts of these monsters. What are they afraid of that someone might lose their mind and hurt one of these disgusting pieces of dirt?

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone but I don’t think it is fair that people can have the same freedom if they do such a heartless and horrific crime.

  21. bernie says:

    i phoned leons ben doest work there found out he is living in regina at a half way house.

  22. bengalpuss says:

    You haven.t offended me shadow, and your absolutely right, that they protect these bastards and the poor victims are left to deal with the trauma that some paedaphile bastard has caused. Its about time that the victims should come first instead of scumbag’s like this cunt. And i agree with you when you say there should be a database where people can actually find out if a paedaphile is living near them, and if our children are safe.

  23. bernie says:

    my gf talked to her lawyer he told her that ben is living in a half way house around the general hospital she has called RCMP and they say they cannot give me any information on him due to he is protected which i find is bullshit i think everyone that has children from him should be notified were he is i do not agree with the way the justice system is in this county

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bernie, i think anyone who has children full stop, not just by him, need to be alerted that there’s a dirty stinking paedaphile in the area. Its ok having all these sex offender registers, but its pointless if the people where this cunt has moved in their area, don.t get told. That bullshit about protected, what about protecting our children, surely that must be 1st priority, not some dirty scumbag paedaphiles protection. Sometimes the laws of the justice system make me laugh, these politicians need to have a dose of reality, they’re not living in the real world.

  24. bernie says:

    today cops go after people that dont do anything wrong but sex offender it alright for them to do what ever they want. to me its bullshit

    • bengalpuss says:

      No doubt bernie, this sick fuck will re offend, he can.t help it. To him abusing a child is worth going to jail for a few years. I genuinely hope he drops dead, before that can happen. I think its ridiculous that these beasts are given protection, when they go to prison they should mix with the general population, that way they’ll learn just what it means to people, when they commit sick acts against children. Who knows it may be a wake up call to them, thinking if i abuse a child in future, then im going to jail, and i’ll end up getting a good beating, but while they’re being protected, then theres no deterent.

  25. Laurie says:

    I know for a fact Moore worked at the Global Transportation Hub in Regina as of last spring as a truck driver. His current girlfriend also works there in the office. By what I heard, management there knows all about him too and their answer to him working there is that he did his time and ‘he has to make a living too’. Isn’t that nice? Apparently the girlfriend knows all about his past but accepts it. Very, very sick.

  26. bernie says:

    They should cut his ball off and do what he did to the childrening, but he might like it. i hate men who have kids or fathers who walk away and they dont want to do anything with the kids. i know moore cannt be around kids but he should pay for 13 kids he brought into this world.

  27. bernie says:

    hey the first my gf has one of his daughters she is 4 and his youngest daughter is 8 month younger than her do you knowhere he is now i am trying to trackhim down topay formaintenence

  28. bengalpuss says:

    Hey mamabear, swear all you want, i do. Anyway do you think this sick fucker will bother you and your family? Because not knowing where he is must be hell for you. Its amazing how many people wanna track this toerag down, to serve papers on him. Mind you what can you expect when dealing with a beastly bastard.

  29. bengalpuss says:

    Hi mamabear, how many children do you have with this monster? And i can understand you being frightened, If he was ringing my mother looking for me, i too would be shitting myself, not literally, but though fear. It makes me sick to know that this beastly bastard, has committed heinous acts upon children, yet he’s not in jail, and walking about free, probably looking at small girls and fantasizing, the sick fucking beast. I’ll give you my email address tomorow, as the one i’ve got now is shite. Anybody that sends me and email, gets it bounced back at them, technology, supposed to make life easier, well it doesn’t for me. I also understand when you say that “You don.t trust many people because you’ve been back stabbed by so many people” Your new husband’s ex told Benjamin moore where you lived? If she has that is one sick bitch, for doing that. In reality, she’s placed you in a position of danger, just to be spiteful, fucking cow. I said at the beginning about children with moore, do you have any with him?

  30. bengalpuss says:

    Mammabear, i forgot to ask you, did he have that horrible moustache when you met him? Because everytime i look at that mugshot, i crack up laughing, just like i have now, its like a 70’s early 80’s porn star, flipping hilarious that moustache is.

  31. Shadow says:

    I realize that people are money from him to help with the cost of raising a child. But in the long run you will realize that it is much better raising your child without the help of a dirt bag like him. I don’t have his child but I do have a child with someone who won’t stand up and be a true man. I know that if you go to maintance he will be made to pay but they will make you to allow him to have access. The court system here in Canada is messed up. I hope you all the best in getting money from him.

  32. bengalpuss says:

    Good point shadow, the risk of getting child support, is the risk of this dog being allowed to see his child. I wouldn’t want this dirtbag within a hundred feet of me and my child. Plus he has quite a few children, so the amount of child support will be greatly reduced to a point of not bothering to get it. I know its hard being a single parent, and money can become tight, but i would advice anybody with a child to moustache of the century, to find out what help they can get, or if they are entitled to extra benefits from the goverment. If that doesn’t help and you desperately need that child support, and he wants to see the child, then only agree to supervised access, otherwise none at all, its the only way to make sure your child is safe.

  33. Tyson says:

    This monster has no money? He’s been driving around Regina for the past year in a brown BMW that he calls ‘his baby’ and he keeps spotless. He tells everyone who will listen how he bought it with all of the money he made trucking.

  34. Tyson says:

    He doesn’t have that moustache anymore either.

    • bengalpuss says:

      I bet he’s still an ugly cunt without it. And if i was a judge, i’d make this kiddy fiddler, sell his “Baby” The new car, and the money that he gets he has to divide it up between his offspring. I mean what a fucking shitbag, he can save money up to buy himself a shit coloured BMW, but can.t pay for the children that he has created, men like that make me wanna vomit. You would also think that with him now exposed as a paedaphile, he would crawl under a rock and stay there, but he’s driving around you say. Im suprised that he hasn.t had his arse whooped, for being a disgusting child molester. Regina Must be a very tolerant place.

      • Tyson says:

        He thinks he’s really hot shit with that car and keeps it in showroom condition. Not a spot of dirt on it, spotless inside, tells people he bought it with all the money he made from trucking. How could he make all that money trucking if he was in jail???? The new girlfriend is on the wierd and creepy side. He tells people she is his wife by the way. No idea if the bitch is or not.

        • bengalpuss says:

          She must be weird if she’s happy to be with a paedaphile beast. If this shitbag was the last man on the planet and the human race could only be saved by me sleeping with “It” Then im afraid i’d have to let the human race become extinct. Women like that puzzle me, its like those stupid bitch’s that write to murderers on death row, that have committed the most heinous of crimes, and end up falling in love with them, and marrying them, the mind boggles. I sincerely hope someone steals his car, and torches it, serve the cunt right for buying a car instead of paying child support, fucking pig he is.

  35. bernie says:

    He was in jail now he is out again why cannt they just ship him to a island to rut

  36. Astres says:

    I recently heard he was dead….would be nice if someone can confirm either way “yay or nay”!!!

  37. Tonya says:

    This man is now a BC issue.

  38. bernie says:

    Tonya what did he do now thought he was in regina

  39. bernie says:

    Is there any new updates about Ben and any new conditions

  40. Mother of one of them says:

    He is living in Mexico I just found out the RCMP are trying to get him back but Mexico does not extradite it’s citizens so he must have Mexican citizenship I will let you know if I find out more

  41. Bengalpuss says:

    The rcmp must be stupid if they want nonce boy back in canada, let him stay in mexico, hopefully an angry mexican might do the planet a favour.

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