Benjamin Capelin

Hellbeast Benjamin Capelin
Crime: Child porn

Benjamin Capelin, 34, of Shoreham, West Sussex is a free man these days, but not so long ago he wasn’t. He’d been a naughty, naughty fellow and had been put away for a stint in prison. That stint wasn’t nearly long enough, IMHO.

See, Benjamin Capelin is what my blessed mother would have called a “real piece of work” — that’s pretty much the closest she got to swearing. I call him a monstrous shitstain pedophile. And a cowardly f*cktard too.

In 2010 West Sussex police got a tip from Luxembourg police about somebody accessing and exchanging child pornography on a website they’d closed down. That somebody accessed the filthy shit from the Paradise Pets store in Shoreham High Street.

And so, in August 2010, West Sussex police swooped down on Paradise Pets and arrested Benjamin Capelin’s father Michael by mistake. And did Benjamin the cowardly POS Capelin tell police they got the wrong man? Hell no!

Paradise PetsWhat Benjamin the disgusting pervert Capelin did was let his father stew in police custody while he grabbed 2 computers from his Downside home and tossed them into the local dump — the Shoreham waste transfer site.

I can’t imagine what his father was going through, being accused of accessing child porn, knowing he was innocent and having to protest his innocence.

And then the police arrested Benjamin Capelin’s mother Deirdre too! They hauled that poor woman in for questioning, no doubt accusing her husband of being a pedophile.

And did the Capelins’ loving son go to police then and let them know they got the wrong people? Hell no! Because he is a scummy, cowardly prick polisher who was afraid of being caught and punished.

After questioning the completely innocent parents, police figured out that it was Benjamin Capelin who was the real culprit. Police searched the shop and Capelin’s home and confiscated the office computer and a memory stick.

Police also searched the dump and managed to recover his discarded desktop computer. The police never did find the laptop.

The files on the computers and the memory stick were proof enough that Benjamin Capelin is a sick, twisted pervert. He had downloaded more than 6000 vile images of children being abused — toddlers and babies and young children being molested and raped by adults and animals. These images included more than 170 Level 5 images which are considered as the most extreme.

Gawd I hate pedophiles! I can’t imagine how anyone could find images of baby raping titillating, or bestiality with children erotic! Sick, sick, sick!

Police also discovered a putrid pile of adult porn that was so extreme it was considered illegal. I’m not even going to try to imagine what that kind of porn would have entailed.

You know, I just can’t thank the investigators enough, to slog through and catalogue all those horrific, disgusting images day after day. I don’t know how they cope with the job. I couldn’t do it — I’d be a basket case if I saw even a couple of photos of baby raping.

As DI Alison Eaton said, “We must never forget that all these images represent terrible abuse of children, in this case including babies. Our POLIT (paedophile online investigation team) officers will continue to follow up all such information in order to bring to justice offenders who help perpetuate child abuse worldwide in this way.”

Yup, these guys are my heroes. <3 Anyway, when the investigators told the POS pedo Benjamin Capelin that they'd found his desktop computer, the perv spilt the beans. He told them he'd panicked and had dumped it in an effort to avoid being caught. He also admitted that he'd been the pervert who'd downloaded all that filthy shit. Too bad he hadn't thought to spare his parents their terrible ordeal. Unhappily his parents’ ordeal didn’t end with the police interrogation and their son’s arrest. Customers deserted their business and Paradise Pets foundered and failed. That was so unfair! I feel so bad for them, being in business for 25 years and losing it all because their son was a sick, disgusting pedophile.

Benjamin Capelin’s 7-year marriage fell apart. *shock* I can totally understand why his wife would toss his pasty ass to the curb. I hope she managed to leave her boot prints on his ass when she told him he was history.

Benjamin Capelin was charged with possessing and making indecent images of children.

Excuse me but he was MAKING child porn? Please god, tell me he wasn’t abusing any children, that he was just Photoshopping heads onto bodies.

The hellbeast was also charged with perverting the course of justice — because he’d tossed the computers in the dump.

Benjamin Capelin pleaded guilty to the charges. Not much else he could’ve done, really.

Judge Graham Wood presided over Benjamin Capelin’s sentencing in Southwark Crown Court on November 11, 2011.

Judge Wood told the disgusting pedophile he would have to be imprisoned due to the high number of images and the gravity of those images.

Judge Wood said, “There are definitely victims in this case – the abused children.” Amen to that! Think of those poor children, raped by adults and animals!

“The fact that they were treated in this way so as to produce these images is a result of people like you choosing to look at them and making it worth someone’s while financially to take that course against the children.”

Benjamin POS roadturd Capelin was sentenced for 5 counts of possessing indecent images of children, 13 counts of making indecent images of children, 3 counts of possessing extreme pornographic images and 1 count of perverting the course of justice.

The pervert was sentenced to 2 months for the perverting the course of justice offence and a whopping 12 months to run consecutively for all the other offences. He was also served with a Sexual Offence Prevention Order and a requirement to be a registered sex offender for 10 years on his release.

Benjamin Capelin actually had the nerve to wave to his father and estranged wife and mouth “I love you” as he was led away by security staff. I’m sure they appreciated his gesture. *snort*

So by my figuring, this pedophile is roaming the streets a free man. I read that Capelin would only have to serve a paltry 7 months before being released on parole.

The penalty his parents had to pay was far harsher than his — their business destroyed, their community standing destroyed, friendships destroyed, and possibly any chance of retirement destroyed. There’s also the public vilification and blaming they must endure. They deserve none of it!

Benjamin Capelin should shoulder all of the blame and all of the vilification, not his parents. And he should also rot in hell.

Gawd I hate pedophiles!

18 Responses to Benjamin Capelin

  1. 2cute says:

    Couldn’t the judge have given him a lifetime ban from accessing the Internet? Because if he’s loose now you just know he’s got himself a computer and he’s prowling around for more child porn. A few months in jail wouldn’t make him change his sick and twisted nature.

  2. pj says:

    I hope hope hope that he won’t try dating young mothers now that he’s split from the wife. He’s presentable enough to lure some desperate women in — I sure hope everyone he tries to date googles him and finds out what kind of monster he is!

    • bengalpuss says:

      I don.t think he’s actually split from the wife, hence him mouthing to her and his mother “I love you” From the gallery. This is what im talking about cleo, stupid fucking sentences that judges dish out. She clearly said that “This is serious and these children wouldn’t be raped and abused, if it wasn.t for people like you” Fucking serious, she gave him 14 months, of which he’ll serve half, yes thats justice for you. Those children on those images have gone through hell, being fondled, abused raped, sodomised i could go on but you get my point. If an adult did that to another adult, without their permission, it would be classed as rape and they certainly would be getting more than 14months. Its sickening to know that this piece of filth will be out very soon, near where i live the scumsucker. I sincerely hope that a large number of people know about this bastard and he gets his arse whopped. All paedaphiles should be removed from this planet the sick, dirty, scummy, cunting, bastards.

      • bulldoggy says:

        I think you’re wrong bengalgod. I think he is split from his wife — by her choice, and that “i love you” crap he tossed out in court was a pity play. I doubt she said it back to him. Because hell, it would take an abnormal kind of woman to forgive her man for being a closet freak who got his jollies looking at babies being abused. Would you forgive that shit, bengalpuss? Hells no! I sure hope they didn’t have kids together.

        • flyingleadchange says:

          ” Because hell, it would take an abnormal kind of woman to forgive her man for being a closet freak who got his jollies looking at babies being abused”

          You’re new here, aren’t you?

          • bulldoggy says:

            No flyingleadchange I am not a newbie to the site. I have read most of the articles but have somehow clutched voraciously to the beliefs that most people are normal, and normal people, men and women alike, revile and loathe monsters like this.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Actually cleo, he will have served less than 7months, because he would have been put forward for an electronic tag which monitors him and makes sure that he’s sticking to his Cerfew Which is usually to stay indoors which is between 7pm to 7am. And tagging would have been approved at 3 1/2 months, so effectively he’s only served a 1/4 of his sentence, its fucking disgusting. No wonder they’re everywhere, because they know that the. Judicial system is screwed and they’ll only get a slapped wrist.

    • 2cute says:

      Less than 7 months? Really? That’s sad, pathetic, useless. That’s criminal! That’s not justice! His parents were condemned by the community, I hope he is too because he’s the only guilty party in this situation. I hope he’s condemned and ostracized and really made to suffer.

      • bengalpuss says:

        I know 2cute, he’ll probably only serve about 3 1/2 months, no joke. That sentence is a crime in itself. I don.t understand the judges reason as to why he would give such a pathetic diabolical sentence, unless he actually sympathize’s with the beast. These judges have the power to give out a proper sentence for that crime, but yet time and time again, they don.t use the sentencing powers that they have. It disgusts me that these judges see first hand in the evidence what these bastards are either looking at, or making and distributing it. And we all know who suffers when these beasts are taking pictures or making video’s, the kids. If i was a judge and i had to see what these sick fucks had done, then i would be known as the “Hangmans judge” 3 1/2 months is a fucking insult.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, he’s been given in his sentence a sopo(Sexual offences prevention order) which means that he can.t have internet and if he needs to use the internet for work, then he isn.t allowed to delete his internet history and will be on restrictions regarding what he’s allowed to access, which does work because the sexual offences unit’s check on these paedaphilic fucker’s and if they’ve been naughty with the internet they get hauled back to court and if they get put in front of a judge thats got a brain and a backbone, they go to jail. Its only worthless if they get put in front of a stupid cunt judge, that says “You can go home but don.t be a bad boy again” You know what i mean 2cute. The sopo does work, if the consequences of breaching it are punished by jail. Theres no point having it if there’s no jail punishment for breaching it, otherwise the paper that its written on is only worth wiping your arse on. Sorry to be crude lol.

    • 2cute says:

      Thanks bengalpuss for explaining about the sopo. Does it also keep him away from playgrounds and schools? Does it require him to tell women he’s dating or people he’s working with that he’s a freaking pervert? I still like the idea of tattooing pedo on the forehead so everyone knows who is a convicted pervert.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, you are right, remember when i said i wouldn’t say you were right again, but i keep doing it. Oh well it takes a beastly bastard to let his parents stew in the cells, and share kiddie porn with other sick fucks. By the way flyingleadchange, thinks your new on this site. Don.t think he/She knows you like we do. And we all know our bulldoggy can be a very sarcastic boy, can.t you love lol. Yeah bulldoggy, if my betrothed turned out to be a closet freak getting his jollies looking at babies being abused, he would end up looking abnormal after i’d finished with the cunt. I wonder though if his parents have finished with him? After all he’s turned out to be a brilliant son. He likes young children because he’s a beastly cunt, and he’s shown his gratitude to his parents for feeding, clothing and loving him for 18yrs, for nearly letting them go to jail for his sick actions. They must be so proud “not”

    • bulldoggy says:

      Wow bengalpuss I gotta mark my calendar! You said I was right again! But I am right to believe that if you discovered your fella was a sick twisted pedo you would have his nuts in a jar and feed his meatstick to the neighbourhood dogs (not for your precious Tyke). You would not wait to build your dungeon — you would probably stuff him in your closet while you taught him right from wrong. With rusty knives, acid, whips and chains.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Bulldoggy, “feed his meatstick to the neighborhood dogs” Thats a new one to me “Meatstick” Ha ha ha, im seriously in stitches. I’ve laughed for that long my jaw his hurting “Meatstick” I’ve heard of it being called a “Pork sword” But “Meatstick” Bulldoggy your priceless lol.

        • bulldoggy says:

          Considering what a pathetic man this guy is maybe I should’ve said “meatnoodle” instead of “meatstick”. Limp meatnoodle. Pork sword, I like that. With him it would be spam sword. Or pork letter opener.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Some sopo’s are more strict than others depending what the beast has been upto. But mostly they’re not allowed to work with children, there not allowed to be in the company of someone under the age of either 16 or 18. Not to have internet access unless for work and then they are not allowed to delete the history. Don.t know about having to tell a new partner, but if she had children he wouldn’t be allowed near, and he cannot have anything that can access him to the internet like xbox or ps3 stuff like that. And i think that a tattoo saying paedaphile beware should not only be tattooed on his forehead but everywhere on his body. And he should walk around with a sandwich board on saying dirty paedaphile in the area lock your children away to keep them safe. Or just put a target on the back of his head with an arrow saying aim here.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Oh bulldoggy, you know me oh so well, stop talking rusty knifes, acid, whips and chains, im getting excited thinking about it.

  8. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, “Scummy cowardly, prick polisher” I love it, thats definately getting added to my brains database of hilarious insults. I just love the way that you describe some of these pieces of shit. And your always coming up with new ones that are original lol.

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