Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei

Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei
Crimes: Abduction, Rape, Murder

This bizarre and horrific story comes from China’s northeastern Heilongjiang Province.

On July 24, 2013, a 17-year-old student nurse named Hu Yixuan was walking to a friend’s house in Jiamusi city. She couldn’t help but notice a heavily pregnant woman squatting on the ground, appearing to be in pain.

Being a friendly, helpful sort of person, Hu Yixuan approached the apparently ill woman to see if she needed help. Not surprisingly the woman asked Hu Yixuan to help her to get home.

Not sensing any danger, Hu Yixuan kindly and generously agreed. Who, after all, would be suspicious of a sick, pregnant woman needing help?

Hu YixuanHu Yixuan was not to know that she was about to become the victim of an evil, dastardly, hellish plot.

Surveillance camera footage shows the tall, slim, student nurse helping the very round, waddling woman arrive at her home. It all looks so innocent, so ordinary. Sadly, that’s often how evil is disguised.

Once at the woman’s residence, Hu Yixuan quickly texted her friend, ā€œIā€™m helping a pregnant lady. Just arrived at her home.ā€ It was, tragically, the last text the girl would ever write.

The pregnant woman, by way of thanking her helper, invited the girl inside and offered her a serving of yoghurt. Maybe Hu Yixuan was just being polite, or maybe she truly wanted to sit down and eat yoghurt, but either way she entered the woman’s home and unwittingly stepped into a trap.

Hu Yixuan wasn’t to know that the yoghurt treat was spiked with sleeping pills. She wasn’t to know that the pregnant woman’s hellbeastly husband was hiding in the bedroom, ready to pounce.

Hu Yixuan passed out and the man carried her to the bedroom in order to rape her. He soon discovered his victim was menstruating and that was a bit of a turn-off for him. He lost the urge to penetrate her with his penis, but continued molesting her in other ways.

The poor girl unexpectedly woke up while the man was diddling with her and she began to put up a fight. Tragically, Hu Yixuan just wasn’t strong enough to fight off both the monstrous rapist, Bai Yunjiang, and his monstrous wife, Tan Beibei.

With Tan Beibei holding the victim’s legs down, Bai Yunjiang pressed a pillow down on the girl’s face. The evil couple, working together, managed to suffocate Hu Yixuan to death.

Suitcase with victimI’m not sure if murder was always their plan, but now the f*ckwads Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei had a body on their hands. They stuffed the corpse inside a big, black suitcase and hauled it to their car. They wound up burying their victim in a rural area.

That night Hu Yixuan’s parents were frantic. Their daughter hadn’t come home and they couldn’t find her anywhere. On the morning of July 26, 2013, they called the police.

Two days later Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei were arrested. The very next day the teenager’s body was recovered.

It didn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out who the culprits were. The police had the last text the victim wrote. They had the surveillance camera footage of the victim with her pregnant killer walking right to the murder scene. They had the footage of the pregnant killer with her murdering rapist of a husband carrying the suitcase to the car and driving away. And they did NOT have footage of Hu Yixuan emerging alive from the residence and walking away unharmed.

Pregnant TanTan Beibei, who was 8 months pregnant when arrested, confessed right away. And the story she told was horrifically bizarre and heartless. I found an interview she gave to a reporter — I trust the translation is accurate.

Question: How did the idea of finding a girl for your husband come to you?

Tan Beibei: When we were first together I had slept with another man, and my coworkers had found out. Then after we got married, my coworkers told my husband. He’d hit me, and I’d always put up with it. But later, when I got pregnant, he didn’t dare hit me – just scold me, every day was very depressing. And then I thought if I found a girl to sleep with him for one night, maybe that way we’d be even. I wanted to find him a “working girl” or something – but he refused, afraid he’d get an STD. I didn’t recruit children, I could only go out on the street and look myself.

Question: Why did you choose Hu Xiyuan?

Tan Beibei: That girl was rather tall and pretty, I thought my husband would definitely like her. So I just pretended that my stomach hurt to trick her into following me home. She was fooled in an instant. I didn’t think about it too much.

Question: Did he or did he not carry out the rape?

Tan Beibei: After the girl fainted, he took her into the bedroom, and found out that she was on her period. He lost interest, but he still molested her. As a result of this, she woke up and struggled quite a bit.

Question: When Bai Yunjiang was carrying out the murder of the girl, did you indeed restrain her?

Tan Beibei: At the time, I was out of my senses. Bai Yunjiang had me hold her legs down to keep her from kicking. I didn’t really think too much, I just did it. He then grabbed a pillow, put it over the girl’s head. I said a few words to him at that time, but I don’t remember exactly- the general gist being “don’t kill her, we’ll be at risk.” It continued like that until she just stopped moving.

Question: After the fact, did you think of giving yourselves up?

Tan Beibei: No. At the time I thought – this girl I came across, no one will notice. The police won’t suspect to check up on us, and I didn’t expect that we’d be arrested.

Question: Had you already decided to kill the girl from the beginning?

Tan Beibei: I didn’t think too much – I just wanted to find equilibrium with my husband. I didn’t think about anything else.

Wow. So the sick bitch Tan Beibei was “out of her senses” and “didn’t really think too much” when she helped kidnap and kill Hu Yixuan, a girl who had done absolutely nothing in her life to deserve what was done to her. I call bullshit on that!

It turns out that Hu Yixuan wasn’t their first target. Tan Beibei had tried the exact same ploy with another girl who, very fortunately for her, received a phone call before she entered the apartment and left unmolested.

Tan Beibei had also tried to abduct a friend of her stepdaughter but failed.

So was she was “out of her senses” on those three separate occasions? Or had she and her pervert husband carefully plotted and schemed to get him a virgin to rape? They had the drugs ready, the whole tummy pains act ready, and Bai Yunjiang was hiding in the bedroom primed and pumped for action. This was not spontaneous in any way, shape or form.

According to Tan Beibei, her husband “scolded” her so she decided offering him a girl to rape would make things better between them. Riiight. And WTF did she mean by not recruiting children? Was that seriously an option in her mind? Sick bitch!

How do f*cktards like this find each other? He wanted to rape, and she was willing to lure in a victim, drug her and hold her down. Sick bastards!

As this disgusting story unfolded, local outrage grew. Tan Beibei, being extremely pregnant, was detained at the same hospital where her victim worked. Lovely. Needless to say, her reception there was most unwelcoming.

Tan Beibei has since given birth to a healthy baby boy. With both murderous parents imprisoned, the baby’s future is very uncertain. His grandparents on both sides are unwilling to raise the little guy. Couples from all over China, though, have expressed interest in adopting him. I truly hope the baby winds up in a loving, caring, happy family.

The murderers’ families have had to face a lot of public censure, unfortunately. Tan Beibei’s sister was jilted by her fiance, and Bai Yunjiang’s brother is having business troubles. Most unfair, but not surprising.

I don’t know what punishment this killer couple will face, but I do know that China isn’t shy about capital punishment. I shall keep readers posted about their fate as soon as I learn of it. Meantime, Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei can rot in prison.

RIP Hu Yixuan.

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12 Responses to Bai Yunjiang and Tan Beibei

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    How stupid can people get? They didn’t think she’d be missed? They didn’t expect to be caught? There’s f*cking cameras everywhere! The girl texted to her friend! Stupid stupid stupid! Their stupidity is only surpassed by the evil in their souls.

  2. pj says:

    So she had an affair BEFORE they were married, therefore she OWED HIM a young girl? Sick, sick, sick! She couldn’t find him a willing, conscious woman? She had to kidnap and drug a girl for him? Unfreakingbelievable! I hope both get the firing squad or whatever mode of execution they use in China.

  3. 2cute says:

    Neither of these assholes was thinking about their baby. And now the little boy has nobody to love him and raise him. He’ll always be known as the child of murderers and rapists. He’ll be taunted and bullied throughout his childhood unless somebody from far away adopts him. I am glad those 2 monsters won’t be raising him, but jeezus even his own grandparents don’t want him. Poor baby!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      2Cute, that little baby boy is best off without those two fuck’s as parents. He’ll be adopted bless him, and won’t know about his evil parents. Thank god that adoption does that or otherwise he’d have a miserable existence because of his sick fuck parents. And it must be bad if the maternal and paternal grandparents don’t want to bring him up, but at least we know that the death penalty is on the cards here. My brother lives in china, and crimes like this one, will be dealt with to how the public see it, and thats no bullshit.

      • bulldoggy says:

        In other words, bengalpuss, we shouldn’t expect them to die of old age? I’m thinking a whole pile of people will turn out to watch these 2 encounter justice.

        • steve-O says:

          In other words bulldoggy, don’t get attached. I hope they fry. Do they fry them in China, or is it always a bullet? Whichever way, these 2 deserve to die.

        • Bengalpuss says:

          Put it this way bulldoggy, last year amnesty said that there were 89 recorded death sentences, but the estimate is a lot higher, my brother absolutely loves it their, to use facebook he has to use a vpn to hide his internet use, because they’ve banned facebook, apparently the americans were winding the chinese up and causing the chinese to protest, so they just banned it. Im all for capital punishment, i don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, i don’t care. The other month 3 chinese women were executed, just for carrying heroin, but like someone pointed out, look at the misery that those drugs have caused. And to be honest, its a good job that they’ve moved with the times where executions are considered, look up the words “Ling Chi” on google, it means death by a thousand cuts, when they were sentenced to death they were basically kept alive, tied to a pole, and had their skin and body parts slowly cut from them, while conscious. Go and look at it, thats why i know that these two pieces of shit, are gonna pay dearly for murdering that beautiful girl, outta some warped idea that they came up with. So fellow commenters, you can safely take the knowledge that these two evil cunts days are numbered.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Oh dear, looks like these two are fucked, woo hoo, im thinking death penalty, bullet in the back of their coconuts. Serves the evil cunts right. And what sort of Fucking excuse is that? Obviously they planned to murder this beautiful girl, how the fuck could they let her go? He’d just raped her for fuck sake, and she’d drugged her and in effect, kidnapped her. My heart goes out to the poor womans family, and i hope these two sick cunts are executed, might bring the victims family some justice. She was a lovely looking woman as well, life snuffed out because the wife wanted equilibrium? Fucking arseole’s.

  5. moodymagic says:

    I hope these 2 are executed. They deserve nothing less. Poor Hu Yixuan she was just doing the honorable thing.

  6. LawyerChick says:

    The wife was given life in prison. The husband got the death penalty and has already been executed.

  7. Tom Daly says:

    Let’s hope the bitch wife rots in hell. And maybe someone can drug HER food and rape her. Ya know, just to see what it was like for the victim. Karma is a bitch.

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