Ashley Nicole Williams

Alleged Crimes: Child Abuse, Child Molestation

I’ve gotten tired of waiting for a resolution to this story, so here goes. I guess I’ll have to insert the word “allegedly” as I go along.

Ashley Nicole Williams, 19, of Lebanon, Missouri is “allegedly” one sorry-ass excuse for a mother. For the life of me, truly, I don’t understand why sick and twisted individuals like her are blessed with the ability to produce babies. Those babies far too often become the victims of those monstrous mothers and fathers.

Ashley Nicole Williams was arrested back in March 2013 for “allegedly” sexually abusing her newborn baby girl. She’s being held in Laclede County Jail because she couldn’t raise a $100,000 bond. IMO, that’s a good thing.

So far, Ashley Nicole Williams has been charged with 1st-degree child molestation. Police are continuing their investigation.

Ashley Nicole Williams’ husband informed detectives that he himself had witnessed his wife touch the baby in a sexual manner not just once but many times over a period of 5 days. This happened while the baby’s diaper was being changed.

It wasn’t Ashley Nicole Williams’ husband who turned the “alleged” molester in to authorities. Nope, it was the alert staff of Mercy Hospital of Lebanon who called the Sheriff’s Office on March 7th. They had detected signs of child abuse and had done the right thing.

The baby girl was all of 2 months old when her mother was arrested. That poor little dumpling, so young and already being victimized.

Laclede County Sheriff’s Office investigators had a chat with the “alleged” molester, and “allegedly” Ashley Nicole Williams admitted she abused her baby. Her reason? (And yes, she had a reason.) Her reason for sexually abusing her teeny tiny baby girl was because she had been molested herself and now she wanted to know what it was like to be the molester instead of the victim.

Un-frigging-believable! Seriously, this “alleged” child molester must be fundamentally damaged as a human being. If Ashley Nicole Williams thinks that it’s OK to experiment with sexual molestation, especially on a newborn baby, she is a nothing better than a subhuman hellbitch!

There must be something missing or frighteningly twisted in the woman’s personality if she can inflict such harm on a helpless and totally vulnerable infant.

And her husband needs to take a personal inventory too if he can witness his wife touching his baby sexually for 5 days and not turn her pasty white ass in to authorities! Enough physical damage was done that the hospital personnel knew to call the police.

I don’t know who is taking care of the baby now. I truly hope she is in safe, loving hands and will remain so.

I shall keep readers posted (reminders are welcome). I hope that Ashley Nicole Williams, if and when she’s convicted, will spend a considerable amount of time in prison — time enough to patch the gaping holes of her deformed and damaged soul.

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13 Responses to Ashley Nicole Williams

  1. Princess80 says:

    Wow, what a piece of crap human being….

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Craaazy bitch! I hope she is forever banned from all contact with children. High fives to the hospital staff who twigged to the abuse. Poor little baby, I hope she gets a new family who will treat her like gold.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Bulldoggy I totally agree. The Bitch makes me sick.

  4. 2cute says:

    This makes no sense to me at all. Being a victim should have made her more determined to spare her child from harm and not to inflict the harm herself. Are we to believe this is the first child she has molested or has she diddled with kids she babysat or had access to before. In my opinion she is a true blue pedophile.

  5. FlyingLeadChange says:

    I’d bet dollars to donuts there’s a lot more to this story, and the husband isn’t nearly as removed from the abuse as he alleges. Yes, there’s female molesters. But there’s also women who turn into an abuser to please their man. Some are so “in love” they’ll even take the fall for him. I’d say either possibility is equally rare, but the fact she did it in front of him repeatedly suggests to me that she was aiming to please his sick desires.

    • 2cute says:

      Good thinking Flyingleadchange. It seems really hinky that he would first of all watch his wife change a diaper — that’s not what men typically do — and second he would witness his wife molest the baby and not say or do anything to stop her. Really hinky.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      I concur, flyingleadchange. My ex couldn’t be paid to participate in diaper changes. He sure as hell wasn’t looking over my shoulder either. There is something very queer about the father’s role in all this. Sure hope the baby’s safe now, bless her little soul.

    • scrappy says:

      Great points. It makes the pieces fall much more clearly into place. I must say a father watching someone change a diaper is odd enough. Add that he did/said nothing about a sexual act performed on a tiny infant…not normal.

    • bunny says:

      I am from Lebanon No. I knew Ashley it was not her husband making her they got a divorce right after every thing and her oldest sons baby daddy had came forward and said she had told him she was think about doing it with her older child

  6. Bengalpuss says:

    What a Fucking beast. And what the fuck does she find funny in that photo wearing her prison garb. I hope somebody whoops this cunts arse. And that poor little baby is never allowed near that sick fuck again. For the medical staff to notice abuse on this poor little girl, sick fuck must have done some substantial damage to this little girl, Grrrrhh, im so Fucking angry.

  7. scrappy says:

    So, we’re all agreed then that Ashley’s sentence should include sterilization since she has no soul and shite for brains?

  8. bunny says:

    I am from Lebanon mo . I used to be best friends with Ashley I do agree with you all . I don’t know if she’s been convicted yet but I do know her an her mom are fighting it now or was a month ago . It was alleged that this child of hers was not the first one she did it to it was said she did it to her first born .

  9. KXG says:

    another useless fucking pasty white hambeast who needs to have her uterus removed with a claw-hammmer.

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