Ashiqur Rahman & Jane Gomes

Hellbeast Ashiqur Rahman
Crime: Child Abuse, Murder

Aurora Breakthrough. That’s quite the name for a little baby girl. I can’t really imagine an executive or politician named Aurora Breakthrough. A musician maybe, or an author. Aurora Breakthrough didn’t get a chance to grow up to be an executive or politician or musician or author. Nope, the only place you’ll see her name is on a headstone.

Aurora Breakthrough died in July 2009. And she was only 7 weeks old.

Aurora Breakthrough was murdered by her POS asshole father, Ashiqur Rahman of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Apparently his baby daughter had an issue with crying — she wouldn’t stop.

Maybe the crying had something to do with Aurora’s broken arm. Or her broken leg. Or the fact that most of her ribs were broken. That’s my guess anyway.

Aurora Breakthrough’s mother Jane Gomes saw her boyfriend Ashiqur Rahman slap the baby and shake the baby when she cried. And she did next to nothing to save the baby — at least nothing until little Aurora’s head was battered and her brain was liquefied. That’s when the baby was taken to hospital, when it was far too late.

Gawd I hate hellbeasts like these two.

Hell bitch Jane GomesJane the stupid bitch Gomes and Ashiqur the monstrous baby batterer Rahman were originally from Bangladesh and met at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. They started going together but Jane hid the relationship from her religious family. Gee, I wonder why.

Maybe she knew her family wouldn’t like the asshole she was dating. Or maybe her family considered her too immature to get involved with a man. Or maybe she didn’t want her family to know she was having sex with her boyfriend.

Jane the stupid bitch Gomes actually hid much more than her relationship from her relatives. She didn’t tell them she’d dropped out of school, or that her boyfriend had dropped out of school, or that they’d moved in together into a rooming house in Halifax.

I guess it’s safe to say that Jane Gomes and her family were on the outs. And sadly that left nobody to keep a loving and watchful eye on baby Aurora.

Apparently Ashiqur the piece of turd Rahman wasn’t thrilled about the hospital bill for Aurora’s birth — $6000! For a girl!

On top of the financial burden caused by this noisy little bundle, Rahman was trying to start web-based businesses to make ends meet. How could he concentrate with that squawling and crying?

It was Aurora’s fault, obviously, that Rahman’s businesses were failing! It couldn’t be HIS fault! Nothing was HIS fault, you know!

And so Aurora had it coming when Ashiqur Rahman slapped her and shook her and tossed her around. Her daddy was a frustrated hellbeast and he took it out on her.

Little Aurora Breakthrough’s broken body couldn’t survive the severe damage and she died in hospital. Almost every day of her 7 weeks must have been filled with excruciating pain.

And her stupid bitch mother did nothing. She said the first time she became aware of Rahman abusing the infant was on June 29, 2009, about a month before 7-week-old Aurora died. And for that month this “mother” did nothing!

Jane Gomes chose to stay with a baby beater.

She did admit later that she made a “grave mistake in trusting Ashiqur.”

TRUSTING him was her mistake? That’s what she thinks? WTF?

How about breeding with a f*cktard who can’t control his anger? How about keeping a helpless infant within his murderous reach? How about not leaving when it becomes clear the baby was being hurt? THOSE are real mistakes! What a stupid bitch!

Jane Gomes, 25, was charged and pleaded guilty to failing to provide the necessities of life for her baby. Unbelievably she was given a conditional sentence and 6 months of probation.

Pardon me but WTF? Are the expectations of a mother’s responsibilities so low that to do nothing when a baby is being tortured deserves a judicial slap on the wrist?

And that slap on the wrist seems more like a high five to me! She did NOTHING to save her baby and YAY she gets to go free! F*cking c*nt! Pardon my french but this upsets me.

“I have dreams about her often, mostly happy, sometimes frightening,” said Jane the stupid bitch Gomes about her dead daughter. “Then I wake up to the reality — she is dead, my chances are already gone. There is nothing to be hopeful for.”

Yeah, the hell bitch’s chances are gone! Riiight. She’s not in prison, she’s free to walk the streets of Canada, she’s young enough to breed again. She got to return to university. She’s working on a degree in computer science. What chances is Gomes whining about losing?

I’d say it’s Aurora’s chances that are gone because that helpless little infant was murdered and neglected to death! She didn’t even get the chance to be 2 months old!

Jane Gomes did testify against her boyfriend at his trial which was the least she could do. She told the court how she saw the baby’s head snap back and forth when Ashiqur Rahman shook her.

Jane Gomes testified that he’d become angry about Aurora’s crying as they were changing her diaper on July 15, 2009.

Jane Gomes said Rahman shouted at the tiny infant to stop crying as he shook her.

“Ashiqur grabbed her two feet together and her hands together and shook three or four times and said, ‘Stop, stop now.’ … She was lying on the bed but her head flipped back, tilted back.”

And so the killer Ashiqur Rahman, 26, was found guilty of manslaughter and aggravated assault. Judge Felix Cacchione of Nova Scotia Supreme Court found that the murderous bastard had indeed slapped and tossed and shaken the baby to death.

Crown lawyer Denise Smith argued that the killer should be sent to prison for at least 10 years because of the severity of the baby’s injuries plus evidence that he’d committed a series of harmful acts against little Aurora.

Defense lawyer Donald Murray argued that since the injuries to the baby weren’t OBVIOUS, then Rahman wasn’t aware that his abuse could kill the baby. And so his client, he argued, should only get 5 to 6 years in prison.

Excuse me but WTF again? Aurora’s arm, legs, head and almost all her ribs were broken! That wasn’t obvious enough for the POS Ashiqur Rahman to figure out he shouldn’t beat the baby any more?

Gawd I hate baby beaters like him and the pathetic excuses they concoct.

Prior to sentencing Ashiqur the monstrous hellbeast Rahman apologized to the court. Kinda.

“I am sorry for failing to save my daughter,” but he said he did try to save her when he became aware there was a problem.

Can you believe that bullshit? I can’t.

“I can only take responsibility for my actions, and so I maintain my innocence,” Rahman the baby killer said. Riiiight. He’s sorry but he tried to save the baby after he noticed he’d gone too far and that makes him innocent.

And what did Justice Felix Cacchione make of the killer during the sentencing in June 2012? Well, first he stayed the aggravated assault charge. Why why why? And then on the manslaughter charge he sentenced this monstrous pile of dog dung to a whopping 6 1/2 years!

Wait, it gets even better. Accounting for time already spent in jail awaiting trial, Ashiqur Rahman will only have to serve 4 1/4 years. The killer dad will be out when he’s 30.

Life is cheap in Canadian justice, apparently, especially if it’s the life of a baby. And it makes me absolutely sick.

Little Aurora Breakthrough was tossed and slapped and shaken repeatedly, day after day, until all those bones were broken and her brain was liquefied. All she could do for herself was to cry and cry and that crying provoked the monster even more. And the one person on this planet who could have saved her chose instead to watch the abuse.

“I urge all sensible humans out there to not take their anger or frustration out on a child,” said Jane the stupid bitch Gomes in a victim impact statement.

Riiight, Jane Gomes got to make a victim impact statement, as if SHE was the victim! Damn her to hell! And damn the hellbeast Ashiqur Rahman too! May those two monsters rot in hell because they sure aren’t getting enough punishment for the evil they’ve committed in this life!

RIP little Aurora.

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12 Responses to Ashiqur Rahman & Jane Gomes

  1. moodymagic says:

    Well another example of how a child’s life does not really matter to the Canadian Justice System. I am so absolutely disgusted. Aurora did not deserve these 2 as parents. I don’t understand how anyone can beat up and abuse a 3 week old precious child til it dies. Great parents. Should put the baby killer in general population and let him be beat over and over again till he dies. I wish nothing but real pain and misery for these 2 till they die.

  2. Steve-O says:

    Geezus F*cking Christmas, another baby beater/killer. He didnt know that smacking and shaking a baby could cause her damage? Sounds like someone shook his brain into mush when he was little. What a disgusting f*cktard. Somebody has to teach him that being a cruel sadistic bastard is wrong, and I hope that someone is his cellmate and really pounds it into his flabby ass that he should never hurt anyone again.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      “Pounds it into his flabby arse” I thought i was top of the class for profanities, but i surrender my title with respect to you steve-o for coming out with the funniest insult i’ve heard for a while. Thanks for making me after reading such an horrific article.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well cleo i agree with you, gomez is a fucking cunt and that murderous bastard actually said he tried to do something when he had gone too far. So he means its ok to knock fuck out of a baby, but if one of his boxing bouts with Aurora Looks like he’s fucked up and the baby might die, then he’s panicked and tried to bring her back to consciousness so the pussy doesn’t have to go to jail. But that doesn’t matter now because with the pathetic sentence that judge gave him, he won.t have long to serve. And that fucking cunt of a mother stood around & watched her new born baby being shaken & beat for 4 weeks, four fucking weeks & she doesn’t get a prison sentence wtf is wrong with canadian justice its fucked like british justice over here. I hope that bastard gets to meet bubba in jail & bubba gives his arse that much action, that he’ll be shitting out of his mouth. And that cunt gomez, hope your womb shrivels up you fucking bitch, & if by some awful chance you get pregnant, i hope they’ll take the Baby away.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Sorry for the rant, but look at the size of a 7 week old baby, so tiny and delicate, and god bless her she had to sadistic cruel bastards as parents. She Didn’t have a life without pain, she’s not in pain now poor little darling. Its fucking wrong, that bitch sat back and watched that precious little angel suffer. Im a mother and believe me if anybody and i mean anybody so much as touched an eyelash on anyone of my brood, i would kill them. I thought it was instinct and normal for a woman and mother to protect their child, so i can.t weigh up how any mother could sit back & watch her offspring being harmed. She even said she saw the babies head snap back when that cunt was shaking her. If that was me & someone shook my baby like that i would stick a knife in his chest, because i would be reacting to some bastard hurting my child, so how the fuck could that bitch do nothing not once but for, four weeks. I hope the pair of cunts get Syphlis, herpes, The Ebola Virus is too good for this pair of horrid Cunts.

    • 2cute says:

      It’s another pathetic case of a pathetic woman choosing the penis over her own flesh and blood. And now she gets to play the victim, she lost her baby boo hoo and she lost her penis too. Him he should be pummelled to death for using that baby like a punching bag. Both of them should relinquish their reproductive rights and be neutered so no other helpless little baby will have them as parents.

  5. Trace says:

    It’s bad enough that Rahman didn’t consider the baby worth $6000 but to have the courts devalue her life to a paltry 6 1/2 years sentence is disgusting. What’s with Canadian justice anyway? Samuel Jordan in the US beat and shook his 8 week old baby to death because she cried and he just got life in prison. How is what he did worse than what this shit stain Rahman did? And why in hell did the judge DROP the aggravated assault charge? Rahman [email protected]#king assaulted that baby no question! The Canadian justice system is [email protected]#ked up.

    • trish says:

      Health care in Canada is free so they didn’t pay 6000 for hospital care its just another sad excuse for them to use

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    That cunt of a mother had four weeks to do something she wasn.t chained to that fucker 24/7, so why didn.t she contact the authorities. That to me is worthy of a prison sentence. That stupid fuck judge basically by not giving that cunt a custodial sentence, has basically said its ok to sit back For four weeks and do fuckall while your baby is slowly being tortured to death. I hope someone torture’s to death that judge for being a slack twat.

  7. bulldoggy says:

    OK, obviously the Canadian just-ass system is broken and needs a kick in the balls to straighten it out. They rewarded the “mother” of the murdered child for doing fuckall to rescue her baby, and they gave out that piddly ass sentence to the murderer. Both of them should have been sent away for the rest of their lives for the torture and death of little Aurora Breakthrough (retarded name that is). I hope both of them are vilified for the rest of their lives for being baby killers.

  8. Lillith says:

    I cry for the little ones who have no choice. My son didn’t have a choice when I got knocked up by his POS abusive sperm donor, but I did. I protected my son and left the bastard! This dumb cunt could have done the same thing, but she didn’t. They both deserve to be beaten until thier bones are broken and thier brains are liquified, and I’d be obliged to help, since Canada has no real justice!

  9. Tammy says:

    There IS no such thing as Canadian “Justice”. Say what you must about Americans but WE take care of our baby killers. One way or the other. 😉

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