Armand Huard & Denis Rochefort

Hellbeast Armand Huard
Crime: Pedophilia

Benjamin Franklin once said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” Wow, what a lofty start to a story, quoting old Benjamin! But the quote is very apt in this case.

Armand Huard of Quebec once enjoyed a great reputation as a humanitarian. He worked for 12 years with impoverished kids in Haiti. He volunteered in Les Caves which is 200 kilometers from the capital Port-au-Prince. He’d been stricken with malaria and he’d worked tirelessly for the orphans despite the violence and dire conditions of the area.

The humanitarian group he was affiliated with was Association Grandir. They thought much of him, even dubbing him “a true Father Teresa”.

“You have to see him among the people, eating and sleeping as they do, to understand that a commitment like his is a rare thing,” gushed Association Grandir’s website.

The orphans themselves called him “Papi”. Aww, isn’t that sweet?

Wow, what a wonderful fellow he must be, to sacrifice so much for those unfortunate kids! Except he wasn’t a wonderful fellow. Armand Huard was a devious pedophile. All his “good works” were to bring him into contact with vulnerable young boys he could manipulate and sexually assault.

Hellbeast Denis RochefortSadly, Armand the pedo Huard was not alone. His fellow Quebec aid worker Denis POS perv Rochefort was also generously donating his time and efforts for the same rewards — young Haitian boy meat.

In February 2008 the two pervs were arrested and charged. Denis Rochefort denied the charges, and he told the court that he’d only ever been involved with young men.

In November 2008 they both pled guilty to multiple counts of sexually abusing teenage boys while working at the orphanage. Armand Huard actually pled guilty the very day that 8 of his victims were to testify. I guess he really, really didn’t want the court to hear what those boys had to say.

To be specific Armand Huard pled guilty to 10 counts of sexually touching minors or inciting minors to touch him. Denis Rochefort pled guilty to sexual assaults on 6 boys.

Armand Huard, 65, was sentenced to 3 years and his buddy Denis Rochefort, 59, was sentenced to 2 years with 3 years probation. Ooooh, harsh! And if you do your math, you’ll know that this pair of pervs are out of prison and getting on with their lives. Denis Rochefort still has some probation time to get through.

It took complaints by a dozen boys to Canadian cops on a Haitian mission for those two pedos to be arrested. The local police had done nothing to help them. Can you imagine the bravery of those boys coming forward with their stories? To have it known by everyone that they were molested? To speak out despite the real possibility of their losing the support of the people at the orphanage? To speak out against the revered “Papi”? Brave boys.

The two Quebec pedophiles were charged under the too rarely used provision of the Criminal Code that allows police to charge Canadians for child sex crimes they commit in other countries.

“It’s a triumph for justice,” Crown prosecutor Carmen Rioux said. “Haiti is a country that lacks resources at many levels and their legal system is not as well equipped as we are here to conduct investigations like this one. Now justice has been served.”

Carmen Rioux had spoken to the victims by video conference and said they are “at peace” with the outcome. She added that they played “O Canada” on their flute to thank the Canadian authorities.

According to Save the Children, the world’s largest children’s rights organization, pedophiles disguised as peacekeeping troops, aid workers, non-governmental organization employees, priests and missionaries engage in sexual exploitation of Haitian children with arrogant impunity.

“All those who come here know this is a very poor country, that there are few opportunities for youth,” said Margarett Lubin, Save the Children’s local child protection manager.

“They have nothing, these young people,” said Carmen Rioux. All they have is the clothes on their backs, she added.

So predators dangle money and other rewards to win their young victims’ cooperation. And with continuing high unemployment in Haiti, often that money is the only money available for the children and their families to survive on.

For years both pedos Armand Huard and Denis Rochefort surrounded themselves with penniless orphan children who had no opportunities to escape and no families who would be outraged by the defilement of their boys.

These convicted pedophiles may be out of prison now, but hopefully the public recognizes them for what they truly are. Not local heroes and dedicated do-gooders. Huard and Rochefort are child molesting pedophiles, period.

And as such, that makes the pair of them hellbeasts in my book. So go to hell, Armand and Denis, and rot. article article
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6 Responses to Armand Huard & Denis Rochefort

  1. Trace says:

    I’m glad the years of everyone singing their praises is done and they’ve been exposed for the evil bastards they truly are. I hope the victims are doing ok now and that they didn’t suffer from the public exposure. It’s bad enough being molested as a kid but much worse I should imagine knowing that everyone knows what happened to you. And probably there’s endless speculation about whether the boys are gay. I wish those brave boys well, and I hope the perverts can’t find any more young boys to molest.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I have total respect for the courage it took for the boys to come forward. It really disgusts me that they had to turn to the Canadian Government because the punishments were a joke. “Father Teresa” what crap. I wish the boys all the best in life

  3. DarkRiderTommy says:

    I recall there being another guy who did some garbage like this; he was young though… ugh, hate people who hide in charities and churches to do evil things.

  4. 2cute says:

    I think you are talking about Doug Perlitz. He got almost 20 years in jail but he wasn’t Canadian facing Canadian justice. These 2 bastards only got 2 and 3 years. Canadian justice sucks.

  5. dogwalker says:

    Those pedophiles are masters are presenting themselves as model citizens and role models. How the hell can we trust anyone these days?

  6. Netherwarper says:

    Another instance in which this corrupt fucktard of a justice system screws up yet again. My father is in the slammer for 15 YEARS! for tipping off strip clubs as a crooked cop (to pay for a divorce i have to add!)fucked up yes…but was there any harm done?any child raped?!NO!And these wackjobs get 5 years between em!GRRRRRRR!!!!!

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