Archie Collicutt

Archie Collicutt

Crimes: Rape, Pedophile

This little beast scares me. Archie Collicutt is his name, and he looks like someone who you’d expect to see on a high school debating team or chess club. Pompous, self-opinionated maybe, with the air of superiority shared by a lot of teenagers. But this guy, Archie Collicutt of Wilcote Riding, Finstock, West Oxfordshire, UK, is no harmless high schooler. Nope, he’s a conniving, predatory and very dangerous pedophile.

Archie Collicutt is now 18 years old, but he began his crime spree in March 2012 when he was only 16. His list of victims is astonishingly and frighteningly long for one so young.

This teenaged monster is known to have attacked 7 underage girls from Oxfordshire. Seven! The youngest was only 12 years old!

Archie Collicutt’s modus operandi was to befriend the girls first. He used his clean-cut, baby-faced appearance to give them the false sense that he was just a friendly guy … harmless even. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In March 2012, Archie Collicutt raped his first victim — a 13-year-old girl. To keep her quiet he threatened that he would kill her and her family if she told anyone. I can’t imagine the shame and the terror that poor girl felt. She’d trusted him, thinking he liked her, and he betrayed her in the most horrible way.

In June 2013, Archie Collicutt tried to rape a 12-year-old girl. I don’t know why he didn’t succeed — maybe because his teeny teenaged pecker couldn’t perform. Thank gawd for small mercies. Once again he threatened the lives of his victim and her family if she went to the police.

Actually, 2013 was a busy year for the hellbeast. He assaulted 6 girls in total that year.

How the hell was this POS pedo so successful in luring so many girls into his clutches? He used Facebook for starters. Facebook is a great place to claim to be anyone or anything, and young girls (hell, even grown women) have trouble discerning the bullshit from the truth.

Archie Collicutt also had access to a caravan (trailer) where he could be all alone with the girls. If they resisted his line of seduction, he attacked. What with being trapped and isolated in a confined space, there wasn’t much chance for the girls to escape.

In September 2013, Archie Collicutt’s career as a rapist was brought to a halt. Despite the threats on their lives and their families’ lives, the girls bravely told the authorities. Kudos to them for being so courageous!

Archie Collicutt went to trial at Oxford Crown Court on September 10, 2014. The prosecutor, in his opening statement, said, “Although he is only 18, he is actually a dangerous pedophile. He targets these girls, makes friends with them, and if seduction doesn’t work he’s quite willing to force himself on them. He preys on their inexperience … their immaturity, and if he’s worried he threatens them and their families.”

The next day, September 11, 2014, Archie Collicutt pled guilty to rape, attempted rape, 2 counts of sexual assault, and 2 counts of sexual activity with a child. At least he spared his victims the ordeal of testifying in court.

On November 20, 2014, Judge Gordon Risius sentenced Archie Collicutt to 10 years in prison. He said to the rapist, “You showed selfish determination to obtain sexual gratification and have showed no empathy for the victims. Indeed, you place the blame on the girls.”

The judge also tacked on a sexual offences prevention order and required Archie Collicutt to sign the sex offenders register.

Unfortunately, since this is British justice we’re talking here, Archie Collicutt, the admitted and convicted child rapist, will likely serve about half of his sentence. He’s only 18 now, so he’ll be in his early 20’s when he’s released. Will he be rehabilitated? I sincerely doubt it, but hopefully, hopefully, hopefully this little bastard will manage to grow a heart, a soul and a conscience before he’s released. If not, then the young women and underage girls of England will have something to worry about.

I wish all the best to the girls who were attacked by this nasty creature. Hopefully they have all the love and support they need to live happy, satisfying lives. And they should all be proud of themselves for turning Archie Collicutt in to authorities despite his death threats.

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12 Responses to Archie Collicutt

  1. 2cute says:

    I’d be afraid that this little snot will come out of prison ready to rape again but now using weapons. With a knife or gun he could kidnap young girls and keep them silent either by threats or by murder. Yeah, I’m afraid he’ll come out of prison much much worse.

    • Pollyjuicepotion says:

      This boy was one of my close friends inside and outside school. He asked me out in 2013 but I refused because he dated my cousin. My parents always remind me I had a lucky escape.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        POLLYJUICEPOTION, did he come across as a pervert or was he good at hiding his beastly ways? And were you shocked when you discovered what he’d done? I can’t imagine what i would do if i found out one of my friends turned out to be a dirty nonce, probably play soft ball with his head!!

        • PolyJuicePotion says:

          Sorry for the really late reply. But no I didn’t realise he was like that…. He always seemed a very kind person. Not creepy in any way.

    • PolyJuicePotion says:

      My friends sister visited him the other week. He said he might be getting let out on good behaviour soon

  2. moodymagic says:

    This little shit will hopefully be taught a lesson in prison.

  3. Michelle says:

    There’s something about his eyes that scared the bejesus out of me.

  4. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It Disgusts and Sickens Me the Degenerate Vandalism that Summons Up the Cultural and Moral Decay and Oblivion that is Modern Britain.

    Bad Enough in Public Toilets when some Moron Brags about Fantasies towards Adults in Writing but when they Brag about Abusing Children in writing in toilets Sexual Abuse of 6 Year Old
    Girls they are Evil Monsters and Deserve Capital Punishment and that is why Capital Punishment Need’s to be Restored.

    Sickos like Child Abusers Deserve Capital Punishment Not Suspended Sentences and that Includes the Sick Filth known as Child Pornography

    The Wicked Shall be Turned into Hell and All the Nations That
    Forget God

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Decentpeopleonly, i’d love my country to bring back the death penalty, unfortunately we have the muppet’s running the country and sat in the house of common’s. It should be re-named “the houses of not commonsense”.

  5. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Gotta say I don’t think he’s a pedophile so much as a very dangerous rapist. He was sticking to girls very close to his own age, most likely because he could easily overpower them and/or intimidate them. Some 12 year olds, while still children, don’t look it. Just my 2 cents.

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