Anthony Novellino

Anthony Novellino

Crime: Murder

Anthony Novellino, of Denville, New Jersey, told people his ex-wife, Judith, was a pig. He’d been married to the woman for 37 years before she divorced him. He last worked as a security guard in New Jersey, and she was a highly regarded high school English teacher and librarian. Obviously the woman contributed her fair share to the household, so why did he call her a pig?

Apparently, Anthony Novellino was furious at the terms of the divorce. He was going to be able to keep the family home on Cliffside Trail, but he’d have to pay Judith for her share of the house. That came to $110,000. As well, he was supposed to give her $150,000 from his retirement fund. He called it “blood money”.

Anthony Novellino doesn’t believe in sharing, obviously — at least not with Judith. Never mind that he didn’t pay his share of the household bills. He had a net worth of $800,000, so he could afford to pay Judith what was owed her.

Life with Anthony Novellino was not easy for Judith. When she filed for divorce, she said in her court papers that he was controlling, verbally abusive and “will stop at nothing to hurt me and make my life difficult”. She also had 2 relatives who are psychologists warning her that he was “potentially dangerous” and that she should “move away from him as soon as possible”. They were right.

It was a nasty divorce. The couple fought over possessions and money which commonly occurs in divorces, but Anthony Novellino got mean. He accused Judith publicly of having “developed a continence problem” and urinating on the furniture. He claimed she’d made the house uninhabitable and took pictures that he sent around to relatives. He referred to her as a “pig” to the neighbours.

Judith NovellinoOn June 19, 2010, eleven days after the divorce became final, Judith Novellino was at the marital home packing up her stuff. It was the deadline for her to remove her possessions from the property.

Judith Novellino, 62, was so, so close to being free of the nasty bastard ex-husband. She’d rented an apartment in Parsippany, and had already moved in a week before. She was ready to get on with her life, to enjoy her career and her children as a divorced woman.

Anthony Novellino, 63, could have gotten on with his life too. He’d begun an online relationship with a woman in Puyallup, Washington — he’d gotten directions on MapQuest so he could visit her.

The old bastard had the house, and he still had lots of savings. If only he could just let go of his anger and bitterness … but he couldn’t.

I’m pretty positive that Judith Novellino thought she had privacy to do the final packing. Unfortunately for her, Anthony Novellino showed up at the house. The two were alone, and there was nobody to stop the horror that was to unfold. And when I say horror, I mean nothing less than that.

Anthony Novellino, finding his wife alone and vulnerable, set about teaching her exactly how dangerous he was. He grabbed an 8″ knife from the kitchen, cornered her in the bathroom, and began stabbing. And stabbing. And stabbing. And stabbing.

All tolled, Anthony Novellino stabbed his ex-wife 84 times on her neck, shoulder, face, abdomen, hands and breasts. He made damn sure that the poor woman was well and truly dead.

But Anthony Novellino wasn’t finished yet. He wanted to degrade his victim even further. He went to his closet, pulled out a revolting pig mask and put it on Judith’s butchered face. I’m sure the evil bastard thought that was a hoot.

All tuckered out by his exertions, Anthony Novellino drank some orange juice and took some aspirin. Thus fortified, the vicious hellbeast washed the knife and hid it in a crawlspace in his house. He gathered together some clothes to wear for a trip and then drove all the way to Washington state to meet his online lady love. On the way he dumped his bloody shoes.

Crime sceneAt 7:00 p.m. that evening Judith Novellino’s body was found by her daughter, Christina German. She’d gone to the house to help her mom move her stuff to her apartment. I cannot imagine the horror and grief that poor woman felt, seeing her mother so brutally killed and contemptuously displayed with that damned mask.

Right away police began searching for Anthony Novellino. They’d found the hidden knife, still with the victim’s blood on it. And they learned how acrimonious the divorce had been. The ex-husband was the obvious suspect.

Anthony POS Novellino was arrested on June 24, 2010 in Puyallup, Washington. His online girlfriend had helped authorities to track him down. It gives me some pleasure, I must admit, that the murderous asshole drove all the way across the country to start a new life with a new woman, only to be turned in by her and forced to return to Denville to face murder charges.

Anthony Novellino was questioned by police and he told the most outlandish bullshit. He told them it was Judith who had pulled a knife on him while they were arguing in the upstairs bathroom! I guess he was just defending himself when he stabbed her *snort*. He told the police he only remembered stabbing her a couple of times.

As for that pig mask, the nasty bastard claimed he noticed it in a messy closet (he just had to say messy) so he “picked it up and threw it in (the bathroom)”. Riiiight. And it somehow landed tidily on her face? Riiight.

When the police asked why he didn’t call 911 or try to revive his wife, Anthony Novellino’s answer was he was “nervous”.

Naturally I call bullshit on the whole story. Why would Judith have a knife with her in the upstairs bathroom? How did he manage to grab the knife from her without getting cut in any way? How could he not remember stabbing her 84 times? And why would he even touch the mask in the closet? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Pig maskIn June 2014, Anthony Novellino went to trial in Superior Court in Morristown. His defense attorney, Michael Priarone, fought hard to have the pig mask kept out because he considered it prejudicial — that it would convince the jury that his client was a terrible person.

Superior Court Judge Robert Gilson ruled that the mask was relevant to the state’s burden of proving Anthony Novellino had motive, intent and the state of mind to commit murder.

At trial, Michael Priarone tried to convince the jury that his client had acted in the heat of passion, and that it was totally out of character for him. He said that the “terrible encounter” — meaning the murder — “began with Mr. Novellino trying to defend himself from getting stabbed.” Never mind that Judith Novellino had absolutely no motive for stabbing her ex-husband.

Anthony NovellinoWhen all was said and done, the jury found hellbeast Anthony Novellino guilty of murder, hindering apprehension, tampering with evidence and 2 counts of illegal weapons possession. Yay!

Once, during the initial police interview, Anthony Novellino said, “In 15 seconds, everything happens. Your whole life changes in 15 seconds.” While that’s true of car crashes, falls from roofs and other accidents, it’s not true here. What happened to Anthony Novellino was years in the making — years of acrimony, bitterness, and anger. It took years of being a nasty, abusive bastard, and feeling entitled to act that way.

The murder itself took maybe an hour of his life, and Anthony Novellino had deliberately set out to kill. There was no “heat of passion”. He had driven home knowing Judith would be there. He entered the house knowing she was alone. He armed himself with the knife in the kitchen. He either found her in the upstairs bathroom or he chased her there. And how long does it take to stab 84 times? Five minutes nonstop maybe?

I don’t know if the evil killer already had the pig mask ready or if he had to dig it up, but he took the time to place it on poor Judith’s head — to humiliate her in death as he had in life.

Afterward was time spent on the refreshment, the cleanup, and the packing. There was no remorse, no thought even of his daughter who would find her mother slaughtered and adorned with that revolting pig mask.

Anthony Novellino was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Deservedly so!

“Now we can have some closure,” said Judith’s sister, Deborah Murphy. “My sister can rest in peace.”

RIP, Judith Novellino. I extend my condolences to her family and friends. I’m sure she was much loved and respected, and deserved none of what was done to her.

To Anthony Novellino I extend wishes for a lifetime of suffering as he festers and rots away in his prison cell. He’s the true greedy pig in this story. article – manhunt
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5 Responses to Anthony Novellino

  1. moodymagic says:

    Anthony you are one sick despicable man. How could you murder the mother of your daughter with no thought of your daughter at all. Burn in hell monster.

  2. to Angelic28 says:

    This is so sad. I think that he knew exactly where that disgusting mask was. I think he purchased that mask with the sole intention of using it to victimize his wife. I dont know if he used it to humilate her before he killed her but I think its possible. I also think that the moment she gathered up enough courage to leave him was the moment he began planning ways he would punish her for her defiance. The courts ruling in her favor just ignited the rage he carried towards her. In my opinion 50 years just didnt scream justice to me. She was in a prison of his making for 37 years and then she was sentenced to death, Again of his making. I can only hope he meets his match in prison and receives the same degree of abuse that he dished out to the woman that loved him. I hope that he developes a conscience suddenly and is haunted nightly by her screams and visions of what he did to her. I pray her family is able to find some level peace. Her daughter discovered the unimaginable and lost both of her parents that day. I pray she find the strength to overcome this horror and go on to find peace and happiness, She certainly deserves it.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    That fucker didn’t just find that mask, he bought it and planned what he did. Obviously a bit thick, because now he doesn’t have the house no more, no more new girlfriend, and can’t enjoy his money, spiteful twat cut his nose off to spite his face, no one wins.

  4. 2cute says:

    He just had to have the last laugh with that pig mask, and it showed him for the mean piece of shit he is. That mask helped convict him so that’s justice. RIP Judith.

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