Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr.

Anthony Wainscott Sr

Picture by Clermont County Jail

Crimes: Child Abuse, Domestic Violence

An alert and concerned teacher at Holly Hill Elementary in Clermont County, Ohio, noticed that one young fellow couldn’t stay awake in her class. She asked him why and was, I’m sure, completely shocked at the answer. The boy told her that he had to stand in the corner at home 15 hours a day and then sleep on the floor. Thankfully, the teacher believed him and contacted the authorities. In doing so she freed 3 children from an abusive hellhole of a home.

The father figure/master of torture in the household is Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. The victims were primarily three children aged 4, 8 and 14. His live-in girlfriend was also a target of his hellbeastliness.

I don’t know what the hell Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. thought he was doing to the children, but it amounted to torture. All of the children were forced to face a kitchen corner for up to 15 hours a day, with their hands behind their backs. If they dared to move from that position they were beaten.

Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. is a violent man. He punched holes in the walls and even punched the family car hard enough to break the windshield. Whenever his live-in girlfriend tried to leave, the asswipe hellbeast blocked the door and attacked her violently.

And then there was the occasion that Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. poured gasoline in the house and threatened to set fire to it with the children inside.

The poor children suffered psychological trauma severe enough that 2 of them, according to Dr. Brooks Keeshin, could be diagnosed with PTSD. The third child showed signs of being a victim of chronic abuse. All 3 are currently receiving counseling, bless their hearts.

Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. was arrested and charged with endangering three children. He went to trial in May 2015, and his defense was he was administering discipline, and that he thought making the boy sleep on the floor would make him stronger. His attorney also pointed out that there were no marks on the children.

In response to that, Clermont County Prosecutor D. Vincent Faris said, “Abuse does not have to be merely physical or sexual. Psychological abuse can be just a detrimental. Medical studies have shown that children growing up in the type of environment such as these three did can have long-term cognitive deficiencies.”

IMO, the fact there were no marks on the children spoke to their fear of beatings and their complete submission to the hellbeast’s irrational and sadistic treatment.

Ultimately the jury agreed with the prosecution — Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. had tortured those poor kids. He was convicted of 3 counts of endangering children.

At sentencing on June 4, 2015, Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. asked the judge for mercy. “I have so much I need to work on. I hope I get a chance to do that, hope court has mercy today,” he said.

The sadistic f*ckturd’s pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Judge Richard Ferenc said, “I don’t believe for a second any remorse for what happened. I did not hear one word of sorrow, regret or apology.”

When the defense attorney told the judge that Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. had taken the kids on outings to the park, Judge Ference responded, “Of course they were happy to go to the park and the zoo. They weren’t standing in the corner getting beaten by you.”

Judge Ferenc sentenced Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. to 8 years in prison. Good! I sure hope the abusive bastard doesn’t get out early.

The children will continue counseling for their PTSD. I hope and pray they get all the love and support they need so they can overcome the abuse and go on to live happy lives. And I hope the live-in girlfriend is reveling in her freedom from abuse, and has learned to spot and avoid sadistic monsters like Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr.

Please, ladies of Ohio, if you see Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr. in the future, run for the hills. Spare yourselves the pain and don’t get involved with him, especially if you have children. He can do a lot of damage and he’s just not worth it.

WCPO News article – conviction
Local12 News article – sentencing

27 Responses to Anthony Michael Wainscott Sr.

  1. moodymagic says:

    8 years is a good start for this hellbeast. I wish the children all the best.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    Poor kids, what a fucking bully this turd is. This is the sort of bloke that beats children, confronted by another fella though he’d crap himself fucking coward he is. I hope that someone in jail whoop’s his worthless arse, its the least this pig deserves.

    • Kenan says:

      We tried to he ran like the coward ge is

      • Rebecca says:

        Umm its amazing how u ppl r talking about him when I no him personaly an the mother was the one doing the shit to the kids before she even got with him only reason she didn’t get in trouble was cuz she handed state evidence over or her ass would be in jail to I’m not saying he don’t deserve time but he shouldn’t b the only fuckin one even the father knew an didn’t do nothing so maybe u ppl should get the real facts before putting him down as bad as u r

        • darlene says:

          People always open their mouths before they know what the truth is,He didn’t run, Angie told him not to come home to stay away, he didn’t know what the hell was going on, but Angie knew what she was doing by telling him to stay away that it would make him look guilty, and she played the victim ,he didn’t hurt them kids and he didn’t make them stand in the corner for hours.he took good care of them kids, Hailee is the one who wanted to run around so she wanted to go live with her dad, so she put this plan together, she told the babysitter she had a plan so she could go live with her dad. I don’t think she meant for it to go as far as it did, but they were afraid to tell the truth in fear of getting in trouble with the court. So don’t talk trash about my son, he would never hurt any kids.Their mom is the one putting them in the corner when my son went to work, she had my grandson and her daughter Hailee watch my baby granddaughter so she could stay in her bedroom and smoke her weed and sleep all day and get up before my son got home from work.She was the one in control , she took care of the money, she took my two grandsons child support money and went to Walmart and spent it on what she wanted and said my grandson that lived with me wasn’t getting ant of it because he didn’t live with them. My son let her have her way so she didn’t go nuts on him. She went out whenever she wanted to, so she had no problem leaving, he watched her kids while she went out, so if he was hurting her kids then why in the hell did she leave them with him?People get your facts straight before you talk bullshit about someone.

          • Voice of reason says:

            Dar I was in the courtroom when your sons own testimony got him convicted … He admitted to everything he was convicted of… He was found guilty at a jury trial.. He had a taped statement at the sherriffs office admitting pouring the gas. He convicted himself he tourtured children that is a fact .. do i need to show u the court transcripts

          • Voice of reason says:

            and Dar you sat in the courtroom and seen hailee was not one of the victims … Your grandson(one of victims) was one of the victims and the reason your son(his own father) was arrested at his own jury trial. To blame it on a 12 y/o girl is showing your just as sick as your crazy son. you put my daughters name in your mouth again and I will make sure you son is the most famous child abusing POS ever known

          • BeenThere says:

            Your son is a worthless CUNT. Figure it out stupid

        • Voice of reason says:

          I am the Father and If you knew all this why didnt you show up to testify on His behalf? He admitted to the facts on this website … He admitted to much more. Yet you were no where to be found .. I sat through every min of this trial and every counceling session since for this children. One of the victims was tonys son his testimony and tonys own testimony got him convicted .. you would know that if you had the insight you claim… Keep fighting for an ADMITTED child abuser PLease it fits you

          • BeenThere says:

            Glad you have the kids. Darlene is just as nuts. I read the court transcripts and the child abuser ADMITTED he abused the kids.
            Fuck the family, not worse a second of your time..

        • BeenThere says:

          Stfu..You gullible idiots, when he’s released move in with his worthless CUNTFUCK…

    • Tayler says:

      I actually know him personally as well and I know that Tony is not that kind of person. I watched him take care of my friends kids. He is a good guy. They didn’t have sufficient evidence anyways.

  3. Deb says:

    No mention of the kids’ Mom? I wonder if she is alive, if so, where, and if she knew of the abuse (and if not, HOW COULD SHE NOT KNOW?)? He looks like a selfish, power hungry, coward. How manly do you have to be to abuse CHILDREN, for Christ’s sake? Ugh, I could poke his eyes out.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Deb, its says the kids mom was beaten too and if she tried to walk out the door she would get it. But she can’t of been policed 24/7 by him so the first opportunity she got why didn’t she call the cops on this pigs arse? Because anybody ever touched my kids and me i would put a axe through his head while he was sleeping.

      • Angry Dad says:

        The article didn’t really clarify if the live-in girlfriend was the mother of those children.

        • cleo says:

          The news articles I read didn’t make the connection, but there was mention of the father of one of the children — not Wainscott. I would assume that child was brought into the Wainscott home because his mother was the live-in girlfriend.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I wish I could tear him a new one with the help of my dog Tully. Hopefully this turdbrain won’t ever be allowed near children again.

  5. blinkingblythe says:

    Can’t wait until general pop gets wind of what he did, and they end up beating the fuck out of him. Lets see how tough he is against 5 strong men who want to put their dicks in his ass.

  6. Lisa says:

    I know this family personally and the children are amazing kids to have been through so much. As for the mother she is not the victim she is making g herself out to be! She should have been charged as well! As for the kids father he finally has what was kept from him for so long and that’s his babies. They are now in a loving home with their father and an amazing step mom that loves them like her own!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Lisa i’m really pleased those children are now getting all the love and affection they need and deserve. I thought that the mother wasn’t as innocent, like i said in an earlier comment “she wasn’t policed 24/7 by him” at the first opportunatey she got she should’ve had the law on his ass, but it only came to light because of a vigilant teacher. So happy to learn those kids are finally living the lives children are supposed to live.

    • Sharon says:

      They have their dad back and I’m glad my brother got his children his ex knew about it she lied her ass off she needs to get beat down too.

    • BeenThere says:

      Glad the kids are loved

  7. Tina says:

    The kids are doing ok those were my great-nieces and great-nephews and the mother was my niece

  8. Wainscott Sr, Anthony M
    Pickaway Correctional Institution #A716386
    P. O. Box 209 11781 St. Route 762
    Orient, OH 43146

    • BeenThere says:

      Thanks for the information. I will start a fuck you letter to your now cock sucking son. Hope he gets it up his ass daily by lots of big guys. Tear him a new asshole and hope they rip his tonsils out with their dicks. Your as worthless as gonorrhea….

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed. A Thug

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