Anthony Hussey

Anthony Hussey

Crime: Rape

Anthony Hussey of Ardshillane, Sneem, Ireland, grew up in a well-liked and respected family. He was a bit shy when he was younger, and made average marks in school. He trained twice a week as a Gaelic footballer, and he also trained twice a week with a local soccer team. He took a hospitality course in Cork, and worked as a bar manager. He’d had a few relationships starting when he was 14. He enjoyed porn, and had visited a prostitute. He’d never had a run-in with the law.

Anthony Hussey was pretty much an ordinary guy with good looks, a good job and a knack for sports. He was a good son for his parents, and a good citizen for Ireland. But then, inexplicably, on September 20, 2014, Anthony Hussey, 24, released the beast and became a hellbeastly rapist.

On September 19, 2014, Anthony Hussey planned to get together with his pals Niall and Mike when he finished his shift. After work, he headed home and changed his clothes, then met up with his friends in the Blue Bar where they had some drinks. From there they went to another bar for more drinks, and after midnight they arrived at a birthday party in Riney’s Pub.

The crowd in Riney’s Pub was dissipating by 2 a.m.. Some of the remaining people arranged to gather at somebody’s apartment after, including Anthony Hussey and his pals. It wound up only being a small gathering. Anthony Hussey stayed as did Niall. He drank some more, got totally blotto, then fell asleep. He woke up in time to throw up in the bathroom. At 5 a.m. he and Niall left to go home. Niall drove part way, but then the car died. Anthony Hussey got out and tottered off on his own.

Just after 6 a.m., September 20, 2014, a 73-year-old woman was awakened by fierce knocking and banging on her doors and windows. Her phone battery was almost dead, so she crawled to the living room to fetch her phone charger. She was truly afraid of an intruder — so much so that she routinely locked her windows and doors and even her inner doors. The sound of someone pounding to get in really upset her.

The elderly woman phoned a neighbour who phoned back to say the intruder was a drunk and he’d gone now. What a relief. It was almost sunrise, so the elderly woman decided to start getting ready for the day.

At the same time, Anthony Hussey was getting ready for his debut as a rapist. He went home to change, and returned all kitted out in black and wearing a balaclava. He had found the one window the old woman forgotten to lock, and he waited in the bedroom while she was having a wash in the bathroom.

I can’t imagine how it was for the poor dear when she returned to her bedroom only to find a masked intruder. Terrifying, no doubt.

She screamed, of course, and Anthony Hussey threw her to the floor and covered her mouth with his hands. He told her a bullshit story that his boss was making him do it .

“It’s just one thing and you are going to like it,” he said. She was going to like rape? Really?

He added that if she put up a fight there were 3 more men outside waiting to rape her too.

The woman struggled, much good that did her. In her own words, she described the attack:

“This phantom out of the darkness, standing in front of me demanding sex. I had no option but to fight. My feeble attempts to push him away. I was too weak or clumsy to defend myself, which seemed to amuse him. He started mocking me. When I pulled at his balaclava he said, “ah you want to see my face now.”

“The belittling comments continued. He threatened me with a gang outside. . . I knew I had no chance of winning his game.”

“How can he behave with such brutality? A woman three times his age. He could be my grandson.”

And so Anthony Hussey bent the poor old dear over her bed, pulled off her pants and underwear and then he brutally raped and sodomized her.

After a while, the violence subsided a bit, and Anthony Hussey let his victim put on a fleece. Nice guy. But then the attack resumed, and the violence was even more brutal than before. The hellbeast raped her again, telling her she “wanted it”.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?” he asked when he was finally done.

The poor woman lay unmoving, hoping her rapist would maybe think she was dead or unconscious. Anthony Hussey tucked her in with a duvet, then left silently.

The vicious, sadistic attack had left the victim sobbing, “broken, terrorized, waiting for my death”.

At 7:47 a.m., the old woman called her neighbour, extremely upset and rambling, but letting her know she’d been raped by an intruder. She also called her doctor and the police (gardaí). The smart old bird knew not to wash herself and destroy evidence.

Anthony Hussey was a stupid rapist, it turned out. He left behind his DNA and clothes fibres. Witnesses had seen him in the area. And he actually confessed to Niall he was “looking at [doing] time” for breaking in to a house.

Anthony Hussey wasn’t arrested for another 3 months, but the gardaí kept busy taking statements from his friends.

Finally the nasty little rapist was arrested and interviewed. He insisted he didn’t remember being in the victim’s house or raping her. “I have no memory of it,” he said.

In March 2016, Anthony Hussey pled guilty of rape at the Central Criminal Court. For the next few months he was subjected to “risk assessment tools” by the Probation Services and a psychologist his defense team had hired.

According to the psychologist, the results of the tests showed Anthony Hussey was a “typical, polite person … warm-hearted, enthusiastic and practical”. The psychologist came to the conclusion that the rapist did not present as a risk to others.

The Probation Service report stated that Anthony Hussey was in the lower end of the “moderate” bracket in terms of risk of reoffending.

Anthony HusseyI wish the tests could have definitively shown why Anthony Hussey, that ordinary guy, turned into a demented beast. We are left to wonder if the rape revealed his real nature, and if he can control it.

Anyway, at sentencing on July 25, 2016, the victim was able to speak of her ordeal. It’s heartrending.

The woman said it was more than one and a half years since the attack and she still felt “ashamed, naked, raw and so old, disgusted, betrayed and humiliated. There are not enough words”.

“I can’t stop screaming inside. My heart is bleeding with shock. . . I feel ripped open stood naked to the core of my being, reduced to nothing. I feel so hollowed out. I feel so small, having been reduced to a puppet like from a Punch and Judy show.”

The victim explained she felt “gutted in the truest sense of the word”, and that her whole life had been shattered and turned upside down.

That is what the “warm-hearted” and “polite” Anthony Hussey caused.

The woman spoke of a hill she used to walk up but can’t do it any more alone.

“The day will come when I walk to the top of my hill, stand tall, lift up my arms to the sky and scream, scream for all those children and women who have been abused and who can’t cry out in despair, those who had to suffer in silence.”

She spoke of her home, her “Irish paradise”, and how she must try to reclaim it. “I live in fear,” she said, adding she is on constant alert for danger.

“A sudden noise, if a young man with dark hair or a hood passes by, my body tenses. I have to look the other way or cross the road, focus on my breathing, telling myself I am safe,” she said.

Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy considered the evidence, the testimony, the statement of the victim, and the apologies of Anthony Hussey and his parents. He made special note of the victim’s courage and determination.

The judge said of the crime, “This must be regarded as a sexual offence, of its class, of the serious conceivable kind.” He said of the victim, “She was violated in the vilest manner in her own home.”

But then the judge spoke of Anthony Hussey’s “otherwise good character”, his letter of apology and his guilty plea. Those things apparently entitled the rapist to a discount to his sentence of between a quarter and a third.

Mr Justice McCarthy then sentenced Anthony Hussey to 13 years, backdated to when he was first taken into custody. The judge also imposed a 5-year post-release supervision order.

Personally, I would have been tempted to throw the book at Anthony Hussey. As it is, though, he’ll probably be dogged forever by his crime (I hope so). Can he ever be trusted again not to commit horrific acts of violence? He’s good looking enough to attract the women, but will a date with him turn nasty if he gets drunk? I sure hope the women of Sneem use caution when dealing with him when he’s released.

The victim is an awesomely brave woman. She spoke out about her terrors and pain, and saw that her rapist got a dose of justice. I truly hope the woman has gotten closure now, and can overcome her fears. I pray that she has rediscovered her “Irish paradise”, and can enjoy life again.

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7 Responses to Anthony Hussey

  1. Bengalpuss. says:

    What can I say? That poor old lady, bless her heart, she should be living her senior years out in peace and tranquility, only to be utterly traumatized by that Fucking dirty sick predator. That cunt knew exactly what he was doing, going home and putting dark clothing on, then searching for access so he could brutally rape a sweet old lady. I hope he has a welcoming party for him when he arrives to his new home, its the least that bastard deserves.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    The poor old lady. I would not trust this person with anyone’s Grandma.

  3. 2cute says:

    Disgusting bastard. No way he was drunk when he raped her. She’d have said he was because she remembered everything. And he wasn’t trying just break and enter because why the balaclava? Why did he stay when she was in the bathroom? He intended rape when he went there.

  4. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. I bet he’ll spend every second of the rest of disgusting LIFE in searing agony.

  5. Jigsaw says:

    Why? Seriously what possessed him! He is an attractive man who would have no problem getting a girl on a night out. So why violate and rape a wrinkly old lady!
    This has just astonished me. This poor lady has lived her life hopefully crime free and then this happens. In her own home. He violated her body, her home, her remaining years, her sense of safety, her everything. Stripped her of her dignity and femininity, reduced her to a mere thing for his sadistic pleasure. And to add insult to injury, the judge, as usual in the UK it seems, reduced his sentence for his seemingly contrite behaviour. I’m sorry but you do the crime you should get the toughest sentence available by law. No time off, no allowances for saying sorry and looking remorseful.
    Has this lady been given a reduction in the terror she will feel for the rest of her life? No. Why is everything always geared up to aid the offender and never the victim? This country makes me sick. There should be no leniency ever for the perpetrator of such crimes. Nothing. Sorry does not make this go away or get better.
    I hope that inside his door gets left open to his cushy little protection from gen pop accommodation. Why should he be protected inside? It’s all about him and his welfare, wellbeing and safety.
    Well fuck you! I hope they pee in his food and that the prison officers accidentally let the other prisoners get to him. That lady was someone’s mother, nan, wife, the matriarch of a family who deserved respect and peace in her remaining years.
    I send you my love and best wishes my love. I send you hugs and support, the knowledge that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many people you will never meet or know. I hope you get the love and support you need to overcome this horrific attack. My words can do little to help you. I wish I could do more.
    God Bless. XXX

  6. Clara says:

    I knew him. And I cant believe in this. Such a lovely person what have happened to him? My god

  7. John moran says:

    A bit less of the poor old dear in that article wouldn’t go amiss.Lazy journalism and rather condescending I would suggest.
    Poor old dear? FFS give that lady some respect and decency!

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