Anthony Christie & Kirsty Marie Henderson

RIP Elsie

Crime: Animal Abuse

I do not have Anthony Christie’s photo. I do not have his girlfriend, Kirsty Marie Henderson’s photo either. What I do have are photos of their dog, Elsie — photos that seriously make me cry.

Anthony Christie, 41, of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK, had had Elsie, a Rottweiler, for 13 years. Maybe he loved her when she was a pup. Maybe he even loved her when she was a young dog. But there’s no goddamn way you can make me believe he loved her at 13.

Anthony Christie, a grown-ass man with 3 kids, was fed up with Elsie. She had health issues and apparently the selfish bastard wasn’t about to spend good money on a vet. And so he let Elsie suffer, and suffer she did.

Poor Elsie, who had the misfortune of belonging to Anthony Christie and Kirsty Marie Henderson, was not only denied medical care, she was denied food. The evil owners expected her to die of “natural causes” in their back yard. And it’s not like the back yard was a pleasant place to die — it was filled with sewage that flowed from a faulty drain.

I’m sure Elsie wanted to oblige them and die — her existence was far too miserable for her to want to prolong it. She was just over half the weight she should have been, and she suffered from painful leg and elbow injuries. Her bones were protruding. There was green fluid oozing from her eyes. Her hair was falling out and her skin was cracked and weeping, probably from the sewage she was left to live in.

To hurry her along to the “rainbow bridge”, Anthony Christie helpfully fed her paracetamol to poison her, and chicken bones to choke her.

That’s how Elsie was rewarded for being a loyal pet for 13 years.

Meanwhile, Anthony Christie and Kirsty Marie Henderson lived in the house with their 3 young children, trying to ignore the dog they’d abandoned in the back yard. And Elsie was such a good dog she didn’t even raise enough of a fuss to draw attention to herself.

On July 6, 2014, a neighbour mercifully spotted Elsie lying curled in a ball in the back garden. The kind person threw some cooked chicken into the yard for her, but Elsie was unable to stand up at that point. She was much, much too ill.

The neighbour did the biggest favour for Elsie then — he confronted the evil dog owners and demanded they hand over Elsie to him. The next day he called the RSPCA. The poor dog was taken to the vet and immediately put down due to her terrible suffering.

Poor ElsieI shall spare you readers all but one of the photos of poor Elsie. The one I’m showing here tells you all you need to know about how she’d suffered. She looks like she just wants to die.

Anthony Christie and Kirsty Marie Henderson of Polmuir Road, Plains Farm, Sunderland, were charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. They appeared before Sunderland magistrates in December 2014.

Anthony Christie’s attorney, Gavin Sword, told the magistrates that his client wanted Elsie to die at home. How sentimental of him. Riiight.

“He knew she was on her way out, as he put it. He had been on Google and apparently it was acceptable to give the dog paracetamol. He did that as a home remedy,” said Gavin Sword.

Really? Funny, but when I Google “dogs and paracetamol” I get results such as, “Do NOT give paracetamol or aspirin. No No no. Many animals react completely differently to different drugs and they may well be totally toxic to dogs.”

In fact, one of the suggested related searches is “dog paracetamol poisoning”. Duh!

Methinks Gavin Sword should have Googled for himself. He would’ve found out right away his client was spewing complete bullshit.

And BTW, what did Gavin Sword think the chicken bones were in aid of? Certainly not nutrition.

Gavin Sword told the magistrates that his clients acted out of ignorance and poor judgment. He also mentioned how Kirsty Henderson was in danger of losing her job as a caregiver as a result of the circumstances.

Know what? I should jolly well hope she loses her job as a caregiver! Anyone who can turn a blind eye to a sick animal in horrible distress — an animal that had been part of the family for over a decade! — cannot be trusted to care for vulnerable, ill people.

Anthony Christie and Kirsty Marie Henderson were sentenced to 6 months’ supervision, and 6 weeks of curfew. Oooooh, harsh! No jail time for them.

The court also tacked on a requirement to pay £720 in costs.

Most importantly, the evil f*cktards were banned from keeping dogs and cats for 10 years. IMO it should’ve been a lifetime ban.

Magistrate Lynda Scanlan told them, “You don’t know how close you have come today to going to custody. What happened to that poor animal was absolutely despicable.” Hear, hear.

“You lived there, you saw the way that dog was deteriorating,” Magistrate Scanlan continued. “You had children in the house. If it wasn’t for the kindness of the neighbour, how much longer would that animal have suffered? That dog is dead. That dog suffered lying in that garden and you did nothing about it.”

As RSPCA inspector Helen Scott said after sentencing, “There can be absolutely no excuse for what happened to [Elsie].”

Nope, no excuse at all. Anthony Christie and Kirsty Marie Henderson just couldn’t be bothered to get their loving, loyal pet the medical care she needed. Selfish bastards.

RIP, Elsie. Bless the concerned neighbour who tried to save her. And people of Sunderland, keep an eye out for Anthony Christie and Kirsty Marie Henderson to make sure they don’t defy the court and get another pet.

And on a final note, is there nobody in Sunderland who is responsible for sewage-leaking drains? There are young children living in that home, and that’s a horrible, unhealthy mess in their back garden.

Daily Mail article
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14 Responses to Anthony Christie & Kirsty Marie Henderson

  1. JusticeforElsie says:

    Anthony Christie 41 father of 3, and partner Kirsty Marie Henderson, 29, both of Polmuir Road, Plains Farm, Sunderland.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    This story fills me with rage! It’s been over a year now since I lost my dog Charlie to cancer, and as sick as he was I would never have even considered skimping on his medical treatment! And for these bastards to let perfectly treatable illnesses take hold and reduce that poor dog to an infected bag of bones makes me want to throw them to the wolves. It’s a good thing I don’t live on the same continent because if I lived in Sunderland I’d be tempted to pay these assholes a visit.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    I went looking for photos of Anthony Christie & Kirsty Marie Henderson, but kept seeing photos of poor Elsie. Beyond horrible they were disgusting what that poor creature went through. And rotties are such sweeties, so loving and loyal and these bastards still did that to her. They should be made to live in sewage just like they made Elsie.

  4. moodymagic says:

    This despicable couple makes me sick evil bastards burn in hell. Why not a lifetime ban?

  5. Katie says:

    This kind of thing defies sensibility. If they felt like they couldn’t afford necessary treatment, they could’ve called the RSPCA themselves & surrendered the dog. Doesn’t sound like they would have missed her. Sounds like they probably could’ve given her to the neighbor even. They’re either sadists or brain dead. There’s no shame in admitting someone else would be better equipped to take care of your pet – there’s only shame in doing nothing about it.

  6. Ally says:

    Hateful, heartless SCUM, my hope is that this cruel pair get a long rough ride on the Karma bus VERY SOON, RIP sweet Elsie.

  7. Bengalpuss says:

    Looks like bengalpuss will have to make a few phone calls, if they can do that to poor elsie after 13years, what can they do to their 3 children? And isn’t that a form of abuse by letting their children see the horrific condition of that poor dog? I wish to god someone takes these bastard’s photo’s and uplodads them, let the world see the evil cunt’s in the flesh. And doncha just love english justice? What a load of bollocks that it is, you’d get longer for stealing a mr kipling apple pie, fucking joke is this country’s judicial system.

    • Ally says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Bengalpuss, especially the part about English justice, if they’d robbed a bank they’d have been banged up for years, but cruelty to lovely Elsie doesn’t seem to count. Hateful pair hope we read about them getting their come uppance soon (VERY SOON)

  8. Lillith says:

    I can understand not being able to afford vet care for an animal, but that’s just sick! I had a friend whose loyal & beloved dog Lady fell ill & he couldn’t afford the care for her, but he took her to the local no kill shelter where they provided care until she could be found a new home with someone who could. There are always options. As far as the poisoning & chicken bones, that’s inexcusable! There’s other ways they could have put her down “humanely” if she were that ill & wanted to ease her suffering, and in my book that is nothing but torture! What frightens me most about this is that these heartless cockbites have children in the home! Not only do I wonder what kind of “parents” these people could be if they have so little sympathy for a pet who had been a member of the family for 13 years, but what effect is this going to have on the children witnessing such inhumanity? All life is sacred, and no being deserves to be tortured in such an awful manner (no, not even these sickos…well, maybe just a bit…)! RIP Elsie. God knows you deserve to be at peace. I only hope one day these sick fucks can grow a conscience & know how wrong they were!

  9. Bengalpuss says:

    Its bollocks because he coulda took the dog to the PDSA , he choose not to. The PDSA help people struggling with money problems’s so these two cunts have no excuse.

  10. Tom Daley says:

    They starve their dog and leave her to suffer from horrible diseases and refuse medical treatment. OK, lets see how THEY like it.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Tom id love to do the same to these two cunts. Look at the dogs eyes begging you to help her. I’m actually filling up with tears looking at poor elsies picture. Why do people do cruel evil things?

      • BeenThere says:

        I am by no means a crybaby after being in law enforcement my whole life BUT seeing the pain in Elsies eyes made tears flow.

        My Indie was a pure black lab with pancreatic illness. Every meal was boiled chicken breast and rice. Was it a hassle to cook every day? FUCK NO HE’S FAMILY..

        • Prettiest Girl in the Morgue says:

          I’m ready to cry my eyes out right now. In two days, it will be 6 years since I lost my chocolate lab, Lily. At age ten, she developed a stomach tumor that metastasized to her lungs. No saving her. We made the choice to have her put to sleep before the suffering began. We spent one final week spoiling her. Her last meal was some of my dad’s birthday cake. She died peacefully at home surrounded by people who loved her. My heart bleeds for all of the pets like Elsie who did not get the provilege of a peaceful end. I wish to God someone would find pictures of these people and expose them..I can only take comfort in the fact that they have Hell to look forward to.

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