Anthony Bruce

Anthony Bruce
Crimes: Domestic Violence, Assault, Witness Intimidation

Sometimes I despair of British justice, and I don’t even live there. The case of Anthony Bruce reminds me why I’m glad I don’t live in Britain.

Anthony Bruce, 34, of Chester-le-Street, County Durham, is a jobless welder. He’s also a wife beater. A nasty, vile wife beater to be precise.

Domestic violence in the UK is no small matter. In 2012, according to Home Office figures, 1.2 million women were abused by their partners, with half a million sexually assaulted by their partners. You’d think that domestic violence would be treated harshly by the courts in a bid to reduce those horrific numbers. Somebody should tell Judge George Moorhouse that.

Anthony Bruce’s battered and abused wife understandably wanted to leave her husband. She made the mistake of mentioning her intention to split up with him on April 16, 2013. Anthony Bruce did not react well. Wife beaters rarely do react well.

So what did Anthony Bruce do on the occasion of his wife mentioning separation? He bit her. He choked her. He held a knife to her throat. He threatened to scald her with boiling water. He pulled out his pellet gun and threatened to shoot her through the eye into her brain. And then he shot her in the foot.

Mercifully his wife managed to grab the gun from him and hide it. No doubt she was in fear for her life at the time.

That’s just one day in the life of an abused wife. I don’t know what she’d been subjected to before that day, but no doubt she’d been terrorized, physically harmed, and degraded.

Anthony Bruce was actually arrested for assaulting his wife on that occasion. A few days after his arrest, the hellbeast phoned the woman and said, “drop the charges or I will torch…”

The evil bastard didn’t get to finish his threat because his wife hung up on him. But make no mistake, it was a threat. He was going to torch … the house? The house with her in it? The car with her in it? Her?

Anthony Bruce went to trial at Teesside Crown Court in September 2014. That’s where the aforementioned Judge George Moorhouse enters the story.

The vicious wife beater obligingly pled guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and to witness intimidation. That’s right, he pled guilty. He admitted it. That’s probably the most manly thing this pasty ass bastard has ever done in his life.

Anthony POS Bruce, according to his barrister, has had a tough time since his arrest. He’s been out of working and drinking. Awww, the poor baby is an unemployed drunk.

Judge George Moorhouse inexplicably and generously handed the abusive bastard a 12-month sentence and then suspended all 12 months! WTFH!!!

Judge George Moorhouse told the wife beater, “Fortunately the injuries were not serious, and most importantly, you have been out of trouble for seven years.”

Ummmm, excuse me? Just because the nasty hellbeast hadn’t been arrested for 7 years doesn’t mean he’d been behaving good as gold all that time. It doesn’t mean he hadn’t been beating his wife all that time. It means his wife didn’t call the police before.

Judge Moorhouse, IMO, is so completely wrong and so completely ignorant about the issue of domestic violence that he shouldn’t be sitting as a judge at all, except maybe in traffic court.

Judge Moorhouse, in addition to handing Anthony Bruce a suspended sentence, ordered the wife beater to sign up for alcohol treatment, and handed him a restraining order — he can’t contact his victim or her parents. I’m sure the victim feels great about that! Restraining orders are SO effective against people who threaten to kill you and actually try to kill you.

To recap, Anthony Bruce didn’t stop himself beating his wife that day — she escaped his clutches. He was choking her and threatening her with a knife and a pellet gun. He shot at her and wounded her. I have no doubt the violence could have escalated to murder had she not prevailed.

Anthony Bruce’s now ex-wife has had to move to a secret address. She continues to live in fear of the POS bastard.

Anthony Bruce was so upset by his harsh sentence that he wrote on Facebook, “The c*** didn’t win I’m free”. Yeah, he really learned his lesson, didn’t he? Good going, Judge Moorhouse!

Pathetic, just pathetic. Judge Moorhouse just taught all violent bastards in the UK that beating their womenfolk is basically no big deal. And that witness intimidation is no big deal either!

There are a number of voices that have spoken up against Judge Moorhouse’s sentencing. Two police crime commissioners and a domestic abuse charity have piped up with their criticisms of the judge.

Ron Hogg, Durham’s Police Crime Commissioner, said, “This judgment totally beggars belief. It is astonishing considering what he has done… This is not justice in any way.”

Northumbria Police Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said, “I think the judge has got it wholly wrong and we have to train our judges properly.”

Ms Baird went on to say, “How are women who suffer this to be encouraged to come forward if, when they do, there are frankly offensive sentences like this given to perpetrators of the most horrendous violence against someone who has nowhere to run, because it is done their own home?”

Clare Phillipson, of Wearside Women in Need, said, “I feel a combination of disbelief and fury… On every level the judge has failed in his duty.” She went on to say, “This is the kind of thing that makes us all just despair at the judiciary.” That’s for sure!

“It is just incredible that a judge thinks that an appropriate sentence for the level of violence meted out to this woman,” said Ms Phillipson. “This completely undermines everything we are trying to do with the violence against women and girls action plan.

“If you punch, but don’t injure, a police horse, you get a year. In this case of absolute torture and terror, including a shooting, it’s a suspended sentence.”

Sadly, nothing can be done to challenge the pathetic, piss-poor punishment handed to Anthony Bruce. He has been convicted but remains unrepentant, unscathed, and unchanged. He remains a brutal, cowardly, POS wife beater, a shitstain on the underpants of British society.

Since it appears that the only “justice” that Anthony Bruce, of Greta Street North, Pelton, Chester-le-Street, will face is public shaming, I hope my two bits here will add to it.

Hopefully the women of Chester-le-Street and area will run if they see Anthony Bruce headed their way. They will if they value their safety.

Remember, ladies, he’s an unemployed drunk and an admitted wife beater. He’s not relationship-worthy at all. If anyone has a decent photo of this jackass I’d be happy to post it.

I wish his ex a safe and happy life from now on. She is much better off without the likes of Anthony POS Bruce.

Lastly, I truly hope that Judge George Moorhouse is booted from the bench. He’s an embarrassment to the British judiciary.

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17 Responses to Anthony Bruce

  1. 2cute says:

    He’s a pig, not fit to live in society. Should’ve been locked up. Judge should be looking for a new job.

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Judge Moorhouse should ask his wife how she feels about his leniency for brutal thugs who threaten and wound women. Moorhouse might be sleeping in the doghouse then.

  3. Supermom says:

    Another horrendous tale but beautifully written! Despicable sentence for sure! Just a question, I haven’t seen any posts from bangalpuss. Does anyone know anything?

  4. moodymagic says:

    Whoa what was this Judge thinking? I think “this Judge” should be forced to retire but likely sensitivity training will be all we can hope for. mr Bruce I wish you nothing but a horrible painful rest of your life. As for Ex Wife I hope she heals both physically and mentally and gets everything good in life she deserves.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Well when you figure the astonishingly high rates of police officers and other law enforcement officials, authority figures – judges even, who batter their own wives little wonder the police/criminal justice system has in so many cases been loathe to do much of substance about putting perpetrators away for any kind of real and meaningful length of time for so long now.

  6. lisa says:

    How do I send you pics?

  7. the ex wife says:

    Thank you for publishing this.

  8. JusticeServed says:

    As a PC working in the UK, and as a woman, this makes me feel completely betrayed and enraged. What good is us doing our job if the powers that be then hand out sentences, (or not as the case may be), as above. Furious.

  9. M says:

    “Sometimes I despair of British justice”… Well done, Cleo, for your diplomacy when you could’ve written what we really think (which isn’t nice!)
    Australia largely follows the UK form and we have several sad cases where the ‘system’ has failed miserably (see Jill Meagher).
    This is not intended as an attack on the UK and its citizens, by the way.

  10. the ex wife says:

    Im good. Much better now. Life going well thank you

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Utterly Appalling

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Country has a Choice between the Sick Joke that British ” Justice ” is
    at Present or For British Justice to have a Meaning of Actual Justice

    Only Decent Policies are the Answer as are Only Decent People

    Decent Government Helps

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