Annie Dookhan

Annie Dookhan
Crimes: Fraud, Tampering with Evidence

Annie Dookhan worked as a chemist for the Massachusetts police. Her job was to examine evidence in drug cases, and to provide that evidence for trials. Annie Dookhan did her job with enthusiasm and gusto. Unfortunately, Annie Dookhan also did her job with a huge dose of fraud.

Annie Dookhan is not your typical hellbeast. She didn’t murder somebody or physically assault somebody. What she did do, though, was destroy many, many lives.

The Massachusetts police had considered Annie Dookhan to be a great asset. She would examine and deliver evidence very quickly, and her work made possible the conviction of thousands of criminals.

Unfortunately, the evidence that Annie Dookhan provided was not necessarily true. This hellbitch had no problem cutting corners, forging signatures, falsifying reports, lying about her credentials and tampering with evidence. She was willing to do anything, legal or illegal, moral or immoral, to help prosecutors score convictions.

I doubt that Annie Dookhan ever considered that if she had to falsify and tamper with evidence then the defendant just might be innocent. I doubt she ever considered that not only would innocent people serve time in prison, but their children would grow up without them, their parents would age and die without them, and their families would lose everything paying for lawyers and fighting for real justice.

There can be no justice when the system is rigged and the evidence is false.

Annie Dookhan was eventually caught. Her supervisors at the Boston crime lab had been suspicious as far back as 2008. She was testing 2 to 3 times more samples than any of her colleagues. She was blowing through her workload at an impossible rate.

An average chemist tests 50 to 150 samples per month but Annie Dookhan was spitting out more than 500 per month!

Her incredible output made her colleagues worry about their prospects for promotion or even keeping their jobs. They just couldn’t compete with her productivity.

In the 9 years that Annie Dookhan worked at the lab, she’d “tested” more than 60,000 drug samples that affected about 40,000 defendants.

Annie DookhanIn 2009 one of her supervisors expressed concern that he never actually saw Annie Dookhan in front of a microscope. For some reason that wasn’t seen as a warning sign by her superior and she was allowed to continue.

In 2010 a fellow chemist had found that Annie Dookhan had incorrectly identified drug samples 7 times. Seven times! He convinced himself those were honest mistakes and did nothing.

In 2011 Annie Dookhan was caught forging a fellow chemist’s initials on some paperwork. She was suspended from lab duties, and the Public Health Department began to investigate her work.

Annie Dookhan resigned from her job in March 2012. She was interviewed by police during the summer and admitted to them she’d faked test results for 2 or 3 years. She explained that she’d been identifying drug samples as narcotics by looking at them instead of testing them. She said she’d only tested 5 out of every 25 samples. The bitch also admitted she’d deliberately turned negative samples into positive samples by adding narcotics.

That’s right — she not only didn’t test most of the samples, she lied about some she did test to ensure the defendant would be convicted! That is an epically evil thing to do! Annie Dookhan knowingly, deliberately helped convict innocent people of drug offences!

The evil hellbitch told the police that she just wanted to get the work done and she’d never intended to hurt anyone. Ummmmm, no. I don’t believe that. If she wanted to get the work done she’d have done the work and done it correctly. And intentionally switching a negative result to a positive result is intentionally harming someone.

Annie Dookhan, 34, was arrested on September 28, 2012. She was originally charged with obstruction of justice and falsely pretending to hold a degree. Holy sh*t, she didn’t even have a degree! Who the hell does the hiring at that Boston crime lab?

She pled guilty to 27 counts of evidence tampering and falsifying reports. In November 2013 she was sentenced to a paltry 3 to 5 years in prison.

Annie Dookhan’s lawyer had asked for a shorter prison term because she has a disabled boy who needs her. Well, I am sure that the thousands of people incarcerated because of her fraud have children and family who need them too.

Annie DookhanJustice Carol Ball described Annie Dookhan as “a tragic, broken person who has been undone by her own ambition.” Sorry, but I feel no sympathy for her — or should I say I feel the same amount of sympathy for her as she felt for the innocent defendants she helped convict.

Three to 5 years in prison for this bitch doesn’t even begin to balance the scales of justice in Massachusetts. She lied to get the job she wasn’t qualified for. She lied about the degree and training she didn’t have. She cheated to get the results the prosecutors and police wanted. She committed fraud on such a massive scale that it’ll take many years and many millions of dollars to restore integrity and justice to the Massachusetts legal system.

Needless to say there has been nothing less than chaos since the revelation of Annie Dookhan’s crimes. Massachusetts has already had to spend multiple millions of dollars dealing with the mess — arranging new trials and beginning to retest every single sample the bitch had handled.

Massachusetts has so far released over 600 wrongly convicted individuals as well as some guilty individuals whose trials were tainted by false evidence. Thousands more will potentially be released.

Governor Deval Patrick ordered the Boston lab where Annie Dookhan worked to be shut down. Some supervisory individuals have resigned or been fired. Some lab supervisors may yet face criminal charges for failing to follow protocols.

I truly believe that Annie Dookhan is a sociopath. She has the hallmarks — she’s a master of deception and lies, she’s not restricted by rules, she feels no empathy for her victims, and she wants to win at all costs.

Annie Dookhan could have been stopped if only somebody at some time did some fact checking. They would have uncovered her false claims of a degree, or they would have discovered her failures to follow protocol in handling samples.

I hope that Annie Dookhan’s disabled son will be in the care of decent, loving people from now on, and free from his monstrous mother’s clutches.

And I hope that Annie Dookhan will get a good dose of hell while she’s in prison — the same hell her innocent victims have had to live through. Three to 5 years is too short a term for her to learn much though. She’ll likely come out of prison the same sociopath she was when she went in. Beware, people of Massachusetts — this evil, scheming bitch will be walking in your midst all too soon.

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10 Responses to Annie Dookhan

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    My god how frightening to know that these people can be placed in such a job, without having their credentials checked. Worse part is though is that certain drug sentences are harsh in america, which they should be for guilty people, imagine someone innocent getting banged up for a couple of decades for something they haven’t done. And that sentence she was given was a slap on the wrist, i sometimes despair, i really do.

    • plateshutoverlock says:

      She needs to be belted and cuffed down into a Pro-straint chair and nade to wear a RIPP Restraints bite mask for her entire sentence.

    • Bostonian says:

      We are a city that embraces immigrants. We are so busy embracing them, we do not check them. I can’t even get a city job, putting books on a shelf.

  2. 2cute says:

    I am hoping when this bitch is released from prison that there’ll be a “welcoming committee” of the wrongly convicted and their families waiting for her. I am hoping that they will take the opportunity to deposit her in a remote, hidden location and kept incarcerated there for a period of time that is more in keeping with the crimes she committed. No appeals for her, and no parole. And her only visitors should be her victims so they can make her life hell by whatever means they choose.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Didn’t want to hurt anyone, Bull. All these people wrongfully sentenced not to mention actual guilty people now free as well. Just awful. The sentence is a joke as well. Cleo I too hope her son is living with loving decent people now. Burn in hell Dookhan.

  4. Jamaica says:

    Perhaps one of the most remarkable cases of crime such as this are ones committed by those who are a part of the criminal justice system….or those SUPPOSEDLY of that system. To know that there are people like her out there–people who are supposedly morally upright, scrupulous individuals who, like the rest of the legal system of our society, uphold the law above all else & use and abuse this trust out of total greed and selfishness, that’s perhaps one of the most mind-boggling of all.

    What’s perhaps–no, what IS the second most remarkable thing about this case is that they bring up the excuse of sparing her of a lengthy and just prison sentence on the grounds that she had a disabled child. No harsh feelings for her poor, disabled and beautiful little boy, but I just have no feelings or care for his mother. Like Cleo said, how many lives of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins & etc. have she selfishly taken away so that she could obtain a conviction and likely increase her position as a chemist? They were convicted of crimes they did not commit and served unjust, lengthy prison terms for this bitch’s lies and deceit. And the fact that she pretty much had gotten away with it, too…..that really angers me. If these innocent people of families can get thrown in jail for such a filthy and immoral act as this, she can serve that and much more.

    I feel sorry…..for her son and for her victims who have endured years of hell for sorry asses like this. I feel nothing for her. I don’t care that Annie Dookhan is a mother. She is a cold, calculating and conniving criminal who’s broken the law who must be justly punished. “She’s a mother with a disabled boy….” Yeah. Did any of these innocent peoples’ lawyers show that kind of sympathy for them knowing they had families of their own when they were convicted? Hell no. If they can do that to wrongly accused bystanders, then can do that and more to this heartless bitch. How contradictory, unjust and downright hypocritical.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Not only is this bitch guilty of helping convict innocent people, many likely wouldn’t even have been arrested in the first place if she hadn’t falsified the results. I hope her bosses come to trial soon — you have to be wilfully blind to believe she could churn out 500 results when all of the others did their best to get 150 per month. Only if she stayed all night and never took her lunch break could she have been that productive. She should have been glued to the microscope the entire time to get those results. The fact she never used a microscope means her “looks like drugs to me” results came from just eyeballing it.

    The person who hired her should be fired and taken to court. The bosses who overlooked the impossibility of her work should be fired and taken to court. And all of them should have to reimburse the wrongly convicted for lost wages.

  6. pj says:

    She should be flayed for what she put all those innocent people and their families through. And I hope when she gets out she won’t get hired by another lab — if she screened for cancer I imagine thousands of women would be getting unnecessary mastectomies, or thousands of people would wind up dying because she didn’t find the cancer. I hope the people of Massachusetts remember her face — you never know what profession she’ll falsely claim expertise in when she gets out.

    • awesomeblossom says:

      I wouldn’t hire her to clean up after the dog! She’s not to be trusted! She’s a compulsive liar and cheat and she’ll never change so she should never be in a position of authority ever again!

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Any Lawyer Suggesting that Someone should Acquit Someone of one Race
    Automatically of an Attack upon a person of another Race even when
    Evidence points to Guilt of Mugging Assault or Murder because the Victim is of another Race Needs to be Sacked and Barred from Practicing Law For Life

    Anyone who in a Jury who does such a Disgraceful Thing Mocks Justice
    is a Disgrace and Needs to be Banned For Life from being on a Jury being
    a Lawyer or a Judge and Given a Prison Sentence of 20 Years

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