Anna Marie Rose Wilkes & Harley William Fraser Stueck

Anna Marie Rose Wilkes
Crimes: Child abuse, neglect, manslaughter

Nylan Jordan George Clark didn’t really stand a chance at survival. His mother, Anna Marie Rose Wilkes had a history of substance abuse and mental health issues. Not good. And she didn’t want to lose custody of her little boy. Why the hell not I can’t figure out. It’s not like she was doing little Nylan any good with her addled brain and doped up life.

At some point the boy was taken care of by his grandparents. It’s tragic that he wasn’t permanently in their custody. At the beginning of 2011 he was returned to his mom because she was clean and sober. That didn’t last.

Lonny Howe, who dated Anna Wilkes, told the media that Child and Family Services had visited the home in the past but hadn’t done enough to keep the boy safe.

“They’ve been out numerous times and they’ve never done nothing,” said Lonny Howe. He also alleges that the Child and Family Services workers who visited the home had ignored drug paraphernalia.

“One point I was there, and I knew there was, and they seen it and she just kinda ignored it and left,” Lonny Howe said.

The Ministry did not confirm or deny they had investigated, but they did say they respond to any calls that involve the safety of a child.

Now maybe Anna Marie Rose Wilkes loved her son at some point. Maybe she actually had cared for him once upon a time. But then she met up with Harley William Fraser Stueck, a drug dealer and cocaine user. He was the perfect man for her.

The two druggies from Regina, Saskatchewan, became a couple in the spring of 2011 — they had so much in common! Like drugs… and cocaine… and a total indifference to little boys who needed their mama to take care of them and keep them safe.

How the hell Anna Marie Rose Wilkes, then 29, thought Harley Stueck, then 38, was a possible father figure/babysitter for little Nylan I don’t know. Personally, I think the hellbitch didn’t give another thought about her 3-year-old boy. She didn’t think of anything except keeping her drug and penis source boyfriend happy so she would have a constant supply of cocaine and sex.

Anna POS turdpile Wilkes and Harley POS asswipe Stueck weren’t together for very long before little Nylan began to suffer. On April 21, 2011 the useless hellbitch mother somehow thought it would be a great idea to leave her drug dealing boyfriend in charge of her son.

The useless shitstain Stueck had taken the little guy to his garage. Nylan was returned to his mother seriously injured. Harley Stueck’s story was that Nylan had somehow pulled the contents of a shelf, including a tool box, down on himself.

Nylan ClarkThis “accident” resulted in a cut on Nylan’s head oozing blood and pus, a possible chemical burn on his poor face, a chunk of hair torn out, an injured ear and a broken arm.

So what did Anna Wilkes and Harley Stueck do for Nylan? Nothing. No treatment, no medical attention at all. See, the doting mother was afraid of Social Services being called in and Nylan being taken away.

What callous, disgusting hellbeasts they are!

Anna Wilkes’ mother insisted the boy be taken to the hospital. They ignored her.

A week after the “accident” the two monsters took Nylan to Uplands Pizza. Imagine how thrilled the little guy was! I’m sure the treat took his mind off his wounded head, burnt face and broken arm!

A waitress at Uplands Pizza told them to get the boy medical help. For f*ck’s sake the boy had blood dripping out of his ear! They ignored her advice. In fact, Wilkes lied to her and said they’d gone to hospital already.

Because the little boy’s face had no stitches and he was crying, “Owie my arm!” the waitress didn’t believe it. She called social services but unhappily the vehicle they drove away in was stolen so they couldn’t be traced.

On April 28, 2011 Harley Stueck once again got to “look after” little Nylan. Stueck’s story this time was they’d been in a car chase and Nylan, who hadn’t been buckled in, was tossed around the vehicle.

Nylan was now returned to his mother with a split lip, a missing tooth and an assortment of other injuries. He wasn’t talking or crying or really responsive at all at that point.

Anna the turdbrain Wilkes didn’t want her family to find out that little Nylan was hurt again. Guess she didn’t want to get into trouble. And she especially didn’t want to have to give up her cocaine.

So instead of taking Nylan to hospital, they MOVED! Yup, they trucked their crap over to Harley Stueck’s College Avenue home.

And what about the poor, severely injured boy? Well those two hellbeasts decided to make a bed for him on the closet floor. And then they went back to using cocaine. And they generously gave the boy some of their precious cocaine I guess to ease his pain, or shut him up.

Day after day the monstrous bastards pretty much ignored Nylan. His face was swollen, his neck was swollen, his hair was falling out and he was having trouble breathing. And they kept on using cocaine. Nylan was dying and they did nothing useful to help him! No hospital, no doctors, no medical treatment at all! Just cocaine.

At one point though Anna Wilkes must have panicked and in her drugged-up state phoned Lonny Howe to tell him her boy was injured.

“At which point I asked her, if she’d taken him to the hospital and she said yes she did,” Lonny Howe said. “At this point I went to her place. I was kind of concerned. She wouldn’t open the door.”

That’s right, she wouldn’t open the door and let someone help her baby. Callous bitch!

Stueck and Wilkes later became worried enough to put Nylan in the shower to wake him up. Of course the little guy didn’t wake up — he was dying! So they rubbed peroxide on his wee face and bit him to try to spark some life. It didn’t work.

Still they didn’t get him real help. Instead they put the unconscious boy under the coffee table in the living room and left him there.

Finally, as Anna Wilkes and Harley Stueck slept peacefully upstairs in bed in drugged bliss, little Nylan died, alone, neglected, unloved on the living room floor.

I just can’t convey adequately how much disgust and hatred I feel for those vile villains who chose to let a helpless little boy suffer and die.

To continue, a day or two later Anna Wilkes and Harley Stueck woke up and found themselves with a dead body. Calling authorities of course wasn’t possible for them. I can imagine their panic.

Lonny Howe said he learned from Anna Wilkes that she first kept the body in her bed, but after a few days decided to move it to the stolen van at the back of the house because it began to smell.

Their first attempt to get rid of Nylan’s body was with his monster mother driving the van to a Regina liquor store parking lot and trying to set it on fire with the body inside. She had doused the van with gasoline and used a lit cigarette.

Wilkes' houseThis effort did not pan out. And so she tried it again. And again. Total failure, just like her. She drove it back home. And then she called Lonny Howe in a complete panic.

Anna POS shitpile Wilkes told Mr. Howe that her son was dead and she needed his help to get rid of the body.

“She said she had tried to burn (the van) two or three times and she couldn’t do it,” Lonny Howe said. “She was begging, pleading with me to come over and help her, and I just couldn’t. At that point I decided to call the city police.”

Regina police found the child’s body inside the burnt-out van parked near Wilke’s Halifax Street residence on May 3, 2011.

The autopsy showed that that darling little boy had 106 separate injuries to his body. He suffered from a skull fracture, a broken arm, a broken rib, bites, blisters, missing teeth and chemical burns.

No big surprise, Harley William Fraser Stueck and Anna Marie Rose Wilkes were arrested.

Hellbeast Anna WilkesShitmeister drug dealer baby basher Stueck and his hellbitch girfriend Wilkes were both charged with manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death by failing to provide medical attention, offering an indignity to a dead body, and obstructing justice by trying to burn the body in the stolen van.

Stueck also had outstanding fraud, dangerous driving, vehicle theft and drug trafficking charges.

On April 10, 2012 Stueck pleaded guilty in Regina Provincial Court to criminal negligence causing death. He also pleaded guilty to the fraud charges. All of the other charges were stayed.

See, I don’t get it. Why are these baby killers allowed to plead to lesser charges and have all the others dropped? Why was the manslaughter charge dropped? He caused the fatal injuries to that poor little boy, no question!

During the sentencing on April 24, 2012, the judge called Stueck’s behaviour “cruel and selfish”. The circumstances for the child were tragic and unimaginable, the judge said. And then the judge sentenced the baby bashing bastard to 7 1/2 years. Given credit for time served that left him with 6 years to serve in prison.

Life wasn’t so dandy in prison for Anna Wilkes as she awaited trial. She got numerous death threats which must have made her feel unwanted.

In October 2012, in Regina Court of Queen’s Bench Anna Marie Rose Wilkes pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing the death of Nylan and obstructing justice by attempting to burn the body. The charges of manslaughter and offering an indignity to a dead body were stayed.

Once again, why?

“Her behaviour was neglectful to the highest degree,” said Crown prosecutor Chris White. “She permitted her son to be around a violent, drug-dealing, drug-addicted criminal … She did nothing when it was obvious that Nylan was hurt. She did nothing to assist her son in any way. She chose self-preservation and, frankly, her (drug) habit and her love for this Harley Stueck over the life of her son.”

Prior to sentencing Anna Wilkes made a statement to the court.

“I’m not going to stand here and make excuses or give you reasons for what happened, because in my mind there isn’t anything that justifies what happened to my son,” she said. “I take full responsibility for everything that happened. I wish I could change my choices but I can’t.”

No, she can’t.

During sentencing, Justice Ellen Gunn said Anna Wilkes’ actions and inaction defied reason and explanation and showed “a complete disregard for common humanity.”

“(Her actions) are, quite frankly, incomprehensible …,” Justice Gunn said. “How could a loving mother ignore the obvious injuries and the pain being suffered by her son?”

Both the defense and the prosecution jointly requested a sentence of 8 years.

Justice Gunn agreed to the submission, but also said no penalty imposed by the court could ever be a fitting response to the tragedy.

With credit for time served, Anna Wilkes was left to serve 6 years, 3 months.

Forgive me if I don’t wish either her or her drug dealing boyfriend good luck and good fortune. They deserve to suffer as they selfishly made Nylan suffer. And then they deserve to go to hell.

RIP Nylan Clark.

CBC article
Newstalk980 article

21 Responses to Anna Marie Rose Wilkes & Harley William Fraser Stueck

  1. bengalpuss says:

    Just a shame that those death threats this bitch got in jail, wasn.t carried out. Yet again another mother putting her latest penis before her child. Bless this poor little boy, left alone under a table dying, while those two cunts were layed in bed. And the sentence is fucking ridiculous, they should have got life the pair of bastards. Well done to lonnie howe, for not getting involved in that sick bitch’s attempt to cover up what they had done, and informing the police. I truly hope those two cunts get their comupence in jail, let them out in general population to be given a dose of what that poor boy went through, evil shit’s.

  2. pj says:

    They both need to have a tool kit dropped on their heads. Evil bastards, they deserve endless pain.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, this story has really bothered me. That poor little boy in his last few weeks of his life was left to suffer, with numerous injuries that needed medical attention, yet those two bastards did nothing. How could someone let their child sleep in a closet on the floor, heartless cunts. Why they’ve been given such a pathetic sentence is so wrong, its like doing a deal with the devil, plea bargaining, they should have both been done for murder because thats what they did murdered that little boy. He never stood a chance in life with a mother like that bitch. I truly hope that this pair of cunts get a really shit time in the shovel. I hope there is a heaven and i hope that nylan is their now. And i hope theres a hell and those two bastards eventually get to burn in it, evil cunts.

  4. Moodymagic says:

    These 2 dumb fucks I hope they suffer the rest of their lives. What would make me really happy if the death threats levelled at Wikes came to fruition.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    Another innocent little kid dying for no good reason, because his mom the fucktard shitbucket put her boyfriend first. They needed the death penalty not the halfass sentences they got.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, those sentences are pathetic. If you did the same thing to an adult you would get life, so why the fuck have they only been given sentences that are a joke. Nylan, layed under a coffee table to die, while these two cunts were nice and snug in bed. What sort of animal does that to a 3yr old little boy. Even most of the animal kingdom don.t treat their offspring like the way nylan was treated, and yet were supposed to be the civilised ones. No wonder people that are arseole’s commit these crimes, they don.t have to worry because they know they’ll get a ridiculous sentence. Its time that these bastards get what they deserve, although i won.t hold my breath.

  7. awesomeblossom says:

    What kind of maniac thinks that BITING a kid is a remedy to anything? And putting peroxide on a burnt face? That’s torture! Thank god the baby was unconscious and didn’t feel any more pain. These pustules should be put away forever, not handed those sorry ass sentences.

    And I don’t believe in the “accident” because if the kid truly did pull a toolbox onto himself then there would be no reason to deprive him of medical care. OK Harley was probably hiding from police but he could’ve just dropped his girlfriend and the injured boy off at emergency and kept out of it.

  8. Netherwarper says:

    I know ive said it before but this is another instance in which someone is not serving damn near enough time! 6 years?thats it!my dad is still rotting away for 15 years for a non violent crime and this chick TORTURES her poor sweet baby and they give her 6 years! god i just imagine committing a crime just to get sent to jail to be her cellmate then slitting her throat slowly. this chick makes my blood boil. poor baby. the grandparents should have been more involved though they shouldve put their feet down from the start

    • bulldoggy says:

      Yes netherwarper, lady justice too often has her head up her ass when it comes to dishing out sentences. Violent offences should always always always be punished with much longer sentences than nonviolent ones. Too often the judges find excuses for the violent bastards, ordering psych tests on them and hearing all about their sad childhoods. They sure don’t do that for people like your dad who had a good reason to do what he did, because he was desperate and wasn’t even trying to hurt anyone. The law is an ass.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Ha ha ha, oh dear i shouldn’t really respond but another load of spam. Obviously

  10. bengalpuss says:

    These two evil pigs will no doubt come out of the clink(Jail) And resume where they left off, taking cocaine and being unproductive members of society(Useless) And commit more crimes. This is where the justice system will fuck up again. Maybe if these judges used their brains and realised that, giving them the proper sentences in the first place, which they deserved anyway, then it would save the taxpayers of not having to pay for another trial, thus saving other victims and protecting the public, from there arseole’s. But alas judges don.t use their noggins(Brains) And the sentencing powers they are given. They need to start putting those sentencing powers to good use with scumbags like these two awful excuses for human beings.

  11. Julie says:

    Welcome to fucking Canada, where you can murder and basically get away with it! Fucking judicial system here sucks!! Hopefully this little man gets justice when these pieces of shit, hopefully get what’s coming to them in prison!!

    R.I.P. little man

    Rot in Hell murdering pieces of shit!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      You think canada is bad for shit sentences Julie, then you’d be absolutely shocked at the sentences they dish out here in england uk, now they’re a Fucking joke.

  12. Loving dad says:

    This is exactly why both parent a should be allowed to share custody of the most important thing to come out of a relationship. OUR CHILDREN!
    If te father had had weekly shared parenting. Maybe the police would have been called sooner after the first incident and no more abuse would have occurred.

    Dads should have some rights to our children too. Men are almost completely cut out of our children’s lives after seperation or divorce. It is the children who pay not just the dads who pay lawyers. Take away the “pawns” and it’s game over. No more fight. No need for money grubbing lawyers who “Stole!” $30,000 from my child’s future by increasing the fight.

    All I ever wanted was my children. I truly lost 10 years of their lives. Stand up Canada and fight for all of our kids. Contact your MPLA and express your concern for archaic laws that make children lose half their family.

    Parent who do share are doing way better for their kids today and I comend them for putting this children’s feelings first. (Applause here)

  13. Loving dad says:

    People get harsher sentences for ladder offences. Bring back Capitol punishment for certain offences. These two should be out down like a dog who repeatedly bites. 22 cent solution.

  14. Trisha says:

    Our justice system sucks

  15. Friend says:

    If only she had let his biological father know about him when he was alive maybe he could have known some safety and love from him and then Nylan would have known his big sister that loves him even though she never got to meet him. He could have had a family that loved him and put him first. She robbed him of that because she was selfish.

  16. motherofangelinheaven says:

    This poor baby… I will never understand why God chooses people like that to be blessed with children. These people deserve whats coming to them.

  17. Outraged says:

    That is so sad and horrible how can two human beings be so cruel and mean to a little innocent child that’s sick I hope those two die and rott in prison that’s what they deserve they deserve to be tortured the way they tortured poor lil nylan.
    Rest in peace nylan
    May your soul be at rest you didnt deserve this at all

  18. disgusted says:

    holy six years for murder, this is the problem with canada, this country is going to hell. fuck the government, fuck judicial system, fuck stephan harper and fuck people who can’t take care of their kids, this people should be kept alive only to be tortured for the rest of their lives!!!!

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